Overlord First Half Chapter 35: Preparations Part 4

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Preparations Part 4

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 A happy sound reverberated from the house.

 The house made of logs was not wide. It had one large room, and two small rooms adjacent to it. Of course, there was no second floor or loft. However, everything was made large. It was like it was designed for beings larger than humans.

 On one side of the small room were two simple bunk beds, and reminded one of a room of a dormitory. The other side was completely empty.

 A giant mirror was hung from the wall. Its frame had the glitter of gold, and rune like characters were engraved into it. The mirror had no imperfections on it, like the surface of a perfectly frozen lake. Apart from that, it was a normal mirror.


 It was quite difficult to live here, the log cabin gave off such an impression.

 Inside of the hall was a large table. Surrounding it were six chairs. They were made of wood and were not extravagant. It was more for practical purposes.


 Inside of such a hall, were two maids.


 Since both were exquisitely beautiful, they did not match the house or its atmosphere. And so a weird feeling was born.


 One of the people sitting down was the owner of healthy brown skin, and her laughing face suited a bright and happy woman. She looked to be in her twenties. Her hair was tied into braids which suited her active look. If she had a tail it would be wagging energetically.


 And as if to contrast the woman, was a human with a calm atmosphere. Among the existing maids in Nazarick, she could be thought to be older with her height and atmosphere. She was probably past her mid twenties.

 Her soiree knotted hair matched her atmosphere perfectly.


 The former maid’s name was Lupusregina Beta. The latter was Yuri Alpha.

 They were part of the battle maids under Sebas’ direct command.


 Lupusregina reached out for the wooden plate on the table.

 She lifted up a potato chip, made with thinly sliced potatoes fried in oil. She moved it to her mouth with a crunching sound.


“It’s so good that I can’t get enoughs.”

“It’s delicious?”

“Deliciouss. It’s terrible that Yuri-nee can’t eats.”


 There was no ill will in the girl’s bright smile. The woman called Yuri flashed a pained smile towards the eating girl.


“You will get fat if you eat too much?”

“It’s fines. I am not the type to get fat from eatings.”

“Really? Then please eat my portion as well. It would be rude to Pes otherwise.”


 This food—-Fried Golden Potato Slices as they were called in Yggdrasil—-was brought and made by the Head Maid herself. And it was made especially for Yuri.

 At that friendly tone that indicated their closeness, Lupusregina tilted her head slightly.

 Deciding that this was the best chance to solve the burning question, she opened her mouth.


“Does Yuri-nee have a good relationship with Pestonya-samas?”


 Within Nazarick, the position of Head Maid which Pestonya had was higher than that of the battlemaid Yuri, and her level was higher. It would be impossible to call her in an informal way. If Sebas found out, they would be scolded.

 If she only removed the suffix when he was not around, Yuri’s evaluation would instantly drop, but Lupusregina knew that this was not the case.

 They existed on mostly the same floor, but they had no contact due to their positions. No, there was some connection with Lupusregina as fellow clerics, but then why.


“Ah, it might be because of the relationships between the Supreme Ones. Yamaiko-sama, my creator, and the one who made Pes and A-chan were women and so they had a good relationship. And so do we.”

“….Who’s A-chans?”


“I guessed its! Isn’t it bad to not attach honorifics for the Guardianss!”

“It’s fine. I make sure to do it when appropriate such that I will not get scolded.”

“Thinking about its….I have seen Aura-sama jump into Yuri-nees.”


 Lupusregina recalled Aura jumping. While thinking that it seemed painful to her chest, her gaze flitted to Yuri’s nearly excessively ample chest.

 Yuri made a troubled face as she thought about where Lupusregina was looking.


“They’re huge. Melon….Suicas? It sort of makes me hungrys.”

“What are you saying.”


 Yuri shrugged her shoulders with a sigh.


“If they’re that huge why don’t you try being a musicians?

“I have no intention of doing so right now. What do you think about him following the rules, isn’t he unexpectedly upfront?”

“Hah. Then its fines….He’s not nices.”

“It cannot be helped. Chaugnars as a race have not had good attitudes. But I believe that there is an upfrontness there.”

“Well they understand that it would be bad if they make a pass at Nazarick’s resisdentss.”



 Yuri made a pained smile.


“….I am more fearful of Shalltear-sama. She is watching me with weird eyes. Like a predator.”

“Well, Shalltear-sama is like thats….”

“She is not a bad person, but her habits are a bit too much.”


 The two looked at each other and smiled. Of course, rather than ill will they were speaking the truth.


“However, I’m really frees. Can’t invaders come sooner?”


 She smiled at the figure of Lupusregina doing something like a yawn.


“It seems a flag has been raised.”




 In the direction Yuri was pointing, past the glass window, was a shadow heading towards the cabin.


 It was a cart.

 It was wobbling on its way. The woman holding the reins wore the clothes of a commoner but the two horses had a fine coat, and exquisite bodies. Since they could pull a cart on a roadless plain told them that much.

 A commoner and fine horses. The gap brought about a dissonance.

 There was still quite a bit of distance, but every time it shook, several somethings could be discerned.


“*Crunch crunch*….What is it? They don’t look like invaderss?”


 Eating the last potato chip, Lupusregina raised an eyebrow.

 Lupusregina whispered out that they might be merchants bringing food to the town. However the horses were too high quality. It did not mix with the poorly dressed girl.

 It might have been that it was borrowed from her master. However, there was too little information to discern anything.


“True. But we should meet them as friends.”


 Yuri said so, reached out her hands, and picked up her head that was on the table. She then placed it on top of her neck, and hid the separation with a choker.

 As a dullahan, Yuri could attach and detach her head at will, but with humans, it would be an extremely bad conduct.


 Checking twice or thrice that nothing would drop, she stood up.


“Shall we make a move.”

“Got its.”


 Lupusregina got up with a pyokon and walked to the door together.


 The sunlight was surprisingly strong.

 Yuri brought her hand up to block the sun.

 The surprisingly cold wind blew through the plains, and the sun shone in a way that did not lose to it, but it had not reached its peak. It seemed that it would get hotter.

 Yuri faced no difficulties in regards to temperature, but she did not like strong light. The log cabin was just made and so nothing could be done.


 The log cabin which they had left was for another entrance for the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. It could be said that it was a checkpoint.

 While it would be fine for them to die even if they tried to enter the building, they would be at least given a warning first according to Ainz. Of course, it was not kindness. Since Ainz did not have a grasp on the circumstances, an appeal of friendship should be done. The building was here to use the excuse ‘we had warned you’. Ainz himself was the believer of getting one’s just desserts if they trespassed into another person’s property.

 However, if a clueless child enters and dies, there was no way that they would feel nothing. It was the sadness of seeing a friend lose something precious.

 And so these two maids were chosen for this role.


 While covering herself, Yuri narrowed her eyes, and looked at the approaching cart.

 The cart was large but had no cover, and so was for everyday use. Behind the girl holding the reigns were several presences inside the cart.

 Yuri took a deep breath, and concentrated on finding signs of life.

 The Monk-type class, Ki Master had the special skill [Presence Search]. It was an ability that could tell the user the numbers and difference in strength. If there was to large a level gap, an undead or construct, it could not be used. But it could detect invisible presences, and was used often.


“I see.”


 Yuri whispered softly, and moved her gaze to the plains behind the cart for an instant. She then returned her focus on the cart.


“It seems they noticed uss.”



 Yuri nodded in response to Lupusregina’s confirming words and replied.


“More importantly your tone.”

“Yes, understood, Yuri-san.”

“Yes. Well done Lupusregina.”


 Smiling, Yuri adopted an expression that suited one to receive guests with. Next to her, Lupusregina was doing the same. If anyone saw them, they would think that they were sisters that did not look like each other.


 The cart finally came close, and slowly stopped. Before the girl at the coachman’s seat could get down, several goblins came down from the cart.


 Yuri and Lupusregina did not move.

 When the cart came close to them, Yuri confirmed the figures of multiple goblins, instantly readied herself for battle, thought about the appropriate action, and rejected it.

 And so, if the goblins displayed any sign of attacking, they would be dealt with and killed.

 This was because, from her knowledge, they brought nothing but existences who would take no time to clean up.


 Yuri made her decision as the 15 goblins descended. It was a number that made her want to praise the cart.


 Basically in Yggdrasil, goblins were the lowest level of one, but various types, like spellcasters or lords, separated by race, special traits, or class, and so a goblin would have a name that suited its type, and it would change its level.

 In addition, the level could be determined from the quality of the weapons, and the extravagance of the clothes. This was a well used element in RRG games where the colour was the same but the appearance was slightly different, indicating different strengths.


 Most of the goblins, 12 of them, had the appearances of small fry and were the weakest goblins, but they were well equipped.

 Chain shirts and round shields, a machete hung from their waists. Below the chain shirt was a brown short sleeve shirt and shorts. And leather shoes. There was a pouch hung from their waist where they could put small trinkets.

 Small but well defined muscle protrusions could be seen from where the armour failed to cover them.


 Yuri decided that they were probably level 8 goblins.


 Those twelve goblins were holding the reins, checking the handle and rod of the horse and connected cart, lowering the girl that was on the coachman’s seat and working frantically. The ones standing there numbered three.


 The first one to get off was a goblin with a large build.

 It would not be too much to call him a warrior. He had a tall figure that did not match his goblin status. A rustic breastplate covered him, and a well used greatsword hung from his back. While sending a sharp gaze into the surroundings, he slowly began walking.


 On the right was a goblin spellcaster that was wearing a human-type skull.

 It was holding a shabby wooden staff that was taller than itself. Weird ornaments decorated its body, and its chest was slightly swelling out. If one looked closely, they could see the cuteness of a woman. Why were there such differences between men and women, a question was raised silently.


 The left had a cleric-like goblin. Rather than an intellectual he had a smart face. He was wearing a better chain shirt than the level 8 goblins, and had a morning star at his waist.


 Goblin leader, goblin mage, goblin cleric. Yuri thought in her head.


 The goblins’ clothes were dirty, but not that much. There was no smell coming from them.

 The goblin leader was in the centre and watched the group’s movements.

 Mercenaries. That was the most suitable word.


 And lastly two girls were politely guided down from the coachman’s seat and cart by the goblins.

 The girl at the coachman’s seat had chestnut hair that was braided down to her chest. With a healthy tan and black eyes, she had quite a cute face.

 The other was like a smaller figure of the girl at the coachman’s seat. Probably her little sister. The two were not well dressed, and had the figures of farmers.

 Looking around unsure, they looked and Yuri and Lupusregina with surprised eyes. It was like they could not believe such people wearing that would be here. They felt baffled and overwhelmed by them.


 In front of Yuri and Lupusregina, suddenly, the goblins got into positions surrounding the women.

 It was a strange pose. Unknowingly, Yuri and Lupusregina’s eyes went wide.

 And like they were matching a timing, the goblins looked at each other, and all broke out into a chorus.


“We are, Enri-neesan’s bodyguards!”


 The two girls in the centre seemed embarrassed and made a strange pose, but immediately gave up and faced the ground with red faces.


 A silence descended on the scene. The goblins’ cheers echoed.

 Yuri unintentionally left her mouth open. It was completely out of expectations. An existence like Yuri needed time to process what had happened.

 In contrast the goblins were in high spirits.


“Hyahha. It’s decided, siblings!”

“The preparations took a day. It would be bad if it was not.”

“Our hard work was rewarded!”

“Ou. You in love. Love.”

“But it’s bad. Saying that while we still have Enri-neesan.”

“Refusing would be bad.”


 The goblins slapped each other’s backs as they spoke. The girls in the middle of the ruckus were still looking down with embarrassed faces and made no attempt to move.

 Her ears were red. Yuri thought that it could not get redder.


“Enri-neesan seems to be moved! Seeing your face red with emotion makes us happy.”

“Yup, Boss is the best. Beautiful and amazing, the embodiment of compassion, you’re brave Boss!”

“And the pose with Enri-neesan in the centre emphasizes it. Yup, the leader of who thought of it really is a genius!”

“Right? It is suitable for Enri-neesan to do. It took me three days and nights without sleep to think of it.”


 It was amazing. It was like an upside down frog*. It would be best to call out to the girl called Enri. Yuri thought up to there.

 It was the guest that Ainz had spoke of.


“….Could it be Enri-sama?”


 They could have felt something from the words “Could it be” and the girl called Enri replied yes in a soft voice. Her sister hid behind her with a red face.

 If there was a hole, the two of them would certainly jump into it.


“Ah. Umm welcome. Ainz-sama sends his greet—-”

“Wrong! Enri-neesan is my wife!”

“Even if you are the leader I won’t forgive that!”

“Hah. Isn’t decided that I will be getting Neesan! My life plan is all ready. The first thing is to return—-”

“I….want Imouto-san….”

“……..Lolicons are absolutely bad.”

“Yes, Lolita. No, touch.”

“Umm, if you want to—-”

“No, I am the only one that can bring Enri-neesan happiness!”

“Hmm…. I cannot leave Enri-neesan to a bunch of existences like you who can’t think with anything but their muscles. My god has said this, thou, shall make Enri happy. Sparkle.”

“Disgusting! I have never seen anyone say ‘sparkle’ out loud before!”

“Anyway, your god is an evil god right!”

“Well being macho is everything. Women love buff men! I can’t leave it to a weakling like you.”

“….Some women might like it….”

“No, none.”


 ….These bastards are annoying.

 While keeping her smile, Yuri’s brow started twitching. What should she do. When she thought that—-


“Buhahahahahhaha! This is greats. So interestings!”


 —-Suddenly, an explosive laugh came from next to Yuri. The goblins stopped talking as if it blocked them.




 While receiving Yuri’s rebuking words, Lupusregina did not lose her smile.


“But, it’s greats. Anyways, welcomes, you twos. Ainz-sama sends his greetings.”

“Eeh. Enri-sama and your sister Nemu-sama. We and Nazarick have been waiting.”

“Ah, Yes. Umm, I look forward to it.”


 Enri bobbed her head. She spoke as if she wanted to hide her words.




 Stopping Enri who was trying to drag out the girl behind her, Yuri looked at the goblins who were discussing who would be Enri’s husband.


“And who are these goblins?”

“Yes. Umm—-”

“We are Enri-neesan’s body—-”

“I am not asking you.”


 Yuri cleanly cut him off, and the goblin leader’s shoulders dropped.


“Umm, they are people who came when I blew the horn given to me by Ainz-san….sama…. Umm, they have been protecting me.”

“Is that so.”


 Now what to do? Yuri thought.

 There was not a problem inviting someone like Enri, but it would not be good to have too many people without loyalty to Ainz. Especially existences without manners.

 Contact Ainz, and make decisions based on that.

 Then the order. First was to invite Enri and Nemu to Nazarick’s drawing room, and discuss with Ainz about the goblins. She should proceed like that. Of course, that was if Enri and Nemu did not have any objections.


“Then first I will bring Enri-sama and Nemu-sama. Should I ask for permission from Ainz-sama to bring them in later?”

“Ah, that is fine. We will be waiting here.”

“Is that so? Enri-sama, is it fine to act upon his words?”

“Eh? Eh?”


 Enri threw a gaze towards the goblin leader, telling him to save her.


“Ah, please do not mind it. Enri-neesan. We are quite bad at being formal and so we will wait here.”

“And so, Enri-sama, Nemu-sama. Let us go.”


 Enri was confused and brought along slightly forcefully by Yuri. Nemu followed with one hand gripping her sister.

 The three of them entered the log cabin.




“So, why didn’t you follow your sister?”

“N? Well, if Yuri-nee is going then I won’ts. —-Anyway, how serious were yous.”


 Lupusregina had the smile of a predator. Meeting it, the goblin leader had the smile of a seasoned veteran. The surrounding goblins talking trash were now moving their mouths, and were focusing on Lupusregina. With the feeling that she was being met with wariness, Lupusregina’s smile got wider.

 It was a creature that resembled a beast before a hunt.


“What are you talking about?”

“You weren’t seriouss? That ruckuss.”



 The goblin leader stopped talking. He understood that it was useless.


“Ha. It’s simple. You are far stronger than us. If you had any intention of killing us, it would take a second to kill one of us. However, if you thought we were idiots then it might have gone up to three seconds. We will do anything to buy more time for Enri-neesan and Imouto-san.”

“Haan. And so you would cut the rope connecting the horses and the cart when you get off.”

“Eh, yes. If it is just Nee-san and Imouto-san, we might be able to buy time for them to escape on the horses.”

“And you have several people behind rights.”


 The goblins faces changed for the first time. Wariness and fear was common.


“….You can tell that much?”

“Well. Two riders? There are two beast smells. And another two. What are they….If they did not come here then ranged….Archers?”

“Correct. They are archers.”

“Could you call them heres?”



 Hesitating for a moment, he jutted his chin towards one of the nearby goblins.

 That goblin took out a mirror, reflected light, and sent a signal behind him.


“No, you really are monsters.”


 With the phrase that implied, “so you noticed them from her”, Lupusregina laughed.


“Well gatewatchers can’t be small fry right?”

“I agree. I thought you would have more cute points, but it seems I was wrong. So is the person known as Ainz-sama inside the log house?”

“No ways.”

“You are right.”


 The goblin leader had a pained smile.


“There is an item known as <Mirror of Gate>. It is a magic item that can allow two points to be connected and limitlessly travelled to. Well there are small things like armies can’t use its….I don’t knows.”

“That’s an amazing item.”


 If one considered the item’s effects, one could easily guess how desirable such an item would be. The would probably be no one who would not want it. The goblin leader could think of countless uses for it. If it was sold, the amount was more than the worth of a small country.


“So, is there any problem waiting here?”


 There was a hidden side to those words. Lupusregina noticed it and said nothing, but stared expressionlessly at the goblin leader.


“Not really. But if something bad happens can you save the lives of Enri-neesan and Imouto-san?”


 The goblin leader bent his knees slightly. And so did the surrounding goblins. Lupusregina calmly expressed her desire to continue even though she was surrounded. The goblins understood, and unrest spread through them.

 Basically, Lupusregina was straight out telling them that they were not worth being wary against.


“Why did you not take them and run aways?”

“Simple. Two were extremely bad. We thought that we should lower the numbers. Were there any inside, we were idiots who thought that.”

“Why did you think that bad things would happen to them?”

“Sealing their mouths shut, removal of evidence. I have heard about Enri-neesan having a request made by the master of this place, but I cannot understand why existences like you would have a use for a simple farming girl. If it must have been a human of that village, why. Was it for some kind of success. Did they want her to come back alive. We have those sort of questions.”

“If you noticed that it was dangerous, wouldn’t have been fine to not come?”

“Hah. If we did not come and made a mess of things, it would be troublesome. If we came here we felt that there would be less damage. Well, Enri-neesan’s individual life is worth more than any of the other villagers.”

“Did you tell her?”

“No way. We heard about what Nee-san was thinking about. And so we came here prepared.”


 Lupusregina looked at the surroundings. Was it to see how she would react while they were watching her. It would be natural for her to assume hostility if they drew their swords. However, only words were spoken and so none could be detected.

 Basically they were unsure of her. What would she do. Would she do something to them. Should they try to do something to her. That was why they had a level of vigilance such that it would not be openly hostile to her.

 Lupusregina made a smile of admiration, and made a serious face.


“….Goblin. Ainz-sama said to welcome them as guests. Then their safety is obligatory.”


 Then that serious face collapsed.


“Aaand so, you as well are guestss. Well, it would be bad to talk to guests with this tones. So forgive mes.”


 The goblin leader looked at Lupusregina’s face for a while, then deeply nodded.


“….I’ll believe it, Beautiful Maid-san.”

“I wanted you to attach Extremely but I’ll refrains. If something happens to her, I beg for her life.”



 Lupusregina had a childish smile on her face as she looked at the bowing goblin.


“I like yous. Those who have loyalty.”




 Ainz was currently attending to some things, and so he wanted them to wait in the guest room. Enri felt despair.


 Enri lightly sat down on the chair.

 Rather than being hired, it was like she was an animal that was taken from its nest, and she scanned the room in a panic. Next to her was Nemu. As expected, she was looking around the room like her sister.


 They knew that Ainz the magic caster was an amazing person. That was why he stayed in a tower different from regular magic casters, or so they thought.

 However, coming was different.

 It was like she was a princess in a story, a world of a beautiful dream.

 It was a not a world for her.


 Above the fireplace, was a glass work of a bird about to take off. If she broke one, she doubted that even if she worked her whole life, she would not be able to pay it back.

 The sofa she was on was beautiful, to the extent that she was worried about her own clothes dirtying it.

 In all of Enri’s 16 years of life was a magical light coming not from torches, lanterns and candles, but from a chandelier.

 The items here had an extreme elegance, to the point that most of the items here could become the definition of the word exquisite. Especially was the black lacquered table in front of Enri. Even to her who did not know the price, she knew that it was impossibly high.

 The decorated picture of a beautiful woman was also imprinted on it.

 She was worried that she would get scolded if she dirtied the carpet. While sitting, she slightly lifted her legs up, and focused on doing her best.


 Enri was about to collapse from her nervousness. While Nemu was young, she could still understand. She did not display curiosity one would expect from a child.

 A worry that made her stomach hurt attacked her. The air got tense, and she wanted to run away somewhere. Left alone for a few minutes like that, it would not be strange for them to fall unconscious.


 —-At that moment, a knocking came from the door.




 Her shoulders crouched, and reacting to that, Nemu’s body trembled a bit as she hugged her sister.


“Excuse me.”


 Entering was a maid pushing a silver service wagon. A beautiful set of maid clothes that was without any flaws and seemed extremely expensive was worn by a beautiful woman. She had a kind smile. However, when she looked over at them with a tinge of exasperation, Enri began even more worried.


“I have brought refreshments.”

“I, it’s fine!”


 The maid was taken aback at the uncanny speed of Enri’s reply.


“….Ah, are you worried?”

“Y, yes.”


 She probably could tell by Enri’s worrying shivering and the tearing eyes of Nemu. She put a genuine smile on her face, said excuse me, and sat next to Enri. She then placed her hand on Enri’s shoulder which had frozen with worry.


“Enri-sama. Please do not be worried. Enri-sama and Nemu-sama are guests. It will be fine if you do not mind and wait.”

“B, but….If I break anything….”

“Please do not worry. Everything here is not important to Ainz-sama. If it is broken, then Ainz-sama would at most raise an eyebrow.”

“R, really. Everything here?”


 From Enri’s point of view, the price of anyone of these items would make her head hurt. And to think that this was not important.


“Yes. Ainz-sama is extremely wealthy.”

“Y, yes I know.”


 He was a person that gave out that much rewards. She knew that wealthy was a shallow description. But not to this extent.”


“Then please do not worry.”

“Even if you say so….”

“Then please drink something. It might put you at ease.”



 Her eyes ran towards the cup on the silver wagon. It was a delicate craft made of white porcelain, lain with gold. The underside was a deep beautiful blue hue, and a pattern or drawing was engraved on it. She was terrified of it breaking while she was holding it.




 Before Enri could reject, a knocking came from the door. The maid’s eyes instantly moved from Enri and she stood up and walked towards the door. She opened it slightly, and confirmed the outside person.

 She then faced Enri and said the name of the one at the door.


“Ainz-sama has arrived.”

“I have made you wait. Welcome to my Nazarick.”


 The maid who opened the door retreated to the side, and a man with a weird mask that seemed to absorb any light and a set of extravagant black robes entered. It was the magic caster that had saved the village, Ainz Ooal Gown. However, he was more calm that before.

 Following was another maid.

 Ainz sat on the sofa opposite Enri and Nemu. And noticing that there was nothing placed on the table, she called out to the first maid.


“Did you not bring out the drinks?”


“—-I rejected it.”


 Noticing that her words had a tinge of rudeness, Enri closed her mouth in a panic. Ainz replied with I see, as if he were forced back by her words.


“Thank you for coming. Enri and Nemu was it. Before the promised food, I would like to ask a few questions. It might dry your throat. How about it? A drink?”

“You are not calling me ‘omae’?”

“….That time was complicated. And this is my home, a place to welcome guests. I do have to keep up appearances.”


 That was a time of chaos when they had first transferred. However, ten days had passed, and the feeling of making [Ainz Ooal Gown] a legend was born in him. Then he would have to stop talking like that at some point. He had to work on getting a dignified and pressurising voice.


 —-Problems occasionally occur.


 AInz whispered in his heart.


“And so. I’m not a different person.”


 While laughing lightly, Ainz replied to Enri with a hearty tone.

 So basically that was what worried her. Enri’s shoulders lowered slightly.


“If you do not want drinks, can you hear what I want to say?”


 Closing his mouth like he was deep in thought, Ainz began talking again.


“First was to go the the Empire’s campgrounds and give the parchment. Was there any problems?”

“Yes. The Empire was huge….I went to a large campground. Then four figures with the armour of those who attacked the village came. They asked me what they came here for, then I told them about the attack on the village, and handed them the armour and parchment.”

“Was there any special action made by them?”

“No. Not anything special. Once they took the parchment and armour and I left.”

“I see….”


 Then, the likelihood it was not the Empire that attacked the village was very high. Although it was not 100% sure but the probability was close to it.


“When you called the goblins with the horn, was there any danger?”

“No, at night. I heard the sound of far off beasts. I thought it was dangerous….”

“I see….Hm? I passed it to you with that intention, I won’t think anything of it if you use it.”

“Ah, it’s like this.”


 Enri looked relieved.

 Ainz considered for a moment before deciding there was nothing else to enquire about. There was nothing new. Things that he would like to find out piled up like a mountain. But the things that she does not know should be more. In the end, she managed to complete her task as a messenger properly.  


“Thank you. I have finished all the question that I wanted to ask. Then, if you think of anything during meal time, feel free to tell me.”

“Yes, I want to return these to you.”


 Enri took out a scroll and a horn from her unimpressive bag and placed it on the table. Those items, stronghold teleportation scroll and goblin summoning tool were given to her by Ainz before she departed.


“No, these belong to you now. It is in your best interest to keep it. Mah, I will recover the scroll.”


 The teleportation scroll was not an expensive item. But stronghold teleportation scroll is a different matter because that type of scroll cannot be produced via normal means.


“That, ano……Goblin-san they all.”

“Eh? Ah, since you did not bring them over, I can arrange for someone to entertain them near the entrance.”

“Ah, no. I don’t mean it that way……”


 He did not understand what she was trying to convey.

 Ainz felt surprise as he gazed at Enri. He remained silent. After a while, Enri began to speak.


“Then, can I take them away?”

“…..You mean them?” Ainz nodded after understanding the situation. “……I heard from one of my maids that they swore their loyalty to you. I have thought of accepting them…Mah, would it be a problem for you to take charge of them?”


 He received information from Lupusregina, about the goblins not having any loyalty to Ainz. Then, there was no need to recover them. Although, if he recovered them, should he killed them off as future test subjects?

 There were differences when it comes to magical summoning by tools or by ability. Ainz was testing the effects of beings summoned for a long time. However, there was currently no difference between long term and short term monsters. That experiment was useful.

 In short, he was using the people from this world as test subjects to compare the effects of the summoning.




 Looking at Enri who was silently in thought. Ainz added a helpful suggestion.


“…..If you are not able to support them, I can provide you with unlimited support in terms of food.”

“No, that……” she looked like she had trouble finding the right words. “Due to the decrease in the number of villagers, if the goblins worked for us, everyone would be happy.”

“I see…..”


 Because of the goblins’ level, they may appear short in stature, but their physical strength surpassed that of ordinary humans. Considering the situation now in the village, their strength was well-needed.

 This is good.

 Ainz felt the luck showering from the top of his head.

 The goblins mixed well with the villagers. Due to their actions, they received the villagers’ trust. Ainz who gave them the item to summon the goblins had his standing improved as well. Since he was the savior of the village, he could easily act within the village when he needs to promote anything beneficial.

 Well, about that, it might be necessary to keep the public order and safety of the village in mind, but that was a permissible range.


“Is it? The situation is not so bad. Since I never met them, I do not know whether they have a good or bad personality. If they seriously swore their loyalty to you, then it would be embarrassing for me to take them away from you. Please forgive me.”

“Erm, the goblins seemed very happy.”



 Enri scolded her sister for suddenly barging into the conversation. Ainz waved his hand to show that he does not mind before turning towards Nemu.


“If it is like this. Goblins, like humans have both good and bad ones. It is just nice that this group of goblin are a bunch of good guys.”



 At the sight of the nodding Nemu, Ainz shook his head.


“Remember to appreciate them.”



 Ainz gaze met Enri’s. He stopped the topic there.


“Then, the food preparation should be completed by now. Children would be bored by now. Shall we go?”

“No, no need, it is fine that we do not have to stay for meals. Since we are here is such a magnificent place….”


 Enri shook her head rigorously.


“Erm….. Mah, it won’t be good if I force you to stay…….But it is not easy to prepare dragon steak as main course.”



 Dragon. Enri only heard of them in stories, be it the antagonist or as the friends of justice. But in each story, they were immensely powerful beings. Such an existence was used as food?

 Impossible. He must be joking. But Enri got the feeling that the magic caster in front of her was telling the truth.


“I have sweet things too. Have you eaten a food called ice cream?”


 After listening to Ainz, Nemu shook her head vigorously. The only sweet thing they had was fruits. If they travelled to the streets of the city, they may experience a variety of sweet food. But it would be impossible to them who had spent their lives in the village.


“It’s ice cold….. And very very sweet. As you put it inside your mouth, it will melt. Just like sweet tasting snow.”


 Enri and Nemu could not help themselves but to swallow a mouthful of saliva.


“It would be good that you could try it once in your life. Now then, what are the contents for today’s meal?”


 One of the maids answered in affirmative and began to explain explain the dishes for the meal.


“For today, we plan to start with one of the two hors d’oeuvres. The first will be a dish of Piercing Lobster, which is a form of Noatun seafood, in a velouté sauce.

“The second hors d’oeuvres would be Poiret’s foie gras of Víðópnir.”

“For soup, it will be Alfheim-style cream of sweet potato and chestnut soup.”

“For the main course, it will be a meat dish. Marbled frost dragon steak from Jotunheim as suggested by Ainz-sama.”

“Last for dessert, we have Golden Apple compote, served in white wine and topped with yogurt., and golden red tea ice cream.”

“For drinks after dinner, we have already prepared coffee. But I thought that Ruresshu peach water might be a better choice on my way here.”

“That is all. If there is any desire to change, please inform us.”


 What was she saying.

 Enri and Nemu was staring at the maid, as they were amazed by her. Was she chanting magic? Those were their thoughts.  

 Luxurious oatmeal porridge and soft fluffy white bread. That was the limit of their imagination. There was a huge gap in their expectation.


“Hmm….Do you like foie gras? I do not think children will. And it is such an oily menu. Is there anything else?”

“Yes. Then the hors d’oeuvre will be scallop salad, and plum confit.”

“Yes……compared to the menu earlier, Isn’t this one better?”

“Eh? Me?!”


 Enri who was suddenly asked a question, answered hastily. She surmised that it would not be proper to simply reject without understanding the meaning behind those words.


“Ah, ano. N, no, please do so.”



 She managed to utter a sentence after wringing her brain as Ainz continued to converse with the maid regarding the matter about food.

 Ainz continued to talk rapidly like an expert. Hearing this, Enri felt the difference in their worlds between herself and the great magic caster. .

 Humans who could use money to buy luxury goods were naturally rich. Amongst it was food, even if you eat it and it disappeared, one would still put importance on it.


 Abode, knowledge, power. The magic caster had it all.

 A simple peasant like Enri could not match up to him. At least someone like a king or people from the heavens could rival him. The masked magic caster was awe inspiring.  

 Saved by such a person.

 A feeling of respect surged within the heart of Enri.



“Erm? What is it?”

“Thank you very much for your help.”

“Thank you very much.”


 Nemu bowed with Enri to convey their deepest gratitude. For a moment, Ainz did not understand what they were trying to convey, a question mark appeared above his head. Then, as if he caught on to the situation, he waved his hand.


“Don’t mind too much about it. If I noticed the situation earlier, people who were important to you would not have died. Both of you were saved because of your own actions.”

“Even though,……..if a magic caster like you did not reach us on time,….. I, much less my younger sister would have been killed. I am truly grateful to you for saving us.


 Ainz quietly shrugged his shoulders.


“Mah, it’s fine if you think about it that way. As I said earlier, those were the fruits of your own labor. Then, let us go for dinner.


 Ainz stood up slowly, before heading towards the door. Enri who stood up late felt someone tugging the corners of her dress.




 Nemu was pulling the corners of Enri’s dress as if she wants to say something. From her looks, Enri knew what she wants to say.  


 “Erm, since I was saved by such a powerful person. I must let the others know.”


 There were many people in the village who wanted to know who Ainz was. The reason for this was simple. Controlling a knight like that—-Death Knight was a ordinary magic caster, no one would think like that. Since he was her savior, he should be one of those heroes that appeared in the legends.

 In her poor environment, such a powerful being appeared, those were her own thoughts.


 Until now, several confirmed facts appeared in the eyes of Enri and Nemu.


 Enri was looking at Ainz’s retreating figure.


“Legends are true….They’re not stories….”

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      2. Hmm, I wonder should we add ¬su instead of -s only. I noticed that Lupusregina had that particularly speech impediment in the Pure Pure Pleiades series.


  1. I happen to like when Frost Fire-sama includes some way of indicating the distinctive speech patterns of the inhabitants of Nazarick or of the new World: while I will confess that it can make the text slightly more difficult, for one such as I, I feel like it conveys so much more, making the slight extra effort to the reader well worth the trouble. The great bard Maruyama-sama seems to often indicate the speaker through their idiosyncratic speech, rather than relying on the pedestrian repetition of “John said,’ ____’ and Jane replied, ‘____,'” with each utterance conveyed; while it might-only might- be slightly easier for the reader to understand each sentence, it would be considerably more difficult for the reader to understand the plot! Likewise, so many of the characters in these works express so much in HOW they say things, rather than just by WHAT they say….for example: Shalltear’s switching between excessively formal, and informal speech, conveys much more to the reader than a dozen lines of narration discribing her tone.
    I appreciate such literary flourishs being preserved in the translation for a similar reason to why I apreciate the honorifics being preserved– even though I usually have to look them up: they allow me to understand the story, much better, than a translation of everything into the most basic English.
    While I certainly don’t expect such extra effort from a translator, because few translators would go to such lengths to preserve the FEEL of the text, rather than its most basic meaning, I am all the more greatful that Frost Fire-sama, Gengareric-sama, Henet-sama, et alis, often masterfully convey the subtleties of the story, the actual poetry, not just the “Cliff Notes”-style summary; this is an additional layer of effort put into a task that we should be much more greatful for receiving.


    1. I like it as well though i think it would be better to read -su. My brain is struggeling to process the random extra ‘s’.

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  2. Those goblins are freaks in more ways than one. I like it, really amusing 😀

    “For today, we plan to start with one of the two hors d’oeuvres. The first will be a dish of Piercing Lobster, which is a form of Noatun seafood, in a velouté sauce.
    “The second hors d’oeuvres would be Poiret’s foie gras of Víðópnir.”
    “For soup, it will be Alfheim-style cream of sweet potato and chestnut soup.”
    “For the main course, it will be a meat dish. Marbled frost dragon steak from Jotunheim as suggested by Ainz-sama.”
    “Last for dessert, we have Golden Apple compote, served in white wine and topped with yogurt., and golden red tea ice cream.”
    “For drinks after dinner, we have already prepared coffee. But I thought that Ruresshu peach water might be a better choice on my way here.”

    Okay, I understood about half of that. Now shut the fck up and give me a big, juicy steak, some fries, sauce(bearnaise, café de paris or some pepper sauce is the way to go), some soda and then vanilla ice cream for dessert, you pretentious, posh asshats.

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