Announcement: Looking for Editors and Translators (Closed)

We currently have enough editors for Overlord. Thank you everyone for that. However, we still are searching for translators.



Old Post:

Hello, I am Frostfire10, the translator of the Overlord Web Novel. We are currently looking for editors and translators.

In order to get your Chapters out faster the site needs more staff such as editors and translators.

The requirements for both posts are quite simple.


  1. Fluency in English
  2. Nothing Else


  1. Fluency in English
  2. Knows a little bit of Japanese
  3. Only a little bit

Thank you


16 thoughts on “Announcement: Looking for Editors and Translators (Closed)

    1. Sure, please give me an email then I will let you have access to the file with the google docs. Thanks. You should remove your comment with the email on it after you have access as other people might send spam to you.


  1. If you are no longer in need of editors, I’d recommend closing this page to avoid confusion.

    That being said, if you’re ever in need of any assistance with english editing, I’d also be more than willing to help out. I know some Japanese, but nowhere near enough to participate in any sort of J->E translation.

    By the way, out of curiosity, is it legal to be releasing chapters from the Web Novel? I’m aware Sky/co. can no longer translate the Light Novel because it was bought by Yen Press; does that not affect this project?



    1. Well, I believe that there should be no problem whatsoever. Many translators are currently translating web novels because there have been no copyright issues with it whatsoever. So, hopefully, I will be able to translate the entire series.


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