Overlord First Half Chapter 14: Various Countries Part 1

Various Countries Part 1


Translators: Frostfire10 and Henet


 Re-Estize Kingdom, the royal capital. In the centre-most of it was the large Ro-Lente castle. Surrounding it was a protective wall and every 800 metres, were 20 circular giant towers.

 There was Valencia Palace.

 Within the palace itself, there was a room build for beauty instead of practicality.

 A royal meeting was currently being held there. The contents of the meeting were unintelligent, and the words spoken were rather like unpractical dreams.


“This time we defeated those people from the Empire, let us keep up the momentum and bring the fight to them.”

“True, I had it with these constant harassments by the Empire.”

“Looks like it’s time to show our terror to those fools of the Empire.”

‘Well spoken. It is just as the Earl said.’


 The laughter from these well dressed men echoed around the room.

 Even when facing such a scene, the Kingdom’s Warrior Captain, Gazef, could not even show his worries. Gazef can only be exasperated by their speech and behavior.


 Since returning from Carne Village, he intended to report the existence of the great magic caster, Ainz to the king. But instead, he was dragged into a moment like this, a meeting that only served to increase his mental fatigue. The constant fatigue only served to increase his weariness.


 The fight between the Empire and the Kingdom will mostly result in the Kingdom suffering greater losses. The Kingdom mainly relied on conscripting villages to be soldiers. While the Empire trained a professional army and granting knighthood to deserving soldiers. From there, it is obvious who was the weak and who was the strong.

 The Kingdom’s army were mostly simple peasants. Even though they had managed to hold the Empire at bay near the borders of the fortress city. The strength of the Kingdom was slowly reduced after each battle.

 The basic strategy of the Empire was to reduce the national strength of the Kingdom.


 This was by the High Nobles, something that they could not understand.

 They only believed that their authority was everlasting.


“—-That magic caster should be caught and for sent for interrogation.”

“—-That region has been a part of the Kingdom for a hundred years. How can we allow that magic caster to stay there.”


“—-Please hold on a moment.”


 Gazef spoke loudly to change the flow of the topic. Many of the nobles did not bother to hide their displeasure and showed a disgusted expression.

 Gazef relied on his swordsmanship to rise rank by rank to be the warrior captain. To the nobles with a long family history, Gazef was just a newbie and the nobles hated him. The hatred was intensified by Gazef’s unrivaled skill in sword.

 The thought of letting a lowly peasant to sit equal with them nauseated them.


“I believe that magic caster displayed a friendly disposition to the Kingdom. If we tried to treat him high handedly—-”

“—-He could be a member of the Empire. It is important that we summon him to the capital and question him in detail.”

“—-Furthermore, the such a situation developed because the Warrior Captain believed the magic caster easily.”


 After hearing Gazef’s words, several nobles stood up against him. Many more agreed with them.


“That’s correct.”

“How can the Warrior Captain easily trust a suspicious masked man? After hearing this, how can we think that he is not suspicious?”

“The so-call magic caster known as Ainz is unheard of. Even the well established National Magic Research Institute does not have a record of him. His background is absolutely mysterious.”

“It is likely that he is a human from the Empire.”

“From this perspective, the Warrior Captain has to be responsible for letting such a person escape.”



“……Enough. I do not think that the warrior captain’s decision was wrong.”



“If his majesty has spoken….”


 The king on the throne let out a sigh.The nobles accepted it and withdrew their mocking smiles at the warrior captain.


 Gazef raised his head and sent a look of gratitude to the figure that had his undying loyalty.

 The king accepted it and nodded lightly.


 The king of Re-Estize Kingdom. Lanpossa III.

 White hair, his body was not healthy and his face was sickly.

 The hand holding the royal scepter was as thin as a shrivel twig. The crown looks heavy on him

 In power for 41 years. 62 years old. He was considered as some of the oldest in the country and should have abdicated the throne to a successor.

Problem was that there was no suitable candidate.


 No, there was a prince.

 However—-He was not someone that was talented and could only serve to become the puppet of a the noble families.


“Your highness, we hear and obey. However, we cannot leave such a suspicious magic caster unattended.”


“Anyway, we should send someone to bring him to the Kingdom forcefully and interrogate him.”

“……But that sorcerer has a servant that is stronger than me. Forcefully detaining him will most likely……”

“Fun. Warrior Captain-dono. Is your arm getting rusty?”

“Maa, it has been four years since the end of the tournament.”


 Gazef clenched his fist to suppress himself. The opponents are the nobles, who wanted to infuriate him.


 Three parts of the Kingdom’s territory was under the king’s power, with the high nobles occupying another three parts. The remaining four parts were divided amongst the lesser nobles. By this structure was Re-Estize Kingdom formed. The high nobles were eyeing the king’s authority. By suppressing Gazef, they aimed to reduce the Kings authority.


 However, using that magic caster as a tool for power struggle is very dangerous.

 Underneath that mask, his identity was a mystery and he exerted an inhuman aura. If the mask was taken off, Gazef would not be surprised that the person was non-human.


 And that Death Knight.

 What would have happened if the flamberge was not exchanged with the broadsword? That was still not a serious fight. If it went all out it could probably match Gazef.

 He also recalled that Ainz had nodded when he asked if more can be created over time. It was probably not simple to create an existence of that caliber, and it would probably be difficult to control multiple.


“Send the knights of my house, it should be easy to capture a mere magic caster.”

“No, it should be my house.”


 Why? Why they would be suspicious of a magic caster who helped a village to the extent that they want to detain him? Wouldn’t it be better to invite him to the capital instead?

 He seemed like a sensible person. But it is unlikely that he would keep quiet from the treatment that he would receive.


 Gazef looked at his own hands. He still recall the numbing sensation when he had received strikes from that corpse—-the Death Knight.


“Please wait! Since it has been decided, please let me have the task of bringing him in.”


 Hearing this, several of the nobles laughed.


“I believe this is not the job of the Warrior Captain?”

“I agree, this action goes beyond your authority—-”

“Anymore and we will consider it rude.”

“True, it is just as he said. Absolutely rude.”


 The nobles laughed again. The king showed a tired face.


“……Warrior Captain, it is regretful that I cannot let you perform this mission. It is likely when you are out, that another band of Empire knights or other imposters might attack the villages.”

“If so, please seek the help of adventurers to protect the village—-”

“Adventurers! Did you hear that everyone?”

“Yes, I heard it clearly too. The Warrior Captain is leaving the task of protecting the villagers to other people.”

“Such an unbelievable speech!”


“…..Ah. Let’s just send a royal messenger. The meeting for today will be adjourned.”


 Cacophony erupted.

 Treating a nameless magic caster as an important person. The decision of the king was unacceptable to many nobles who openly showed their displeasure. However, they did not have the gall to openly oppose the king’s decision, hence they could only hide their anger while bowing in acknowledgement.


 Gazef felt unease should the Kingdom viewed Ainz as an enemy.


 The power struggle stemming from every single royal conference greatly tired him. Using his last remaining strength, he moved in the direction of the king’s room within the palace.

 He must advise the king not to underestimate nor treat the sorcerer, Ainz, lightly.

 He saw the king’s room. Standing next to it, soldiers were guarding it.

 The sentries remain emotionless, but no friendly emotions could be felt. It was likely they were the lackeys of one of the nobles.


“I am here to request a meeting with the king.”

“The princess has just entered the room.”

“……Then I shall wait in the hall, please inform me when the king is ready to meet with me.”



 Under the escort of the sentry, Gazef arrived at the waiting hall. There, he saw someone that he expected.


 There stood a male at the border of teenagehood and adulthood. The impression he gave off was like a strong fire.

 He had sharp seppuku eyes and thick brows.


 His body oozed out his iron like determination. Although he was expressionless, but one can see his seriousness in his sun-burned face.

 The reason why he cut his hair short, was because it was convenient when moving, and so that it does not get in the way on the battlefield.

 His whole body was fitted with a set of magical armor that radiated a white glow. There are no decorations on the scabbard that held a magic enchanted sword. The form indicated a battle ready stance. No matter what happens he would be ready for battle.


 The teenager sent a respectful look to Gazef and lowered his head. Gazef returned his salute with a slight bow.

 Time past without a word between them.


 Gazef found it difficult to interact with him, but he does not hate him. Instead, he actually admired the youth. However, the atmosphere in the room is rather heavy.


 Both of them waited in silence until the sentry called them—-30 minutes afterwards..


“You have waited long, Gazef-sama.”


“And—-Climb-sama, please follow along too.”



 Following Gazef, a hoarse voice that did not match with the owner’s appearance could be heard. To the boy, his voice was a thing of embarrassment, but to Gazef it was one worthy of pride. It was because he had practised until he had broken his voice.

 With  the sentry leading the way, the duo enters the King’s room. Naturally Gazef was in front.


“Pardon me.”


 Gazef just entered the room and saw the king and another person. The figure of a beautiful woman.

 Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself

 She was the Kingdom’s third princess, who inherited the sparkling beauty of her mother, Renner. 17 years old. An adult, and an age where it would not be weird to be married. A point which the nobles constantly brought up.

 She was truly beautiful. No, the words beautiful could not describe her. It was to the extent that a painting could not capture her.

 Her long golden hair drifted behind her gorgeously. A smile flirted onto her pale  but healthy pink flower-like lips. Her deep blue eyes were like sapphires.

 The detailed white dress really suited her, and a golden necklace dropped down from her neck.


“Pardon me.”


 A rough voice could be heard from behind Gazef.

 Renner’s smile brightened further.




 Renner spoke as she stood up. The escorting sentry left the room and returned to his station.

 Climb was a soldier that served Renner. His skills as a soldier can be considered as one of the best in the Kingdom.


 Some sweets were placed on top of the table the king and princess were sitting at. And there were two porcelain cups with a bit of red tea left inside. They probably had a fun talk.

 Gazef felt remorseful for interrupting the Kings relaxation time. He opened his mouth.


“My King—-”

“I know this is about the magic caster.”

“Yes, Ainz-dono is an exceptionally skilled magic caster. It is dangerous to take him lightly.”

“Of course I know that, a person having a servant that can fight on par with you is not to be underestimated.”



 The King raised his hand to stop Gazef.


“Please understand. Sending the royal messenger is the best compromise under these circumstances.”


“To fight against the Empire’s invasion, I need the strength of the noble faction. If I blatantly refuse them , the Kingdom will fall apart without the  Empire having to do anything.”


 The Empire’s target was the fortress city within the king’s territory. Henceforth, the King required a large amount of military expenditure. The nobles of course would pay for part of it, but the amount paid is less compared to the amount that the king had to fork out.

 Trying to secure fundings from the nobles faction though taxation was a dangerous move. It was expected that they would oppose the move strongly. It was likely that they would seek to replace him with the prince that would serve as their puppet. In fact, they were currently planning it.


 Because of the situation, Gazef could not say anything else. The subtlety of politics was not his strong point. The king’s biggest compromise was to send a royal envoy.


“How I envy the Empire.”


 Hearing this, Gazef chose to remain quiet.

 Up to three generations ago, the Empire was building itself. But, the authority of the nobles were reduced. The process sped up after the current Emperor took the throne, creating an totalitarian country.

 The current emperor. Reminiscing the emperor’s appearance in the battlefield. The figure of him that invited Gazef to be one of his subordinates.

 He was like a natural born Emperor.


“Is he that powerful, that magic caster?”


 A voice as lovely as a crystal wind chime sounded out. Sitting next to the silent Climb was Princess Renner who was listening to the conversation of the two at the side.


“Yes, his ability is beyond imagination.”

“More powerful than the Palace Magic Caster?……”


 Gazef recalled the figure of the royal magic caster. He himself can easily overwhelm him. However, he cannot picture himself overwhelming Ainz, instead a mental image of him being overpowered by Ainz came to mind easily.


“It is likely that a huge gap exists between them.”



 Lenner’s finger immediately grasped Climb’s sleeve. It was probably an unconscious action but, Climb’s expression hardened more than earlier, and became something like diamond.




 Seeing this, the King laughed. Gazef also let out a chuckle but stopped immediately.


“Climb is proficient in his sword skill. He always maintains a perfect form to protect the princess.”

“It will not be a problem when it comes to Climb. He is one of my knights.”


 Baseless words. But, the fact that they were spoken by the princess would bring it to attention.


“—-Since it has been decided as such, Otou-sama. Why don’t we send an extra person to go together with the royal envoy.”



 Gazef and the King exchanged glances.


“Climb, what would you do?”



 Climb opened his mouth and then firmly closed it.




 After being asked another time, Climb gave up and responded. Some blood appeared from the previously clenched lips.


“…..A messenger that is ranked higher than the royal envoy. If it is our intention to let the other party know that the royal family holds him in high regards, sending a member of the royal family is more effective. But looking at the current situation—-”

“—-There is a possibility that it is a sole decision made by someone seeking to undermine the King’s orders.”



 It was just so.

 The ambassador with the highest authority is someone within the royal family, and it was someone with a direct line to the throne.

 Within the Kingdom, the only person in the royal family that was the most suited as an envoy was Princess Renner.


 The Golden Renner. There is another reason for her name. She has proposed many ideas and new laws that were highly effective, and her personality was sparkling.

 Many of her suggestions were primarily for improving the status of the civilians. However, it was not through directly helping them, but, through providing ideas and option to them instead. This did not only improve the living condition of the civilian but also raised their loyalty towards the royal family, and at the same time, increased their productivity.

 However, most of the plans did not come into fruition as the nobles who did not want to see an improvement in civilians status disrupted those plans.

 Renner did this not only out of kindness alone but also seek to improve the country’s benefit. Only she can take on the role as a Royal ambassador.


 However, the king had already decided to send a royal envoy. Renner’s suggestion went against the royal decree. The king cannot show his weakness in front of the nobles. Hence a situation where the ambassador going against the king was not allowed to happen.


 If the king was strong, he might have been able to protect a messenger. However, the current noble faction was stronger, and so he was unable to do so. They may also think of dealing a punishment. If Renner was used, the nobles may use her for whatever purpose they deem suitable.

 Climb understood the situation. Who knows how the nobles will use Renner.


“I cannot do that.”


 The king’s voice was sharp like a sword. Hearing this, Renner bowed. Climb also bowed deeply.


“I have spoken too much. Please forgive me, father.”

“I still have things to discuss with the Warrior Captain. You two please leave.”

“Yes, father.”


 Renner pulled the expressionless Climb out. Seeing the two of them forgetting the royal manners, the king smiled at them. In fact, he was smiling at them with a smile that he had lost long ago.

 After the two left, the King’s expression changed.


“……As a king, I should not feel pity about this.”


 Climb’s status was lower than Gazef. To be more precise, he was a peasant of unknown birth.

 He was someone picked up by Renner in the city. Then, he was small, thin and dying. Now, to protect his savior, he had worked hard. No, the words worked hard were not enough to describe it.

 He did not have talent in the sword or magic. His physical strength was not exceptional as well.

 However, he still overcame his weaknesses with his own effort.

 For those humans that are born with talent, and those not, there is an impenetrable wall. However, that can be crossed. Climb was a good example.


 But there are things that cannot be surpassed. Status, and authority. And worth


 A princess such as Renner would be worth a lot. Such to the extent that Climb could never reach.


“My sympathies.”

“Ah…… Earl Litton has been noisy.”

“The princess, is that so?”



 The king stared into space. It was like he was looking at someone there.


“Only saying the right things is a bother. In the end, I should not make my daughter unhappy.”


 Gazef was not able to say anything on this matter. Only someone with a same standing as the king can understand his pains. That was not Gazef.

 The two remained silent, and time slowly passed.

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  1. wow climb and renner are actually quite different here as a character.

    climb is stronger here,, having able to overcome the hurdle of not having talent.
    and renner is genuinely(?) a innocent young maiden.


    1. Yeah, climb surprised me, I don’t think I like this climb that much, but it’s not that bad. Very interesting actually, I am planning to re-read the LN after this(8 months since I last read it), so that it diverges more and more from the plot in the novel is very welcome. Renner being a real innocent young maiden is very questionable though, I seriously doubt it. We just haven’t seen “that” side of her yet. However, that is just my guess.

      “I believe that magic caster displayed a friendly disposition to the Kingdom. If we tried to treat him high handedly—-”
      “—-He could be a member of the Empire. It is important that we summon him to the capital and question him in detail.”
      “—-Furthermore, the such a situation developed because the Warrior Captain believed the magic caster easily.”

      I kinda want a “FOOLISH MORTALS, PERISH FOR YOUR SINS ALONG WITH YOUR KINGDOM” moment, but well… the mc isn’t going to do something like that… Far less likely than it would be in the LN 😛

       Gazef recalled the figure of the royal magic caster. He himself can easily overwhelm him. However, he cannot picture himself overwhelming Ainz, instead a mental image of him being overpowered by Ainz came to mind easily.
      “It is likely that a huge gap exists between them.”

      More like it’d be like comparing a god level dragon and a normal human toddler… Well, perhaps not, an normal adult human with a god level dragon might be more accurate. He could probably kill him with merely his aura.


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