Overlord First Half Chapter 28: True Ancestor Part 2

True Ancestor Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 The sounds of a commotion reached his ear. Sitting in his personal room, his hands that was maintaining his weapon stopped. He pricked his ear.

 From the source of disturbance, he caught the sounds of hurried footsteps mixed together with cries of pain.

 It was easy to conclude that there was an attack. But the number of enemies and their strength cannot be confirmed. In the usual drills, they would have shouted out these crucial informations.

 It was not that he could not hear anything. Afterall, the room was situated within a cave. The entrance to the room was just perpendicular to the main passageway with only a piece of cloth covering it, acting as the door. He passed through the thickset cloth, the commotion was more audible.

 The mercenary group [Death Spreading Brigade] had roughly 70 members. Although none of them were as strong as him. But there were still a few strong veterans that survived several battles.

 It would be impossible for a few attackers to cause such confusion among such a group. To cause such a commotion, they should be quite a number of enemies. Unable to hear any sound from their attackers, he could not catch any hint as to their number.  


“Adventurers huh.”


 If there was a strong fighting force that fight in small numbers, he understood that these would be the likeliest case.

 The man slowly stood up, fasten the weapon around his waist and put on a layer of chainmail. He did not need long to put it on. He placed several ceramic bottles around his leather belt and checked his buckle. He had equipped his necklace and rings enchanted with defensive magic prior.  His preparation was all set.

 He lifted up the flaps of the curtain and proceeded towards the main tunnel entrance.

 Several pillaged magic light were placed within the cave <Eternal Light>, at fixed intervals along the wall. The light they emit almost hide the fact that this was the inside of a cave.


 A mercenary that reached his side was already displaying a victorious smile.


“What happened?”

“An enemy attack, Brain-san.”


 He grimaced before speaking again.


“That I know. How many are there? And who are these people?

“Yes! There are two enemies. Both women.”

“Women? Somemore only two of them?”


 Brain shook his head and sighed once and headed towards cave entrance where the sounds  commotion was still continuing.

 He fully appreciated the thought that women should not be underestimated. The idea that women were weak stemmed from the thought of male supremacy. In truth, the Kingdom’s strongest adventurer team were formed by five females. Brain once encountered and suffered defeat under the hands of an old lady magic caster. Then, he also heard that the Empire’s top assassin was a girl as well.   

 Although a gap exist in their physical strength, the presence of magic could surmount it. Undoubtedly, someone with strong physical strength, possessing strong magical abilities would be unbeatable.


 Brain’s body was bristling with excitement. He developed a sense of respect towards the small number of attackers. He was overcome by the hunger to fight with opponents, whom were as strong as him.


“Hey hey, no need to follow me. Just improve the defenses inside.”


 Hearing this, the mercenary nodded and headed towards the deeper part of the complex.


 Him—-Brain Unglaus.

 Medium build. Underneath the chainmail was a body as solid as steel. His physique was the result of actual combat rather than muscle training.

 His black hair was cut out to a suited length roughly and simply grew in all directions. His sharp black pupils was directed towards the front. The side of his mouth curved into a cold smile.

 Many viewed him as a beast instead of a man. He was a man that gave the impression that he was a beast king.


 Originally, he was a simple farmer. But he was borned with a god-given talent. As long as he held a weapon, he would never lose. On the field of battle, he never experience any injury worst than a graze, a true fighting protege.  

 He would be undefeatable.

 That was everyone’s thoughts and he never even doubted himself. What changed his mind was a tournament held in the Kingdom.


 He joined initially not to seek victory, but to let the Kingdom witness his strength. Instead he experienced something unimaginable.


 Yes, since he was born, with a weapon at his side, he never tasted defeat.


 The opponent who defeated him was Gazef Stronoff.


 The fight was legendary.

 Until then, the fights of them had been concluded in an instant. However, the lost time was given back in the last long deciding fight. Gazef had turned from a nobody to the Warrior Captain, and that fight narrated it.

 Victory glittered above Gazef, the friend of luck.


 Although a narrow defeat, the life that Brain had until then was completely shattered. He refused the invitations that several nobles gave him, he enclosed himself in his own world for a month, and began searching for strength.


 Seeking martial strength, he forged his body.

 Seeking magic, he raised his knowledge.


 A genius was working hard. Defeat raised Brain to a new level.


 Working for mercenaries was for earning money. He did not work for nobles as he did not want his arm to rot. To learn techniques, opponents were necessary. He did not learn for entertainment. It would be good for the work to have real battles. There were no other choices than a mercenary.

 Out of all the groups that called out to him, he chose this one, Death Spreading Brigade. There was no problem no matter the group. For Brain’s choice of weapon, he could sneer at everything else.


 Magic weapons were expensive. However, what he wanted, was not a simple magic weapon.

 The weapon Brain used—-Was a weapon more than 60 centimetres known as a katana.

 A town far south of the Kingdom. From there, is occasionally a sword with an exception ability. Even when not enchanted, it was far better than ordinary magic weapons. It was also extremely expensive, until a person’s eyes would pop onto the ground. That was what he was looking for.

 Spending time and money, he finally got the katana—-with the property of [Godly Sword].


 The current Brain was strong. He believed that he could easily beat Gazef in a fight.

 Also, he did not only work hard, he also fought beast kings that were looking for strength.


 Walking to the entrance of the cave, the smell of thick blood reached Brain’s nose. Since there were no more screams, the other 15 people were killed. It was two or three minutes.

 The ones blocking the entrance were given orders to defend it, to buy time. But they were defeated too early,


“Basically they are as strong as me.”


 Brain smiled.

 While walking lightly, he took out a potion from his belt and drank it. The bitter liquid flowed down his throat, and collected in his stomach. Along with another one—-.

 A heat spread out from his stomach, and reached the corners of his body. Responding to that heat, the sound of his muscles expanding could be heard.


 The reason for the sudden strengthening, was as the bottles contained magic medicine.

 The first magic medicine was <Lesser Strength>, and improved ones muscles by about 20%. The next one was <Lesser Dexterity>, and improved ones sensitivity and reaction speed by 20%.

 The effect would still activate even if he did not drink it and just spread it on his body. However, Brain felt that drinking it made it more effective. Of course, it might just be a placebo, but thoughts could bring unbelievable power.


 The next thing he did was to draw his katana and apply oil to it. The oil left a faint light on the blade, was absorbed and disappeared.

 The name of the oil was <Magic Weapon>. It temporarily increased the magic inside the blade.


“Activate 1. Activate 2.”


 Responding to the keywords, his ring and necklace released a faint magic around his body.

 Necklace of Eye. It was a necklace that protected the wearer’s eyes when activated. Resistance to blindness, night vision, light filtering. There was no meaning to a warrior that could not hit his target. The basic tactics of adventurers was to hinder one’s field of vision or making distance and hit from afar. Before he gained this necklace, he was done in by adventurers using those tactics.

 And the ring—-<Ring of Magicbind> A low class magic was infused into the ring, and it could be activated at anytime. The magic inside this ring was the <Lesser Protection Energy> which reduced elemental damage. Of course once he used it, it would be a normal ring until magic was casted in it, but if there were few enemies attacking, the current preparations would be sufficient.

 If he activated it without an actual need, then there was no helping it.


 This was the end of Brain’s preparations.

 He released the heat from his body in several breaths.


 The current Brain with his strengthened body was probably at the peak of humanity. With absolute confidence in his body, something like a ferocity floated in his mind, he proceeded slowly.

 This is it. Let me enjoy this.


 Continuing forward, the smell of blood got stronger—-

 There were two human figures.


“Hey, hey. This seems fun.”

“It is not that fun. No one is strong, and they are not gathering here.”


 In contrast to Brain’s sluggish figure, Shalltear responded without a trace of caution. That was probably because she had already noticed his presence. He had no intention of hiding either so it was quite natural.

 Seeing the invaders, Brain shrugged his shoulders.

 He had heard that there were two women, but one was a kid. However, the instant he thought that he noticed that above the peerless girl’s head was a sphere of blood.


“A magic caster, dangerous.”

“I am a Priestess. I revere the first bloodline, God Cainable.”

“God Kainaberu? Never heard of him. An evil god or demonic god?”

“Somewhere along those lines. Well, the Supreme Beings defeated him. It seems he was a small easy mini-boss.”


 His gaze moved away from the girl who spoke softly earlier, like a highborn and shifted towards the one that was following from behind. She was also a beauty. Her large bust radiated a sensual atmosphere.

 The gown was stained with traces of blood. Likely, she was the advance guard.

 Brain stiffened his shoulders, placing one hand on the blade on his waist.


“Well, it don’t matter. I’ve finished my prep. If you all aren’t ready yet. I will give you some time. How about it?”


 The young girl had a shocked expression as she observed Brain. From the corners of her mouth, he detected the hint of a quiet smile.


“You seem brave. But can you handle us alone? I wouldn’t mind if you call your friends along.”

“Hmmph. Numbers wouldn’t help much if they are all a bunch of weaklings. I alone is more than enough.”

“It cannot be helped then, if you are unable to comprehend the distance of the stars. The wishful thinking of touching the stars with your own hands. Such a thought would be fine for kids like Aura. For a grown up like you to act in such a way disgusts me.”


 Brain pointed the tip of the blade towards his opponents’ eyes. After receiving such a reply, the little girl’s attention returned from staring at the ceiling from the lost of interest. Then—-




 The little girl casually pointed with her chin and her servant dashed out.

 The movement was like a gale. But, if it was the wind, Brain could still slash it.




 Concentrating all the might in his body, he raised his katana high, and brought it in a downward cut. That single move could easily bisect a warrior and a strong gust was formed from its wake.



“Cheh, too shallow.”


 Brain attacked his enemy directly. The female leaped back while pressing on to her shoulders. A cut was clearly seen, from her left collarbone to her chest.

 Brain frowned, and locked his sights on the opponent.

 He was unable to kill her with a single attack. She was a strong opponent. It would not be a laughing matter to think that blood should have gushed out like fountain from such a wound. But not a single drop of blood could be seen from the slash wound.


 That idea came and but disappeared soon after.

 The wound that was being pressed upon healed slowly. Although, he heard of fast healing magic before, but what he saw did not seem to be it. Then, there was only one answer.

 They were not humans but monsters. Although they may look the same as humans but they were monsters with a regenerative ability, and with fangs showing. Their crimson pupils radiated a sense of animosity.

 Thinking that, Brain arrived at the monster’s body.


“A vampire….huh.”


 He clicked his tongue.

 Vampires were quite a high ranked existence. C Ranks and above could defeat Lesser Vampires, and B Rank adventurers had a chance against Vampires, for a confirmed victory an A Rank or above was needed. It was a monster that could easily destroy a small town alone.

 However—-It was an enemy he could defeat.


“A vampire’s abilities….Rapid regeneration, bewitching magical eyes, life drain, drinking blood to form lesser vampires, weapon resistance, resistance to cold? I feel like there’s more….Well fine.”


 He would kill it anyway.

 Breathing deeply, he gripped his sword tightly.

 The woman’s eyes opened widely. The crimson eyes grew larger.

 At that instant, Brain’s head was filled with fog. A comfortable warm feeling. However, he shook his head and the fog easily cleared.


“Huh. Magic eyes? Think of turning me tender huh.”


 Brain drew his sword, his mind was as sharp as the blade he was wielding. The normal charm attack was easily dispelled.

 The vampire revealed her fangs to intimidate him. But underneath that facade was a weary opponent. If the enemy knew that she was stronger, she would not do anything else other than attacking. Since the vampire did not attack but remained cautious, it is likely that she viewed him as a strong opponent.


“Quite smart. Mah, the beast nearby had the same idea as well.”


 Brain started to move forward, slowly getting closer to the vampire. In contrast, the vampire retreated slowly.


 Brain laughed at how boring it was. As if responding to his provocation, the vampire stopped moving backwards, and move to the front slightly.

 The distance between them was approximately three metres. To the vampire, it was a distance that she could cover instantly.


<Shock Wave>


 As the magic activated, the shock wave traveled towards Brain. On a direct hit, the magic could easily dent a full plate armor. To Brain who was just wearing chainmail, the blow would be fatal. If he did not die, he would instead be severely injured.

 With this single hit, the battle could easily turn in her favor, owing to the differences in their physical capabilities.

 However—-The Vampire was shocked, and her eyes opened widely.


“If you want to laugh, do it while we are fighting, if you do not want to reveal your moves.”


 —-No injuries.

 Easily dodging the invisible shockwave, a beast-like smile was etched on Brain’s face. The vampire, shocked, took a large step back. The enemy should be a lower lifeform that she could trample easily. A peculiar expression dawned on her face.

 Whereas, Brain remained expressionless. He was considering the need to renew and improve his next attacks. The gesture that cast the spell was sudden. He never expected his opponent to have the ability to use magic.


 The result was a stalemate where both sides would not give in to each other.

 The girl watching was unhappy.


“Hah, switch.”


 The girl snapped her fingers. The vampire’s body trembled. Panicking, the the monster looked at its master.

 It was an action that completely ignored Brain. Basically it was an excellent chance for an attack, but Brain did not attack. He shifted his gaze from the Vampire to observe the girl.


 A thin body.

 Clerics were well verse in melee, while Priestesses were good at magic, and that was not a Cleric’s body. It fit a magic casting Bishop. However, since she was switching, she believed that she would be fine without a vanguard. Then—-Brain smiled lightly.

 What was he thinking.


 Monsters could not be judged on their appearances. The master of vampires being a human, anyone who heard it would laugh.

 It could be see that the girl was of a higher rank than the vampire.

 Then maybe she was the legendary Vampire Lord. As it destroyed a country, it was known as the [Country Destroyer]. It was said that it was destroyed by the 13 Heroes. Basically it was not something he could be an opponent of.

 Brain put power into his hand.


“Brain Unglaus.”



 The girl made a strange face. Brain asked the girl who did not understand.


“….Your name?”


 The young girl tilted her head, and spoke words in a fun manner.


“Ah, yes. You wanted to hear my name. If it was Cocytus he would do it, I do not see much of those types of people so I was late. My apologies.”


 She picked her dress, and curtseyed like she was being invited to a dance.


“Shalltear Bloodfallen. Allow me to enjoy this.”

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  1. Yay Brain! I’ve been waiting for this since the first chapter. Thank you so much.
    This was pretty much like the LN but I am still so happy, especially since i’ve been told brian’s fate will be a little different. I can’t wait for the next update! Once again thank you very much


  2. “Yes! There are two enemies. Both women.”
    “Women? Somemore only two of them?”

    Guessing that you mean “moreover” or “furthermore” here. Somemore isn’t a word. 😛

     Originally, he was a simple farmer. But he was borned with a god-given talent. As long as he held a weapon, he would never lose. On the field of battle, he never experience any injury worst than a graze, a true fighting protege.

    Similar stuff here, “borned” isn’t a word. “Borne” does exist, but it is a version of “bore” and refers to someone bearing something, such as a mother bearing a child. The word to be used is “born”, “But he was born with a god-given talent.” 😀

     The ones blocking the entrance were given orders to defend it, to buy time. But they were defeated too early,
    “Basically they are as strong as me.”

    I find it extremely amusing that he’s all like “They are as strong as me”, that he doesn’t even stop to consider that they MIGHT be stronger than him altogether. Does he think he’s the ultimate existence in that world? Hahaha.


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