Overlord First Half Chapter 37: Investigation Part 2

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Investigation Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10


 Noon at the Guild—-Was not that busy for the reception on the first floor. It was also because adventurers did not meet at this time.

 Basically, adventurers that left the city due to work, left a bit of time before dusk and left early in the morning. Well, this was common sense of travellers.

 And the refreshing of quests typically happened in the morning. So people looking for jobs came early to the Guild.

 Thus noon was mostly empty. Of course, this was E-Rantel, if this were the Kingdom it would be flooded with a variety of jobs, and was a different story.

 The receptionist—-Wina Halshia, was stiffening her yawn to prevent others from noticing, and stared blankly at the door. This yawn was the tenth in three minutes.

 Feeling tired after lunch was an inescapable fact of being human, but there were occasions where one felt sleepy on an empty stomach. Of course, the blankness was not on purpose.

 She did not have much work today, and so finished most of it by then. Basically she was currently extremely extremely, to the point where this should be emphasised, bored.

 Moving her head slightly, she looked enviously at her coworker who was talking to an adventurer leader who came late. Being too busy was bad, but sitting down on a chair with nothing to do was bad as well.

 She moved her bottom, which could be said to be suitable for childbirth, Wina adjusted her position slightly on her chair. And stifled the eleventh yawn.

 While listening to her coworker and adventurer talking about repelling monsters that appeared near the Great Forest of Tob, and giving up—-.


 The door opened slowly.


 A man with the sun at his back slowly entered. Apart from the exquisite sword at his waist, he was an unattractive man that had nothing special about him. His clothes, while not poor or dirtied, they were not something that attracted one’s attention. It suited a new adventurer. However, the boorish gauntlets were loose, but adventurers were those types of people.

 The brass Guildmember card hung from his neck and followed his movements, jumping to and fro.


 Basically a novice or F Class adventurer. Wina understood, and looked at his movements.

 The man looked at his surroundings, matched Wina’s gaze like he was scanning her, and walked towards her counter.


 With a ‘Gatan’, reacting to the sudden sound from her side, Wina looked at her coworker who was explaining.


 —-Their eyes met.

 Ishpen’s eyes were spinning, looking at Wina. The adventurer in front of her was looking down at the paper in his hands, and did not notice, but it was an extremely disrespectful action.


 What is she doing.

 At the weird action, she was about to unconsciously speak out her words, but stopped. As the man that just entered was now standing right in front of her.


“—-I apologise. I have come later than the expected time.”


“Ah, I am Momon. I was called to the Guild today to meet the Guildmaster.”


 At those words, Wina recalled the words from her boss.

 Today, I have called a novice adventurer called Momon, when he comes, show him to the meeting room on the fourth floor. The time was—-Thinking up to there, Wina noticed that more than 30 minutes had passed since then.


“Momon-san was it? I have confirmed it. Then I shall guide you to the meeting room on the fourth floor, could you please follow me?”

“Yes, please do.”


 Wina strongly ignored Ishpen who was waving her hand under the counter. She probably wanted to talk to him.

 But, Focus on the adventurer in front of you. Though imperfect, she had to do her job as a receptionist. What would she do if she did not focus on the adventurer.

 While thinking of telling her that when she returned, Wina stood up and walked ahead.


 Opening the door behind the counter, Wina who was guiding Momon to the fourth floor was thinking about why she was guiding a novice adventurer to a meeting room on the fourth floor, which had the heaviest guarded secrets.

 In addition, today the meeting room was occupied by the most important figures in E-Rantel. Thinking about the figures attending, she wondered why Momon would be there.


 And thinking about Ishpen’s strange actions, she recalled something she said.


“Ah, a rival….”



 At the words she unconsciously muttered, there was an immediate response from behind her. At the words that she thought no one but her could hear, her ears turned red from the embarrassment of being heard. Looking over her shoulder, she waved her hand and made an excuse in a panic.


“N, no, it’s nothing!”



 Wina moved her gaze from Momon whose face was saying, I can’t say there is nothing.

 So embarrassing. It’s so embarrassing. I will hit Ishpen later. While having such thoughts, they both said nothing as they climbed the stairs, and she brought Momon to the meeting room.


“It is here.”

“Yes, thank you.”


 Knocking, Wina left after confirming that it was fine to enter.


 What greeted her when she returned, was the face of Ishpen biting her lip with an unpleasant expression.


“….What’s with your face.”

“Even though I was thinking of guiding him.”


 Ishpen inflated her cheeks and replied. It was like a girl in love—-.


“Your interest?”

“No way.”


 It was cut apart in one phrase.


“That person cannot be. I have predicted that he is my fated rival. Even though this time I thought that he would finally tell me….”

“What are you saying.”


 In front of Ishpen who was making a weird face, Wina sighed.

 Ishpen was not a bad person, but she had one quirk. But without it she would be a great friend.

 Thinking that, Ishpen’s curiosity filled eyes gazed at Wina.


“—-W, what is it, those eyes.”

“What happened?”

“Hm? About Momon?”

“Eh. Being called to the fourth floor where a novice normally does not go, and called together with the Mayor, it’s quite a bad problem?”


“Well, I think that he was called because he is my rival—-”

“—-Your thoughts are weird.”


 If one thought about it normally, calling a new adventurer to the fourth floor was an unprecedented situation. The more she thought, the more her head with with ideas.

 For example, a great noble hiding his identity, or a warrior with amazing strength….Thinking that, Wina shook her head in rejection. No matter how one looked at him with a favourable light—-Excluding Ishpen—-He was not that much of an adventurer.


“Then why was he called?”

“This is because he is—-”

“I said this earlier, but your thoughts are weird.”


 While lightly replying to Ishpen, it was true that Momon had raised Wina’s curiosity. To the extent that she thought that she should ask someone—-




 To the man that entered late—-Momon, Pluton, the Guildmaster, acted as the representative and introduced everyone. The Mayor Panasolei should have been the first, but according to the man’s wishes, his turn was moved to the last.

 This was as he wanted time to examine the man called Momon. It was true that he got a broad sketch of the man from Pluton, but seeing was different from hearing.


 While Panasolei made a pig like face, he examined Momon.

 The first thing he thought was that he probably had a reason why he did not remove the gauntlets inside the room.

 But, there were strange people among adventurers. To the problem that he did not touch the Guildmaster Pluton, asking what type of people touched strangers would be bad.

 Deciding that, Panasolei kept silent, and looked at the details.


 His expressions and manner, and his air, but he did not feel anything surprising. Basically he was a normal person. However, to an extent, his posture and movements were beautiful. Panasolei thought that Momon had originally received a high class education.

 Actually, the third sons of nobles often became adventurers. Of course, most lost their lives on their first adventurers, and none succeeded.

 In summary, Panasolei’s evaluation of Momon was he was of high birth, but he still raised some questions. Unfortunately he could not grasp more than that.


 What surprised Panasolei more, was that Momon was extreme relaxed.

 The impudence to make the Guildmaster and the key position holders of the city to wait for 30 minutes. On the contrary, he was projecting an atmosphere that had a strange pressure, as if asking what was wrong to making them wait.

 Adventurers were basically strict with time. For promises or contracts, they would definitely never betray it. So to Panasolei, this Momon was a strange person.


 Was this because he was a beginner.


 Panasolei who was not familiar about adventurers decided so. No, he did not. As expected, he did not think that Momon would think himself to be more important than anyone else.


“—-And lastly, since the order was jumbled, the Mayor of E-Rantel—-Panasolei Gruze Vauna Rettermaier-dono.”

“Puhii. Nice to meet you Momon-kun. Puhii.”

“Nice to meet you, Mayor-dono.”


 Momon lowered his head slightly.

 Panasolei really raised an eyebrow at that.


 Scorn, apprehension, bewilderment, disappointment.

 He was extremely used to receiving stares like that during introductions. However, what he never experienced before was the feeling that he got from a quick flash in Momon’s eyes. This was something he was sensitive to from meeting lots—- a thousand mountains and seas worth of people. The proof of this was that no one in the surroundings felt it.

 What was that strange feeling. Panasolei thought, and hit upon a person with extremely similar eyes.


 Well there was one noble in the Kingdom. A great noble that was hated even by the shadows and snakes.

 It was like being looked at like a test subject, those wide pupils greatly resembled him.


 He once again looked at Momon’s eyes, and Panasolei was attacked by a chill. But why, he could not express how cold it was.

 If they based their impressions on his appearance, no matter how they appraised him, it was a normal reaction. They would never let Panasolei feel this chill.


 However, why—-He could not be careless. This was an impression that was important—-.

 Thinking so, Panasolei straightened his expression.


 The change was conveyed to everyone in the room.

 It was natural. At worst, the pig face, suddenly changed to that of a Mayor.




 As if to cough out what was stuck in his throat, Panasolei’s voice reverberated through the room.


“—-Shall we begin, Pluton.”

“Yes Mayor.”


 As if pressured by the words of the attending Mayor, Pluton began talking to Momon.


“The reason why we called you is actually not that important. While a female adventurer was adventuring, she received a large wound. And used the potion you gave her, and said that it had an excellent effect. And so, we would like to see this potion.”


 Suddenly, ‘Pan’ would be the best sound, the sound of a hand hitting something reverberated in the room. Pluton who was pressurised by it closed his mouth. The gazes of everyone gathered towards Panasolei who was making a stern face.


“Now, Pluton….Do not hide anything. We should tell the truth.”

“That is Mayor….”


 Pluton raised an eyebrow. It was natural. If it was an adventurer they trusted strongly, it would be understandable. But this was a newbie to the Guild. Letting the information of a strong vampire near E-Rantel, classified information, leak was too dangerous. If this information was leaked, it would become a huge problem. Then it would be best to use a suitable lie to cover it up.

 And Theo, Lizzie and Gignal agreed. They were raising their eyebrows as well.


“….Momon-kun. We evaluate you highly. And so we will tell the full story, so can you keep it a secret?”

“Of course.”


 A reaction like a beat. However, the most unbelievable answer was right in front of them. However, it was someone the Mayor evaluated highly. And so it became difficult to make a direct rebuttal.

 Pluton, Theo, Lizzie and Gignal—-The four of them looked at each other, wondering who would speak up, but no one picked up the bomb.

 Pluton leaked out a breath that resembled a sigh.


“Understood. Then—-firstly is the miscellaneous items. This might be weird but it has entered our ears, and we would like you to understand that your position is a bit bad and listen.”


 Do you not mind? Pluton spoke to Momon with an expression wanting to say that.

 Momon moved his chin to indicate the rest to continue despite receiving a stare with the pressure of a former A Class adventurer. At that bold and brazen attitude, Pluton instantly swallowed. No, the ones who swallowed was not Pluton alone. All the ones excluding Panasolei and Momon, swallowed their saliva in surprise.


“—-Understood. If you are prepared I will speak.” Pluton then took a breath and continued. “Just yesterday, a party of adventurers patrolling the surroundings of E-Rantel was destroyed by a monster. The monster was a vampire. And since this vampire can use magic, we believe that it is far stronger than a normal one.”

“It is as Momon-kun knows, a monster with skills is dangerous.”

“To what tier of magic it can use, even if we know not much will change. Currently what we want you to remember is that the vampire that has skills is a dangerous monster you know.”

“Even an A Class like me cannot cleanse an undead of this level, please understand.”


 The mouths of the other three moved to support Pluton, and spoke to Momon simultaneously. At that act as if to hide something, Momon raised an eyebrow. And then Momon spoke out his thoughts.


“—-Basically you did not want me to know its strength. Am I correct?”



 Identifying the point they wanted to hide, someone groaned.


“If one thought about it the reason is easily—-”

“—-That is enough Momon-kun!” Pluton raised a single hand, and cut off Momon. “This time the reason we called you, I am sorry but it is not to hear you!”


 With Pluton’s voice infused with his rough feelings, he demanded silence.

 Momon and Pluton stared at each other, and said nothing. Everyone in the room felt the fireworks exploding in the space between the two of them.

 No—-Momon was still calm.

 At that scene, Pluton was trying to release a pressure towards Momon, but it was failing. Originally Pluton was a strong person with actual strength, and comparing himself to Momon a weakling, it could not be thought of as anything but a praying mantis raising its arms.


“….Is he….really a novice….”


 Theo whispered. And Lizzie and Gignal unconsciously shook their heads, and expressed their agreement.

 While old, his opponent was an A Class adventurer, but he did not step back. It was not like he was a person of great talent, but something else was felt.


 The one who sighed at the scene and watching it quietly was Panasolei.

 Panasolei himself, could not hide the feeling of trouble that this man Momon had a strange feeling, and for some reason was a strong person that was a novice. However, compared to the other four’s predictions, his spiritual shock was lesser.


“….Well Pluton. This Momon is not a person that can have ordinary methods used against him. As I said earlier, can we tell him everything?….Pluton, leave the rest to me.”


 Even without saying it, Panasolei had begun talking with a strong will.


“….So. Only one adventurer returned. It was a woman, and one that received a potion from you and threw it at the vampire. So Momon-kun. We called you in in order to see that potion.”


 Momon’s expression moved. While paying caution to the change, Panasolei chose his next words carefully,


“Of course, we understand Momon-kun’s suspicions. The price of a low grade potion is 50 gold coins. This time we promise 100. Could you sell it to us?”


 It should not be a bad talk. However, this was if this potion was made by Momon—-and he had several. If he found it in a ruin or for some reason only has a few, there was a chance that he would reject. If Momon was not related to the creation of the potion, the prediction that he was related to the vampire would have its chances drop drastically.




 Momon nodded lightly, and took out a small bottle from the bag he brought, and placed it casually on the table.


 The bottle was made of glass, and had extremely fine details on it.

 It was to the extent that Panasolei wondered if he had mistaken it for a perfume bottle for a great noble. Even though it would break easily in battle, there was no need for it to be this finely made. If there was, if it was broken, its owner would have to be quite a rich person.

 The liquid inside was red. By appearance, it seemed to be no different from a normal potion.


 Everyone’s eyes left the potion, and went to Lizzie.


“Then, excuse me.”


 Lizzie reached out with her wrinkled hand, and pulled the potion bottle towards her.

 At that instant, the colour of her eyes changed. A light danced in her eyes, and her eyes suddenly sharpened, her cheeks reddened, and the vigour she gained seemingly made her younger. The one there, was the figure of the pharmacist that everyone in E-Rantel knew.




 Lizzie took a magnifying glass out of her pocket and seriously examined it. While checking for sediment by looking at the bottom, and checked the surroundings for any solids.

 While whispering words that were not words, she seriously checked its effects.

 The cap of the bottle was loosened, and its smell was fanned towards her and sniffed. Her sharp eyes got sharper. Lizzie hesitated, and then immediately dropped some of the potion on to her fingers and licked.




 Did she notice something. Strained breaths left Lizzie as she covered the lid, and chanted magic.


<Appraisal Magic Item>


 Lizzie activated appraisal magic, and saw the effects of the potion. And did she know something, her face changed to one of shock as she activated another magic.


<Detect Enchant>


 Casting the two magic, how much was Lizzie’s shock. Her body shook, and—-




 —-Collapsed on the floor.


“What is wrong! Lizzie-dono!”


 To be worried was normal. Gignal who was nearby ran towards her. It could not be helped that it looked like a poison.



“What is wrong! Is it really a healing potion?! What did you give to Lizzie-dono!”


 In the midst of the chaos—-




 —-Suddenly, a broken laugh reverberated within the small room. Lizzie slowly lifted her head. Plastered on it was the smile of a broken madman. Everyone—-Excluding Momon—-Was pressured by her sudden change, and could not lift a finger to speak.


“Kukuku! Look at this! Theo-dono! This, this is the completed form of the potion you know! We, the pharmacists and alchemists, the people related to making potions, cannot reach the level of the ideal potion right in front of us you know!”


 Lizzie’s face was flushed with excitement, and took quick and shallow breaths. And as if to express that she would never let go of it, she thrust the potion bottle she was gripping tightly to Theo.


“What happened? Lizzie-dono.”


 Lizzie’s wild eyes moved towards Gignal who was speaking normally. Her wide eyes seemed to be able to drop out of her face.


“—-Potions degrade right!”

“….Wh, it is natural. Isn’t it common sense?”


 As part of making potions, a special solution made using alchemy was necessary. This solution was made of herbs and minerals, and had to be processed by several methods.

 Of course, using herbs caused the potions to have a shelf life, and degrade. This was common knowledge.


“That’s right. It’s rightly so! Potions use a special solution depending on if it is made using alchemy or chemistry. And it is natural as time passes that it degrades! So we use <Preservation> magic.” Taking a moment to pause, the conclusion left her mouth. “Until now.”


 Everyone’s eyes gathered on the potion. They understood what she wanted to say.


“This is! Do you understand youngsters! This potion, this potion is! This does not degrade, basically the completed potion you know! Something no one could make!”


 Lizzie faced Momon with bloodshot eyes.


“Youngster, where did you get this potion? Or did you make it?”

“I made it using my knowledge.”

“The method?!”

“….Of course, I know it.”


 A strong excitement filled Lizzie, causing her lips to tremble. And Lizzie’s voltage went up even further.


“Then teach me the method of making the potion. The reward is 30,000 gold coins.”



 Everyone was surprised.

 The amount Lizzie said, was an extraordinary amount. The amount a normal craftsman could make a day was one silver coin. Basically this was a craftsman’s 300 000 days, 821 years worth of money. To the Mayor Panasolei, even he could not think of this as anything but a broken amount of money. It was an amount that only Panasolei’s entire fortune to rival.

 And Momon’s reply to that was cold.


“—-I refuse.”

“Then double.”


 Lizzie suddenly promised double. Interestingly, 60 000 gold coins was more than Panasolei had in his safe by far.


“—-I refuse.”

“Ah, right. This is something that cannot be taught with money! This is one of the highest knowledge that no one could reach!”


 Lizzie glared at Momon. They were eyes that one had when facing an enemy. They were not eyes good for talking to someone whom they invited.

 While looking at Lizzie with cruel and cold eyes, Momon covered his mouth like he was thinking. There was no one that could confirm that his mouth moved slightly.

 Behind the cover, the mouth said “The first part of the plan has failed.”


“When I was 10, I entered this world. The world of pharmacy! And I worked hard you know! For making an inferior potion for years! Do you understand! Youngster! Hard work upon hard work, research upon research for the idea potion I could never reach! The answer is right here! The answer everyone related to potion making desires! The answer to that we have been researching non-stop to reach you know!”


 She glared at him.


“And so what is wrong with wanting it. For the answer, even becoming a criminal is cheap you know!”


 Lizzie stretched out a finger that looked like dried out wood, and pointed it at Momon. There were pale streaks of electricity writhing around her finger, and the ones watching did not mistake it.



“<Lightning>. Are you seriously using attack magic! Lizzie-dono!”


 Excluding Panasolei, everyone who had confidence in their strength stood up. Gignal who was next to Lizzie, was about to move to become a shield for Momon, but Theo stopped him.

 Lightning was a magic that attacked in a straight line. Humans could not become walls, and if blocked, those behind would also receive its effects. It would be better to prepare to use healing magic.

 Pluton slowly got closer to Lizzie, and was going to close the distance.


“You who are no pharmacists shut up! Youngster! Tell me how to make this potion! What herbs or minerals does it use. Or does it not use it. Does it involve the organs of animals!”


 When the room had the feeling of panic run high—-Momon’s coldly calm voice reverberated. Ignoring if the Lightning magic proceeded one more step it would be activated towards him, Momon calmly remained sitting, and had a fun smile.

 At that scene, Panasolei’s eyes opened wide.

 Lizzie was quite agitated, and depending on how it goes she might cast magic. But Momon was not readying himself or underrating her. It was like he had confidence if he was hit. Panasolei understood.

 Panasolei already had his conclusion on Momon.

 There was no way he was a novice. This man. At worst, he was quite the adventurer.


“Zolie Solution—-”

“What the heck is that! A reagent!”


 Accepting Lizzie’s rage-like cry, Momon coldly spoke the names of items like he was chanting a spell.


“Ryunks Stones, Vievul Dragon Stones, Gold Nostrum”

“Those things—-”


 I never heard of them. Lies. Lizzie wanted to say it but bit her lip to the extent that it would bleed.

 If she took Momon’s words to be lies, then they had to reject everything about the man. In order to discern if it was a lie, there had to be a reagent that could be rejected. Even if she bluffed, and ended it while laughing, she estimated before she did it. Then to identify the truth, she had to find it through the cracks in it. However Lizzie knew nothing about the names he was saying.

 Basically should Lizzie believe everything, or doubt everything.


 Doubting was simple. It was fine not admit it. She could ignore everything Momon said.

 But what was more terrifying, that made Lizzie’s body shiver was—-If Momon was telling the truth.


“Have you heard of it? Ryunks Stones have an effect of strengthening the effects of healing, and Vievul Dragon Stones have the effect of strengthening elemental damage.”


 Lizzie said nothing but stared at Momon’s cold smile as if to bore a hole in it.

 Lizzie’s years of experience were screaming at her. This man was speaking the truth. Then—-


 As if she did not want to hear anything more, weakly shook her head. The only one that could understand Lizzie’s sudden pale change and feelings was Theo.

 Theo once again braced himself against the fear he felt.


 Momon laughed with his nose, and spoke out the last words.


“You said that you have walked on this road since you were ten. Then please tell me. While you seem to know nothing.” Momon had a crack-like smile. “—-What have you done, for all your years?”


 Lizzie said nothing, but breathed hard. A denial of her entire life. Being pierced with it from the front, and something that did not allow for rebuttal. It was natural. Because it was true.

 She was laughed at from the peak she could never reach no matter how hard she tried. She tried and worked hard, but those words cut into her vitals.


“—-I apologise. Potion making is not something that can be explain to someone with not even a shred of knowledge.”


 He had nothing to teach to the ignorant.

 While speaking with words that had that meaning, Momon politely bowed to Lizzie. At the same time Lizzie slid down to the floor like a puppet with its string cut.


 There was none of the earlier worry. The only thing left was a painful silence.

 Lizzie hid her eyes with one hand, and did not try to do anything. She matched her age, no, she instantly gain a few years.


“….Mayor. Currently, about using magic within the town, there has been a violation.”



 Theo who understood Lizzie the most, exposed her to Panasolei. A crime where magic was activated in front of him. He could understand why she got angry, but as the Magician’s Guildmaster he could not keep silent.


 And Panasolei was in between a rock and a hard place.

 Of course, the law had to be upheld.

 While attack magic was not fully activated, it was the truth that it was threatened to be used. And in front of the Mayor himself. Then according to the law she had to be punished.

 However, while the Empire was planning to attack them, giving a punishment to a proficient potion maker, Lizzie, would result in the deaths of several soldiers of the Kingdom in the future. Honestly, if Momon was not the person that was threatened against, he would use some reason and end it with a fine.

 Panasolei knit his eyebrows, and Momon opened his mouth as if expecting that.


“Please wait. I did not get hurt. And so I will not mind if we ignore everything that happened.”

“….I see.”


 Should it be that I owe him a favour. No, should I express my gratitude.

 Panasolei thought so, and bowed lightly to Momon


“Then, Momon—-I shall add dono to it, I shall use my authority as Mayor to ignore this. Theo, any problems?”

“No, none.”

“Then Pluton.”


“Then it shall be. Everyone, return to your seats.”


 Theo, Pluton and Gignal who stood up to stop Lizzie returned to their seats.


“Now, Lizzie-dono, let us hear the conclusion. Does this potion have the ability to chase away the vampire.”


 Lizzie turned to look at Panasolei with her red and bloodshot eyes, and nodded ambiguously.


“….I do not think that its effects are not that different from a healing potion….And so it is difficult to think that it ran away from its damage. But it might have ran away after realising what potion it was….”


“It feared the potion maker….It was the viewpoint of the Mayor you know.”


 The eyes of everyone then stared at Momon. Just earlier, when they first met Momon, it was something that they would have laughed at. However this was different. The man in front of everyone, was probably holding something that they could not even imagine.

 While everyone was silent, the small sound of a chair moving was heard.

 It was the sound of Lizzie standing up.


“Sorry. I am a bit tired. I would like to rest but….”


 The one they were looking at, was a wrinkled old lady. Not a trace of her earlier rigor could be seen.

 Panasolei had several soothing words, and that he would like her presence to be here, but they never came out.


“….Hmm. Lizzie-dono, thank you for telling us about your information.”

“I am sorry, Mayor. And everyone.”


 Lizzie lastly faced Momon.


“Momon-dono, please forgive me for earlier.”


 Lizzie deeply bowed her head. It was not something one would do to someone their grandchildren’s age. It was an apology towards someone completely above themselves. Momon watched it with cold eyes, generously shook his head, and expressed his acknowledgement.

 A younger person was conducting himself as a high ranking person to an elder. From an ignorant third person perspective, this was a terrible action, but from the eyes of the four people who saw the earlier scene, it was nothing but something natural.


“So, an immediate payment. This will include the apology for my earlier outburst, so one bottle is fine. Could you sell it to me?”


 Lizzie deeply bowed her head. If one had to describe it, it would be a posture of deepest respect. Her sincerity was present. However, if one thought about the earlier occurrence, Momon would probably reject. However, Momon pleasantly accepted.


“Go ahead.”

“Oh! Thank you!”


 Her eyes sparkled, and she was probably going to investigate the potion. Her vigour appeared. Lizzie fished a small bag out of her pocket. Opening it, the contents spilled onto the table.

 Several sparkling objects fell out. They were four gems.


“Avenchulin worth 55 gold coins, Fire Ageet worth 17 gold coins, Blue Quartz worth 25 gold coins, and Jilcon worth 48 gold coins you know. Take it.”


 Momon said nothing, took Lizzie’s bag and gems, and put it in his pocket.


“Then excuse me.”


 Lizzie left the room. As if the sound of the door closing was a signal, Panasolei started the conversation again.


“Hmm. Momon-dono, originally we would end this after we asked a few questions, but please attend this talk. Want we want to ask is about the vampire that appeared near E-Rantel. Pluton, give him the paper with the description of the vampire.”

“No, it’s fine. I do not mind explaining it.”


 After Pluton described the vampire, Momon lightly nodded his head several times.


“Do you know about it?”


 At Panasolei’s question filled with expectation, Momon’s reply was very simple.




 The room quietened in an instant. Everyone, currently, could not believe what they were hearing.

 It was natural. Who would think that the information that the city’s Adventurer’s Guild and Magician’s Guild did not know, would be in the hands of the lowest ranked adventurer. No, it was the opposite, everyone understood. That it was not strange for the one called Momon to know.


“So you did know.”


 Theo’s reply was normal. And due to Momon’s light nod, the room was filled with sighs.


“Hmm….Can you tell us?”



 Momon kept quiet.

 The silence indicated to Panasolei that he wanted something of equal worth—-Something obvious. And so he smiled.


“Of course, I will pay. And depending on the accuracy of this information, I promise even further rewards.”


 Momon opened his mouth when the conversation turned to money.


“—-A vampire named Camila. From what I heard she is one of three disciples of Landfall.”



 The surprise leaked from the four people. It was one of the points raised when Momon was not here. It was the voice of surprise that a person appeared who could confirm such a deadly truth.


“What are you.”


 Pluton spoke.”


“You are not a nobody. Yes, I cannot think of you as anything but amazing. I shall admit that. No one here in this room can deny it. However, why is such a person a novice adventurer. Why are you not a prominent one?”

“Do you want to ask that?”


 Those who received Momon’s gaze—-Everyone in the room nodded. It was natural. There was no way someone who did not want to know existed.


“….I am from a village Camila destroyed. And so I tracked her down for revenge.”


“Then do you know how strong it is?!”

“Of course. When I was a child it could use Third Tier magic. It might be at Fourth right now.”



 A vampire that could use Third Tier magic. What was he chasing after it. While no one said it, they all had the same question.

 It was natural. Before Momon came to the meeting, to defeat Camila, they came to a conclusion that several A+ Class adventure parties would be needed. And he could do it alone. Something that even the strongest warrior in the Kingdom could not do.


“I will ask directly. We predict Camila is strong. But do you have any methods to defeat her?”


 At Panasolei’s question, Momon laughed softly. It was the smile of understanding that it was a needless question to ask. And actually, they predicted Momon’s answer.


“—-Of course. If there is none I would not have chased her.”



 A voice of excitement unconsciously left everyone’s mouth. A despairing situation where a extremely strong vampire appeared near E-Rantel was broken apart by the appearance of the one in front of them. And it was not their intention.

 Asking them not to be happy was impossible.


“Oh God. This is the path that you have given us.”


 It was to the extent that Gignal was praying to his god. However Theo maintained his calm and ask Momon to sate his curiosity.


“….But how are you going to do it? Using a potion? Or a magic item?”

“I cannot tell you. It might leak out somewhere.”


 Theo was disappointed when Momon firmly stated it, but if one thought about it, it was correct. Vampires had enchanting magic eyes as a special trait. Using a person that heard about the method, and then if they talked, the chance of Momon losing would increase.


“Then we shall immediately inform Momon-dono about any information regarding Camila.”

“I have no problems with that.”


 In response to Panasolei’s suggestion, Pluton replied for everyone. There was a way to solve this dangerous problem. When Panasolei was controlled by his feeling of safety, he recalled something else he wanted to ask.


“Then about Ainz Ooal Gown….”

“He is my master.”



 It was too quick. Momon replied to Panasolei’s question without trying to say anything else.



“—-It should be Ainz-sama.”


 While his expression was smiling, there was pressure in there. Pansolei felt the strong loyalty Momon felt towards the one named Ainz, and adjusted his words with a strained expression.


“Exactly how much power does Ainz-sama have?”

“I do not know.”


 Momon stated and shrugged. He then released a bombshell.


“Probably an expert at the Sixth Tier.”


 Everyone took a breath. Then they started shouting.


“What is that! Since you used ‘Probably’, are you saying possibly even higher!”

“Hah! To know nothing about such a person. Are you saying that he is hiding somewhere! Maybe the 13 Heroes….No, impossible!!”

“Oh my god!” (Written in English)

“Matching the Empire’s Court Magician, amazing.”


 A feeling of dissonance between Panasolei who could not fully grasp how amazing it was to use Sixth Tier magic, and the ones with experience as adventurers and felt the ranks of magic strongly, Pluton Theo and Gignal. The three of them were staring at Panasolei. Panasolei felt panicked by the stares.


“W, what is it, looking at me like that.”

“No, I was just thinking about how envious I am.”

“It is so, I am envious of Mayor-dono.”

“Theo, Gignal-dono. To humans who cannot use magic it is just a story. It can’t be helped.”

“Well, that is true.”



 The three of them sighed in unison.

 A loneliness like he was being isolated attacked Panasolei. While it was true that he did not have the common sense of adventurers, but was this not too cruel. It was to the extent of feeling worthless.


“But Ainz—-sama is amazing. And so is his disciple Momon-dono.”

“Well, I can use up to the Third Tier. But the reason Camila ran was probably due to fearing my master, Ainz-sama.”

“I see…..Then we normally don’t do this but, shall we hurry and begin the rank up test?”

“Is it fine?”


 Momon recalled what Ishpen said, and asked Pluton.


“An exception” Pluton laughed. “If we fight Camila in the future, there might be a need to go to the front lines. We must raise your rank.”

“Then why don’t we raise his rank to B immediately? Since he can use the Third Tier.”

“We cannot do that, Gignal-dono. Basically, the Adventurer’s Guild have their own rules in each country, but there are common ones. The test being necessary is one of those rules. If we fake it, I cannot say that it will not come to bite Momon-dono in the future.”

“So the Adventurer’s Guild and Magician’s Guild are both bound by rules huh.”

“It can’t be helped, Theo. Rules are such things. But—-From what I heard and investigated you did a job as a porter, so I thought you would be a warrior, but a spellcaster is….”

“Ah, that. If I may, it was due to this magic item working.”


 Momon removed his gauntlets, and slowly placed it on the tabletop.


“These gauntlets are Iluan Graybell. This is one of my treasures that Ainz-sama has gifted me.”

“Hmm….It is boorish, but has no damage….Exactly what sort of magic does it have?”

“Ah, it simply increases the user’s strength by a large amount.”

“Hoh. Can I investigate it?”

“Ah, please.”

“Then I will be borrowing it.”


 With curiosity flashing in his eyes, Theo picked up the gauntlets and activated magic.


“<Appraisal Magic Item>


 Theo’s eyes widened, and he stiffened. His body shivered like it was in the cold. His lips were trying to get out words but, they shook.

 Relating his quick change to Lizzie’s earlier, Pluton and Gignal looked at each other, and while sitting, moved their chairs slightly.

 In the midst of it, swallowing his saliva, Theo finally spoke.


“……..This is……..The highest magic item……..Artifact level.”


 While Pluton and Gignal took the same pose as Theo, they stared at the gauntlet. Theo, like he was touching something precious, picked it up gently and returned it to Momon.


“Ainz-sama is….a very generous person….”


 Momon replied to that with a smile.




 While looking at the door that Momon left through, the ones in the room slackened and weakly sat down in their chairs.

 One’s spirit weakened when they conversed with their superiors.

 While Panasolei and the rest were supposed to have the pressuring values of connections, rights and money within this town, it was shown clearly that the adventurer novice called Momon had hidden valuable items behind him. It was to the extent that if they could not defeat the Vampire called Camila, they could not protect the town without Momon.


 And the one called Momon, was bottomless. The person himself said that he could use the Third Tier of magic, but was this true. It would not be surprising even if he could use the Fourth Tier. In addition, the terrifying figure behind them.


 The magic caster Ainz Ooal Gown.


 The ability to make a potion beyond the capabilities of the current alchemy and herbal knowledge. The strength that could make an anomalous vampire run away in fear. A wealth that allowed him to give away an item with an overwhelming magic.


 It was certainly someone worthy of holding the loyalty of Momon.


 Panasolei hugged his head.

 He felt that his balance was toppled by several powers today.


 Gignal who woke up his body, spoke words like he was living in a dream.


“….That was an Artifact that humans cannot make, huh. It was my first.”


 Artifacts were the names of top class magic items. It was impossible to create them via human hands, and could not be made except by existences like gods, high rank dragons, demons and angels. Their magic power was huge, and unbreaking. According to one legend, they were items that could even bring one back from the dead.

 It was the class of items that the 13 Heroes used several of, and there were many adventurers that made it their dreams to find.

 It was rare to the point that Gignal, an A Class adventurer, had never seen until just earlier. Depending on the person, it’s value in coins changed. But it was at least 100 000 gold coins.


“….However, I thought that it would be more grand.”

“But that was amazing. As a warrior, it was well made with no damage. If it was important, most adventurers would have filled it with gashes from horns and claws. And so it was probably made with extremely damage resistant materials. While plain, it is a good item.”

“This was my second time.”

“The one I saw was the treasure of the Kingdom, the Kingdom sword, and it was exquisite.”

“Oh, Mayor-dono. The treasures of the Kingdom, I want to see them once. Well, it’s probably impossible.”

“You can see it at the award ceremony, but audiences are a bit, well they won’t come, sadly.”


 Panasolei stretched his body. Everyone else who saw that did the same, and took listening figures.


“Then, what do you think?”

“The current information is too little but….Thinking about it, there is no discrepancy or contradiction.”

“Do you think the information was very good?”


“It was information we wanted. The identity of the vampire, and Ainz Ooal Gown, and the potion Momon had….”

“Are you saying we were played well?”


 Panasolei kept quiet and considered. It was like he did not understand his own thoughts.


“No….It is just my worry. It is as Theo said, there are no discrepancies or contradictions. It would be fine to think of it as truth.”


 While saying it was fine, Panasolei’s expression did not clear. Pluton raised a suggestion as if to support him.


“But, shall we begin acting within the shadows.”

“….I see…..Could you do it, Pluton. I will give you the necessary funds later.”

“Understood, Mayor-dono.”


 Receiving Pluton’s gaze, Theo understood and nodded.”


“And I want to ask….Is it possible for information from this room to leak?”


 While Panasolei said it, he decided that his words were impossible. There was no trace of the meetings that happened here ever leaked.

 As to why, this simple looking room, was covered in lead plates, and only one entrance. Anyone who tried to enter would be extremely obvious. There was no place to hide. If invisibility was used, it was impossible to hide their presence and existence in this small room.


“Firstly, it is impossible.”


 The owner of the room, Pluton, stated with pride. However, Theo, who continued, made a depressed face.


“Completely….But if the one called Ainz can used the Sixth Tier, I cannot say that with complete confidence. Honestly, the Sixth Tier is in the territory of one’s imagination. There might be magic to peer into this room….”


 Theo then shook his head. The realm of one’s imagination. If they suspect it, they had to suspect anything.

 It was so, Panasolei understood. If they suspected anything, they had to think about if there were several intruders that entered the room. However, entering the room without letting anyone know was impossible, and if they could where would they hide in this small room.

 Panasolei looked at the room. Below the table and the ceiling were impossible. If they could, unless they could blend into the shadows, it was impossible.

 While recalling that it was said that the assassination group Ijaniya could do it, Panasolei shook his head. It was ridiculous, without a trace of logic.

 If there were thinking about it, they had to think about the existences that came up in legend like Shadow Dragons and Night Stalkers.

 Panasolei sighed, and clear his mind of those thoughts. What he had to think about was not legends and fairytales.


“Now, Pluton. On top of turning this into information that will not make a ruckus, report it to the Adventure Guilds of the nearby cities.”

“Understood. What about information regarding Ainz-dono and Momon-dono?”

“Hmm. If we do it badly, I feel that this information will have dangerous information, and cannot feel good about it. Hide it to the best extent.”

“Then, I shall do so. I will send it using <Scroll of Report>.”

“The Magician’s Guild will send it.”

“Please Theo. And I will report to the King about Camila. If I leave now….About 15 days?”


 Gignal made a strange face as if Pluton and Theo were strange.

 It was 280 kilometres to the capital. Using horses, one day was about 42 kilometers. Using simple calculations they would arrive in 7. The number Panasolei said was twice that. Was it not too long.


“Why is it just that?”


 Gignal unconsciously asked. Even though they are bringing important information, why are they not hurrying. In contrast, Pluton and Theo who knew the reason had painful smiles. This would turn into a conversation about the sensitive parts of the Kingdom. Actually, Panasolei was also smiling painfully.


“There are lots of reasons, Gignal-dono.”


 To Gignal who could not understand, Panasolei kept his painful smile and continued.


“I think you know but, there are rules and privileges in the Adventurer’s Guild. To avoid being absorbed like in the Slane Theocracy.”

“The issue about Camila should not be subject to the same things right.”

“The upper echelons of the Kingdom is currently separated into a power struggle. If it is found out that the King’s faction is helping the Adventurer’s Guild….It will be extremely bad. If done improperly, the Guild will be split into two.”

“But something….”

“….Gignal-dono. This is dangerous. Even though the Kingdom is already separated, the Adventurer’s Guild does not want to give it another reason.”


 Continuing for Panasolei, Pluton’s words were kind, but had the intention of rejection. Gignal probably felt his will, and changed his attack.


“Then what if I negotiate with God, and I hire adventurers with fast horses.”

“I the Mayor to use adventurers to contact the king? Basically I have no better subordinates. Can such a Mayor be trusted?”

“Then if a monster appears on the way.”

“Then the nobles in the nearby cities will take responsibility? Or will Princess Lanner make more roads? If it is found out that there is no remains of a monster attack, I will be finished as a Mayor. And it will fall to the King who had the responsibility of picking such a Mayor.”

“That is….”


 A false accusation. Gignal then understood the depth of the separation within the Kingdom.


“If there is a dangerous monster like Camila, in the end she cannot evade facing humans. If there were no Empire to send troops to face us, we would fall apart faster, and divide.”


 Those words left a heavy silence in the room.


“….Do you understand why I said it?”

“I got it. I should not run by myself right?”

”It is so. You may not understand, but I believe you do. Now, shall we end this meeting.”


“That’s true….”


 Looking at Pluton, Theo and Gignal, who refused to understand, Panasolei ended the meeting.




“Ku, hahahahahahaha.”


 Ainz laughed.

 It was a laughed that The Absolute would use to mock and pity weaklings.


“Basically, there is no strong person that I should be cautious of in the surrounding countries. Now, now, now, what should I do. What would be best.”


 Ainz laughed shallowly, and felt the necessity of the success of the earlier plan. The weight he was carrying instantly lightened, and he felt relieved.

 But, it did not completely disappear.


 For example what if a similar Yggdrasil Player existed, and so it was important to make connections to quickly find such a person. Then what should be done to fulfill that.

 Currently, he was using Demiurge as a decoy Demon King. After that, since Yggdrasil Players are definitely stronger than this world’s strongest existence, he should use the fact that they stand out as part of his plans.


 Standing up from his chair, Ainz began walking within the large room.

 He began talking to space where no one was. Of course, there was no one there using Invisibility. He was simply talking to himself.


“Opening a fighting tournament would be interesting, but impossible in the current situation. Then what about opening a dungeon to attract adventurers? Opening a section of Nazarick….Interesting but it is dissatisfying. But, it seems to be effective. To attract Yggdrasil Players who want to return to their original world, should I spread this rumour….”


 Speaking so, Ainz shook his head left and right.


“No no, there is no need to be flustered. I can wait for the motions in the Kingdom and Empire. The situation might change then. And there is a chance that the Yggdrasil Players blended well into this world.”


 There were benefits in doing so. It was the plan to strengthen Nazarick that was being implemented. There might not be a need to increase their battle potential, there was a need to get existences that had good heads, and were suitable for negotiations.


“The annoying things are left. Oi—-”


 Ainz spoke to the waiting maids behind him.


“Call Aura and Shalltear. Tell them that I have a lot of information about the plan to tell them.”



 While watching the the two maids leave the room, Ainz leaked a mocking smile that he could not hide. There was a need to look at races other than humans. And so he should pray that Cocytus’ experiment goes well.


“Fuu. This has become easy.”


 While slightly rotating his shoulders, he looked at the door. While thinking about what he should do next—-.

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21 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 37: Investigation Part 2

  1. Absolutely wonderful, imaginative. Excellent translation.
    Imo the web novel is superior to the light novel. Ainz is significantly more evil and competent, the annoying lovey dovey Albedo is gone, and in general there is more interesting story than a focus on strange arbitrary plot twists.
    For example, the lizard volume, and Shaltear’s betrayal. I excessively disliked both of those events. Someone capable of gaining a World Class item wouldn’t use it so rashly.
    Mostly my hope is that, going onwards, there is more emphasis on the darker aspects of the existence of Nazarick.
    I liked that mayor. He is as clever as to be expected, for someone who lives in such a corrupt kingdom. He makes a nice contrast with the idiotic nobles that initially wanted to hunt down Ainz.
    This is an excellent story, and I always look forward to the translations. Admittedly, I initially thought this was just a boring rehash of the light novel, but it isn’t. The tone and developments are different, and it will go in an entirely original direction.
    Again, wonderful and dedicated translations. I really appreciate the effort, especially when it seems this work both has huge word counts and not much of a fan base, compared to the light novel.

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      1. I like both the web novel and the light novel, the way the plot unfolds is so satisfying to read. Also, if you’re up to date with the light novel, you would know that the people from the Theocracy didn’t know that they have a “world item.” They just think its some really powerful item left behind by God. By the way, this isn’t a spoiler, its just some background knowledge.

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    1. Agreed. Although I wouldn’t say that Ainz is “more evil”, really. I mean he decided to help the sisters in the beginning because he would have felt bad. If anything, his “decent into his characters personality” is quite a bit more natural here. I also like that the whole world conquering plot where he usually is pushed around by the actions of his subordinates doesn’t seem to be in this version. He makes the decisions according to his own shemes, not because he is still irrationally afraid his actions might cause loss of loyalty.


    2. It’s funny how peoples opinions can be so different. I guess it’s about personal taste. For me, the WN is so inferior that it’s not even worth comparing the two. The scores on novelupdates seem to imply the same along with the fact that it was discontinued and changed by such a massive extent for a reason. The LN is way more thought through, flows way better, is way more immersive, the characters doesn’t constantly contradict themselves and it’s overall both more funny and more interesting and feels way more natural than the WN that feels more mechanical, the quality is simply superior.

      If I hadn’t read the LN, I wouldn’t have to compare the two and would likely enjoy the WN more, but I can see such glaring flaws in the WN when comparing the two. The WN is also great and brings out a different flavor and is undoubtedly a must read for any overlord fan, but it can’t get close to the polished LN where mistakes/bad choices was mended. If the LN is close to a 5/5(getting a 5/5 is almost impossible, so perhaps it’s a 4.5 or 4.6 for me, rounded up to 5), the WN would get a 3.5/5, better than average novels but not really a masterpiece. Interesting, but doesn’t give me the feeling that I can’t stop reading or that I REALLY want to know what comes next(in short, it’s not something worth reading a second time). I even feel that the chapters in the WN can be a bit too long because I want to re-read the LN after this since the last time I read the LN was 8 months ago(I also don’t get that intriguing feeling of intense craving/immersion). I mean, the chapters in this WN is probably 2-6 times as long as normal WN chapters in other novels 😛


    3. Uhm, the BS is not capable of getting a world item. The only reason they have one is because it was left over by the Six Gods, who were YGGDRASIL players. So the people from ST and the members of BS don’t really understand the true value of and how World Items work cause it was just a hand me down. I personally liked the mind-controlled shalltear aspect of the LN plot. Though this version is nice too


      1. Yr Welcome:

        “His clothes, while not poor or dirtied, it was not something”

        As it’s plural clothes, it should be WERE not.

        “Then I shall guide you to the meeting room on teh fourth floor,”

        omg like, totally follow me to teh fourth floor, ja dude : D

         ”To be worried was normal. Gignal who was nearby ran towards her. It could be helped that it looked like a poison.”

        I think this is supposed to be either COULDN’T, or “It helped”

        “Do you did know.”

        While I’ve left out most of the errors in speech, as people dont speak properly all the time, Im pretty sure this is meant to be “So”

         ”While is expression was smiling,”


        “if he could you the Fourth”


        “make an anomalous vampire to run away in fear”

        Doesn’t need the “to” if it has “make” only “cause” requires “to”


  2. “Now, Pluton. On top of turning this into turning this into information that will not make a ruckus, report it to the Adventure Guilds of the nearby cities.”

    Was “turning this into” really said twice there? It just seems a bit strange to me?


  3.  She moved her bottom, which could be said to be suitable for childbirth, Wina adjusted her position slightly on her chair. And stifled the eleventh yawn.

    So… It’s huge? Sorry, but I like them petite… and if someone cares I’m a fan of all breast sizes, though just enough to fit comfortably in the palm would be my favorite. Not too big and not too small. Why am I even saying this. Yes.

    “You said that you have walked on this road since you were ten. Then please tell me. While you seem to know nothing.” Momon had a crack-like smile. “—-What have you done, for all your years?”
     Lizzie said nothing, but breathed hard. A denial of her entire life. Being pierced with it from the front, and something that did not allow for rebuttal. It was natural. Because it was true.
     She was laughed at from the peak she could never reach no matter how hard she tried. She tried and worked hard, but those words cut into her vitals.
    “—-I apologise. Potion making is not something that can be explain to someone with not even a shred of knowledge.”

    Man, these burns are so serious that I can feel it through my screen. Holy shit. I think we need some super tier healing magic here. I feel her pain.

    “—-A vampire named Camila. From what I heard she is one of three disciples of Landfall.”

    Evileye is totally getting framed hard here(guessing they knew about landfall due to a shadow infiltrating their room when they were speaking before), I want to see her reaction 😀 I really liked Evileye in the LN, one of my favorite female characters although she didn’t show up that much(Ainz dislike her after all, probably because he thinks of her as annoying due to her actions caused by affection/love, Ainz is somewhat dense in peculiar ways after all, like most Japanese mcs). I wonder if she’s similar in the WN.


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