Month: August 2016

Overlord First Half Chapter 39: Promotion Test Part 2

Promotion Test Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10, Guilty.sworD, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


 Gravekeeper’s Building.

 The name was exaggerated, it was a shabby wooden shack-like building. To be described in a word, it was a hut.

 The size of the place was at least 10 square meters. The corner of the room had altars featuring 4 Gods. Another corner had a fireplace with firewood stacked as fuel. Near the entrance were tools for grave digging. If the tools were used—dirt would be visible.

 The wall made up of wood had gaps where in the subtle warmth of air drifted into the room. It would be hard to stay here when it was winter but for now it was still summer so there was no need to worry.

 But insects came in, so it was dissatisfying.

 In the shabby building, in the light of a hung lantern, Momon lied down on the mat on the floor.

 In the surroundings of the lantern, insects were attracted by the light, and amongst them were large flies, causing a small ruckus.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 38: Promotion Test Part 1

Promotion Test Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


 Momon arrived at the outside of the Adventurer’s Guild. It was afternoon now, the streets were getting busy from the people who stopped their work. The crowd was busy with people searching for a place for lunch, many of them entering and exiting the nearby restaurants.  

 Momon was one of the many people walking on the main street. He could not help but express a cold smile, which he hid with his hand. At a place filled with numerous pair of eyes, he could not simply express his sense of glee. Of course, Momon doubted that anyone would pay attention to him, still there may be a pair of hidden eyes somewhere else.  

 As he thought about those people dancing to their schemes, he could not help himself but smile.

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