Overlord First Half Chapter 29: True Ancestor Part 3

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True Ancestor Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet, fba90130


<All Appraisal Magic Item>

 Brain kept quiet, watching Shalltear release her magic.

 Letting a Spellcaster cast a spell first was a suicidal action. It was the equivalent to letting a warrior draw his sword and take a swing. Interfering with the activation of magic was the proper thing to do.

 Especially a warrior such as Brain, the magic that Shalltear was activating was one that he had never seen before. He knew the famous magics, but not the one in front of him.


 However, due to several reasons he did not attempt to interfere.

 If it was a damage dealing magic, the feeling of his skin crawling—-Hostility or such was not existent was one reason. He also had confidence in being able to dodge. Alongside with the feeling that his opponent was playing, she was not using a fatal magic.

 On the contrary, even if it was a damage dealing magic, if it was not fatal, he would not mind receiving it. This was as if he received it, the opponent would become even more negligent.


 Shalltear slightly shrugged her shoulders, and opened her mouth like she was looking at something pitiful.


“Godly Sword, Holy Attribute, Low Magic Effect, 20% increase in physical slashing, physical damage 5% increase and 10% for a limited time, 30% damage on non-real entities, 5% critical chance increase. Evaluation….Interesting.”


 Hearing such foolish words about his beloved blade, Brain could felt the heat in his head rising. He swallowed his anger and let it rest deep within himself.

 This was not the time for him to erupt.


“However please do not worry. As there is a Holy Attribute I will receive instant damage. However the following damage will not make it through as I will regenerate.”

“Huh. I know about a Vampire’s regeneration. So, I won’t give you any time.”

“Then I am relieved.”


 —-That lackadaisical attitude, you will regret it.

 Brain directed his sharp eyes at Shalltear, with a look would even scare veterans of countless battles.

 The pride of the strong. The one weakness of monster whom naturally physical abilities that surpassed humans became one of mankind’s weapons. Brain used that weakness many times to kill off monsters which are stronger than him.

 Compared to these two, he would laugh after he struck them down.


“Won’t you kindly use Martial Arts?”


 Martial arts.

 When warriors trained, they will be able to perceived it, that special ability. Till now, they were not able to explain the exact conditions and situations for obtaining that power, also known as the weaponry magic.

 Brain possessed at least seven martial arts that were above the run of the mill martial arts used by other warriors.


 Facing a large enemy with difference in body-size, [Fortress] could cancel off the shockwave from the attack of a large opponent, to the point that the user could stand toe to toe with such an enemy.

 If he infused his blade with chi, he could perform a strong strike, [Slash], that would defeat a strong opponent in a single blow.

 When facing an armored opponent, it would be best to use the martial art with bashing effect [Heavy Blow].

 Some martial arts like [Boost] allowed for the temporary increase in physical strength, vital for grasping victory when there was a gap in basic physical strength.

 It was vital for a warrior to be prepared with different types of martial arts when facing a myriad of the aforementioned conditions. Such a trait was further emphasised among adventurers who faced different forms of adversity.


 Then how would he react—-


“Hah. There’s no way that I won’t use it on you.”


 His answer for Shalltear’s aforementioned query, was an obvious lie. His purpose for answering in that fashion was to make Shalltear face him seriously.

 Brain breathed slowly and unlocked his knees, and returned his sword to its sheath.


 He prepared to draw his sword.


 His breath was thin and narrow.

 His consciousness was focused on a single point, as it reached its limits. From that point onwards, his perception expanded. He reached a state where he could perceived his surrounding from the sound, air and movement fully. It was the first martial art he learned—-[Field].

 With him at the center, Brain could perceive everything around him within a radius of three metres. If there were a thousand arrows flying towards him when he activated [Field], Brain was confident that he could strike down all the arrows and survive without a scratch. Furthermore, he could cleanly bisect a single grain of wheat.




 A quick strike that could slash the vitals for all living opponents. He just needed to sharpen this technique.

 Instead of becoming a generic slash, it transformed into his special move.

 Faster than the opponent, dealing a fatal blow to the enemy.

 The process gave birth to, something that no one ever learned, his own martial art.


 A martial art—-Instant Slash.

 A single high speed slash that could not be evaded. Still, he did not stop training.

 His follow up training was not a normal routine. He trained his “Instant Slash” repeatedly, reaching ten of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands times, to the point that callouses were forming on his sword hand and the hilt of the sword was part of his arm.

 These were the results of him trying to surpass his limits, a new martial art.

 Due to its speed, not a single drop of blood would be found on the blade even after striking an opponent. An attack that reached the realm of the gods, hence he named it [God Slash]. Once unleashed, it would be impossible even for him to grasp the attack.


 Combining these two martial arts, he could released the ultimate one-hit kill attack that could not be evaded.


 The slash was aiming for the opponent’s vitals.

 The neck.

 Hence, the secret sword, Mogaribue

 A skill that derived its name from the sound of blood gushing out from the neck when victim was beheaded.


 Against a vampire, even if an undead did not bleed, separating its head from its body would render it immobile. In other words, victory.


“Are you ready yet?”


  Shalltear shrugged in a bored manner, breaking the silence as Brain started taking sharp breaths repeatedly in preparation for the battle to come.


“I think you’re ready, so I’m going to just start. If there is a problem, speak up now.”


 A moment’s pause—-


“—-I will begin to trample you.”


 Shalltear declared in excitement as she advanced.  


 What foolishness. Go on, leave yourself open. You can talk all you want after I lob your head off.

 Brain thought silently, as if the effort of giving voice to those words would somehow detract the effectiveness of the single strike he was preparing.  


 Shalltear simply walked towards Brain. With neither drama nor warning, she casually advanced with light-hearted footsteps, as if she was on a picnic.

 Brain mentally quashed a snicker at that decidedly un-warrior-like movement.

 He could not think of her as anything but foolish.

 Brain, was not about to give her any chances though.

 He was waiting for Shalltear to enter his [Territory]. That instant when she enters within reach of his blade. Monsters who thought themselves invincible were generally stupid that way. Of course, human were relatively weak creatures compared to monsters. The strength of their bodies were inferior and they had no special capabilities.    

 However, Brain would be teaching this monster just how dangerous it was to underestimate humans. Men created Martial Arts to enable them to fight toe-to-toe against monsters that far outclassed them.


 —-One strike, one kill.


 There was also one other complication when fighting vampires. Those arrogant monsters generally were not above acting dishonourably if they felt threatened. Vampires could summon other vampires if not dispatched swiftly. A one on one duel could quickly become two on one. And even for Brain, it would be a tough battle.

 Ergo, it had to be One Strike, One Kill.


 Brain kept his face expressionless even as he mocked the advancing vampire’s seeming incompetence internally.

 From that casual walk, it seemed like this vampire was unaware that she was headed for the chopping block.


 Three left, two.




 —-I have your head!

 Brain shouted mentally as he put everything he had in that single strike.  



 His breaths were sharp and short.


 His sword left his sheath, and it headed towards Shalltear’s head while cutting the air.

 If he had to compare this speed, it would be lightspeed. By the time they notice the reflection of light their head had already dropped—-That level of speed.


 Got it.

 Brain checked.

 At that attack—-Brain unconsciously gazed in wonder.


 Brain could have accepted it if his slash had bit into empty air. An imaginably formidable opponent dodging his best strike was something he could understand.   


 Shalltear had stopped it.


 —-That one attack. The attack at light speed.


 She held onto his blade gently, as if it were the wings of a butterfly.  


 The air froze.

 Brain repeatedly breathed heavily.


“….I, impossible”


 He leaked a gasp.

 Brain’s trembling body put up with his eagerness. He could not believe what he was seeing. However, on the blade of his sword, were two of Shalltear’s pale fingers—-Her thumb and index finger.

 It was not grabbed from the front, but from the back, causing her hand to be bent at 90 degrees.

 It was like she was not putting any power into at all, but Brain used all of his power, and he could not retract it. It was like he was chained to a rock with a few hundred chains.

 Suddenly, the power on the sword increased, and Brain felt his posture crumble.


“Hmm. Cocytus has several swords as well, but when there is a difference between the wielders, there is no need to worry.”


 Shalltear brought the sword closer to her eyes and gazed at it.


 Brain’s head was painted white.

 It was a feeling of despair that denied his entire life.



 However, he could do nothing but admit it.

 It was a fact that she was easily pinching his sword that was swung at god speed.

 Shalltear frowned at the surprised and panicking Brain. She then sighed in disappointment.


“Anyway, do you understand? I am not an opponent that you can defeat without martial arts. If you finally understand, try again with everything you have, please?”


 He heard those heartless words. In response, Brain unconsciously leaked out a response.




 Hearing that, Shalltear had a pure smile on her face. Like a blossoming flower.


“Yes, so you finally understand? I am a cruel, cold-blooded, inhuman, sweet little monster.”


 She let go of the sword, and made a large jump backwards. It was her original location. It was probably not even a millimeter off.


“Have you finished your preparations?”


 Shalltear had an excited smile on her face. The repeated words lit a fire in Brain’s head. Up to where will I be made fun of.  However, being able to make him feel like an idiot that easily, caused his fear to rise up.


 Should I run?


 Brain placed importance on staying alive. If he could not win, then it was fine to run and fight again. Staying alive, and winning later was good. This was as Brain felt that he still had room to become stronger.

 However, even if he retreated, there was a large difference between their physical abilities. Then he should avoid the range of her hands and cut her legs. Then he could escape.

 Brain made his decision, and kept his gaze at her neck while returning his katana to his sheath. With [Field] active, even if he closed his eyes, he could hit his target. Then he should make a feint with his eyes.


“—-I will begin to trample you.”


 She once again calmly walked out.

 Earlier he had hoped that she would enter [Field]. But now it was the opposite. If he could, he did not want her to come.


 His heart had weakened. Brain furiously scolded himself, but no matter how hard he tried to reignite the flame in his heart, it was to no avail. It was like a fire with no fuel. He clicked his tongue and watched Shalltear’s walk.


 Three steps, two steps, one—-


 —-She entered.

 Keeping her neck in his sight, Shalltear made a mocking face.


 —-His goal was a point. Her right ankle that she had just put forward.

 He swung his katana downwards, and used his weight to add to the speed.


 I can do it!

 He swung his sword towards her thin ankle that was peeking out of her dress—-


 —-When the sword slipped out of his hands.

 The detection ability of [Field]. He noticed his favourite sword that tumbled to the ground, and the high heel that was stepping on it. Basically the reason why it slipped out of his hand, was due to the high heel that hit it from above.


 If he reached out his hand, he could easily reach it. At that distance, Shalltear gazed at Brain with a cold and demeaning gaze. Brain felt that a heavy pressure was forced on his head.

 Brain breathed roughly in and out.

 Sweat poured down from his body, and he was attacked by a revolting feeling. His vision shook. There were many deaths in gambling rooms, and it was a place of death. However, did Brain know about a person that was truly death?


 The high heels left the blade, and Shalltear wordlessly jumped backwards.


“—-Have you finished your preparations?”



 The words that he heard for the third time made his despair even deeper. Next was I will begin to trample you, but before that, different words hit Brain.


“Is it possible….that you cannot use martial arts?”


 He did not say anything.

 What could he say.

 I already used it but it was easily smashed apart, might be good. Brain bit his lower lip and picked up his katana.


“….Are you by perchance not very strong? I had thought that you were stronger than the ones guarding the entrance….My apologies. I can only measure strength in units of metres. I cannot tell the difference between one and three millimeters.



 Shouting in rage, Brain attacked Shalltear. She made a strange expression watching Brain attack with all his strength—-And all of his weight.


 Seeing Shalltear not attempting to avoid it and just gaze at it, Brain thought that he would hit.

 However, it was the opposite. That thought was denied by the impossible scene in front of him.

 And it proved that his prediction was correct.


 A stiff sound reverberated, and Brain once again saw something unbelievable.

 Shalltear’s left hand moved at a high speed, and her nail on her pinky finger—-A two centimetre nail reflected it. And it could be seen that Shalltear did not use much force. Making a gap in her fist, her pinky finger bent slightly.

 That blocked Brain’s full powered attack.

 The blow that could cut through full plate, break swords, and tear apart shields—-


 He used his fractured will, and pulled back his trembling hand towards his body—-


 That—-Was casually blocked by Shalltear.




 Shalltear yawned. She hid her mouth behind her empty right hand. Her gaze was also directed at the ceiling. There was already no sign of her being Brain’s opponent.


 But, Brain’s katana continued to be blocked.


 Using her left pinky finger—-




 A roar was born from Brain’s throat. No it was not a roar. It was a scream.


 Side slash—-Blocked.

 Diagonal slash—-Blocked.

 Straight slash—-Blocked

 Diagonal slash—-Blocked.

 Vertical slash—-Blocked.

 Side slash—-Blocked.


 Each and every attack had been deflected. It was as if his sword was drawn towards Shalltear’s  nails. In that instant, Brain finally understood just how wide the world was.

 Then—-The truly strong existence—-


“Hmm? Are you tired?”


 Brain’s sword arm stopped.

 Could any blade hack down a mountain? It was an obvious impossibility. Even children in their wildest imaginations could not picture such a thing. Then is it even possible to beat Shalltear? The answer was clear, no matter who was facing her in battle.

 He could not win.


 Against an opponent whose strength was beyond human comprehension, humans could not possibly win. Only superhumans could hope to fight toe-to-toe against such a creature. Unfortunately, even Brain, a warrior who had reached the highest levels of achievement, was only human.


 Brain heaved mightily seeking to catch his breath, as despair settled in. Despite the surprisingly cool temperature within the cave, his sweat trickled in a continuous stream from his forehead to his chin before dripping onto the floor.  His limbs felt like they were being weighed down by boulders.  

 Taking a moment to bring his breathing under control, Brain called out to Shalltear.


“I would like to make a deal….”



 Ignoring Shalltear’s surprised voice, Brain continued.


“I will give you want you want. So let me go.”


 Shalltear blinked as she gave a slight smile of amusement. Hoping that Shalltear’s change in expression was a good sign,  he waited for her answer. Negotiation was like a game of catch. If you’re going to throw the ball, it would be best not to give the catcher any warning by making unnecessary movements. Waiting silently without offering additional information was the right thing to do.

“….Firstly. Is there anyone stronger than you inside?”


 There was none.

 Answering truthfully was easy. However, she was probably hoping for a No as an answer. Then, was there any demerit for saying there was? Shalltear would probably lose her interest in him thus, he would lose his bargaining power.


“There is. And I can tell you who it is.”


 Shalltear said that she could not tell if anyone was strong or not. Then this information had value. Please fall for it. Brain wished, he could easily betray anyone.


“….You are lying. If it was so then there would be people buying time for time. If so then why is no one coming.

“….He is guarding the place as a watchman.”

“That is a lie. If not then why are you buying time with conversation?”

“He’s wondering if I betrayed them.”


 Shalltear smiled. On top of having that power, Brain could not think of it as anything but beautiful.


“Well, then I will take what I want? If so then I do not particularly mind letting you go?….However, promise me. If you refuse, I will kill you.”

“Ok. I promise.”

“What I want is….Someone strong, even a bandit like you. AhahhahahhaaaaAAAHAHAHA!”


 Shalltear made a smile that reached up to his ears, and laughed like tens of bells that were off key. Then, for the first time, Brain understood that he had made a terrible mistake.


 —-Little Girl?




 All of them were wrong.

 That was an existence that was the personification of terror—-


 The smell of blood that hit Brain’s nose felt so thick that it almost had colour.

 Her eyes turned from a mixture of colours, to a complete crimson.

 Shalltear’s teeth, perfectly white and even, suddenly became hypodermic needle-like sharp. More and more such teeth appeared in rows until her mouth resembled a shark’s. Shalltear’s gums glistened in a gross manner as drool spilled out the side of her mouth.


“AhahhahhaAAA Hahaha. What isssss that face, scaarrreeeddd! Ahahahhahahhaa Ahaha!Since I came here I heard about who was strongggggggggg. AhahahahhahhaaaaaaAaaa.”


 There was no trace or remnant of that peerless beauty. Standing there was a nightmarish princess hungry for blood.

 The feeling of his will being broken, this was the first time he had felt it.


“It’s no point continuing your act. I can’t stand it anymoreeee…..I want to eat you now!”


 He reached for the hidden dagger at his waist. He drew it, and instantly ran it towards his throat.

 He did not want to die. However, he felt that if he did not die, a worse fate would be waiting for him. He waited for the pain to come—-





 —-There was a giant mouth in front of him. There was a stench of blood that he had never smelled before.


“AhahahahhaAaa, thhhiiisss iiisss ffuuunnn. Ddddiiidd yyyyouu ttthhiinkkk tthhhat yoooouuu wwooulllddd diieeeeee. Ssstttuuupppiiddd.”


 Shalltear bent over backwards as she gave a loud screech of laughter. At some point, the dagger that Brain had been grasping disappeared. No wait, Shalltear’s playing with it! With a loud snap, the dagger broke.  

 He did not remember the dagger being stolen.

 Although Brain’s [Territory] was no longer in effect, it should not have been possible for his weapon to be taken like that. The dagger seemed to have magically disappeared from his hands only to magically appear in Shalltear’s. It was as if  everything that happened between the two events had been erased.


 What the heck did he do.

 He did not know about such a monster.


 Brain’s pride was already completely broken.


“H, help me, I’ll do anything, anything—-No. I’ll give it to you! So—-”

“Yooouuu caaaannnnooot doo thhatt, itt’ss beeeeenn aa whiillleee siiinnccee I drrankkk aanytthinggg.”


 Shalltear’s mouth which reached from ear to ear opened. It was large enough to even swallow a human head whole.



 No one here knew about it.

 The monster True Vampire that appeared in the DMMORPG Yggdrasil was an ominous monster. Their mouth reached up to their ears and made a semicircle, and their two canines reached their jaw. The colour of blood glinted in their eyes, and attached to their dried up limbs were ten centimetre sharp claws. They moved hunchback, and attacked in leaps.

 That body.

 Vampires existed as a hybrid between man and bat. The high-tier ancestral vampires possessed bizarre appearances. The traditionally beautiful vampires existed in the form of Shalltear’s vampire brides

 Shalltear’s appearance was custom made for her, selected from one of the concept arts drawn by one of the members of Ainz Ooal Gown and successfully digitized.

 Shalltear’s current appearance.as a vampire was her true form. In essence, her usual appearance was just a facade.





 Brain felt a hot tingling sensation deep within his throat. His ear caught a sound as if dozens of straws were sucking out an empty drink, forcefully extracting its contents.  


“A, a, ah….aaaa….”


 The sound was unclear due as the mouth was biting down on the neck. With that voice, Brain’s consciousness gradually faded away.

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  1. thanks for this half-chapter

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    1. I won’t spoil it, but yes and no. He dies but his story doesn’t end here.
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  2. Ghehe, been waiting for these next two chapters since the start, can’t wait. I don’t know why, but I’m incredibly curious to see Brain’s reaction to the “other side” of Nazarick; i.e as an ally rather than as an enemy, even if he didn’t have a choice in the matter.


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    Really though, this novel loves to play with your feelings. Most of the girls are actually really hideous monsters underneath and just hides their true appearance. The LN didn’t portray it as badly as this. I wonder if it’s safe to assume that their “fake” forms are also real and not something that shallow, that they can shapeshift into them completely, everything included. It does seem that they at least consider their beautiful forms as the “normal” ones and the other ones as more of a combat mode or something.


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