Overlord First Half Chapter 6: The Gathering

Overlord First Half Chapter 6:

The Gathering


Translator: Frostfire10

Editors: Anonex and Guilty.sworD


 “Everyone should be arriving soon.”


 While wiping the sweat off her face with the towel, Aura says.

 The fight with the Primal Fire Elemental ended in Aura’s victory. The Primal Fire Elemental had incredible destructive power and stamina. It damaged the surroundings with flames just by existing. However, to Aura, who was demonstrating spectacular evasion abilities, it would seem that it was just a giant target.

 If Aura were to take even a single hit, she would lose a considerable amount of stamina. So that such a thing wouldn’t happen, she had to cast several defense magic in response. To the magic caster Momonga, it was a spectacular fight.

 “—-That’s right.”


 Momonga let his gaze drop onto the watch wrapped around his right arm. The scheduled time had yet to arrive and there probably will not be any Guardians that would come late. It would not be strange if a lot of time had passed.




 Breathing heavily, Aura began wiping the sweat accumulating on her throat. The ones that she missed formed into balls and rolled down her dark skin.

 Momonga silently opened his Item Box.

 From there, the first item he took out was a magic item, Pitcher of Endless Water.

 The pitcher was made of a crystal clear glass and it was soon filled to the brim with refreshing water. Because of the coldness of the water, numerous water droplets condensed on the surface of the pitcher.

 He then took out one glass.

 Into the glass, that was no way inferior in quality, Momonga poured in some refreshing water.


 “Aura. Have a drink.”

 “Eh? That would be being rude to Momonga-sama……”


 While Aura was waving her hands in rejection, Momonga gave her a wry smile.


 “Don’t worry about it. You have always worked hard. I am simply thanking you for it.”



 To the awkwardly blushing red-faced Aura, Momonga presented the glass.


 “Thank you very much, Momonga-sama.”


 This time, Aura did not reject and hanged the towel on her shoulder. With her two hands, she accepted the glass and emptied it in one breath.



 “Need another glass?”

 “Yes please!”


 The glass, which had been emptied in one moment, had water poured in from the pitcher. The water in the pitcher never depleted and poured out the same quantity of water as earlier.

 Aura had calmed down, and this time drank slowly.

 While watching this, Momonga placed his hand on his own throat. It felt like there was still some skin.

 After obtaining this body, he could not remember ever feeling thirsty. It was the the same with sleeping. He could understand that as an undead it made sense that he would feel as such.


 Momonga’s now empty hands began to touch his own body.

 Compared to when he was a human, the feeling was a bit dull. When he touched something, it felt that there was a thin cloth in between. On the other hand, his senses greatly improved and his vision and listening skills were extremely good.

 A body made of bones would seem to easily break however, his were all harder than steel.

 Even though he expected it to be different after coming here, he felt satisfied and fulfilled with his body. This was probably why he was not scared.



 “Need another?”

 “Umm. I’m not thirsty anymore.”


 In response to the smiling Aura, Momonga took back the glass and together with the pitcher and placed it back into the item box.


 “I thought Momonga-sama would be scarier.”

 “Really? If that is the case then I wouldn’t mind but……”

 “Eh? The current you is much better! Definitely much better!”

 “Then I’ll stay like this.”


 Seeing Aura’s vigorous answers, Momonga was bewildered but still managed to answer.

 Momonga had no choice but to put on a performance. The current him was the Guildmaster of the highest ranking guild, Ainz Ooal Gown and he had to play his part. He must not show any form of embarrassment whatsoever.


 “Would, would I be the only one you’re this kind to?”


 Momonga did not say anything to the mumbling Aura but instead placed his hand on her head and started caressing it.




 Aura was surrounded by at atmosphere similar to that of a dog in front of its favourite toy. At that moment……


 “Oh, would I have been the first to arrive?”


 With a voice as sweet as candy—-A shadow appeared.

 From that shadow, a woman appeared.


 Her entire body was clad in a soft jet black ball gown.

 The skirt bulged largely outwards, and felt like it had a considerable volume. It was also very long that it completely hid her legs. Frills and ribbons were attached to her Bolero Cardigan which she wore. Her breasts and shoulders were not exposed. In addition, she had on a pair of fingerless gloves, causing most of her body to be hidden.

 One of the parts that was not hidden was her face. It was extraordinarily beautiful and would make even a first class work of art feel embarrassed. Her white skin—-You could not call it healthy but it was as white as wax. Her long silver hair was held in a ponytail and flowed down her back.

 She looked about 14 years of age, possibly younger and could not completely hide her childishness. A combination born between cuteness and beauty, a beautiful gem.

 Her chest did not fit her age and bulged upwards.


 “……We were told specifically not to use Gate.”


 A disgusted voice from Momonga’s side was heard. No trace of Aura’s previous puppy-like atmosphere could be seen and her voice was as cold as ice with open hostility.


 The girl, who had used the highest ranking teleportation magic, ignored the killing-intent released by Aura. She shuffled towards Ainz and stood in front of him.

 The perfume she applied had a wonderful smell.




 Aura murmured silently. She was an undead but was not rotting.

 Although the girl could probably hear Aura’s voice, nothing changed. Her eyes, like deep crimson rubies, were drowned in bliss.


 “Aa, my lord. The only precious one I cannot control.”


 Reaching out for Momonga’s neck with her hands, she hugged him.

 Her red lips parted and her wet tongue was visible. The tongue that circled her lips seemed like a separate entity entirely. A fragrant smell escaped from her mouth.

 While this would suit a bewitching beauty, she was too young to have such a charm, most people would smile at this. She was too short. Rather than looking like she was hugging him, it looked more like she was hanging from his neck.

 Not being used to women, this was completely overwhelming to Momonga. He wanted to take a step back but decided to just stand there.


 She was actually like this? That thought did not disappear from his mind.


 Shalltear Bloodfallen.

 The Guardian of the 1st to 3rd Floors of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, the True Vampire leader of the undead.


 “It’s been long enough……”


 With a heavily low voice directed towards her, Shalltear finally responded and gave Aura a mocking smile.


 “Oh, Chibi-suke, you were here? I failed to notice as you had failed to enter my view.”


 Aura’s face stiffened—-


 “Shut up Fake Boobs.”


 —-and dropped the bombshell.


 “……Why do you know!”


 Aa, her persona crumbled.


 “You can tell from a glance. It’s bulging out weirdly. How many did you use?”

 “Uwaa! Uwaa!”


 As if trying to erase the said words, Shalltear waved her hands around in refusal. She had on an expression matching her age.


 “You don’t have any. At least I have……quite a bit there!”


 At that moment, Aura grinned broadly, causing Shalltear to take a step back. Aura casually lifted up her hand to her chest.


 “I’m only 76 years old. I still have lots of time. On the other hand, being an undead with no future must be tough right? They don’t grow.”


 Shalltear groaned and stepped back. Speechless. That was the sort of expression she made. Confirming it, Aura raised a crack-like smile.


 “I’m quite satisfied with what I have—- Puu”

 “You Bitch! I’ll make you eat those words!”


 Momonga heard a “snap” sound.

 A black mist spilled out from Shalltear’s gloved hands.

 Aura readied her whip that she had used earlier.


 Momonga returned from his shocked state and took a deep breath in preparation to stop them……


 “How noisy.”


 It was a voice that was impossible for a human to have. The warped and rigid voice immediately stopped their fight.

 From where the voice came from, who knows from when it was there, a strange being stood there and while releasing cold air into the surroundings.

 It made you think of a 2.5 meter tall insect walking on two feet. If there was a demon that was a crossbreed between a preying mantis and an ant, it would be like this. Its tail, that was more than twice his height, had numerous spikes that were sticking out. It also had a jaw that looked as if it was capable of snapping a human’s arm with ease.

 Two of its arms were holding a silver halberd, the remaining ones were holding a black aura releasing mace and broadsword.

 The sparkling silver and hard bone armour released a cold air into the surroundings. Countless particles fell out, glittering like diamond dust.


 The Guardian of the 5th Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, the Ruler of Glaciers —- Cocytus.


 He hit the floor with the halberd’s blade, causing the surroundings to slowly freeze.


 “You are playing too much in front of our lord……”

 “……This little girl was rude to me.”



 Once again, Shalltear and Aura gave each other fearsome glares.


 “Shalltear, Aura. Do not disappoint me.”


 Surprisingly, their bodies jerked upwards, and simultaneously bowed their heads down.


 ““I apologise for my actions!””



 Momonga calmly nodded his head in agreement and faced the demon that just appeared.


 “You came, Cocytus.”

 “I shall come immediately when summoned, milord.”


 A white breath escaped from his mouth. In response to that, the moisture in the surrounding air froze with a “paki paki” sound. It was a cold that rivalled with—-no, beat the flames from the Primal Fire Elemental. Just by being nearby, your body temperature would drop to the point where you would be injured.

 However, Momonga could not feel anything. In fact, everyone here had resistances or countermeasures for the flames, cold and acid.


 “Since there have been no invaders recently, you must have had quite a lot of free time right?”

 “That is true—-”


 His jaws rattled together. He was probably laughing, right?


 “Actually, I do have things I must do, and so, I cannot relax.”

 “Oh. What do you do normally?”

 “I spend my days training. It comes in handy anytime, anywhere.”


 While it is difficult to tell from his appearance, Cocytus is a born and bred warrior. From his personality down to his concept design.

 If everyone in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick were rated from their weapon skills, he would be the first.


 “Oh—- For my sake? Good work.”

 “You honour me.—-Oh, Demiurge has arrived.”


 Following Cocytus’ gaze, there was a shadow walking in from the entrance of the Coliseum.

 When it had reached a certain distance, the shadow elegantly bowed and opened its mouth.


 “I apologise for making everyone wait.”


 Standing 2 meters tall, and with a lustrous red skin. Cut to perfection, his jet black hair flowed downwards with a radiance.

 Red eyes sparkling with intelligence and countless wicked plots whizzed around in his head.

 From his temples grew horns that would remind one of a goat, and his back sprouted a set of giant jet black wings, one would be able to tell that he was not human.

 In his sharp clawed hands was a sceptre, and his body was clad in a majestic crimson robe, full of a king’s dignity.


 A demon releasing flickering dark flames, Demiurge.

 The Guardian of the 7th Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, and created as the Commander of the NPC Defences.


 “And with this, everyone has gathered.”

 “Momonga-sama, Gargantua has still not arrived yet.”


 A voice with a depth that could slip into people’s hearts and draw them in could be heard.

 Infused into Demiurge’s words was an ever present spell. It’s name was Domination Mantra. It could turn those with weak hearts into his personal puppets.

 However, none of the people present had been affected by this. To be affected, they must be Level 40 or below. It was natural that it had no effect on the high level Guardians.

 To them, at best it was a comfortable voice.


 “You know about Gargantua?”

 “Of course. The Guardian of the 4th Floor—-Strategic Siege Golem, Gargantua. Everyone present here knows this.”


 Gargantua was a golem created by one of Yggdrasil’s rules. It was not created from scratch by Ainz Ooal Gown.

 It could be used during sieges. However it could never be used to protect the base. It was just that its text tag was configured to say that it was the Guardian of the 4th Floor. There was a problem with storage and so it was just kept submerged at the bottom of the underground lake of the 4th floor.


 “It is not a Guardian. It simply a golem given the responsibilities of a Guardian.”

 “So it was like that. I apologise for my ignorance.”

 “……My friend has not arrived yet.”


 Apart from Cocytus, everyone else froze.


 “……About, about that, he is always protecting my floor and we shouldn’t bother him.”

 “That’s, that’s right.”


 Shalltear flashed a stiff smile while Aura quickly agreed with her.


 “……Kouhukou you say. He is not a Guardian but…… It would be better for him to know. I will leave it to Cocytus to contact him.”

 “Understood, milord”

 “Now, my lord. All the Guardians have gathered. Please order us to your heart’s content.”


 At Demiurge’s words, everyone knelt down as one.


 “So…… Firstly, thank you all for coming.”

 ”We would offer anything up to Momonga-sama. This much is only natural.”


 Demiurge acted as a representative and replied for them all. There appeared to be no sign that the other Guardians wanted to say anything. Demiurge was the Guardians’ unanimous representative.


 “I am happy with your loyalty. As much as I would like to talk about how happy I am, I gathered the Guardians for a different reason. I do not completely understand it myself and there are several things I do not understand, but I would still like you to listen.”


 Momonga breathed in and looked from the band on his right arm to the Guardians.


 “Right now, the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick has become embroiled in a strange situation.”

 “……And this strange situation is.”

 “Honestly I have no idea as well. However, I have felt an unusual event occur. So, I have gathered you all here. Have you noticed anything?”


 Taking a quick glance at everyone’s faces, Demiurge replied as a representative.


 “No, I apologise but we have noticed nothing.”

 “Is that so……”

 “What sort of feeling did you receive?”

 “Explaining it would be quite difficult……”


 Momonga closed his mouth and stopped talking. Although he noticed that the Guardians were waiting for him, he needed to describe it with suitable words.


 “……A shaking, probably.”

 “A shaking you say?”


 Once again the Guardians stole glances at each other, then Demiurge opened his mouth.


 “It appears that we have not noticed anything. Was this caused by magic?”

 “Everything is unclear. Have there been any strange occurrences on any of the floors?”

 “There have been no strange occurrences on the 7th Floor.”

 “The 6th Floor too.”

 “The 5th Floor as well.”

 “The 1st to the 3rd Floors have had no strange occurrences.”

 “Momonga-sama, I believe it best to begin investigating the 4th Floor.”

 “I leave it to you.”

 “Then I will handle the outside.”

 “……Wait. I thought that he would come back in time but…… Sebas is currently in the middle of investigating the outside.


 The atmosphere shook.

 One that was strongest in a barehanded fight, an existence that even Cocytus could not match. It was puzzling that such a man was sent out on such a simple reconnaissance mission. Another thing was that since a man of Sebas’ abilities was sent out, it showed just how much caution Momonga was giving this new world and how dangerous he thought it was. There were countless other people Momonga could have chosen from as well.


 However, from Momonga’s point of view, he could not choose anyone else but Sebas.


 Firstly the world that they were in had undergone a large change, Momonga saw his loyalty.

 Next, with this situation where they have no information, those with the best combat capabilities—-sending those that can come back alive is only natural.

 In addition, Sebas’ appearance was that of a human and he had no desire to get into an unnecessary fight. Demiurge and Cocytus had a low chance of this. While Momonga could apply illusion magic on them, if it was discovered, the fact that they were lying would damage relationships. And more importantly, it was not clear if such a magic would even work.


 It was because of the above that Momonga believed Sebas was suitable.


 “I think that it is about time that he returned but……”


 As if his words had raised a flag, Momonga sent his gaze towards the entrance of the Coliseum where Sebas had just appeared.

 While a specific time was not arranged, he came back when he was needed. As expected of a first-class butler.


 “I apologise for my tardiness.”

 “No problem, I do not mind. More importantly, tell us more about the surroundings.



 Sebas sent a quick glance towards the kneeling Guardians. Momonga calmly consented.


 “……Extreme circumstances. Naturally, the Guardians of every floor should hear this report.

 “Understood. Firstly, the surroundings within a 1 kilometer radius are grasslands.”


 The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick was located in a poisonous swamp. Why would it now be in grasslands? Several of the Guardian had faces that seemed to ask if that was so. However, no one asked such a pointless question. This was because they believed that Sebas would never lie to his master.


 “I saw several groups of small animals. However, I did not discover any humanoid creatures.”

 “About that, were the small animals monsters?”

 “No, it was a being similar to that of a Prairie Dog, a living organism with no fighting strength.”

 “Would it be wrong to describe it as farmland?”

 “Farmland you say……It is mostly flat plains. There is nothing special about it.”

 “Is that so…… Thank you for your hard work.”


 While it was unclear where we were transferred to, it was best to raise the vigilance to the maximum. If we transferred to a person’s land without notice, they would probably be angry. If they were normal, that is.

 However, in such a situation, we must not fight. We do not know their strength and they do not know ours. It will be troublesome for such a thing to happen.




 “Guard every floor with strict vigilance. However, do not kill any intruders and instead capture them. If you can, do not injure them at all. If the intruders come, inform the respective Floor Guardian. Also, try to not let the Guardians receive any damage.”




 “Send out several scouts to make a detailed report. The goal is to collect information not to fight so choose those that are able to keep their heads. You are forbidden from personally going out.”

 “[The reason why we are not moving is because we should not antagonize possible negotiation partners], can I think of it as such? Basically collecting information via interrogation is forbidden.”

 “That is so. We are definitely the strongest. However, if this area has things that are a hundred times stronger than us, what can we do? This situation may be impossible, but should we still press forward based on our common sense?”

 “No, it is just as Momonga-sama had explained. It is important to maintain caution. We will use scouts that we can trust.”



 “Make a house where humans can stay on the 6th Floor.”

 “……Umm, why is this so?”

 “We can put prisoners there.”

 “It is just as Cocytus has said. I do not want to enter the 9th Floor, and the other floors have other problems. The 6th Floor is the most suitable.”

 “That is true.”


 Remembering the other floors, Aura nodded in agreement.


 “It’s like a internment camp for prisoners. We will be able to monitor them from there.


 “Afterwards, treat the guests well. Also, do not make it look like a shack.

 “Yes. Build a house that is evidently sturdy from a glance. How many people should it be able to hold?”

 “Ah, yes……about 10 people will do. Cocytus.”


 “Take your most elite servants that can be trusted and send them to the 9th Floor to guard it. Make any necessary arrangements with Sebas.”

 “Yes! Leave it to me!”

 “Sebas. Send the maids to the 10th Floor to defend it. Pay close attention to the defense of each floor together. Work together with Cocytus’ servants.”

 “Yes, understood.”

 “To the Guardians and your servants, you are permitted to enter the 10th Floor. If anything happens, immediately report to me.”

 “Lastly, I was thinking that I should change my name.”

 The air fluctuated.

 Momonga was the name of Ainz Ooal Gown’s Guildmaster. It was a guild that placed heavy emphasis of majority rule, commanding everything based on only his opinion was definitely unacceptable.

 If that was the case then he would throw it away.

 “I will inform you of my new name later. Now, let everyone’s respective operations begin—-”


 Hearing Momonga’s orders, the Guardians began moving as one. Their movement was full of power and dignity, almost as if you are unable to touch them.


 In front of such a spectacle, Momonga trembled with emotion.


 Because they obeyed his orders? Wrong.

 Because he was strong? Wrong.

 Because he was beautiful? Wrong.


 It was because the NPCs made by his comrades from Ainz Ooal Gown were this amazing. That golden brilliance was still here. The crystallisation of everyone’s opinions and feelings was right in front of him. Momonga was truly happy for that.

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