Month: December 2015

Overlord First Half Chapter 10: Negotiations



Translator: Frostfire10

Editors: Henet, Guilty.sworD


 The village chief’s house was located right next to the village square and it was where the negotiations of the price of saving the villagers, is taking place. Naturally, what Ainz wanted was not money but information. Even so, asking for information directly would be too suspicious.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 7: Flames of War Part 1


Overlord First Half Chapter 7:

Flames of War Part 1

Translator: Frostfire10

 Carne Village

 Founded 100 years ago by Thomas Carne, it was a village part of the Kingdom.

 The mountain range that runs through the border between the Empire and the Kingdom—-The Azerlisia Mountain Range. At its southern base was a large forest—-The Great Forest of Tob. It was a small village just apart from it.

 The population was about 120. A village with 25 families was not that rare in the Re-Estize Kingdom.

 The distance between it and the fortress city, E-Rantel was about 50 kilometers. It was a distance that would take 2 days on foot.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 6: The Gathering

Overlord First Half Chapter 6:

The Gathering


Translator: Frostfire10

Editors: Anonex and Guilty.sworD


 “Everyone should be arriving soon.”


 While wiping the sweat off her face with the towel, Aura says.

 The fight with the Primal Fire Elemental ended in Aura’s victory. The Primal Fire Elemental had incredible destructive power and stamina. It damaged the surroundings with flames just by existing. However, to Aura, who was demonstrating spectacular evasion abilities, it would seem that it was just a giant target.

 If Aura were to take even a single hit, she would lose a considerable amount of stamina. So that such a thing wouldn’t happen, she had to cast several defense magic in response. To the magic caster Momonga, it was a spectacular fight.

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