Overlord First Half Chapter 12: Departure




Translators: Frostfire 10, Henet

Editor: 42nd, Guilty.sworD


 The mass funeral was held in the cemetery, at the outskirt of the village. There were no gravestones. Only boulders with the deceased names etched on them.

 The chief led the funeral by reciting prayers for the dead. His prayers is to the names of gods that was not found in the game of Yggdrasil, wishing to them to allow the departed to rest in peace.

 Due to a shortage of available hands, not all the corpses were buried. This was the first round of funerals.

 Ainz stood away from the villagers and watched. Among the village congregation were the figures of the two sisters that he saved- Enri and Nemu Emmott. They had a sort of calm and relieved look on their face at the end, they were probably recalling their parents’ faces.


 That man huh—-


 Ainz was grasping a 30cm long wand underneath his robes. The wand was made from elephant tusk and the front end of the wand was gold plated. The remaining portion was the grip and it was decorated with numerous runes. Overall, the wand gave off the feeling of a holy artefact.


 —-<Wand of Resurrection>


 The wand is an item that possesses the ability to resurrect the dead. Naturally Ainz did not own just one. Even after resurrecting all the villages, he will still have quite a lot of the wands remaining.

 However, the village chief mentioned that there is no magic that can resurrect the dead in this world. If Ainz uses the wand, he would most likely make a miracle.

 The funeral approached the end of the prayer session and Ainz slowly returned the wand back inside his Item Box.


 Ainz can easily resurrect the dead. However, he did not do so. This is not because of any religious sentimentality. But because he thinks that there is no benefit to it.


 A magic caster that can bring death and a magic caster that can revive the dead. It won’t be hard to imagine which one will bring more troubles to him. Although he could have requested the villagers to keep his ability a secret as per-terms of resurrection, he doubt that this can be kept a secret for long.

 The power to resist death. It was something that everyone would yearn for.

 If there are any changes to the situation, he might do it but there was currently too little information.


 Basically he was watching lives that he could save being thrown away for his sake.


 Underneath the mask, Ainz displayed a ridiculing smile. He saw Nemu and Enri crying loudly.

 Ainz was walking on the small path that leads to the outside of the village. The Death Knight followed him from behind.


 Although he was interrupted by the funeral ceremony, he had used quite some time to learn more of the common knowledge of this world and news about his surroundings. By the time he had left, the sky was darkening.


“Now, I will be leaving.”

“Ainz-sama. Please come to the village again. This time we will properly thank you.”

“No, that will be unnecessary. If Chief-dono still has some stuff and brings it to my place, it will be a lot of help. Naturally, next time it will be money.”

“Understood. Then until that time.”


 The smiling village chief shook hands with Ainz by grasping his metal gauntlet. It seems that he had already warmed up to him. Ainz was content by the village chiefs warm hospitality and began walking.

 Leaving the chief’s house, there was a villager with a determined look on her face. Ainz’s eyes widened beneath his mask. He did not think that this girl would come again.

 There was Enri Emott.


“……Is it fine?”


“Have you ridden a horse before?”



 At the corner of the village square were two of the captured horses from the knights. One of the horses were carrying luggage while the horse was armored.


“……However, why are people with riding experience plentiful in this village?”

“Long ago, someone from this village participated in a war. As a reward for good service, many goods were provided. Among them were horses. He taught the children how to ride them. Thus many children in this village are capable of riding horses.”


 When he asked the chief, he immediately responded.

 I see. From among several people gathered, he had chosen her.

 Although it was harsh to hear, she was chosen because her death will not affect the village the most. Men could be used to rebuild the village, when compared to a young girl who lost both of her parents, there was a difference.


“Then as promised, 200 gold coins.”


 Ainz gave a leather sack, given by the chief, which contains gold coins to Enri. The sack weighed four kilos. Enri opened the sack to confirm the contents before passing it to the chief.


“Please do.”



 The chief solemnly nodded and Ainz opened his mouth in continuation.


“Please rest assured. If you do not return, I promise that I will bring you to see your sister about once a year. Chief-dono—-That is acceptable right.”


“Yes. Understood.”


 200 gold pieces. It will be a huge sum to the villages if it reaches 400 gold pieces. To a pair of orphaned sisters, the sum was required for their long term living maintenance. Of course the sum will be a bit much if the elder sister dies, leaving behind the growing younger sister. This is worrisome to the Ainz, who greeted them. he breath a sigh of relief and  Enri’s shoulders relaxed.

 Ainz put the goat skin parchment written by the chief into the scroll case


“I will be in your care.”




 Enri received the scroll case and placed it on her hip.


“Then, I will be leaving.”

“A lot of thanks for various things, chief-dono.”


“No, I as well, thank you very much. Ainz-sama. No one in this village will forget what you have done for us.”


 The chief bowed deeply as he waved goodbye, and Ainz responded. At that, Enri bowed her head in a panick.

 Enri walked towards the two horses.


“That is ma~, not much need for that.”


 The two arrived in front of the horses. Ainz took out two small horns from his Infinity Haversack. These were magic items that were previously prepared during the return from the funeral.

 It had no distinguishing features, normal horns.

 However, each horn has magic that is capable of summoning a Goblin Troop.


 It was an item that could summon 12 level 8 Goblins, 2 level 10 Goblin Archers, 1 level 10 Goblin Mage, 1 level 10 Goblin Cleric, 2 level 10 Goblin Riders and Wolves, and 1 level 12 Goblin Leader, a horn that was easily for sale.

 Since they were weak yet numerous, they would be a bother while hunting, and so it was not used. Since it was dangerous, it was listed on 2ch as a dangerous item.


“This item, when blown, summons monsters for about one hour. If something occurs, you can give orders to the monsters summoned from this horn. If your work is finished and you still have not used it, you can keep it if you like.”

“Thank you very much.”


 Enri examined the items several times, then place it within her pockets. Then she observed Ainz with a strange expression.


“……What is it?”

“Y, you really are the one that came to save us, right?”

“……What do you mean?”

“U, um……”

“It might have been a different person with the same mask.”


 Ainz only inserted the memory of him appearing in a mask and gauntlet when he modified the sisters memories. The remaining portion were left untouched, but……

 Ainz made a weird motion with magic, and made a face like he missed something. However, he felt lethargic when he heard her words.


“That tone of voice is……”

“……Hah. It is basic to change your way of speaking when talking to different people, normally.”


 He used the same scary voice as earlier and Enri jumped in shock.


“I, I truly apologise!”

“Ah, it’s fine. I’m not particularly mad.”


 Ainz grasped the bowing Enri and forced her up. Many villages that were waiting at side were hoping that Ainz will forgive Enri.

 The hand that was grasped by the gauntlets probably hurt. Enri rubbed the part of her hand that Ainz had grasped.


“I will be praying for your safe return.”



 She was heading towards one of the Empire’s stronghold within the region. The chief mentioned that the Empire constantly attacked the village. The reason Enri was headed there was to convey the foolishness of the Empire’s actions and to announce the annihilation of the knights by Ainz.

 It was to inform the Empire about the existence known as Ainz.


 One was the issue of the knights that he spared.

 It is likely that because of his own decision, news of him will undoubtedly spread around in the nearby areas. However, he felt that it is better for him to regulate the news of him that was being spread. Since he had saved several knights, he might be able to get a favour. However, it was not clear which country the knights were from.


 Why was this so? It was because it will be hard to suppress the spread of information about him.


 Without information about this world, it will be dangerous for him to act rashly.  It might be a better tactic for him to hide himself and covertly gather intelligence.

 However, he had saved the village, and so he could not do it.


 Even if I annihilate the attacking knights, the country that sent them will most likely send someone to investigate the matter. Like the scientist from my world, they might be capable of using investigative magic.

 Even though there might not be strong investigative magic, an investigation on the surviving villagers will bound to happen. By then, how will the Kingdom think of him?


 Considering the assumption to reduce information leakage, it might be a good idea to bring all the villagers back to Nazarick. But from the Kingdom side, this can be considered as a kidnapping.


 How about being saved by a travelling magic caster? ……A magic caster that can easily kill off the knights. What will be the evaluation of him by each country then?

 No matter which side, if they investigated Ainz, they may reduce the his punishment if he surrendered himself voluntarily.


 Among the three countries, Kingdom, Empire, Theocracy, which one should Ainz choose to hide himself?


 If a Yggdrasil player is present, information of him or her will surface. Ainz will need sometime to gather information. Of course, if he wanted to go into the town, they could brainwash people into thinking that Demiurge is a merchant……However, the risks are abundant. There was a chance of making needless enemies. And so joining a country for information contains the most merits.


 And for the sake of preserving the autonomy of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, it would be good to have a shield of authority to hide behind. Ainz did not look down upon the strength of a country. This was further spurred on by the fact that they did not know the limit to the strength of an individual. There was a chance that there was a person stronger than Ainz in the three countries.

 If it comes to a battle which both sides having similar strength, he will not desist. If there was an existence that was level 10,000 in one country, then another country should have someone that can rival him.


 Which country should he choose? It would be a decision that would bring both many demerits and merits. The problem was what sort of position he should take.

 He would like to destroy the slave-like positions if there were any. Also any black-hearted companies.


 And so he would like to appeal for an existence with lots of influence. He would support the most suitable person.

 This is common knowledge in the working world.


 Originally Ainz going there himself would be faster.

 However, it was not known how the talks would turn out. And the war potential too was unknown.

 The one that accepts the job knows that risk of the task is high. They must prepared to face their own death.


 That was Enri’s job.

 With that 200 gold coins, he had bought the life of Enri.


“Ainz-sama, thank you for saving us.”



 Enri bowed respectfully to Ainz.

 Ainz wanted to vomit because of his disgust of gambling the life of a cute young girl. If it was Ainz, he could maybe use transportation magic to escape, but other magic probably would do. Back to the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and bring out monsters.


 However, that was because the opponent was not being cautious. The only reason why he sent a young girl was because it would be easier to read the opponents.


“……Are you……Really fine?”


“If you go, you may not be able to come back. You understand that right?”


“……There was the option of having no one go. I was not really forceful, so why?”

“Without money we have no way to live.”


 Enri replied calmly. Ainz fought hard to suppress his invisible tears that is welling at the corners of his eyes.



“Because my two parents have died, and the village is in this situation. It would be terrible if you saw us as troublesome. And so Ainz-sama’s words……To us they were a saving grace.”

“I may not have to do this, but I may not be able to carve out a living using only what my parents left behind.”

“That may be so. Or maybe not.”



 If you own a sum of money of 200 gold coins, then you should be fine, right?, an outsider would probably say that. Ainz would do the same. However, seeing the girl’s eyes, a human that could say those words did not exist.

 Ainz understood the urge to prove that she is worth every penny paid . This is not a game. One cannot see the gold pieces as a game currency anymore. People are willing to risk their lives just for a small sum of gold.


 Feeling light headed, Ainz put strength in his legs.

 She understood that her life did not mean much.

 Ainz reminded himself to cast aside his doubts. His action of extending a helping hand to the adorable children was the right option.


 Ainz moved his sight. Under the shadow of one of the houses in the village square was Enri’s younger sister—-Nemu.

 The farewell had ended but she was staring at her sister with a lonely expression. This could be her last farewell to her sister. Under Ainz observation, he knew that she is trying hard to carve this memory into her mind.


 Why won’t she cry? Why won’t they say farewell at a closer distance? Why will she not hate Ainz that is sending her sister on a dangerous mission.


 Ainz does not know.



“……Take this with you.”


 Ainz took out a scroll from the Infinity Haversack.


“This is?”

“It is a scroll that allows you to return to a specific location. Once invoked, you can directly return here. However, its function is yet to be confirmed. It might not work at all. If you face any complications that you are not able to overcome with the horn, use the scroll.”

“Thank you!”

“After the completion of the task, do visit my home. I will prepare a feast for you.”

“Yes. Will it be alright if I bring my sister along??

“Of course. I will be waiting for your arrival.”


 I am sure my friends will understand.

 The  Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.  Entry is forbidden to any outsiders. As Ainz watches Enri’s departure, he silently hoped that she will be the first guest of the tomb.


 At the same time, his heart is thinking of something foolish.

 What are the most important things to him, do not make a mistake on that. Think, think clearly.


 It is just like a curse.

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    1. Enri in the LN just stayed in the village and built defenses around it, no traveling, no gold and nothing like that. After all, the mc wasn’t as stupid in the LN and didn’t go full retard telling everyone that he’s an undead, where his base is, threatening countries etc which would cause a holy crusade or just an attempt to attack him, he doesn’t even know the power levels of the stronger guys yet and keeps saying it, but he did something that will surely make them come knocking with swords… So, there was no need for stuff like this in the LN.


  1. thanks for translating
    it’s rather lacking compared to the LN though
    you can see the author improved the story greatly compared to the WN


    1. Ainz is sending Enri to pronounce that he has arrived, so the gold coins really don’t matter. But you’re right Ainz in the LN is far more cautious and cold then the one in the WN


  2. this is really interesting.. i have read the light novels up to 9 and decided to track down the web novels and i have to say….while i miss albedo and mare a lot i like ainz better in the web novels so far.


  3. So far im loving it! It is diferent from the ln but very enjoyable. Only missing Albedo! xD
    Thanks for the translation.


  4.  He would like to destroy the slave-like positions if there were any. Also any black-hearted companies.

    Yeaaah, you do that mr evil overlord. Let’s aim for world peace when we’re at it, with no thieves or bad guys at all. I can see why the WN was discontinued. It’s not too bad, but he’s way too stupid and reckless in the WN and it’s not as interesting to read, it doesn’t feel fleshed out or as interesting and the characters overall feel lacking. I mean, he’s fine with killing people and abandoning them(didn’t abandon them due to some excuses like information gathering and guilt felt from that father), but claims he’s kinder than before… He claims that he’s cautious and very wary of the powers in the world, yet he openly shows he’s an undead and where his location is while also threatening the soldiers and allowing them to go back, which would lead to attacks on him, what if there are really strong guys? He has just seen a few common soldiers… Such a hypocrite that keeps contradicting himself all the time.

    It’s clear as day that the WN is far inferior and not well thought out. Seems a lot of people like it more than the LN, I guess some guys just prefer this style. Sheesh.

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  5. So in this version his emotions aren’t suppressed. He seems more human, I like it but I do prefer the LN version if I’m completely honest.
    One thing I miss is his interaction with the other characters except Albedo, I don’t really care much about her.


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