Overlord First Half Chapter 34: Preparations Part 3

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Preparations Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


 Pinison Pol Perlia was troubled.

 No, troubled was a light expression. As for why, she was currently facing a danger to her life.

 Even though, troubled was the most suitable words for her feelings.

 To her with her natural body, life and death, stealing and being stolen from—-The survival of the fittest was a part of the natural world, and so she could not do anything but accept it.

 But, this did not mean that she would gladly accept death. She was still young——from a human’s perspective, she would be 30 years old. Among her own race, she was still just a child. They were not a type of being that would accept death at such a young age.

 Then why was she not resisting?


 It was true that even if she could not win she could buy some time. However, one of the reasons she was not doing was as, in a way, being controlled by a sense of defeat.

 Firstly, there were no races that she could ask for help. She may be able to buy some time but there were no places to get help from. Moreover, there were no means to communicate as well.

 Of course, there were those from her race near her.

 Sadly, there was no way to chase away the existence that would rob her of her life. Considering its strength, they would not win in a battle, the conclusion was easily reached. Their lifestyle highly emphasized on the circle of life. They have no choice but to accept the notion that the strong prey on the weak.

 And so there was no existence that would save someone like her.


 Basically her life was like a torch led by the wind.




 The borders between the Baharuth Empire and the Re-Estise Kingdom were demarcated by the Azerlisia mountain range. At the southern end of the mountain range was a large forest, the Great Forest of Tob.


 The area of the forest was sufficient to cover up to one fifth of the Kingdom’s territory.

 The forest was vast. The humans only occupied a small part of this area. The main reason was that humans mostly confined themselves to the plains.

 It was a lucky situation as the human’s territories did not overlap with the territories of strong monsters.

 —-No, it was for this reason that the ancestors of humanity restricted themselves to theplains.


 Simply put, humans were weak. And so they grouped together, and made weapons and
magic to protect themselves.

Furthermore, most of the magical beasts and races were much stronger than humans.

 With skins and claws as tough as steel, magic like special abilities and superior physical
abilities. Being like this, they preferred to stay in areas where there were plenty of hiding places and few enemies where they could simply run away after spotting other creatures. Some also prefer places where the sunlight did not reach or places with plenty of concealment. Hence it was rare for such monsters to appear in the plains.


 In short, it was in areas other than the plains.


 Isn’t it easy to distinguish the territories of humans and the magical beast? Humans that enter the magical beast territories were professionals, or simply put adventurers.


 When it comes to humanoids, the elves and the dwarfs are a different matter.  


 Now returning from the useless information, the Great Forest of Tob.

 Hunters and herb gatherers would enter the outer edges of the forest, but it was rare to see people entering the hinterlands. It would be even rarer for those that enter the hinterlands to come out safely. Such is the nature of this place.

 Numerous ore veins lay dormant within the Azerlisia mountains. People willing to cross the dangers of the forest to reach it were almost non-existent. Furthermore, the forest only enveloped the southern edge of the mountains. To reach there, it would be a simple matter to just approach the mountains from the north.

 It was hard to traverse this ancient forest by foot, the visibility was poor as well. It would be easy for some unknown creature to ambush them from an unknown direction. Hence, the need to maintain constant vigilance. Adventuring in this ancient forest would easily sap their mental strength.


 Due to this reason alone, few people would go adventuring inside the forest, leading to a lack of information regarding the layout of the forest.

 There were a small proportion of adventurers that repeatedly entered the place, to seek their own romance and the hidden treasures within. In the annals of history, no country had ever resolved themselves to launch an expedition.

 It was hard to find valuable herbs within the forest. A balance could be reached if one placed their lives and the money on each end of a scale, but they might as well head to to other places, like previous known but not fully explored ruins.

 Hence those adventurers who accepted the request and went inside of the forest were
described as brave or entirely clueless.


 Within a realm where no men ever reached, in a death circle where monsters fought with each other daily during the twilight hours.


 That southern part.

 Entering the Great Forest of Tob, it would be 30 kilometres as the crow flies. From the
Azelrishia mountain range flowed a river that could not be named. The river flowed into a lake, and three kilometers east of it was the Baharuth Empire.


 In the corner of a giant tree was Pinison’s tree.


 Pinison Pol Perlia.

 Race, Dryad.

 As a race of forest spirits, a wood spirit. With an appearance of a human or elf, her skin had the gleam of polished wood, and her hair was fresh green leaves. It was like an extremely first class figure that an artist carved out of wood.

 With a deep relationship with her tree, she could not go far from it. The further she got from her tree, the weaker she got, and it would eventually lead to death. If her tree was cut down she would die, and she placed a deep importance on her and other trees, preventing any attempt to harm them.

 She did not have a brave figure, but it would be suitable to call her race the watchmen of


 To Pinison, happiness was being bathed in sunlight, getting water from the ground, and
listening to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves of her tree.

 How much time had past.

 To dryads, time did not have much meaning. As existences that lived for several centuries, the period of several years did not mean much.

 She then became worried.

 This was probably the first time that she had been troubled since she had gained sentience. Time to her was mostly told by when the sun rose and dropped, and so she did not know how long it had been and she could not answer. She did not count the number of times the sun rose and set.


 The origin of that worry—-Was the ivy stretching out towards her tree.


 <Garrote Ivy>

 Wrapping around trees, it was a plant that slowly made them useless. However what made it different from normal ivy was that it was a plant that was a monster.

 The Garrote part of its name was not as it strangled the tree. It instead got its name by
strangling animals.

 As it stretched and wrapped around a tree, it hung down from the tree branches it would catch animals that got entangled. It then strangled them, and stole their nutrients. It was a plant monster.

 The reason for wrapping around trees was naturally, to steal its nourishment and make it its own. When it cannot get nourishment from corpses, it stole it from the tree. And so the tree would eventually dry up.


 That monster was stretching out from a nearby dried out tree, and reaching for Pinison’s own tree.

 While like this, it would wrapped around Pinison’s tree, and slowly stealing nutrients.


 Pinison could use several different types of magic. However, there was no magic that could affect plants among them. Pinison’s abilities were charm or confusion, both effects that affected one’s spirit. Unfortunately they had no power over plants.


 She would request the assistance of any humanoid being if they passed by. If they displayed any hostile intention, then she would use magic to chase them away or fight them with her parasitic vines. Then again, humanoids passing by this dryad only occurred once every few years.

 Unfortunately Pinison did not see any humanoids of the sort.

 And so, she slowly became ruled by defeat.


 Until that day.

 Normally Pinison would be sleeping inside of her tree. Of course, a spirit such as her would actually be half dreaming and half awake.

 An existence perked her knowledge.


 Pinison instantly switched to her awakened state and examined her surroundings from her tree.


 People observing the scenes from the sides would see a strange scene where a sapling with a human face was sprouting out from the ground.

 From the slits of the trunk, she could see four peculiar beings approaching.


 They measured four meters in length and two meters in height. Their lower body looked like a lizard or a crocodile. Their upper body was made up of a solid well build humanoid that looked like a hybrid of man and insect.

 The best explanation would be a reptilian centaur.

 Each of them were holding a two meter long well forged metal halberd in one hand. Their bodies were covered by hardened metal like scales, further reinforced by armor designed for cavalry use.

 Their bulging muscles radiated a strong sense of toughness. Their elaborately tailored
weapons and armor display skilled craftsmanship. Underneath their rough appearance belied a keen intelligence.

 They were the strongest existences that Pinison had ever seen before.


 A race that Pinison had never seen before.

 That race was known as a Dracotaur in Yggdrasil.

 Among them was a monster known as a High Warrior. Its level of 38 was not high but it had a skill called Weapon Break, and it caused players wielding swords to break down and cry.


 The one leading was the Dracotaur High Warrior.

 Those eyes moved, and captured Pinison.

 Pinison hid back in the tree in a panic.

 Did he see me, no he couldn’t have. While filled with uneasiness, she looked out from her tree like it was glass.


 The lead Dracotaur High Warrior changed its direction, heading directly towards Pinison. The three at the back stayed behind and were looking toward her.

 Of course, it would be impossible for them to see Pinison herself. But the sharp eyes gazing towards her were terrifying.

 After the Dracotaur High Warrior came to the tree, he looked around and pushed his hand out while tilting his head. His hand with four fingers was large enough to hold Pinison’s head.

 He touched Pinison’s tree, and rubbed it.

 This must be a feint to make me drop my guard.


 Suddenly, one of the vines twisted like a whip, wrapping around the neck of the Dracotaur High Warrior. The parasitic vines that wrapped around the tree were normally used to hunt unsuspecting preys.

 With the sound of ‘puchipuchi’, the vines were easily ripped off.

 After that, a few more vines came forward. Moments later, the outcome was the same. The vines were ripped off within the blink of an eye. With all the vines gone, all forms of hostility ceased.


 During those moments, the lead Dracotaur High Warrior was fighting with one of its eyes close. Simply put, the situation was like a walk in the park for him.


 If it is that monster it can save me.

 Pinison was filled with confidence. However, how should she ask it.


 Pinison’s gaze moved to the Dracotaur High Warrior’s halberd. It was a weapon that could easily slice through her tree.


 If magic was cast it would be fatal. Then she could do nothing but make a request.

 However, is it fine? Pinison was lost. If she did this incorrectly the monster might cut apart her tree.

 However, if he left, miracles may not happen again.


 Pinison hesitated, and decided.




 Pinison waited.

 The Dracotaur High Warrior earlier received certain orders from its master, which was to form a squad and recon the area. Now it is in contact with its master to determine whether to help her or not while Pinison is patiently awaiting for the outcome.

 After a single sunset, followed by the sun reaching its peak again. Pinson noticed a small
figure walking here.


 Behind that leading figure were many others. They were creatures other than the Dracotaur High Warrior. The way they walked in formation gave the idea that they were acting as escorts.


 Then the little figure in front must be the master. Pinison deduced.


 That shadow was a dark elf.

 Pinison was surprised, and her eyes opened wide. It was natural as she was seeing
something from stories right in front of her.

 Dark elves. They were a close kin of the forest elf. While the elves dwelled in the forest. The dark elves prefer to stay in caves or underground. They were a race that did not clink towards the notion of absolute good nor evil. Unlike their close kin which maintained a code of honor, they tended to be more flexible.

 What was more shocking was that the girl still looked like she was in her early teens.




 The dark elf girl was humming a song as she was approaching. There was a total of eight
creatures standing about 20 meters to the back. The little girl raised her hand as she stood in front of Pinison’s tree.





Pinison left the body of her tree, and raised a hand like a mirror. She then repeated the greeting. The girl made a surprised face, but it then changed to a smile.


“Could you tell me about anything that’s bothering you?”


 Pinison remained silent. Spirits like Pinison were different from elves. The body of dark elves match their age. In short, their body changes as time pass. Hence, she was undoubtedly a kid with her current appearance. She could not bring herself to say anything as to expose such a young child to danger.

 As if sensing Pinison’s inner conflict. The dark elf girl smiled happily.


“It’s fine, I’m not alone.”


 Pinison made her decision with those words.

 In fact, if one thinks carefully, those magical creatures followed the girl here. Although it might be troublesome for the little girl. The task could be given to those creatures and they could take care of things easily. Pinison shifted her attentions towards those creatures at the back.


 —-Can you save me?

“First let’s hear you out. It might be an impossible request.”


 It is. Well it might be an easy victory from what she could tell from the previous day.

 Pinison nodded and began talking. She talked about her own situation.

 When she finished, the girl nodded and smiled.


“I see, got it. Just nice. I’ll do something about it.”



 The girl nodded, and Pinison continued.


 —-I’m save—-


 Speaking up to there, the girl thrust her hand out to stop her.


“Umm, I can save you, but can I ask for one thing?”


 A reward was natural. She would be fighting with monsters.


 —-What sort of thing?

“Yup. I come from a place called Nazarick, can you move there? If you can I’ll save you.


“Umm, I can bring you to my floor though?”


 Pinison imagined the place where the dark elf lived, and replied with a troubled face.


 —-A place without the sun, wind or water is a bit….


 The girl smiled cheerfully in response.


“It’s fine! We have a fake sun, can make rain with magic, and can control wind as well so there’s no problem.”


 Pinison was surprised.

 Magic casters that could control the power of nature. Pinison heard that there were druids that were able to control the weather.

 In truth, Pinison could to some extent use a few spells that could control nature. However, there is a great disparity when comparing the spells she used to those employed by the druids.

 She was afraid that those were the stuff of bedtime stories, myths and legends.


 And to think that such a thing existed.


 —-….Will you do it?


“Hm? No, a magic item.”


 Pinison was surprised at the existence of such a magic item, and did not hear the rest of the dark elf’s words. No, perhaps it would be correct to say that she let the words—-Of course, I can do it too— slide.




 —-Amazing, that magic item!



 She thought that it might be good to explain to the girl how amazing such an item was.

 That item was probably the highest class of magic item known as an artifact. She was
probably thinking that this item, which would be the prized possession of anyone, was not that amazing.

 Ignorance was not a sin but there are times that one will lose face. She should teach her in a way that would not embarrass her.

 Pinison shook her head as she was filled with a desire to teach someone like a little sister.

 Anyway, this was not important right now. If she moved, then she would teach her.


 —-But is it fine for you to decide this by yourself?


 Pinison did not want to end up like a flower picked up from the roadside only to be discarded after being discovered by angry parents. Would she understand that agreeing to being transplanted meant that she is staking her own life in this.


“It’s fine. I have permission. And I’m quite powerful.”




 The girl’s face was full of self satisfaction. But after seeing the suspicious gaze from Pinison, she puffed up her face angrily.


“Don’t believe me?”

 —-Yup, sorry. Quite a bit.



 At Pinison’s instant reply, the girl bulged her cheeks in dissatisfaction. If her figure was seen who would think that she was important.


“Mah, I’ll just let this go. It would fine just by you understand my greatness after the transplantation. Or that is not alright with you as well?”

 —-What will I do after I move? I don’t want anything bad to happen to me.

“Nothing like that. You will work under me as a subordinate.”



 Recalling the monsters she saw earlier, Pinison was filled with a desire to reject. She would be troubled if she was put together with those monsters. Fighting was not her strong point.


“Don’t be so worried. I won’t order you to be violent.”


“Oh, it’s true. As one of my subordinates, you will only be required to protect and manage the forest. Now, we are preparing various amenities for human habitation. The forest is only suited for trees to grow. Hence, I would like your help to cultivate and select the proper trees.”


 Cultivating trees for humans use was an interesting proposition. But, there was one strange matter.


 —-People? Not dark elves?



 Pinison was quite familiar with humans. But a question popped out in her mind, she was
unsure whether they had a friendly relationship with dark elves. Mah, she did not understand the reason behind it. But it cannot be denied they required her skills on this.


 —-Are there scary monsters?

“It’s fine. If you’re my subordinate they won’t attack.”

 —-….There are.


 As the girl laughed, Pinison’s resistance to the idea quickly disappeared.


 If she thought about it, it was not bad.

 The problem was the replanting. If she did not like the soil or if her roots were damaged, she could die. But if she stayed here it would be asking for a slow death.

 As if she read Pinison’s unease, the girl laughed.


“It’s fine. When you are being dug up or replanted we will use healing magic. And if you want to return, we will bring you back here.”

 —-You can use healing magic?

“Off course!”


 At this stage, there was no point to further resist. As Pinison did not intend to die, she reached out her hand.

 She only felt loneliness after departing from the place she stayed in this time. But going to a completely new place raised her curiosity.

 Pinison nodded and expressed her understanding.


 —-I look forward to working with you. Master.

“OK, leave it to me.”


 The girl hit her own chest with a thump.


“Now—-My name is Aura. Aura Debay Fiora. You name is?”

 —-Pinison Pol Perlia. Would it be fine to call you Aura-sama?

“Nope. It’s fine, you will not be that kind of subordinate. But there are a few things I want you to protect. I will explain later. First we have a lot of things to do.”




“Hmm. And so you transported them?”

“Yup. Together with Pinison’s dryad acquaintances”

“What about the others?”

“Leave them be. A slaughter is not part of our objective. Ainz-sama instructed us to look for creatures that could co-exist peacefully with humans and bring them to the sixth floor. Next, we are going to negotiate with the treants.”


 Why were they inviting weak races into Nazarick. Was it not for monitoring captured prisoners?

 Shalltear wanted to understand the reason behind it and asked Aura, who was standing next to her. She wanted to speak but decided to keep quiet in the end. Aura was happily surveying the countless undead below. With such an innocent expression, she would have lost to it.

 Shalltear decided to switch her gaze towards the group of undead.


 Shalltear and Aura were currently located in the first level of the tomb, standing on an
elevated flat platform. Originally the platform was used by skeletal archers and liches to attack their enemies. But the position of the platform was shifted and was now used by Aura and Shalltear.


 It was a mystery as to why they were collecting weak undead.

 Within Nazarick, the average level of the undead would be around level 16. They could not understand the reason why a large group of undead was gathered up. If they understood the logic behind Ainz-sama thoughts, they may be able to perform better.

 As Shalltear went into the labyrinth of her thoughts, Aura who was next to her took out


“My reward for completing the task involving Pinison, tada!”

“What’s that?”


 Aura took out a silver wristband in front of Shalltear. Something protruded out from it as it was worn on the wrist. It was an item that functions as a watch, quite common in Yggdrasil. It should not be something that Aura should be proud for.

 But this was different as it was a reward given by Ainz.

 The loss of her composure and Aura’s success caused a strong emotion to surface in Shalltear’s heart.


 Shalltear was not someone that would show her emotions easily like a child. Only that she might answer in a colder fashion.


“That is?”

“Hm hm hmmm.”


 Not knowing whether she caught Shalltear’s question, Aura started fiddling with the cuff.Suddenly, the cuff emitted a female voice.


[Nine, O’Clock, Eighteen Minutes]

“Could it be that the owner of this voice is….”

“This is amazing! The voice of Bukubukuchagama-sama!”


 One of the 41 Supreme Beings, the one that created Aura, was not present anymore. She is also the sister to Shalltear’s creator, Perorocino.

 An item that allowed one to hear her voice anytime, was priceless. An item brought from the 41 Supreme Beings, it could be said that no one would not want that item.

 A desire burned within Shalltear. She wanted that item to every extent.

 However the approximate percentage chance of Aura not giving her the item was 100%.

 It was natural.

 An item that allowed one to hear the voice of their creator at anytime, there was no one in Nazarick that would willingly let go of such a thing. In fact, the opposite would be true. However, a slight feeling of hope would be a small selfish request.


 As Shalltear decided to get a word from Aura, she sensed the defensive magic activated from a teleportation spell. As she turned around, she saw the figure of Ainz standing there.

 Ainz raised his hand to stop the two from kneeling. He arrived at the platform they were
standing on and surveyed the undead before him.


“It seems the number is good enough.”

“Yes. It is according to your orders. 2500 zombies, 2500 skeletons, 900 ghouls, 400 undead beasts, 200 skeleton archers and 120 skeleton riders.”

“….Seeing this many undead grouped together is a beautiful sight. The numbers are good as well.”


 Ainz confirmed the soldiers gathered in the hall.

 Skeletons and zombies below level 1. Level 1 ghouls. The undead beasts ranged from level 1 to 20. Lastly were level 2 skeleton archers and riders.

 It was not enough for an overwhelming force. If this was used then a difficult battle would occur. However, the problem was with the ghouls.

 Making an analysis about the ghouls joining this experiment, Ainz immediately gave out his answer.


“….Good work Shalltear. However, lower the number of ghouls. Their paralysis poison may be a bit troublesome.”



 Hiding his desire to talk more, he moved his gaze away from Shalltear. Facing Aura, he
smiled as he watched her fiddle with the band.


“You seem interested.”


“I see.” Ainz deeply nodded and said enthusiastically. “Then did you find the hidden voice?”

“Eh? What’s that?”

“So you did not find it. Then….Activate it 10 times quickly in succession.”


 Aura quickly played with the band around her arm.


[Nine, O’Clock, nine, nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine nine—-]


 Suddenly, the voice cut—-


“Huh! Don’t press in succession bastard!”


 —-A female voice was tinted in anger and said threateningly.


“! My deepest apologies, Bukubukuchagama-sama!”


 As if struck by lightning, Aura jumped, landed on her knees, lifting the ring up with both hands and bowed repeatedly. Shalltear was also surprised, but not to the extent of Aura. She looked at Ainz with a shocked expression.


“What was that….”

“Ah. Sorry, I did not mean for her to be so surprised.”


 Ainz did not think that Aura would show such an expression, and apologized from the bottom of his heart, and the kneeling Aura stood up.


“That was one of the 10 hidden voices. If you have time you can search for them.”

“What sort of voice are the others?”

“Hmm? Um, I believe it was….” Digging up his old memories, Ainz whispered out those words. “People saying Onii-chan with a loli voice—-!”


 Ainz movements suddenly stopped, and with a movement that a stiff screeching sound would match well with, he faced Aura.


“What is it?”


 Hearing Aura’s childish response, Ainz had a troubled face.

 It would be inadvisable to retake a reward that was given out. But is it proper to let such a young child hear about those things. Her loyalty might drop after hearing it. No no no, in this world there were no such adults here, it should not be a problem….

 Ainz could only withhold his complaints towards Bukubukuchagama for putting those types recordings as a joke. He never expected that a thing meant as a joke would become a
troublesome matter now.


 Within a moment, Ainz had made his decision on what to do. He raised his voice slightly.


“Now Aura. This is an order that you must obey at any cost.”

“Y, yes!”

“….Do not listen to the alarm at 0721 and 1919. Do you understand?”

“Y, yes. Understo—-”

“—-A, and so are the any other things?”

“Yes. There is the talks with the dryads Aura brought back.”


 Ainz was grateful to Shalltear for suddenly changing the topic. Ainz turned around and


“Ah, that. —-You seemed to want to ask something, Shalltear.”

“Yes….Why are we assembling weak monsters? It is true that Nazarick does not have any spirit type monsters. However they are not strong enough to repel intruders that make it to the 6th Floor. I am asking if there is any meaning in inviting them.”


 Ainz looked at Shalltear silently before beginning to speak.


“These are preparations to show that we can coexist with others in this world. If we meet an enemy that cannot be defeated by brute force, we must show that we are capable of acts of good. Creating this place is not an act of evil. They may form such a conclusion.”


 Even if they were doing evil acts, they could simply not show it and blunten the opponent’s spear heads, and make discussions possible and let them think that they were kind.

 The 1st to 3rd floors were catacombs, the 4th floor was the giant lake, the 5th floor was a
frozen hell, the 7th was a burning hell. The most suitable floor on Nazarick that could be made into a paradise would be the 6th floor. It was also the largest one.


“Is it going well?”

“Who knows. However, the peaceful existences that were gathered, are proof that we are kind individuals. I am not hoping for anything more. One more thing. Having various types of subordinates is not bad. So I was thinking of integrating them with the monsters that were here.”

“I see.”


 Seeing Shalltear finally understand, Ainz’s heart was filled with a painful thought. Aura did not seem to be the same, but Shalltear had the tendency to only think with strength.

 She might be a good general at the forefront, but using her in the current predicament would be bad.

 However, it was true that there was no room to half forgive a Guardian for their failure.
Basically Ainz could do nothing else but hold the reins.


 Why did he have to use his head to this extent. The boss of his company should be a
comfortable existence. Or did he use his head more than he showed.


 The dissatisfaction flashed through his head, but he ignored the thought. He was a
guildmaster, the absolute ruler. He would protect the glory of Nazarick and Ainz Ooal Gown. The difficulty should be expected.


 If he thought that these difficulties came with the path to greatness, he would be happy.

 ….Of course, it was a lie.


 As Ainz made his resolve, Shalltear asked another question.


“That is all Ainz-sama, but this may be impertinent of me, but I would like to ask you a question.”

“—-Permission granted.”

“What is the reason behind the clash between the undead here and that race of people? If it is for victory, a more powerful army would be a more effective strategy, is it not?”


 This was an obvious question. From the perspective of the guardians, undead at such levels even though there were 5,000 of them, would only need minutes to take care all of them. Even with the Death Knight as an opponent, taking two down would only require one second. Hence, they need around 2,500 seconds to settle all of them. Using them against, opponents that does not have any area wide attacks was not too bad a strategy to delay them.

 They were only effective in delaying for time. Hence what was the need to gather all of them.


“Aura, what do you think?”

“I agree with Shalltear. Gathering weak ones, I believe that there is a connotation to this, but as to what it is….”

“Is it purposely to send them to attack in waves?”


 Weaker monsters tend to spawn faster. Monsters like zombies and skeletons tend to spawn very fast.



“Sadly, both of you guessed wrongly. This is all for the sake of experimentation. If it proceeds as I have foreseen, then I shall tell you the meaning behind all of this.”


 Shalltear and Aura sensed that Ainz was going to end the conversation. They lowered their heads in understanding.

 The experiment might fail. Hence, he did not want to give out too many assumptions. But the two subordinates seemed to think otherwise.

 They were looking at Ainz with eyes filled with admiration and expectations. They seemed to think that their master had a sense of profound consideration and judgement. Ainz however seemed to regret acting high and mighty.

 What if it is a matter that is not worth mentioning. Then, he would have to prepare a different set of speech.


“….Shalltear, when this is over, I will make preparations to give you a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. I hastily gave you orders, but I look forward to you acting suitable.”


“And where is that vampire? Brain was it?”

“….Yes. He is now in my private quarters.”

“Hmm….Then let’s go.”

“There is no need for Ainz-sama to go. I will call him here.”

“No, there is a lot of things to do….Are you hiding something?”


 He raised the leading question at the quivering Shalltear.


“Ah….Currently….He’s petrified.”


 Petrified? Ainz unconsciously sent a suspicious gaze at Shalltear. Why was it that not only Shalltear, but Aura was also avoiding his gaze.

 Did something happen again.

 A string of unexpected events happened, Ainz felt like kneeling on the floor and scream as he hugged his head.

 Administering the organization was a tough job. It was a matter of fact that the bosses of such organizations in the world receive such high remunerations.

 He would feel better if he screamed it out. But it would be impossible to do it within Nazarick.

 Ainz instantly regained his mental equilibrium.

 Petrification was just one of the many type of physical status and could be healed. Then he could only quietly accept it. Deciding his course of action, Ainz quickly carried it out.


“….I don’t know what happened but, well fine. Clean up….No fine. Go together”


“Now Aura. Teach the dryads about the common knowledge of Nazarick.:

“Yes. Understood.”

“Then, let us start the operation.”

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15 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 34: Preparations Part 3

      1. If I remember correctly, 0721 is o na ni i or something like that. We all know what that is, masturbation. Iku would be “coming”, so it’d be like saying that you’re having an orgasm.

        So, maybe they’re cursed hours? 😛 Imagine that loli anime voice actor screaming something like that, it’s obvious why he wouldn’t want aura to hear it.


  1.  A string of unexpected events happened, Ainz felt like kneeling on the floor and scream as he hugged his head.

    The image of a skeleton overlord kneeling on the floor, hugging his head and screaming with his flaming eye sockets is pretty damn scary. I think I’d shit myself if I saw that happening in a dark room when walking by.


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