Overlord First Half Chapter 32: Preparations Part 1

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Preparations Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet, fba90130


 Shalltear silently walked through the 9th floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

 Behind her was Brain. Occasionally he glanced at the surroundings with deep interest, watching  Cocytus’ subordinates standing guard and gazing at them. His changes in expression showed his awe and amazement towards an existence beyond his imagination.

 However, his figure that was looking around restlessly, when viewed from an observer’s point of view, was slightly embarrassing, and did not fit a subordinate of Shalltear. Originally, it would drop the standing of his master Shalltear, but Shalltear kept quiet and tolerated it.

 No, it was simply that Shalltear did not have the ability to react to his behaviour.


 Shalltear, who was walking silently down the corridor, was not wearing her usual black dress, and instead wore a sparkling white dress with matching jewelry adorning her. While the golden tiara with gems embedded inside released a brilliant sparkle, it was not extravagant. Three thin platinum necklaces were lain on her neck. Accompanied by gloves made of white sparkling silk, she looked like a princess.

 Brain had his own extravagance, but he wore a simple yet well tailored black suit, covered by a regal armour. Various small ornaments adorned the armor, and this were not run-of the mill replicas. Their values were obvious at a glance. On his hips were two swords, the first sword was the one that followed him till now. The second sword was given to him recently.


 The reason for Brain’s attire was obvious, which was to prevent someone that looked like a common bandit from entering this floor. However, Shalltear had more pressing matters in her mind right now.


 As they approached their destination, Shalltear’s footstep slowed down. Her face started to twitch.

 After Shalltear returned to Nazarick, she went to her private quarters to refresh herself. If she used too a long a time to prepare herself, it would be considered disrespectful.

 Shalltear naturally accepted such a principle. But the several things in her mind hindered her resolve.


 Shalltear sighed for the nth time, and faced reality.


 She knocked on the door in front of her. The beetle race Royal Knights on her left and right did not say anything.

 After several tens of seconds passed, the door opened slowly. The figure of a maid was visible. It was a normal maid that was working in Ainz’s room.


“….Please tell Ainz-sama that I would like to meet with him.”

“….Understood. Please wait for a bit.”


 The maid noticed the awkwardness in Shalltear’s tone and faltered for an instant, expressed her understanding, and slowly, without any sound, politely closed the door.


“Ah, I want to run away….”

 When Shalltear sighed, the door opened again slowly, the maid from earlier stood behind it.


“Please go ahead, Shalltear-sama. Ainz-sama is waiting.”


 The first thing that Ainz thought was that Shalltear’s expression was hard, and dark, and assumed that she had failed her mission. However, the Vampire standing behind her did not exist in Ainz’s memory. Then she should have completed the minimum requirement of her mission….

 Considering that, Ainz tore apart his thoughts.

 No point deducing it. His questions would be eliminated after listening to Shalltear’s report In the end, he decided that he just had to listen to Shalltear’s report closely.

 Shalltear, leading her minion, approached the front of Ainz’s desk slowly, while maintaining her silence and keeping her head bowed.  The underling at the back hastily bowed his head as well.


“….I have returned, Ainz-sama.”

“….And so you have, Shalltear.”


 Ainz’s eyes narrowed slightly.

 Shalltear was not using her weird pattern of speech. In other words, she was mentally agitated due to unknown reasons.

 The report might have a positive outcome, Ainz concluded. His thoughts shifted towards the possible negative outcomes. This way, he would be able to nonchalantly accept the results, no matter how terrible it could be.


“….Then let me quickly hear your report.”

“Before that….I have performed a mistake, and cannot talk to Ainz-sama with my head raised.”


 Shalltear responded as she was about to bend the knee. But—-




 A strong voice with an imposing will was heard. Shalltear stopped her actions and hastily looked at Ainz.


“Shalltear. Your are one of the strongest pillars of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, a Guardian. If you are to bow within the sight of others not for the reason of respect, do not bow so easily. The report has not even started? Your apology is a bit early—-Everyone, leave.”


 Ainz lightly waved his hand, and ordered everyone in the room to leave. Receiving his orders, the regular maids began walking to the door. Ainz watched them as they walked and then moved his gaze upwards towards the ceiling.


“You people as well.”


 The minute his voice reached them, the air began slowly quivering, and several figures appeared, hanging on the ceiling. They were creatures that were about the size of a man and were spiders wearing ninja clothes.


 They were the Eight Edge Assassins.

 They could freely move while remaining invisible. Each of their eight legs that allowed them to stick to the ceiling, and was attached with a razor. The moment they leapt towards their prey, they could launch eight simultaneous strikes. The scariest thing was their ability to kill their prey with a single blow to the head.

 Seven Eight Edge Assassins dropped to the floor, silent as a bird. The one seems to be the leader started to speak.


“However we have received orders from Cocytus-sama—-”


 However, Ainz did not allow even that.


“—-My words are superior to any order. I will not repeat myself. Leave.”

“Hah, understood.”


 The Eight Edge Assassins simultaneously bowed. They crawled on the floor and followed the maids out. After the last one left the room, Ainz turned towards Shalltear.


“Sorry, Shalltear. Then please start your report. Firstly, the the male vampire over there your thrall?”

“Yes, that is so.”

“Ah, my greetings, Ainz-sama?”


 Suddenly, Brain flew away with a kick. Brain’s body flew through the air as if carried by the wind before hitting and bouncing off the wall.

 That single hit could easily shatter all the organs in his body. Although he did not bleed after being turned into an undead, the ability to feel pain was not completely gone. Hence, Brain was rolling on the floor while moaning in pain.

 Shalltear approached Brain in an instant after sending him flying with a kick and continued to attack him a few more times.



 Due to the sudden deterioration of events, Ainz cannot help but suppressed his urge to escape reality and find a spot to hide, while observing the current situation from afar. After turning into this body, it was a plus that instances like this would not be shown on his face.


“Why is a subordinate like you opening his mouth in a familiar manner to the supreme one—-Ainz-sama? Did I give you permission, oi! Just be an idiot and answer only when spoken to. Do not think of talking to Ainz-sama without permission.”

“Ah, tank yu wery muh, masuter.”


 Although he was kicked by Shalltear, Brain still gave out a look of pure ecstasy.


“Anyway, don’t look down. If you hurry up and say it then I will scold you less. Anyway, your loyalty towards Ainz-sama is quite low, right.”


 I see.

 Ainz nodded.

 However, due to this, there would be two problems.

 Firstly, Shalltear’s response pattern. Shalltear’s underlings fostering a sense of complete loyalty towards Ainz should not be a problem. But Ainz’s plan involved recruiting talented humans forcefully, to smoothen their intelligence gathering network. Looks like this plan would have to be abandoned.  

 Secondly, under the influence of loyalty towards only Shalltear, discord might spread within Nazarick. It was not entirely impossible that they may develop a sense of hostility against the other Guardians from any future bickerings.

 The problem will be only be Shalltear’s. There was a need for experimentation.





 Shalltear’s demonic face changed in an instant, to that of a innocent sweet young girl. Brain’s face that was swollen from Shalltear’s kicks turned into a look of joy. Ainz developed a sense of unease after looking at both scenes.


“….Punishment will be given in the room later. But….Shalltear. I am happy that you respect me. However, there is no need for excessive respect. You are also one of the treasures left behind by my comrades in Ainz Ooal Gown. You are an existence made by my friend, Peroronchiino. Basically, I feel my friend behind you. Receiving such a deep respect from you makes me feel uncomfortable.”


 Shalltear’s eyes begin to glisten. Her crimson pupil was directed at Ainz.


“—-My gratitude.”


 Two times, three time the mouth tried to open, but no words came out. Shalltear was struggling hard to find the right words. Then slowly,…….and deeply she bowed. This was the posture of a priestess receiving the divine revelation of god.

 She directed her prayers and worship towards the gods.

 The current Shalltear was acting as if she was giving her offerings to the gods.


“Then return. Shall we begin the discussion.”


 Hearing the report, with Brain occasionally adding information, Ainz slowly crossed his fingers together.


“I see….Baniara….”

“Yes….Did Ainz-sama really give that woman a potion?”



 The person who gave the potion—-Momon.

 Ainz had heard that name extremely frequently.

 When Narberal went to register herself as an adventurer, she sent a message requesting suggestion for a suitable name. He told her to use any appropriate name for herself. When Ainz was asked which name was most suitable, he gave the answer, Momon.

 No matter how he considered it, that name and potion, the one who gave it must have been Narberal.


 Suppressing the desire to hang his head in his arms, he quietly stared at Shalltear. Shalltear cowered in fear and waited for Ainz’s reaction.


 Ainz felt troubled because he did not receive any report about this matter from Narberal. Furthermore, Momon was acting on his discretion. He was conflicted whether he should reveal to Shalltear that Momon was Narberal.  

 If he revealed the truth, relations between Shalltear and Narberal will deteriorate. Such a thought flashed across Ainz’s head.


 This time Shalltear’s mission had several misses, but it would not be a problem to say that it went well. If the woman Baniara did not come, then it would simply turn into information about rampaging vampires. Not much was known about Shalltear’s appearance. However, if Baniara returned then Shalltear’s appearance would be known to the guild. On the contrary, if there was information that Baniara was captured, and the ranger that escaped reported it, there were both pros and cons, a zero-sum equation.

 However, whether or not Shalltear could understand it was another question.

 It would not be surprising that Shalltear would think that she was a hindrance. Then what would Shalltear think about such an existence? Would it turn into a problem that slowly tipped the balance of Nazarick.


 Since he received the information from Narberal, was it not Ainz in the wrong as he had not informed his subordinates, so he might end it with an apology. However—-No, it really should be Ainz to roll in the dirt? If he did not tell the truth then it might become a problem.


 A stiff sound rang—-

 That sound was made as Ainz’s finger hit the table while he was lost in thought.


“Ainz-sama. If this is confidential….”

“No….I will allow it. That woman is actually connected to Naberal. I heard about it, but I forgot to inform you. Sorry….”


 Ainz bowed his head, almost to the point of touching his table.


“It, it is not even absurd. If I did not get caught up in the moment, this would not have happened. Please raise your head!”

“Thank you for forgiving my mistake.”

“Your words are wasted on me.”


 Ainz raised his head and went into deep thought.

 If he did not clear up the mess between Narberal and Shalltear, likely it would become a problem in the future.


 In Yggdrasil, Ainz was one of the top players when playing as a necromancer with instant death spells . But this type of magic user could be countered easily. Comparing with the others players, Ainz’s ranking would be at the middle of the top 50% players. If he fully equipped himself with magical items and also the items left behind by his comrades, his strength would reach those at the Top 25% ranking.

 Basically there were several existences stronger than Ainz.


 Furthermore, there were many job classes that Ainz was not able to attain.

 The World Items called Balance Breakers. The natural enemy of Ainz and the strongest magic caster class against Undead [Holy Banisher], the magic caster class that focused on attack [World of Disaster]. Players with those classes were dangerously strong.


 Ainz recalled the glorious time.


 When 1500 people attacked the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, his friends were there.

 There were people with the World Guardian class, and was an existence known as an official cheat, and had no more than 10 top class warrior users. By putting these powers together during [Ainz Ooal Gown] glorious period, they were at the pinnacle. Also the invaders were repelled, they were separated and dealt with individually, which was why they could win.

 However, currently none of his friends were here.


 If 100 of the Top 500 players of Yggdrasil invaded, the likelihood that Nazarick would be breached is quite high. There is no need to even think when 150 Level 100 players decide to attack.

 If Ainz activated the strongest force in the tomb, all the members within Level 8, it would be impossible even for 150 players to win. But the price would be too high, hence he cannot simply use it.

 Even though he may be unmatchable now but he may not be the strongest yet. Before he could completely grasp the situation of this world, he would have to act behind the scenes.

 Any action that antagonises Yggdrasil players must be avoided.


 This was due to him not being able to throw away his human consciousness even though his appearance changed. There was a chance that seeing his weird change, his mind would change as well and can accept this, but if human-like races like elves and dwarves killed innocents, he would react and most likely be filled with hostility.

 That was why, he moved, looking for a reason.

 They were attacked first. They had to kill to help others. They had to listen to orders and so it could not be helped.

 If such excuses could be made then there was still room for discussions.


 In conclusion, they should not be an evil that must be attacked, or attacking them was a just cause. Something that the ones who congregate under a banner would not find it difficult to forgive.


 It would be fine as long as it was not exposed. Demiurge could move without exposing it. On the contrary, if it was exposed, then they would be in an extremely unfavourable position.

 Did he understand that?


“I don’t understand.”


 In response to his unconscious whisper, Shalltear’s shoulders trembled. Ainz raised a question towards Shalltear who was cowering in fear and watching Ainz’s expression.


“—-Basically Baniara is a survivor, the ranger escaped. And there is a separate group of adventurers.”


“Hm….Baniara was the only one that saw you….”

“Should I kill her?”

“Don’t say stupid things. No one saw your face but her right? Even if they try to make a montage, that woman’s testimony will be the best proof. Then the important thing is to edit her memory well. If we kill her, it will be added to the montage. That will be a pain.”

“Af, afterwards, actually….”

“….I don’t mind. Say it.”

“There are women….”

“? Apart from Baniara? Why did you not say so earlier? What does this mean!”


 At Ainz’s angry voice, Shalltear trembled.


“….Sorry. I went overboard.” Breathing heavily repeatedly, Ainz opened his mouth. “….There is no need to hide it, Shalltear. Tell me everything. Understood?”


 With Ainz’s sharp gaze piercing into her, Shalltear’s face hardened and repeatedly moved up and down, and she began again.


 Once Ainz head the full story, he clapped his hands together, no it would be more accurate to say that his bones clacked together.


“Amazing. Shalltear.”


 Shalltear made a strange expression as she could not understand why she was being praised.


“Shalltear, you are kind. You saved those women right?”


“The women were playthings. Learning that, you saved them. And so you ran into the adventurers. Right?”


 Shalltear’s face flashed with understanding, and deeply bowed her head.


“It is just as you say.”

“Based on that, can you tell me about it?”


 Ainz faced his hands towards Shalltear with her mouth open, and the quiet Ainz continued his words.


“—-You just happened to be attacked by bandits when riding the carriage, asking about the captured people, and you heard about the woman. As a woman, such a thing would be unacceptable, so Shalltear attacked the base?”

“Yes, as you say.”

“Then you managed to save the women, but then the newcomers came. Feeling anger at what was done towards the women, you forgot yourself and killed all of the adventurers. It is a common tragedy. Quite sad….However, Narberal’s favour—-This is important. Depending on if she gave it to this woman with it, we will take a step back, and acknowledge our failure.”

“Just as you say.”

“Originally apologising would be the correct action, but if we say that it is a tragedy-like situation, she may not believe us, and fear us and run away….If we don’t handle the last part well, it will be like this, right.”

“Yes, everything is just as you say.”

“So, you have finished your report.”

“Yes. Everything has been reported.”


 Ainz deeply nodded his head.


“Ok, I got it. The problem should be solved.”

“Is it fine?”


 Ainz spoke in an admonishing manner towards Shalltear.


“With the conversation up to now we have only gained a basic justification for our actions. Yes?”

“Yes….I believe so.”

“….I am afraid—-That the ones we are observing are only our equals. In the case that they hear what we said, they might label us as evil. And they may try to eliminate us. However, if they hear our justification, what do you think they would do?”

“Would they stop the action to eliminate us?”

“I honestly don’t know. However, they will want to avoid losing their lives if they fight with us. Basically they will not think of fighting us seriously. Then if they listen to us, they might retract their spears? More or less, there will be some difficulties but they should understand. It would not hurt them to attack those who are perpetuating evil, if it is the opposite and find out that their opponent has a justification—-And came with good intentions and gifts, what would they do? They would be lost about fighting, right?”


 Ainz gazed at Shalltear and continued.


“Of course, punishment—-A reduction of funds is possible but—-I might give it to you, this is not that serious. Coming to the masses, and making unreasonable demands, then pushing them aside, then it would be fine to get in a fight. They’ll regret scorning us.”


 While declaring that to Shalltear, Ainz of course, did not think that the talk would not have gone that well.

 However, even if there were Yggdrasil Players, they should be scared of death. Even if there were revival items to revive themselves, they would probably not want to test it out.

 Any players that reached Level 100 would be an unmatched entity in this world. Whatever they want, they will get it. The driving power of lust, money, power and hunger are not to be underestimated. Such desires would undoubtedly led others to attack Nazarick.


 Ainz was cautious about enemies driven with such desires.

 Firstly, The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick will be labeled as an evil existence, the attackers will style themselves as the righteous warriors. No one would blame them if they decide to pillage the place. They would even be labeled as heroes for taken down the place. No other scenarios could fulfill their desires as much as this.

 If there were two mountains of wealth. One defended by enemies and the other defended by allies. Which one will be chosen as target?  Obviously, it would be the one guarded by the enemy.

 Mah, likely they were those who would cheat their allies off their mountain of wealth. But they should be in the minority. If people like this were to gather allies, chances are high that their alliance would not last long. Hence, there was nothing to worry about. He just have to be alert about when they will fracture internally and take that opportunity to eliminate them.


 Exemptions might exist when it comes to dealing with those with heroic ideals, it would not be a problem after negotiating with them. Ainz had already considered such a possibility.  

 Special cases are still special cases in the end. It would not happen after all that pew pew pewing. (This was actually what it said)


“Now Shalltear, I understand what you are saying. In addition my decision—-my miss is huge. Shalltear, I will forgive your mistake. You have brought back a source of information and gain a lot, and so this is in a forgivable range. To prevent things like this from happening again I want preparations to be made for the sharing of information.”

“However it is still my mistake. I must receive a punishment.”



 Ainz hid his troubled face behind his entwined hands.

 Giving a punishment to Shalltear. Actually, such a thing was extremely difficult and so he tried to dodge the question. Shalltear was an existence made by his friends, and Ainz Ooal Gown. When he thought of giving her a punishment, he felt a bit reluctant.

 However, Shalltear said so herself so it could not be helped.


 Then what sort of punishment would be suitable.

 Solving it by money was not possible as there was no supply of it. If he lowered her position, the only ones he could reliably give the Guardian position to were Sebas and Pandora’s Actor. Both were not suitable. House arrest might be the most suitable, but letting one of the most powerful people available play was a bit wrong. Whipping? Please no.

 As a normal person, Ainz did not know what sort of punishment would be the most suitable in this situation.

 The fact that there was no precedent was also dangerous.

 Basically if he gave a punishment in a company setting, it could be thought that precedents were law. Nazarick did not have any specific laws, and naturally no precedents. If done improperly this may become a precedent. It was not something he could decide on a whim.

 Then the first thing was—-


“….I see. Then I will inform you later. Step down for now.”


 —-To buy time.


 Shalltear and Brain left the room.

 As the door closed, Ainz hung his head.


“My head hurts.”


 The fighting ability of this world was actually nothing much. They might be powers hidden from the surface, but the thing they should watch out for would be similar Yggdrasil Players.


 If there was any problem, it would be the minions representing the Guardians being overconfident of their own abilities.  

 This time Shalltear made a mistake. If she attacked them after luring them out of the cave, the problem would not arise in the first place.

 Narberal was the same. He had ordered her to not do anything suspicious, but from what the vampire Shalltear brought back, a potion was an extremely expensive item. Simply handing one over and not being suspicious was a selfish story. The most digestible story was still suspicious, but Narberal did not seem to notice it.

 Especially overconfidence in the title strongest.

 Even if he said to be cautious, it would still be quite difficult.


 In addition, Shalltear’s class had a penalty [Frenzy of Blood] and had a special ability. He had thought that if it were Shalltear she could bear with it, but he did not predict her to enjoy herself.

 He really simply did pick the wrong person.

 Aura seems to be able to complete her mission well, it was a prayer for his lack of understanding towards the different personalities of the guardians.

 Ainz noticed. If he spent some time learning about the basic thought process of this world, it should reduce the amount of prayers needed for situations like this.

 However, he should quickly settle the issue with Narberal who infiltrated the city.


 Considering this, it might be a good chance to cancel off the effects of Shalltear’s blunder. In other words, it would be hard to disguise as a simple villager, better work on a new disguise for the next infiltration.


 Thinking until there—-




 —-Ainz lay facedown on the tabletop with a slam.


 An ordinary person like Ainz did not have the august aura of a leader. It would be unbecoming of him as the leader. All of Nazarick’s NPC accepted him as their master. Hence, Ainz should behave in a manner that befits a master.

 Consequently he changed his voice to one of panic, he had the intention to do it seriously, and so a tired feeling was left in his spirit. Of course as an undead there was no bad status known as fatigue, and so it was only to the extent of believing it was there.


 As the highest authority, Ainz was constantly surrounded by many. This was due to the increase in Nazarick’s level of alertness. Furthermore he was particularly conscious of the shadows flickering at a corner of his vision

 Of course, due to the order earlier, all personnel were currently outside the room. However, leaving his underlings to labor on by themselves while he took a rest was not something that he was brave enough to do.


 The result, he felt his body was getting heavy. The tiredness began to assault him.


“If I get used to it, it might get fun.”


 There was a sudden knock on the door.

 Ainz jumped at the sound, and adjusted the robe he was wearing.


“Excuse me, Ainz-sama.”


 The door was knocked again, and slowly opened with the kind voice of a woman filtering in.

 A figure entered the room.


 If that humanoid simply described itself, it would be a female Shetland Sheepdog with glamorous brown and white fur that walked upright. And it was wearing maid clothes.

 Its round eyes held wisdom and compassion, and with an a expression that looked like a manga artist drew a Shetland Sheepdog with, it had the smile of an affectionate mother.

 A sweet fragrance like a perfume wafted from its body every time it moved.

 Behind them were the three maids that were chased out earlier. And the invisible bodies of the 7 Eight Edge Assassins also followed.

 Ainz talked to the creature that should be called a dog-person who was walking at the front.


“Pes, so you arrived.”

“Yes. I have brought several things for discussion. Ainz-sama.”


 Pestonya Wanko

 Since the Land Steward Sebas was not around, the one in charge of the daily managing of Nazarick was the head maid. Her level was considerably lower when compared to a Guardian, but she could easily use the highest ranking holy magic.

 Her nickname was Pes.


 Somehow from the maid clothes, a brown tail wagged. There was probably a hole open in the maid clothes, but was it really so? A bit of curiosity was born in Ainz’s heart.


“Simply things are best.”


 While hiding his curiosity, Ainz began talking to Pestonya who stood in front of his desk.




 Pestonya smiled, and suddenly made an embarrassed face as if she had recalled something.


“My apologies. I forgot.”


 What? Just before Ainz could voice out his question, Pestonya continued her words. No rather than words, it was something different.





 As Ainz blinked in surprise, Pestonya smiled in satisfaction.


“Is something wrong, woof.”


 Ainz recalled Pestonya’s settings, and recalled her creator, and did not say anything. He was a person that mostly named things based on food and tried to name her Pescatore. After saying that being a fisherman was pitiful as expected, it got changed.


“….No, nothing. More importantly let’s settle the reason you came.”

“Yes. Understood, woof. First thing is from the vice head chef, woof. The remaining number of potion bottles number 3000. He asks about the supply, woof.”

“He used it that much. How many per day are produced.”

“Yes, woof. It depends on the type of potion, woof. Which potion would you like me to respond with, woof?”

“I see….”


 What appeared in Ainz mind was the potion that was discussed with Shalltear.


“Minor Healing Potion.”

“Yes….From the vice head chef alone, the output is 464 bottles daily….woof. Ainz-sama may also know this but, this is with a six hour rest to fully restore MP, and time needed to make the potion excluded, woof. Basically we can repeat it four times, woof. Actually since there are rest times and production time, it is even fewer than this, woof.”

“With those calculations, what about the highest grade potion?”

“20 bottles, woof.”


 Magic existed until the 10th rank, but the rank of magic that could normally be attached to a potion was the 5th rank. If one had a special class, the 6th rank was possible, but that was an exception. Normally with the simple calculation, the amount of MP needed for the highest rank, a 5th rank potion was about that of casting the magic 20 times.

 Considering only that, the amount of MP needed would definitely be felt, but to those who could not use magic, this was cheaper than using methods to activate magic, and was convenient. Even if MP was used to make it, the large amount of money paid would make it worth it.


“If Pes works together with him would it not increase?”

“Yes, woof. According to the earlier calculation, the daily output of Minor Healing Potions would be 1332 bottles, woof.”


 Ainz thoughts was revolved around pitching the sale.

 Brain should have some idea regarding the structures involved in the sale of potions. To start this business, it would not be a bad idea to request the assistance of the adventurers guild.

 However, doing this might create many problems. Although they could forecast for the many contingencies through discussions, It would be easy to think that many issues would be created if a large amount of potions were to suddenly enter the market.

 It was heartening to find a mean to obtain funds.

 A bottle if minor healing potion was worth 50 gold pieces. If converted to Yggdrasil currency, the amount of gold will be cut in half, into 25 gold pieces. If the gold pieces were to be converted into Japanese Yen, it would worth ten thousand yen. Producing 1332 bottles per day would generate quite an impressive amount of funds.  


“How about the other raw materials other than the bottle?”

“It would be fitting to say that there is an uncountable amount of Yggdrasil gold coins, and it would be fine to also say that there is an unlimited amount of Zolue Solution, woof.”


 To make a Yggdrasil potion, firstly, the Zolue Solution must be added into the bottle. The potion brewer will then activate their special skill in order to infuse their magic into the bottled solution. During that time, Yggdrasil coin will automatically disappear as payment for cost of production.

 There were special potion solutions, but those were basically Event Items, and so normallly nothing but the Zolue Solution would be used.


“First, we must use other alternatives to replace the potion bottles. I heard about the matter from Shalltear’s underling and thought of something. Let’s halt the production of the potion bottle. Pass that potion bottle over to me.”  

“Understood. Woof.”

“The next thing is also from the Chief Librarian about the scrolls of sheep parchment—-”

“I shall ask go to him myself. I will hear it firsthand.”

“Understood. Woof. Then the next matter……come in……..Woof.”


 For a brief moment, Pestonya forgot her speech quirk, as she was overcome by anxiety.  

 One of the maids slowly moved forward, carrying a silver serving tray that was covered.

 As she slowly walked to the front of Ainz, Pestonya reached out her arms and placed various utensils in front of Ainz.




 As Ainz looked at it, he moaned.

 In the middle of the plate was a blackened piece of unknown object, about the length of two fists.  An aroma of charcoaled burned smell was wafting from it.

 Ainz did not say anything as he picked a knife and started cutting it. The insides was totally blackened. From the outlook, it would be impossible for someone to do something as terrible as this.


“This….is a sirloin steak from a dragon?”

“Yes. Woof.”


 With much trepidation, Ainz used the knife and fork he was holding to cut into what he ordered. The two collided, and a sharp sound rang.


“….Then tell the maids who made this to continue studying cooking. Ask the head chef as well.”

“Understood. Woof.”

“Is there anything else?”

“None, that’s about it. Woof. I would like to report that Aura-sama just returned to Nazarick. She’ll be reporting in shortly. Woof.”

“Aura, is it?…..Understood. Before that I will head to the library, I do not need any escorts since I will be teleporting there directly.”

“Understood, woof.”

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8 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 32: Preparations Part 1

  1. First? Are we ready to start that yet? Anyways, thanks for the chapter! And don’t worry about it, you’ve been getting these last few chapters out in only five days! No one has any ground to complain, great work.


    1. as this biigoh guy has stated, we don’t bother too much in regards of release time

      just take your time while enjoying your own life

      thank you


  2. What vol is this from? I trying figure out how back need to go to start reading last I was was the end of Vol 9. I don’t recall Brain being made into a vampire


    1. What we are reading here is Frost Fire-sama’s glorious translation into English of the original “Web Novel” on which the “Light Novel” called Overlord was based….a sort of “first draft,” if you please, that the peerless author, Maruyama-sama shared in order to collect feedback. The two versions differ considerably on many minor points, up to here, and after this begin to diverge further.
      Maruyama-sama is widely noted to have indicated that with the “Invaders of the Large Tomb” storyline, the two have followed entirely different tracts. There are a great many differences between the two works…smaller cast, differing appearances or names of fundamentally equivalent characters, plot points; many of us suffering great withdrawal from our regular Overlord fix, have turned to this “alternate timeline,” generously provided through Frost Fire-sama’s unthanked labors, to explore these differences or to speculate on what they might reveal about upcoming episodes…there is also a few scaps from a timeline where Momonga arrived in the new land, alone, and at an earlier date. It is my understanding that the secrets of which legendary figures was currently known as EvilEye, as well as her given name (rather than that she adventures under) were first revealed in such a work.
      If it helps to differentiate, think of this as non-canon “fan-fiction” written by Maruyama-sama, himself (provided for our pleasure by the kindness of Frost Fire-sama).
      This Brain never escaped from the first encounter with Shalltear, and hence was never subsiquently found by the Warror-Captian in the rain. Likewise, you might have noticed that in this excerpt, Na-chan is the adventure Momon, and always has been; there is much difference between this story and the published novels.

      You will find many hidden things made plain here, as well as many things that seem to be revelations of secrets, but were in fact, just changes in the plot…tread cautiously. You will notice that some doujins and other fan-created works draw from this version, rather than the subsequent one–or even freely from both.
      We are in Frost Fire’s debt for selflessly returning to this thankless task that so many of us appreciate so much, as this version will likely never be officially published in English, otherwise.

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