Overlord First Half Chapter 15: Various Countries Part 2

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Various Countries Part 2


Translators: Frostfire10


 There were the words splendid.

 If one was asked what would be the physical embodiment of the word, this room would be the best fit.

 The softness of the red carpet spread out on the floor made it feel that you were sinking up to your ankles.

 The countless furnishings placed around the room were the embodiment of the word splendid.

 In the middle was a sofa made for two people, and high class wood had the French Rococo style engraved on it, And black genuine leather was covering the seat, and gave off a slight luster.

 On that sofa was the figure was one man who was spread out his feat, and hung it on the sofa.


 Handsome. There were no other words that could describe that person better. His figure had no faults.

 His silver hair seemed to reflect the light of magic, and shimmered like the stars. His long slit purple eyes held an intense colour.

 And more than his appearance was his atmosphere. It was something that could only be born if the owner was of a high rank of absolute dominance.


 He was Jircniv Rune Farlord el Nix.

 Age 22, the emperor of the Baharuth Empire, enticing fear from the nobles and respect from the people, the most successful emperor.


 Excluding the young man, there were the figures of four other men in the room, and none of them were sitting. With ramrod straight figures, they could have been mistaken for statues. When lower ranked people were taking care of the uppermost position, that was the correct posture.


 Everyone had their limbs wrapped in flexible and slender steel, luxurious, but not flashy.

 They looked young.. In the first half of their 20s. However, how much training did they go through? Their hands had hardened, and the grip of their swords seemed to have their hands imprinted on it.


 Jircniv let his eyes leave the parchment for a little, and fixed his gaze into empty air. He also had a blackboard, and wrote his thoughts down.


“……Then, that village girl?”

“Ha.” While standing at attention, one of the attendants opened his mouth. A quiet but heavy voice rang. “She seems to have just left.”


 Hmp, Jircniv snorted. It was a snort with elements of mocking and interest. And so then he threw it on the ground, and a woman picked it up and read it. And once again his eyes turned hollow.

 The silence went on for a little while, and the early attendant could not bear it opened his mouth


“……Should we investigate?”



 Jircniv threw out a word. His hollow gaze did not move from its location.

 A rounded hand was raised, and bit his lip such that it was hidden. Those purple eyes flashed while being filled with various feelings. And then his lip rose.


“Isn’t it interesting.”


 What conclusion was born in Jircniv? A small and quiet laugh could be heard.

 The attendants did not react. The emperor thinks and floats the paper in the air, and wrote down several of his thoughts, and chose. The entourage of the attendants knew that he hated it if you interrupted him.


 At that time—-


 —-The door opened without knocking.

 At that discourteous conduct, the attendants simultaneously lowered their hips and sent hostility towards the opening door. However, the attendants confirmed the identity of the person entering, and in a similar manner simultaneously stood back at attention.

 The one entering had a long beard that was half of his height and was an old man with a head full of white hair. His hair and snow were both white, but was not as thin.

 His wrinkled face was due to age, and his eyes held a wealth of knowledge.

 A necklace of several crystal balls hanged down from his neck, and many rings decorated his fingers. A comfortable pure white robe drooped his body and looked to be made of a soft cloth.

 When the old man entered, the room was filled with the blue smell of herbs.


“—-How troublesome.”


 The old man entered the room slowly, and opened his mouth, the voice that came out was an unsuitably young sounding voice that spit out those words. Jircniv’s face, which was filled with interest, did not move his mouth but instead instructed with his eyeballs.


“What’s wrong, Jii?”

“I have investigated, but many of my foolish disciples had their minds shocked, and it was probably due to some obstructions, and so we ended it there.”

“Basically what does it mean?”

“……My dear emperor. The reason why magic exists in this world. In order to master knowledge—-”

“Ah, I know. I know.” Jircniv shook his hands in disinterest. “Your explanations are long. Get straight to the point.”

“……I estimate that his ability is about equal to mine. Or possibly even more powerful.”


 Excluding the emperor and the old man, a feeling of panic was born in the room.

 The most powerful magic caster in the history of the Empire. They could not believe their eyes that there was an existence that could rival the chief court magician, the great sage Fluder Paradyne.


“I see. You seem happy, Jii.”

“Of course. Someone the same as me, or possibly a more powerful magic caster. I have not met one since 200 years ago.”

“You met one 200 years ago?”


 The emperor’s voice was full of curiosity, and the chief court magician’s gaze turned towards a distant memory.


“That’s true. The legendary 13 Heroes. One of them, the necromancer Rigrit Bellus Carla. A benevolent person. Ma, there were other magic casters that were good. The remaining four were a dark mage, a magic swordsman, a cleric and a priest.”

“Then what about now?”


 Fluder’s eyes looked far into the distance.


“Unclear. I feel like it is about half……”


 Contrary to the words that were spun while stroking a long beard, the feelings conceived a sense of confidence.

 Jircniv noticed this and had a wry smile, and selected a scroll among several from his sofa, and threw it to his feet.




 One of the followers went forward and picked it up.


“This is.”

“Information from the Kingdom.”


 The face of the attendant who was reading it sharpened. From an image on the blackboard in the air, Jircniv drew out the contents.


“Hmm. The Warrior Captain seemed to have had a battle with the magic caster’s servant.” His following words shocked everyone standing there. “And it seems that he had victory given to him.”


 The air shook. The Warrior Captain Gazef was the most well known person of the Kingdom in the Empire. His sword arm was of a degree such that he could fight the several people from the Empire equally. There is no one who can beat him. And to give him victory.

 They had to suppress the surprise of the fact that there was an existence that had a subordinate that could beat him from showing on their faces.


“And it is an undead servant.”



 It was the first time that Fluder had his interest peaked and he made a sound. It was considerably difficult to have control over a corpse. In the case of using magic to investigate, the opponent would be thought of a powerful magic caster.

 None of the attendants could not remember Jircniv and Fluder’s earlier words.


“Now about the legendary 13 Heroes. Did the necromancer Rigrit Bellus Carla have undead familiars that could rival the strength of a man like Gazef, Jii?”

“……Now. According to legend, creating a powerful existence, and controlling it, its credibility is unclear. When I met her she did not bring any high class undead.”

“Then what about Jii, can you control such an undead?”

“……The difficulty of control to summon or create such strong beings like undead and demons—-Depends on the strength of the creature. From what I have heard of Gazef-dono, a undead of around his strength, one would be easy.”


 As expected, to the words of the man stroking his beard, the surrounding attendants had a sense of admiration.


“Then the second would be difficult?”

“Fumu……This is quite a difficult decision. If you can add in measures via magic……you might be able to control many. This is as after the second body, the degree of difficulty increases. That person, Rigrit-dono was extremely good at that. She could summon and control 20 Ghasts at the same time, something impossible even for a high class magic caster.


 Like he was developing a method, Fluder continued.

 It is not unusual to make secret the magic theory and magic forms that one has made, and pass it down their generation. Fluder himself, if he gets the magic theory of Rigrit’s, he might be able to control the same undead. Regrettably, controlling 10 Ghasts at the same time is his limit.


“Basically even Jii can’t do it. Ainz Ooal Gown……Could he be one of the 13 Heroes”


 No one held a reply. Fluder only moved his eyebrows.


Fufu. Isn’t it interesting? So, you have probably been aware of the place called Nazarick.”

“Ha.” One of the attendants took one step forward. “It has already been investigated.”

“What sort of place is it.”

“Yes. The place known as the Underground Tomb of Nazarick, is in the middle of plains and is in a 300 metre wide square. And it is surrounded by 4 metre walls. They seem quite tough. When we peeped through a lattice gate, it seems to be a graveyard. We are currently in the middle of investigating from which period it appeared, and information from the Intelligence Agency has not been received so I cannot report more than this.”



 Jircniv jerked his chin in a manner to indicate him to continue, and another attendant took a step forward.


“Several knights are currently in the middle of preparations for a search team.”

“—-Fine. Do not do anything that would gain their hostility.”

“My apologies.”

“Jii. Can you collect information using magic such that the opponent does not find out? Assume that he is a high class magic caster.”

“It should be impossible.”



 Fluder was overwhelmed by the sudden words, but the silence emanating from Jircniv was cut when he opened his mouth.


“……It is true that there are existences known as adventurers.”

“Yes. I believe that they also exist in the Empire……”


 The attendant made a perplexes face as he replied.


“Send the highest class adventurers to the Underground Tomb of Nazarick to investigate. Naturally, do not let on that the Empire is involved. If it is unknown information, Ainz Ooal Gown the magic caster too should not be able to gain it.”


“Also, kick the butts of the Intelligence Agency. Jii, help with those who ask too much with your magic.”

“Several will die.”



 Towards the emperor that had a weird expression on his face, Fluder lowered his head.



“Now, we’re getting busy.” Jircniv snapped his hand. And had a complacent smile. “From now on we can exterminate the Kingdom.”


 The Slane Theocracy revered six gods. This religion differed from the surrounding countries.

 The religion the surrounding countries believe in are the Four Elemental Gods.


 They were Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. There were respective Gods that created and governed the world. And then there were smaller gods that dotted the surroundings.

 In comparison, the Slane Theocracy had additional gods, and ones even higher, the gods of Light—-Life and Darkness—-Death.

 In the beginning there was light and darkness, and from them the Four Great Gods were born. And so, not praying to the gods of life and death and instead praying to the gods below them as the most powerful, and so they had a very bad affinity to the religion of the Four Great Gods.

 Religious difference has always been an underlying quarrel in any world. However, the relations between the surrounding areas and the Slane Theocracy was not that bad. Even a straight on battle had not happened for tens of years.


 If you want the simple reason, it can be expressed succinctly.


 There was a difference in base military power.

 The Theocracy’s power was strong in the middle of the surrounding countries. And there was a certain which more than anything that had an implication, and agreed that they were strong.

 Conversely, if they wanted to invade other countries, it was because it would be due to a situation where since the religions were different, and so could surround them. There was another reason why the Theocracy was like a board.


 And basically the Theocracy did not recognise other groups besides humans. This was an extremely deep rooted thought born from religion. And so depending on the other non-human groups, the neighbouring Elf Kingdom, the Demi-human Legislation and the Dwarf Kingdom occasionally caused problems for them.


 More than any reasons, the Theocracy was a country where humans ruled and without a basic enemy—-And their next goal was to finish the suppression of the Demi-humans but, those things were happening under the surface.


 In that Theocracy.

 It was not that small, but not to the extent where you could call it large, it was a weird size for a room.

 While not letting sounds from this room escape, it was somehow properly ventilated. This was an extremely high class room, and so it was natural that those who had permission to use it were humans in extremely high positions.


 There were several men.

 Three priests were clad in white robes with golden embellishments. The priests clad in black robes with silver embellishments numbered two. The number of men clad in red robes and had a magic sword hanging from their waists numbered two. The clothes that the men were wearing were plain, but in no way were they of poor quality. No, it should be said that for such a simple thing, they were prepared quite delicately.

 The first priests clad in white were those who believed strongly in the god of life—-Alah Alaf. And in opposition, the priests clad in black worshipped the god of death—-Sulshana.

 And lastly was the commander of the Theocracy’s Religious Armed Forces, clad in a priest robe—-He was in a position similar to that of other countries’ Corps Commanders.


 In the middle of the room was a table. On it was a giant sheepskin parchment with something drawn on it, it was something that everyone in the Theocracy knew about.


 The god of death—-Sulshana

 Giving eternal rest to those with life, the god that gave an everlasting despair.

 Written in the scriptures as stronger than both the god of life and the other four gods, as humans could not escape the scythe of death. And that was more than life, a god that absolutely exists.


 The god that can control fear, death and disease, normally he would be considered an evil god. Most of the smaller gods he had as subordinates would be quite wicked. But, weirdly he fell to the earth, and was not a god that would freely spread vice. It anything, it was more like the smaller gods belonged to other gods.

 The reason why the people of this country worshipped this god which could be called an evil god, was as to beg him to not bring down his power of vice on them.


 And then the image of this god being the problem, was the reason why several people had assembled in this room.


“Then, we are still saying that it is like this?”


“However you only saw one person right?”

“The number is not the problem. The problem is what is this person.”

“It is just as you say but……”


 The men clad in priest robes exchanged their various opinions. As they believed in the same religion, the discussion continued smoothly. One did not look for the ideas from an individual, but instead got them from the entire group.

 And so to get unified contents, the need to search for everyone’s ideas with good questions was recognised by everyone.


 And time passed, one thing seemed to have been decided. The meeting which had reached its climax had returned back to its original calm state.


“……There is no need to panic. There is a chance that he has adopted a figure similar to that of our god to confuse us.”

“The possibility is high. What a terrible guy.”

“Then we don’t mind the first thing we do being collecting information.”

“Umu, I do not mind.”


 Everyone’s head nodded simultaneously.


“Sending agents into the area around the fort city—-”

“Don’t be stupid. We can’t leave any traces behind.”

“Then a retreat should be ordered.”

“However……The Empire should have grasped this movement? Then it is not bad to continue to cause more commotions isn’t it?”

“Then only one part of the Kingdom.”

“No, If done poorly, there is a chance that information collection would not go as well. The Empire’s Information Agency and our Intelligence Bureau have already faced one another in the Kingdom. Any more and it will be rude to our Intelligence Bureau.”

“Should we request to cooperate with the mikos of the Astrology and Oracle Bureaus?”

“Not bad but only our problems would disappear. More or less it might be over the top.”

“Fumu. Then first it will be necessary to make some temporary decisions regarding this job.”

“Then, I will—-”


 Once again they began to combine details.


 The painting of Sulshana was left on the tabletop.


 The avatar of death was drawn with a skull as a base. And a figure with very little skin stuck to it. Its jet black robe was like a large body of darkness, and held a sparkling staff in its hand.


 That was the figure of the strongest god that everyone in the Theocracy knew.


 By the time the various countries had made their move, Ainz had already left the village for 50 days.


 Let us return to the present, and continue the story—-


 As it had rained the previous day, the road the man was walking on made a splashing sound.

 As there were not many stone pavements in this town, if it rained, the ground would turn muddy, various places would have puddles.

 The man avoided the puddles, and silently walked along the road. Everytime he stepped over a puddle, the dirty sack on his back would jump slightly, and a sound of metal could be heard.

 Passing through the front of several stores, the man stopped in front of store with quite a large structure.

 The man climbed the multiple steps lining the front of the store, and pushed open the door that was made of wood.


 Being the Guild’s receptionist meant that one had some free time.

 Dangerous occasions often happened. —-But up until now, none have occurred.

 Lastly saying so, the Guild’s receptionist—-Ishpen Ronblue suppressed a yawn while sitting at the counter, staring into space.


 Free time.


 There were no new requests. There were also no adventurers. She had finished organising the request book two hours ago. Leaving her seat was the same as quitting her job, there was no way she would do so. She also had just went to the toilet 30 minutes ago.

 To comfort herself, she read the sheepskin parchment spread out on the counter. She had already read this six times, and had most of it memorised. Lined up behind her seat, were shelves of books—-Her brain was wondering whether should she kill some time by reading the adventurer records, or should she do something else.


 At the peak of her boredom, the door creaked, and slowly opened. There was a difference in the intensity of light between the inside and outside, and so Ishpen’s eyes narrowed. On the contrary, one man stepped into the Guild.

 The man slowly raised his frayed hood. And then he removed the dirty sack from his back. While it was unclear what was inside, the sack rattled.

 When he removed it, a metal sound had made its way to Ishpen.


 20 points.

 Her heart spoke. To become her lover something about 60 would not be enough. This was out of 100 points.


 There was a man who could not be described as anything but slightly below average.

 A medium build. Looks were 3rd, maybe 4th rate. Black hair and eyes. He seemed to have just entered his twenties.

 The clothes he was wearing was also not of a good quality. They were like the uncouth cotton clothes that villagers wore. It was something far from what the typical adventurer wore. His leather soles were dirtied with mud, and reminded her of yesterday’s rain.


 A request? Or maybe an application to be an adventurer?


 But, the quietly observing Ishpen slightly widened her eyes.


 The man’s chest had a slight silver glow. And every time his body moved, there was a sound that would remind one of chains. That was proof that he was wearing chainmail.

 And the sword hanging from his waist—-The broadsword was a good item. Magic might have even been casted on it.


 And so he gave off the air of a merchant.


“Welcome, to the Adventurer’s Guild.”


 The man’s gaze met Ishpen who had on her business smile, and said the usual greeting.

 He had probably noticed Ishpen. He closed the distance, and stood in front of Ishpen.


 The commonplace stench of the countryside—-The smell of animals or manure was not there. He was unexpectedly clean. +5 points. While thinking that, Ishpen gazed at the man. He was not well built. And his sword did not seem that special.


“I have come here to become an adventurer.”

“Yes. You can perform that here.”


 Ishpen smiled.

 It was not rare. The story where a commoner picked up a sword and armour on the battlefield, and aimed for the rank of an adventurer was quite common. The job of an adventurer with money and fame from swinging a sword to kill monsters from the perspective of an average villager. And it would put a dull life to an end and replace it with a life of adventure.


“Firstly, to enter the Guild, a payment of five silver coins is needed. Will that be fine?”

“There is no problem.”


 The man fished in his pockets, and took out a small leather pouch. Putting his hand inside, he took out five silver coins and placed them on the counter. Ishpen took one and looked at the faces. Slightly scratched, but the imprint of a wheel was properly engraved on it. Then there was no problem.


“Yes, payment has been confirmed. Then firstly we have to write quite a bit……Would you like me to write for you? Or would you prefer to write for yourself? If you would like me to it will cost an additional five copper coins.”

“Please write for me.”


 The man once again placed a silver coin on the table. This too was not rare. Most of the people who could read and write in the Kingdom with a less than 50% literacy rate were nobles and intellectuals. Ishpen returned five coppers to the man, dipped the feathered quill in ink and spread out a sheepskin parchment.


“Then could you inform me of your name so that I can record it?”

“That is right……”


 The man stopped and looked up into empty air and spoke.

 It was a weird scene, but Ishpen did not really think much. When one became an adventurer, it was not rare for people to hide their names. No matter what name they change to, as long as they worked as a proper adventurer then there was no problem.

 Of course, stuff like wanted lists and police bulletins would be examined. But talking out loud would be bad. And slightly scary.

 The man finally decided on a name, and opened his mouth.


“Then, please call me Momon.”

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  1. [. . .
    The avatar of death was drawn with a skull as a base. And a figure with very little skin stuck to it. Its jet black robe was like a large body of darkness, and held a sparkling staff in its hand.

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  5. Adventurers.
    Having written down the required information on the sheepskin parchment,
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    dry and Ishpen began to strike up a conversation with the man in front of her.
    Of course, she would have preferred to converse with a better partner,
    but looks aside, the man in front of her wasn’t too bad.

    “Well, shall we proceed with the talk?”
    “Talk?” Momon parroted blankly.

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