Month: September 2016

Overlord First Half Chapter 41: War Part 1



100% of the main plot is the same as the book. I copied 80% of the text straight from the Skythewood website. Enjoy

War Part 1

Translators: Skythewood group, Frostfire10

Editors: Gengareric


 The mountain range separating the Baharuth Empire and the Kingdom of Re-Estize, the Azellerisia Mountains,

 The Great Forest of Tove covered the mountain range’s southern foothills.

 Entering the forest, one would walk for about 30 kilometres in a straight line towards the mountains. There, was a giant lake that flowed from the mountains that no human had named.

 This enormous lake had a radius of approximately twenty kilometers, and was shaped like an inverted calabash, divided into the upper lake and the lower lake. The upper lake was relatively deep, hence large creatures gathered there while the lower lake was inhabited by smaller creatures.

 At the southern part of the lake.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 40: Promotion Test Part 3

Hi everyone, sorry for this one taking so long, it was a week of tests for me. Truly sorry about that. Anyway enjoy.

Promotion Test Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


“….To be able to use <Fly>.”

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