Overlord First Half Chapter 33: Preparations Part 2

Preparations Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 Ainz placed the Ring Of Ainz Ooal Gown, which could limitless teleport its wearer anywhere within Nazarick, onto his finger. His destination was the large library on the 10th floor of Nazarick.

 There was a blackout for an instant, and the scene changed like a TV channel.

 There was a large dome-shaped room, and two large doors were enshrined where Ainz was facing.

 Those doors were only rivaled by the doors to the Throne Room, and were flanked by three metre tall Iron Golems.


“Open the door.”


 In response to Ainz’s words, the Iron Golems slowly placed their hands on the doors and opened them. The heavy sound rang and Ainz proceeded past the doors which could now fit several humans.


 Rather than a library, another term suited it far better—-Like a museum. The floor and bookshelves were decorated, and the books inside the bookshelves were like part of the design itself.

 Not a single speck of dust could be found, and the cleaned floor had a wooden mosaic work engraved onto it.

 The top was an atrium, and the second floor had a balcony thrust out of it, and it surrounded the countless bookshelves and peaked at them. The round ceiling had a fresco on it, and was made so skillfully that no cracks could be seen.

 Within the room were several glass display cases, and within it were several books.

 Although there were numerous sources of light, the light emitted was not too bright. The intensity was at a level that will make people frown when exposed to light in the dark.

 The room’s width cannot be determined with a single glance. No, it was more accurate to describe that the room was the view was blocked by multiple book shelves, stopping anyone from surveying the entire library immediately.


 In the midst of a silence that suited a library, the doors behind Ainz slowly closed. As the light from the entrance disappeared, the insides got darker. With a silence that made it possible to hear the slightest sounds, a strange atmosphere accompanied it.

 Of course, Ainz had eyes that could pierce through the darkness and so everything seemed to be as bright as day, and so did not feel the strangeness.


 Ainz faced the inside, and quickly proceeded.

 The room he was currently in was the [Room of Logic]. This library was separated into the [Room of Wisdom], the [Room of Magic] and individual small rooms—-personal rooms. Considering that, his destination was a bit far.


 To the left and right of Ainz—-Were countless rows of bookshelves containing books.


 Books in Yggdrasil existed for different purposes.


 The first was monster data to summon mercenaries.

 Nazarick’s monsters were separated into three groups, the first being NPCs created by Players. Next was the automatically generated POP that were monsters below level 30. And lastly were the mercenary monsters that were up to level 80.

 To summon the mercenary monsters, the book’s specified ritual must be performed, and gold must be used that corresponds with levels. And so if there are no books, the summoning cannot be done.


 The next was Magic Items.

 Certain data crystals can only be imbued into a book-shaped object. Items shaped like books usually tended to be single use magic items. The difference between a scroll and a book was that while scrolls can only be used by certain classes, anybody can use a book.


 And Event Items.

 To change classes into special ones, it was not rare for the needed item to be in the form of a book. To change from a Skeleton Mage to a Lich, Ainz needed the [Book of the Dead]. There were others like the [Martial Arts Research Book], and the [Strange Report of the Four Great Spirits.


 Lastly was appearance data.

 They were books that had the data of swords, shields, and armour were inputted in. They had blacksmithing skills, and with the proper materials, the appearance could be made.


 Most of the books found inside the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick were of the first kind. Of course there was no need to collect up to this much.

 Actually even if all the funds of Ainz Ooal Gown was used, not even one hundred thousandths of the monsters here.

 Even if he used all the materials available, he could not even use 1/10000 of it.

 The reasons for this were not for using them, it was a result of his Guild Members getting carried away.


 Ainz gave a sidelong glance at the books.

 And as if to block his way, suddenly, a ghost-like figure came out from between the gaps in the bookshelves.


 With a jet black hood and robe that seemed to hold the darkness of the library. A wand hung from its belt and was embossed with gems, and orbs hung from a string.

 The face below the hood—-A skeleton with small thins pieces of skin, yet having a face that was as white as a mirror. The hand was also made of bone and skin. Every time it moved, the darkness covering it moved slightly.

 That was a famous undead spellcaster, a Lich. However, within Yggdrasil the commonly named White Lich was a Level 31 monster and was the second from the bottom within the Lich-type monsters. There were other similar but differently coloured Liches such as the Red Lich and Black Lich also existed.


 However, what differentiated it from normal Liches was the band wrapped around its left arm.

 The words [Librarian J] were written on it.


“Welcome, Ainz-sama.”


 With a harsh husky voice, the Lich slowly lowered his head. He then placed his hand in front of his chest.


“Ah, lift your head.” He confirmed that the lich had did so before continuing. “Today I have come to meet the head librarian. Which room is he in?”


 The Lich seemed to be deep in thought, and opened his mouth.


“The head librarian is currently making scrolls, and so is in the manufacturing room.”

“Got it. Please guide me.”

“Understood. This way please.”


 The Lich walked ahead.

 Of course, it was not that Ainz did not know where the room was. However, it would be weird for the ruler to be walking alone.


 On the way there, Ainz gave a sidelong glance at the Liches and Caster type undead as he walked.


 The room he was guided to was originally made quite large.

 However, currently all four sides were occupied by large bookshelves, and lots of things were placed around.

 There were countless catalysts in the bookshelves—-Ores, precious metals, elemental stones, gems, various powders, and various animal organs were cleanly placed. In addition, there were countless bundles of parchments, wrapped and unwrapped. Various types as well.

 This was all of the resources being used.

 Of course, this was not everything in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. The treasury had resources that matched hundreds of this amount.

 In this room were the items collected for the usage of making scrolls immediately. Actually it was queer that gems were needed to make scrolls. Most scrolls would not use them—-Out of 3000 magic spells, only 3 would need them. And so, more than needed were placed here.


 A large manufacturing table was placed in the middle of the room, and on top of it was a parchment.


 And standing before it was a skeleton that seemed to be made of a mixture of human and animal.

 Its height was not too high. About 150 centimetres.

 Two demon like horns grew out from its head, and it had four fingers on its hands. Rather than its legs being extended straight, it extended directly. Its feet were warped.

 A saffron coloured himation—-Old roman clothes—-hid its strange body. And with one clothe of its hood positioned that it would not break on one horn, and a another was wrapped around his body. He was basically wearing three of them.

 With a platinum bracelet with gems of seven colours, a golden ankh cross hanged from his neck, his bone fingers had several rings, and the himation wrapped around his waist was embedded with gems. They were all average magic items.

 With a sword hanging from its waist, several scrolls hung from there as well.


 With his appearance and equipment unchanged, it was a Skeleton Mage. The first undead race. The class before the earlier Lich.

 But this Skeleton Mage was the head librarian of this library—-Titus Annaeus Secundus.

 With no remarkable fighting abilities, an existence that a former member of [Ainz Ooal Gown] made to specialise in crafting.

 Since there were no investments on his racial levels, hence his magical job levels were high. In truth his total level was way above the lich earlier. But his combat potential was insignificant.  


 Beside the workbench was a small desk. Titus extended his bony arm towards it. In front of his hand was a small mountain of glittering gold—Yggdrasil coins.

 Suddenly, the gold coins on his hand turned into liquid. Then, the liquid moved along the scroll as if it had it own will.

 Moving like a golden snake, it slowly spread all over the scroll.

 In a breath, there was a golden magical circle on the scroll. The magical circle appeared delicate and complicated. .


 The magic activated.


 Originally that meant the scroll was complete. Ainz did not feel any admiration towards the sight he was used to.

 Until that moment—-


 A crimson colour.

 A colour that should never happen on this workbench.

 As Ainz felt surprised, the scroll started to burn, as if it was splashed by alcohol. Still it burned itself out within a short moment.  


 Like the earlier scene was an illusion, the traces of the burnt parchment had mostly disappeared from the room. There was not even a burnt smell.

 However the proof that the incident did occur was left on the desk.

 The remains of the parchment—-Ashes.


 With a calmness like he was expecting it, Titus faced Ainz.


“I have shown you an unsightly scene. Ainz-sama.”


 To the cold man’s voice, Ainz waved to signal he did not mind. There was a more important thing.


“Why did something like that occur?”

“For the sake of preserving our own sheepskin parchment, I make a conjecture that it was due to the usage of this world’s most used sheepskin parchment. Of course, the current situation is bad—-But, probably, is what I would attach to the end of my statement.”


 There was a variety of sheepskin parchment. As to why, it could be explained by their obvious differences in quality.

 For example, a simple parchment could be made into a scroll that could hold Rank 2 spells, but it could not be made into a scroll that held higher ranks. On the contrary, if the highest quality parchment, Dragonhide—-The skin of dragons was used then a scroll could hold up to Rank 10 spells.

 Of course, Dragonhide was a first class good that could not be gotten except by hunting dragons.

 Henceforth, the members of Ainz Ooal Gown was conducted massive hunts to capture dragons. Of course, this was during the days in Yggdrasil. Before they were able to confirm the existence of dragons in this world nor the other creatures that they used to encounter, they would have to be prudent when using the existing stock of sheepskin parchment.

 It would be foolish to exhaust their current stock before they were able to replenish it. Hence, they would reserve their usage in moments when they really need to use it.


“Are you saying that this world’s sheepskin parchment is not suitable to make scrolls with?”


 Ainz looked at the ashes.


“I believe that this possibility is extremely high. The spellcasters of this world should be using the same type of sheepskin parchment but….Of course it is difficult to think that the from among the countless Shadow Demons, all have brought back especially inferior goods.”

“However, you cannot say that it is due to the sheepskin parchment from one failure?”


 Although Ainz once quite confident that the reason this time was due to the sheepskin parchment.

 The other possibility is that, after coming to this world, there were irregularities to the scroll creation method. Due to previous experimentation, their magical skills, equipment, and item creation skills were not affected and could be used as usual. Considering this, the chances of irregularities occurring would be very low.


“I have performed multiple experiments with the Sheepskin Parchments that have been brought, but all have the same result—-They end in flames. It is this one’s humble opinion that it is due to the parchment being unable to hold the magic power.”

“….However, the Spellcasters of this world use this parchment….Is it a different in manufacturing skills? Have they become skillful at utilising inferior good?”

“The possibility is extremely high. If you permit it….”

“Ah, it will be fine to capture one or two people to investigate the manufacturing method.”

“If I can do so, it will help me to take a step towards using this world’s parchment to make scrolls.”



 Ainz thought about whether to give permission for abductions and continued.


“If I combine it with what I know, I would make nothing but quick discoveries about the parchment.”

“….Understood. The ones usually in charge of distribution are Sebas and Narberal, and I can leave it to others like Aura and Demiurge to quickly search. There might be special monsters that exist in this world.”

“Then Ainz-sama, with the meaning of preserving parchment for scrolls, should the experiments be frozen?”

“There is nothing else that can be done.”



 Titus expressed his allegiance and Ainz turned on his heel.


 Without using his ring to teleport, while walking out of the library door, Ainz was deep in thought.

 He recalled the things he had to do.


 Firstly was while listening to Aura, he had to order her together with Demiurge to search for parchment.

 Next was to listen to Shalltear’s new subordinate, and consider kidnapping. And he had to exhibit the effects of the undercover operation which he had gave to Narberal.

 There were lots of things he had to think about. Thanks to his undead body, he did not need to sleep and so fortunately had lots of free time.


“No, am I unlucky?”


 What was more unfortunate than anything, was the problem that there was no one else but Ainz who could handle organisational matters. Currently, he was providing suitable various jobs, but it resulted in results that people would tilt their heads at.

 And within the organisational management, currently, the most important thing was the handling of information, and he could not imagine leaving it to Shalltear to bring him the result he would hope for. Would a giant dragon pay attention to the ant walking on its foot, he was worried to that extent.


 From among the countless amount of information, looking for those with value, something similar to searching for treasure. However, even if Shalltear found treasure there was a chance that she could not recognise it as such.


“Why did we not make an NPC that was good at organisation….”


 Even if he complained about his friends, there was no helping it.

 Ainz fixed his mood, and thought of methods.

 Several ideas floated into his head, and the best one was to simply hire people.

 However, there was a problem about being able to trust the hired person. He needed to think about the possibility that enemies would send spies to collect information. If there was an enemy that one could not defeat, than you need to collect information that can defeat them.

 If Ainz made an enemy of an organisation like Nazarick, he would make preparations to defeat them. Basically he would invite people like Shalltear and Sebas to join him. Seduction or money was fine. Basically use their desires to make them betray Ainz.

 And so information about domestic affairs was necessary.


 Basically on top of that, if he did not clear the background of that person, he could not hire him.

 Basically there was no replacement for the troublesome things.


 Ainz thought up to there, and noticed something.


“Wouldn’t it be fine to manipulate memories and brainwash….Then where should we get enemies to experiment on. Firstly why not that vampire….?”




 To his left and right were catacombes, riddled with holes, and corpses wrapped in cloth was piled three layers high. A torch-like light flickered in the darkness, making shadows, and so it seemed that the corpses were moving.

 The air reeked of mould and the occasional smell of rotting meat. Amongst that, the sighs of the dead cursing the living, the desire to consume the living, and the longing of warm flesh mixed in the tunnel.


 Amongst the undead who seemed to be able to attack at anytime, Brain walked casually.

 If a normal person was walking through this world, they would stiffen with fear every few steps, even adventurers would have their nerves worn down. However, after Brain had become a vampire, a feeling similar to being in paradise bubbled up in him.


 The feeling of death that wrapped around him. The chill of the tomb that seeped into him. The air was submerged in an atmosphere of death.

 He could not get enough.

 Brain released a long breath. Of course, being a vampire who was undead made breathing unnecessary, there was no meaning to the breath. It was just a human-like feeling.


 On the way, the undead moved, Brain gave a sidelong glance to the existences that had a lower or higher intelligence that him and faced his destination.

 The appearance of undead beings were absolutely hideous. They were just some rather troublesome dead bodies that were controlled by magic casters. That was Brain’s past knowledge.

 That was the ultimate beauty

 He learnt of it after his body changed.


“Ah, master….”


 He let out a sigh unconsciously. As Brain thought about that figure, he became absent minded, his mind wandering to a different dimension.

 Eyes, hair, nose, ears, mouth, fingers, voice, clothes, smell. All were exquisite existences.


 Shalltear Bloodfallen.


 The incarnation of the world’s beauty.

 The most beautiful, sweetest elegance. The ultimate symbol of beauty was his master.

 As one of Shalltear’s newest familiars, Brain heart was entranced and occupied by this sense of superiority. Before this, Brain regretted his existence as a lowly, meaningless human. If he was borned into a difference race, that possessed physical abilities that surpassed humans, how strong a swordsman he could have become?

 Now he thought it all out, he was born as a human, to serve his master, Shalltear, the crystallization of the world’s beauty.


 Hence he did not developed any sense of aversion towards the level under the control of his master.


 It was true that the 9th Floor was amazing, Brain admitted that.

 This was a world that possessed a luxury that cannot be replicated by any royal family. Comparing this with the royal castle of the Re-Estise Kingdom, where he once visited, the royal castle would appear rather woeful. It would not be an exaggeration to call this place as the pantheon of the god after witnessing such a scenery. Numerous art pieces decorated the hallway, Every single one of them would no doubt fetch an eye popping price.

 The sentries guarding the place was not any normal existence. Comparing them with all the creatures that Brain encountered till now would be laughable. If he fought one on one with them, and using all the tools at his disposal, his chances of victory might slightly go above five percent. Monsters like this stood in formation, patrolling the corridor. Looking at such a scene, Brain could only felt his futility.

 At both corners of the room, stood two large insect-like sentries, their strength way surpassed Brain current ability. The gap between them was too wide, Brain could not imagine how strong they are.


 The master of the room guarded by sentries.

 The ruler of this great underground tomb.

 The king that preceded even over his own master.

 A magic caster that was the embodiment of death.

 Releasing a whirl of power into his surroundings, that sort of existence.


 The absolute—-Ainz Ooal Gown.


 An imposing and almighty figure sitting on the throne like the legendary sorcerer king in the mythical stories.

 His body was covered by luxurious long robe. The price would rival the annual budget of the largest country in the world. The accessories on his body simply surpassed any known divine items.  

 Moreover, after talking with him, Brain noticed that there was a berth in his common knowledge compared with people in this world, as if he unsealed himself after a long period. He shivered.


 The world was huge. It was a truth everyone knew.

 But now he estimated that one a single person understood this fact other than himself.

 Just a few of these monsters could simply crushed an entire city. In this place, their status was just a lowly serf, surpassing anyone’s imagination.

 With his master, Shalltear as head. There were several other existence that could single handedly defeat any opposing countries. As a member of this army that could take over the continent, Brain felt immeasurable joy from his heart.


 He looked down at the new sword at his waist.

 From the appearance, it was a first class item. The aesthetics, no matter how inexperience one could get, would still make them jump with excitement. .

 This was a replacement for the sword he used previously. It was a gift from his supreme master. Although there was only a slight difference in terms of length and weight, he was still not used to the blade.

 Brain unsheathed his sword.

 The sound was crisp like the chime of a bell, a cold air stirred the surroundings. He examined the blade in front of him, as if his soul was stolen. During that moment, he could observed the greenish hue of the cold air.

 It was a magic sword so amazing that he could not imagine how much money he would need to buy iy. The value of his previous sword was five thousand gold coins. However, this sword would be at least several tens of thousands of gold coins.

 Recalling the grandeur of his master as she gave him this sword, Brain’s body trembled.


“Ah, I feel like coming….”


 Knocking down the wall between the 2nd and 3rd Floors, named the [Well of the Dead].

 It is a rounded hollowed depression with a diameter of 150 metres and 45 metres in depth. Above it was a crossing that is 15 metres wide, separated into two lanes.

 Brain excitedly looked down.

 Countless corpses were piled upon each other. Decomposing corpses, drowned bodies, skeletons, crushed corpses, occasionally wriggled causing the mountains to collapsed and new mountains were made. That hell was spread out before him.

 Here was where the low class undead were born. There were none being born currently, but depending on if intruders depleted them, new weak undead would be given fake life.


 As Brain walked across the bridge, he looked at the bottom. After passing a certain distance, he arrived at a T-junction. He turned right, heading towards a door which was his destination.  

 The stones were different from the boorish ones he saw up to now, the door was made with stone, but was nicely decorated.

 The knock repeated.

 The door finally opened with a heavy sound.


 From the door, the head of a vampire popped out. Brain did not recognise her. Since she could freely access the room, he deduced that she was one of Shalltear’s servants. Her status could be same as him or above him.


“I have finished the rounds that Shalltear-sama has requested of me. Please announce it to her.”

“….Shalltear-sama is currently in the middle of her bath.”


 The vampire replied with a mostly expressionless but cold and mocking gaze.


“The announcement….”


 Brain asked himself if he was an idiot.

 The vampire’s gaze got one level colder. No, it probably actually became colder.


“….Shalltear requested to me to inform you that if you returned, do not let anyone enter this gate.”

“Ha! Understood, I will not let anyone through at the cost of my life—-Until my body cannot move.”

“….Then please do.”


 The vampire closed the door.

 Enjoying the fact that his highest master had given him an order, he made a decision to not let anyone through. The desire to be praised if he protected it with his life burned inside of him.


 Brain continued to not move.

 It was probably about 30 minutes.


 Suddenly, the air in front of Brain wavered.




 His hand ran to his waist, and his knees bent slightly. He placed the right half of his body forward slightly, a position where he could attack at anytime.

 Instantly, the wavering space went back to normal. However, there was a humanoid that was standing there that previously was not there.


 A whip hanged from her shoulders, with clothes that seemed easy to move in.

 Standing there was a young dark elf girl.

 Dark Elf.

 With dark skin, there were the close-kins of the elves. It was common knowledge that their age surpassed that of humans. Their royalties were like an eternal existence. But their appearance were like that of the humans, it will change with age. Considering this, the girls’ age matched her looks.

 Elves had the same sense of beauty as humans, and so had extremely beautiful appearances. That girl had an extremely beautiful appearance among them.


 Of course, she could not beat his master, the absolute beauty, Shalltear Bloodfallen.


“Ou, stop there.”


 He did not prepare an attack as he did not sense any hostility.

 Although he did not hear of such a person in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, however, since she could walk around freely, he could deduced that she was a member of this great tomb. If not, she could have been killed by the monsters on her way here.

 The dark-elf was directing a romantic childish-like smile towards the ring on her finger. After she heard Brain’s words, she became unhappy.


“Umm, who are you?”


 Her first words were those, but Brain understood that it was natural. He had become Shalltear’s subordinate today. It was natural for the dark elf to not know him.


“I am Shalltear-sama’s loyal subordinate. And this Brain Unglaus has received an order to protect this door with my life.”



 The dark elf replied without any energy.


“I, well. I received Ainz-sama’s orders to see this idiot. Understand?”


 Reacting to the words idiot, he suppressed his feelings to swing his sword. This person might be his master’s friend. If he killed her she might get mad.


“Understood. But, my master has said not to let anyone pass.”

“Hmm. Stopping me who was ordered to deliver Ainz-sama’s words….Did the idiot finally go crazy? Or can she not manage her subordinates?”


 Hah. The dark elf made a deep sigh from the bottom of her heart.


“….My name is Aura Debay Fiora. The same Guardian as the idiot. Can I go in?”


 A name that he had never heard before. Brain tried to remember, but he had never heard her name.

 Then this person was probably an eminent person within the tomb. In addition, she was a Guardian, the same as his master. Of course, he would not recognise his master as an idiot.

 However, if that was the case then he probably should let her through.

 Brain hesitated, and made his decision.


“Sorry, but just as I said earlier. My master said not to let anyone through, so I will not let anyone through.”


 Like she was looking at something she could not understand, or a madman, Aura’s eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened slightly but no words came out. Perhaps the word speechless would be the most suitable to describe her.


“Serious? Then….that idiot….Taking me as an enemy….Ah, then it will be fine to pass via force.”


 Facing Aura who was beginning to walk towards him, Brain slowly exhaled and reached his hand towards his sword.


 He prepared to draw his sword.


 His breath was drawn out slowly into a threadlike state.

 His consciousness was focused on a single point, as the point contracted past its limit, Brain’s sensory organs expanded. He perceived it all, the surrounding, noise, air, and breath, as if reaching a new world where he senses could detect everything. This was one of Brain’s martial arts—-[Field]


 No, that was the past.


 The effective radius of [Field] was only three metres. Now, it had increased by twofold, into six metres. Furthermore, it could detect the presence of life. This [Field] had surpassed the old [Field].


“In other words [God’s Realm].”

“Ah, really?”


 Aura reply nonchalantly towards Brain’s mumbling.


“If you take another step further, I’ll have no choice but to leave you with only one of your four limbs.”


 Of course, he had no intention to kill her. However, his opponent was a strong one. Then he would give a blow that would not kill her. With his body strengthened to this point, his [God Speed] had also improved beyond [God Speed].


“This is…….[God Speed 2 (temporary name)]”


 To Brain who had not thought of a good name. Aura was looking at him with this question in mind; What is this fella trying to do?

 There was not a single sense of alertness.

 Brain surmised that Aura was not capable of seeing through his god flash.


“Come on.”

“Yes yes, just make your move already.”


 Aura was portraying her usual laidback demeanour. In contrast, Brain was troubled and asked.


“Are you ready?”

“Come at me.”


 What are you trying to do?

 That was Brain’s question.

 Aura who heard the answer tilted her head as if looking at a situation that she could not understand. Of course, for someone not knowing the sword slash technique, this would be a rather queer behavior. But if you entered the striking distance of your opponent, one should know that the situation is akin to putting yourself in a situation where you could be ambushed by wild beast at any moment.  

 Plus, this is a punishment for the rude words directed towards my master.

 With this, carrying such thought—-


 Both sides were probing each other, then Aura made her move.



 The one who made the first move will be at a disadvantage. This was because that there was chance that their actions will be predicted by their opponent. Moreover, sword draw was a sword technique specifically used for opponents who acted first. Not knowing such a thing fitted someone like Aura, who was just like an inexperienced kid. Might as well cut her some slack with this strike, just to give her a scare.

 As Brain made such a decision, he weakened his killing intent.


 As for Aura, with a inconceivable look, activated her magic.

 It ran counter to Brain’s expectation, he thought it would be a melee combat. Before he managed to panic, the magic activated.


<Various Magical-Beast Eye Of Catoblepas>


 Aura’s eyes turned into something akin to a magical beast—-


“……What was he trying to do?”


 —-Aura did not know what to make of this. Those were her last thoughts concerning the petrified Brain.


 Aura walked inside casually as if she was familiar  with the place, although she never once stepped inside before. The vampires inside received her panicking. But Aura rejected them with a look.   


 Within the second level of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, Shalltear’s quarters was located in one of the rooms there. Its decoration did not fit the overall theme of the tomb. The room was like a noble’s house, luxurious, bright and the air within was scented.   

 The rooms was not connected by a single corridor. Their arrangement theme was rather unique.

 One of the rooms contained a peculiar bed that could accommodate up to tens of people. The vampires brides lying on top of it were naked. Another room was decorated by various mysterious tools which their use was undetermined in a single glance. There were also rooms that were stocked with weapons as such.

 After passing through several peculiar rooms, Aura arrived in a rather humid room.

 Within the room were numerous stark naked vampires, Aura found her target amongst them.

 At a place that seemed like the changing room, there were countless make up tools and a large mirror.


“Why are you here?”


 Shalltear asked Aura. She was wearing a while bathing robe while sitting comfortably on her chair.

 Her tone was a mix of surprise and reprimand. Hearing this, Aura frowned. Although, it was herself that declined the invitation. From Shalltear’s perspective, it would be akin to someone barging into her quarters. On this matter, Aura expressed her understanding.

 If there was someone barging into your personal room, one would question them about the reason for not waiting in the guest area.


“Hmmph, since you are still capable of lecturing others, you don’t seem quite depressed.”.


 Shalltear’s eyes began to narrow in anger. But returned to normal quickly, Seeing the change in Shalltear, Aura thought about incident earlier which she had not revealed yet.


“Those were some bold words. Undeniably, it was my own fault.”


 The words was not directed at Aura but Shalltear was mumbling to herself.


“I was shocked. Among the guardians, there would be someone to make such a huge mistake. Thinking about this, I cannot bear the pain in my head.”

“……Order them to withdraw first.”


 After listening to Aura, Shalltear ordered the surrounding uneased vampires to withdraw,


“Then why are you here for? If possible, please keep it short. I would like to take a bubble bath soon.”


 To Aura who prefered showers, she did not understand the joys of immersing oneself in a hot tub. None the less, after hearing her next words, would she be able to maintain her leisure?


“Furthermore, I met a rather strange sentry.”

“Ah, that toy was it?”


 As if hearing the name of something troublesome, Shalltear’s face twisted with malevolence.


“What’s the story behind your new toy?”

“That toy was a human that I caught, under Ainz-sama’s order, sometime during yesterday. Originally I intended to kill him since he was very annoying, but he seemed quite knowledgeable. Hence I brought him back according to Ainz-sama’s order. However, I don’t really want to see that face of his and ordered him to stand guard.   

“Since he is a sentry, it would be better to provide him with a better weapon.”

“Mah, as you see, it would be a waste of my time if I go digging for it. Might as well that I simply throw one to him. Truly, his pre-existing sword was simply too terrible.”


 The smell of garlic would permeate around if one kept swinging that little toy. Shalltear chuckled. But she felt something was wrong after noticing that Aura was looking at her with a cold expression and she shut her mouth.


“….Then, there is also that issue with that sentry. After I announced Ainz-sama name,that little joker did not permit me to enter.”


 Aura was staring down with a frigid look. Seeing such an expression, Shalltear froze momentarily before she started to panic. Her mouth was moving but no words came out.  

 Aura was reaching towards the whip hanging on to her shoulder.

 The action was obviously readying for a fight. Understanding the meaning behind her actions, Shalltear’s expression froze.




“Please accept my sincerest apology.”


 Shalltear stood up abruptly from her chair and bowed deeply towards Aura.


“He did not draw his weapon, only place it on his shoulders while maintaining a rather rigid post. So I just petrified him…….Did you really really train him?”

“I have no justification for this.”

“Since he became a servant just today. You should have at least gave him the most basic education. Giving the sentry position to that fella with such an attitude. If the one who came was not me but was Ainz-sama instead. It would become a big issue.”

“It is as you said. I can’t believe that fella could be so inflexible in thinking. I’m sorry.”


 Haah, Aura sighed deeply once again before she kept her wip, rolling it and hoisting on her shoulders. She continued her barrage of questions like machine gun fire, towards Shalltear who was lowering her head.


“Aren’t you being too carried away?”

“Yes, my apologies.”

“Geezz, how could such a mistake like this happen? Are you underestimating the task that you were given?”

“Please forgive me.”

“You are a guardian. How could you repeat such mistakes?”

“Yes, I fully apologise.”

“If you made a mistake, shouldn’t you work harder on other things to make up for it? In end, what were you doing?

“Yes, I was unconscious of my own actions”

“You said taking a bath takes precedence?”

“No, there is no such thing.”

“Then, what happened to that fully composed look earlier when I arrived?”

“Yes, those shameful words were uttered from my own lack of judgement. I deeply apologise for disrespecting the esteem messenger, from Ainz-sama’s.”

“Although you have given me your verbal apology, but have you comprehend your mistake?”

“Yes, I have fully recognised it.”



 After looking at Shalltear, who was nodding like a mortar, Aura let out a sigh. At least she let out all her earlier frustration, it is time to pass on Ainz-sama’s order. If she was too focused on lecturing Shalltear and forget to pass on the order, it would become a problem.  

 It was better to finish up here quickly and return to her own level as there were new minions to instruct.


“….Now, let us go back to our original topic.”


“Ainz-sama’s order is as such.”

“I listen and obey.”

“Shalltear shall prepare low level………level 2 and below undead army. Once ready, prepare to send them off for an assault.”


 Shalltear raised her head and looked at Aura. Aura’s message, in other words—-


“Time to attack.”

“….The commander is?”



 The simple answer eliminated the small but brief hope that dawned from Shalltear.  


“His humble servant understands. Please pass this to Ainz-sama. If permitted, please let me ask this simple question. Where are we attacking?”

“Ah, about this—-”

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18 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 33: Preparations Part 2

  1. Brain is so unbearably stupid in this version. How could he possibly assume he’d have the advantage against someone of equal status to Shalltear Bloodfallen?


    1. Judging by appearances I guess? Aura looks like an innocent, cute little kid. Although he did seem to know that she’s probably far older than him nonetheless, but I still guess his previous “common sense” won out in the end. It’s a mystery 😛 Well, it also has to do with that he’s stupidly “loyal” and would not back down even if someone equal to shalltear arrives. It still doesn’t explain why he seemed to think that he could cut her down, perhaps he just thought that his speed would be able to prevail against someone without ridiculous physical resistance like a vampire since they can’t catch the blade(although they can, haha).


      1. She did do a perfect job though? It’s just that she was so smitten with Ainz that she acted like a foolish comedic relief character in front of him, she always did her job flawlessly other than that.

        Albedo was a great character that was sorely needed to fill the emptiness that exists in the WN version. Some people hated her because of her ridiculous actions in regard to Ainz though.


      2. ^really? Yeah she’s a great character in terms of depth and very rounded, why some people heated her? I never found one that annoyed of her though


  2. thank you for translating, ty ty ty.
    really nice chapter, i like brains pov, we get the idea of what being indoctrinated is like. he will likely get hell after this.


  3.  As one of Shalltear’s newest familiars, Brain heart was entranced and occupied by this sense of superiority. Before this, Brain regretted his existence as a lowly, meaningless human. If he was borned into a difference race, that possessed physical abilities that surpassed humans, how strong a swordsman he could have become?

    I wonder if he became a real vampire or just a lesser kind? Of course I mean as in a vampire like those girls that are with shalltear, not anything close to the existence that shalltear is.


  4. “Since he is a sentry, it would be better to provide him with a better weapon.”
    “Mah, as you see, it would be a waste of my time if I go digging for it. Might as well that I simply throw one to him. Truly, his pre-existing sword was simply too terrible.”

    So, the godly sword he got was just some low or lower middle level trash that was lying around somewhere because she couldn’t be arsed to pick out some remotely good equipment 😛 I really want to see his reaction if he knew that.


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