Month: February 2016

Overlord First Half Chapter 19: First Request Part 1


Hello Everyone, this is Frostfire10. Currently it is homework&test&project season for me. And so 90% of the work this time was done by Henet and fba90130. So thanks to them. I will have a one week break in two weeks. Looking forward to that. Thank you loyal readers for everything so far.


First Request Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, fba90130 and Henet


 The days of an adventurer starts off early in the morning. No, it would not be weird to say that the humans of this world all got up early.

 People used to start their day with the rising sun and prepared for bed with the setting sun. This was simply due to the fact that, unlike in modern times,  an economical source of lighting was unavailable. Creating a flame capable of serving as a continuous light source required a considerable amount of resources. The basic lantern consumed large quantities of oil as fuel. So much so that households without a certain level of wealth would find it difficult to use on a daily basis.  

 Because of the aforementioned reasons, basically when it became dark, they could not do anything, and so it became a rest time.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 18: Categorical Imperatives

Sorry for not posting last week. I was sick and so this got delayed. Sorry about that.


Categorical Imperatives

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet and fba90130


 It was a hard bed, but if you try to sleep, you will.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 17: Rooms


Translator: Frostfire10


 The fort city E-Rantel had three walls, and the space between them had their own specialities.

 The outermost space was used for the Kingdom’s garrison, and had equipment prepared, and there was quite a distance between that and the city walls. In addition, there was stone pavement, allowing for fast travelling.

 The innermost section handled administrative stuff. And provisions were stored here, making this the most heavily guarded districts.

 The remaining middle section was the section with various things for everyone. This section would best fit the image that came up when you heard the word “city”.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 16: Adventurers

Hello everyone, since it is the Chinese New Year period, I am off from school for a few days so I wanted to have a triple release. Sadly stuff came up and I desperately need my sleep. 5 Hours per day for a week is bad for your attention span.

Anyway, I managed to crank out two chapters and halfway done with the next. After that is published, I will crash for a bit.

For those who understand:新年快乐!学业进步!身体健康!谢谢您们读我的翻译篇章!




Translator: Frostfire10

Editor: fba90130


 Writing the important information on the sheepskin parchment, Ishpen fanned the ink with her hands. While waiting for the ink to dry, she was free and spoke to the man in front of her—-Momon. Of course it would be better if he was a bit happier that he was talking to her, but the man in front of her, his face was regrettably bad, but he was not a bad person.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 15: Various Countries Part 2

Frostfire10: Hello everyone and thank you for reading my blog. Sadly, the main translators, Henet and I, will be busy with school work for a while. And so, the translation speed will drop quite a bit. This does not mean I will stop translating, it will simply mean that it will drop from once a week to at most once every two weeks.

Thank you.

PS: I did not have time to edit this, so if you spot any mistakes and have ideas to correct them, please write them in the comments.



Various Countries Part 2


Translators: Frostfire10


 There were the words splendid.

 If one was asked what would be the physical embodiment of the word, this room would be the best fit.

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