Overlord First Half Chapter 4: The Arena

Overlord First Half Chapter 4:

The Arena

Translator: Frostfire10

Editor: Guilty.sworD

 The Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.

 It was a ring on Momonga’s right ring finger, a magic item that all members of Ainz Ooal Gown owned.

 The ring did not have any strong abilities. Out of all Momonga’s other equipped rings, it was extremely weak. When compared to a ring that would allow you to revive at the base when the player dies instantaneously without penalty, it was lacking.

 However as for why he was wearing it, under certain conditions, it was the most frequently used of the group.

 It had the ability to transport the user anywhere with the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Apart from certain areas, other convenient transport magic would be obstructed within the Great Underground Tomb.

 The only place you could not access using it was the Throne Room.

 In addition, you could not enter the Treasury without the ring.

 After confirming that he had control over the Lemegeton Golems, he readied himself and activated an item.

 The world blacked out for a moment and the scenery changed. It seemed that the item usage check was a success.

 He was used to it as he saw it often enough in Yggdrasil.

 The place Momonga teleported to was a gloomy passageway, just in front of him was a closed lattice door. From there, a white light shown through.

 Momonga walked though the wide and tall passageway. The passageway was lined with torches, causing shadows to dance around the walls.

 As he approached the lattice door, it raised itself upwards. Momonga passed through it and reflected in his vision was an area with spectator seats several stories tall but empty in the centre.

 This was the Coliseum.

 188 metres long, 156 metres wide and 48 metres tall, it was based on the Roman Empire.

 There were countless guests sitting at their seats, but they were not moving.

 The magic Continual Light was cast at various locations that lit up the surroundings with a white light. It brightened the area like it was midday.

 The name of this place was the Amphitheatre. The performers were the intruders, the audience were Golems and those sitting at the VIP Box were Ainz Ooal Gown members. Naturally, the play was a slaughter. Actually, apart from the attack from the 1500 people alliance, this was the final area that the intruders had reached.

 While heading towards the centre, Momonga looked up at the sky. A black night sky stared back down at him. Of course, you could change it according to the time of day, but it was a fake sky. In addition, Momonga’s outer appearance was different from what he was inside, a human.

 Nonetheless, he could not let the time pass without doing anything.

 Next, Momonga thought about what to do and looked at his surroundings, and then at the VIP Box.


 In response to his gaze, a shadow said something and jumped from the VIP Box.

 The shadow that jumped from a structure about the height of a 6 story building, spun around in midair as if it had wings and landed softly on the ground. That was not by the usage of magic. It was simple pure physical skill.

 The shadow completely absorbed the impact of the jumped with just its legs, and showed a prideful expression.


 Both of her hands made a victory sign.

 The person that jumped down was a young girl. She looked about 10 years old.

 Just like the sun, those words fit her cute smiling face perfectly.

 Hair like golden silk that went up to her shoulders, glittered as if bathed in sunlight. Her heterochromatic gold and purple eyes shined like a puppy.

 Her ears were long and pointed and she had blackish skin. She was a close relative of the Elf, a Dark Elf.

 On top of her skin armour was a lightweight armour made of jet black and crimson dragon scales, on top of that was a white vest with golden embroidery. At her chest was an Ainz Ooal Gown Guild Emblem.

 At her hip and right shoulder was a whip and on her back was a large bow—-The handle, rim and grip were all decorated.

 The young girl was the Guardian of the 6th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. The Beast Tamer that can control Mythological and Magical Beasts—-Aura Debay Fiora.

 She closed the distance to Momonga with quick and small steps. Although they were small, her speed was that of a running beast.

 The distance between the two closed in an instant.

 She braked hard with her feet.

 Her shoes were plated with Mithril and made a za za za sound as they kicked up dust. Momonga reckoned that the cloud would not reach him and he admired the scene.


 Although she was not perspiring, she acted as she was and wiped her forehead. She smiled just like a puppy.

“Welcome Momonga-sama. Thank you for coming all the way to my floor.”

 Her face was a smile and he could not feel any hostility. Sense Enemy also had no response.

 Momonga let his gaze leave the band around his right wrist, and removed the power collecting in the staff in his hand.

 If he had gotten into a fight, he planned to retreat immediately, but it seemed that it was not necessary.

“You seem healthy.”

“I am healthy. But, I have had too much free time on my hands. It has been a long time since we had any intruders.”

 Momonga slightly narrowed his eyes in front of the laughing Aura.

 When the 1500 people alliance came, they had invaded until the 8th Floor. Basically all of the Floor Guardians died, what happened to their memories of that time.

 While he could believe that she was not scared of death, he wondered what she thought about it.

 Yggdrasil simply caused you to level down whenever you died. While it was the game’s setting to have you forfeit your levels, the current him would definitely feel a loss. But, if the player character was level 10 or below, the level down did not occur, which was different from the beta test, where you simply died.

 In addition, using the magic Resurrection and Raise Dead would cause a decrease in level. Also, using expensive cash items could reduce the level down penalty.

 It was even simpler for NPCs. The Guild just had to pay for their revival and their level would not be affected.

 This way, the level down gave players who loved to rebuild their character a way to do so.

 While it was true that if this was a game which relied heavily on experience, going down 1 level would be an extreme penalty. However, in Yggdrasil until the latter half of 90 levels it took a short time. And for that reason it was not that terrible to lose levels.

 This was not fearing the level down, causing the barbaric land to not be reclaimed, if you had bravery, you could awaken the engineering side in you.

TL Note: I have no idea what this means. Any opinions?

 But, if this world was real, if they died, it would be the end.

 Was the Aura here different from the Aura that died in the battle, or was she revived afterwards.

 He wanted to confirm it, there was no need to beat around the bush. Aura had no hostility, and he wanted to conduct an experiment. More importantly, she was a NPC creation of a member of Ainz Ooal Gown.

 It would be good if he could hear all of her problems.

 Also, there was a chance that death in this situation and in the past could be completely different.

 This way to verify the facts was good, he could not confirm others so he left them for later. Firstly was to check the degree of how much the programme froze.

 In the end, the Yggdrasil that Momonga knew, how much has it changed in the current situation. It was important to find out.

“A break because there are no intruders?”

“—-Ah, No. Um, it’s.”

“No, I am not scolding you. I want you to answer me truthfully.”

“……Yes, a bit of free time. There is no one here who can last for more than 5 minutes in a fight with me.”

 While playing with her fingers, Aura looked upwards and replied. As a Guardian, Aura was naturally at level 100. There were not many in the dungeon that could rival her.

“If so then I do not mind if you fool around for a bit?”

“Uwaa. Momonga-sama, I am the Guardian of this floor. I properly guard it, I cannot fool around.”

 While swelling her cheeks, she took an angry pose.

 Her expressions really were changing.

“I see……Then what about making a farm in the jungle? You could rear man-eating plant monsters there.”

“No, I do not have any pets that can do that.”

 Each of the floors in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick had its own characteristics.

 In the middle was the 5th Floor, a jungle. It was a huge area that could rival the Haneda Airport. It was the largest part of the dungeon.

“In addition, I want to properly guard this place.”

“I am happy that you are properly doing your job but you can also go down you know. It cannot be helped if the guys below get more time off right?”

“Well, there’s that too.”

 Aura sighed with a “haa”.

 Accompanying it, a sweet smell began to permeate through the surroundings. Momonga remembered her ability and took a step back.

“Ah, sorry, Momonga-sama!”

 Aura noticed it and began to wipe the air away with a pata pata sound.

 Aura’s breath had the ability to change feelings and thoughts. He breath was dispersed into the surroundings with a radius of several metres, depending on the situation it could go to tens of metres. This way, she could control her beasts and send disadvantageous effects to the enemy.

“Umm, it’s fine now. I stopped it.”

“I see.”

“……But Momonga-sama is an undead, you should not be affected by status changes right?”

 It really was like in Yggdrasil.

 Undead could not be affected by any status changes, whether good or bad.

“……Am I in your area of effect?”


 Aura thought he was scolding her and shrunk away in fear.

“I am not angry, am I inside?”


“What sort of effect is it?”



 He could not feel anything like fear.

 Momonga was wearing magic items for the sake of being unaffected by status changes, he removed any resistance holding equipment on his hand. Basically, he was seeing the basic resistances of the Yggdrasil system—-He was checking the effects of the status changing effects.

“Could you try other effects?”


 It was a voice of a puppy that was being scolded. Without thinking, Momonga began caressing her head.

 It felt like he was touching silk. Every time her head was rubbed, her expression was ecstatic.

“I have something to request. I want to run several tests and I need your strength.”

“Yes, I understand! Momonga-sama, please leave it to me.”

 He stopped Aura who was about to roll up her sleeves.

“But before that—-”

 He gripped the staff. It was the same as earlier. It was the same as when he used the ring’s power, he collected power in the staff. Momonga commanded power into the staff, he was using just one of the gems embedded in the staff. He used a small fraction of its power.

 —-Summon Moonwolf.

 Using a summoning magic, 3 beasts appeared from the air. They were Siberian Wolves that were releasing a dim silver light.

 Summoning monsters using magic had the same effect as in Yggdrasil. This was why he did not act surprised.

 This wolf was transportation speed was not complete, it was an essential member of a surprise attack, a level 20 class monster. It did not have any particularly strong abilities, but it was suitable for his current objective. On the contrary, it needed to be weak.

“A Moonwolf?”

“Yes. Add it into the effect range.”

“Eh? Is it okay?”

“I do not mind.”

 He was overbearingly pushing forward with the uncomprehending Aura.

 If he could not enter the area of effect, he would not be able to guarantee the accuracy of the results of this test.

 This problem of this test was that Aura’s ability would not start up. To avoid that, he used a third party to at the same time receive the effect. For that purpose he used a Moonwolf.

 Aura released her breath into the air, Momonga did not feel that he received any changes. Midway, he turned around and relaxed as there were no effects whatsoever. The Moonwolf which was also within the range was affected, as there was no way that Aura’s ability would not work on it.

 Anyhow, it seemed that Momonga did not receive any status changes. That was basically due to—-

 Yggdrasil had had special rules for when heteromorphic races summoned monsters, and would gain abilities much like that of monsters. The monster abilities Momonga had as an Overlord were—-

 High class undead creation/ 8 per day, low class undead creation/ 12 per day, Negative Energy Touch, Desperation Aura, Cold, Acid, Electric Immunity, High Class: Damage Immunity, High Class: Magic Resistance, Wave of Death, Impure Protection, High Class: Retreating Resistance, Physical Damage, Reduction in Strengthen Magic.

TL Note: This is what happens when you do not give names to skills in katakana. A very confusing mess.

 Also, he had his class levels as well—-For example, Momonga had his Master of Death instant death strengthening magic, his True Necromancer’s Undead Ruler and Undead strengthening skill.

 Undead had special base abilities. Immunity to critical hits, immune to status change, food and drink unnecessary, poison, sickness, sleep, paralysis, instant death immunity. Death magic strengthening, oxygen unnecessary. Ability cost damage immunity?, energy drain immunity, recovery with negative energy, nightvision. And there was more.

 Of course, he had weaknesses. Frailness against Light or Holy Damage, Fire Damage Increase. Naturally, he could remove these with items.

 —-These were the basic abilities of being an Undead, he could also gain them from levelling up as well.

 This was quite useful information.

“……My thanks.”

“Yes, it was not much of a job though.”


 The figure of the 3 Moonwolves disappeared similar to how they first appeared.

“Long ago, I thought that Aura’s abilities did not affect those from the same Guild.”


 Watching Aura’s surprised face, Momonga understood that it was not the case.

“Was I wrong?”

“Yes. I can only change the area of effect at will. You have probably gotten it confused with that.”

 Friendly fire was now permitted. He could not let this become a painful experience in which he could the way Area of Effect Magic worked.

 Momonga mumbled to himself and thought about it, the quiet Aura was fretting and eventually opened her mouth.

“Umm, why did Momonga-sama come to my floor for?”

“Hm? Ah, yes, no it’s different. I came today for training.”


 Aura’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

 What was a Magic Caster of the highest class, the leader of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and Aura’s master saying. Momonga got that feeling.


 At Momonga’s reply, he lightly hit the floor with the staff, and Aura understood. Momonga felt happy that everything went according to plan.

“Understood. That staff of legends? Is it really okay for me to see it?”

“Ah, I do not mind. However, you can only sit and watch, then you can observe the power of the strongest magic.”

 Aura became happy.

 What sort of powers did a legendary staff have, Momonga posed the question to himself.

 If there was a difference in perspective, it could become troublesome. He had to be careful to not make any problems.

“……One more thing Aura. I have summoned all of the Guardians to assemble here in an hour.”

“Eh? Then, then I have to make preparations to—-”

“No, there is no need. Just wait here until they arrive.”

“Really? Hm? All of the Guardians?—-Then is that girl is coming too!?”

“All the Guardians.”


 Aura took a deep breath and sighed. It seemed that they did not have a good relationship. What exactly happened.

 It looked like there would be many more difficulties to come. Momonga muttered under his breath.

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  1. So glad I found this translation, I’ve been starving for more Overlord content, lol. Anyways, the reason I’m dropping a comment (albeit very late) is because I think I know what “Ability cost damage immunity” is referring to. It’s likely a passive skill that removes the HP penalty from skills that would otherwise cost HP to use.


  2. “This was not fearing the level down, causing the barbaric land to not be reclaimed, if you had bravery, you could awaken the engineering side in you.”

    If my guess is correct, this may mean something along the lines of…
    If you are not afraid of the lv down penalty when you die, then exploring new lands will not bother you too much, especially if the chances of getting killed by a monster is high. But if you are afraid then you will not be much of an adventurer. The 2nd part might refer to the statement he made before regarding players using the lv down to tweak thier stats when they rebuild their characters.


    1. The correct translation would be about such:
      “Don’t be shied away from exploring uncharted lands because you fear Level-Down, you should instead take your courage and jump in for new discoveries – that’s a wish Developers side hold”.

      Honestly speaking, that’s rather dubious idea. Such experience curve is good only for heavily PvP-oriented games and not for carebear players. It also causes overcrowd at high-lvl locations and depopulation at beginners’ area, considering that Yggdrasyl didn’t have any sub-class/rebirth/whatever-you-call-it mechanic. There also doesn’t seem to be much point at being creative with chosing spells (which this game has A LOT) because majority of them become useless the next day you learn it. EX-spells that consume experience makes even less sense in this case.


  3.  It was a voice of a puppy that was being scolded. Without thinking, Momonga began caressing her head.
     It felt like he was touching silk. Every time her head was rubbed, her expression was ecstatic.

    At least aura is similar to in the LN. The reaction from the maid before made me worried.


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