Month: November 2015

Announcement: Looking for Editors and Translators (Closed)

We currently have enough editors for Overlord. Thank you everyone for that. However, we still are searching for translators.



Old Post:

Hello, I am Frostfire10, the translator of the Overlord Web Novel. We are currently looking for editors and translators.

In order to get your Chapters out faster the site needs more staff such as editors and translators.

The requirements for both posts are quite simple.


  1. Fluency in English
  2. Nothing Else


  1. Fluency in English
  2. Knows a little bit of Japanese
  3. Only a little bit

Thank you


Overlord First Half Chapter 5: Magic

Overlord First Half Chapter 5:



Translator: Frostfire10

Editor: Guilty.sworD


 Magic casters, to say in the least, are extremely bothersome. It was a class where you had to plan extensively into the future, is what some Yggdrasil players said.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 4: The Arena

Overlord First Half Chapter 4:

The Arena

Translator: Frostfire10

Editor: Guilty.sworD

 The Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.

 It was a ring on Momonga’s right ring finger, a magic item that all members of Ainz Ooal Gown owned.

 The ring did not have any strong abilities. Out of all Momonga’s other equipped rings, it was extremely weak. When compared to a ring that would allow you to revive at the base when the player dies instantaneously without penalty, it was lacking.

 However as for why he was wearing it, under certain conditions, it was the most frequently used of the group.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 3: Pondering

Overlord First Half Chapter 3:


Translator: Frostfire10

Editor: Guilty.sworD

“Has something happened, Momonga-sama?”

 The old man repeated his question.

 Momonga was dumbfounded and his thoughts were in disarray, but he slowly returned back to reality.

 Well, it was good that he had returned but it was still a completely confusing situation.

“……No, nothing at all……Nothing at all.”

 His words “Nothing at all” were repeated several times. They were NPCs, there was no need to act respectful around them.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 2: Prologue Part 2

Overlord First Half Chapter 2:

Prologue Part 2

Translator: Frostfire10

Editors: Guilty.sworD

 Momonga exited the room.

 Originally, when the Guild members enter the game, they would appear at this round table. So waiting here for someone would be the best idea.

 However the reason for leaving this room was as the possibility of another person coming, as he had said to Herohero, was low. He knew this.

 He would not be coming back here a second time.

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