Overlord First Half Chapter 43: War Part 3

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War Part 3

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10

Editor: Gengareric


 Dragon Tusk Tribe.

 From among the seven tribes of the lake, it was one of the tribe that did not take part. They believed that strength was everything, and had the most strength among all of the tribes.

 It was the tribe whose cooperation was the most needed for this war.

 However, since they had no communications with the other tribes, no one knew what sort of tribe it was. Who was the current chief? Since there was no information on such matters, going alone was extremely dangerous. In addition, since this tribe took in the remnants of the two destroyed tribes, the danger increased.


 As the village came into sight, Crusch looked on in shock at the face of the male with his hand glued to his weapon. His expression was the same as they first met, a serious face.


“Do you really wish to directly charge inside?”


 Crusch questioned the sanity of the male sitting in front of her.


“Ah, this will be different from your tribe. From what I heard, they place emphasis on strength. If we get off of Rororo, there will be problems trying to reach the tribe chief. And….They already have lots of reasons to be hostile.”


 At Zaryusu’s confident answer, Crusch erased the countless questions she had. Since he knew more about the world than she did. She would not come to such a tribe without any information.

 Then all she could do was trust.


 They approached the village still on Rororo.

 Several warriors noticed Rororo and readied their weapons, and glared at Zaryusu without hesitation. If they got closer, then a fight would occur. As the atmosphere tensed, Zaryusu stopped Rororo and got down. Crusch soon followed.

 Several warriors’ sharp gazes were directed towards the two individuals. Zaryusu took one more step forward.

 Using half his body to shield Crusch, he shouted out loudly.


“— I am the representative of the Green Claw Tribe, Zaryusu Shasha, and my visit here is to discuss matters with the tribe chief!”

“I am the Red Eye Tribe’s acting chief, Crusch Lulu, and likewise I have come to visit the tribe chief.”


 At that moment, the air moved. It was like they were being attacked by the weight of the emotions.

 Each of Rororo’s four heads did a somersault. Opening its jaws, it let out a threatening roar in all four directions as it shook its heads and glared angrily. As the gigantic hydra’s sharp growl emanated, fear seemed to permeate the surroundings as the atmosphere tensed up.

 However, countless hostile eyes failed to waver from the two. It was Crusch’s first time experiencing such hatred. Her stomach churned. She was probably slightly shivering as well. Her clothes shook, and the grass rubbed together noisily.

 Zaryusu then moved in front of Crusch.

 The meaning was obvious.


“… There was no need to protect me from something so trivial.”

“I did not intend to protect you, because you came of your own volition. However, I am the one who allowed their entire tribe to perish, therefore it ought to have been only myself to shoulder their hostile gazes.”


 Crusch looked at the male that stood in front of her without a word and had an incomprehensible expression. Of course, underneath her clothes, no one could see it.


“I repeat! I am Zaryusu Shasha of the Green Claw tribe. This person is the representative chief of the Red Eye tribe Crusch Lulu. We would like to speak to the one who commands this tribe!”


 The warriors gathered more than expected, but there was no signs of a chief-like lizardman appearing. Zaryusu did not break his unmoving stance, but prepared himself to move if something happened. Crusch behind him was also ready to cast magic at a moment’s notice.

 Apart from Rororo’s cries, the scene was quiet. The lizardmen did not let down their guard. Then—-




 —-Zaryusu’s gulping sound could barely be heard. Crusch looked in front of him, and swallowed as well.


 To simply put it, that lizardman’s appearance was simply bizarre.

 A lizardman with a body of over 250 centimetres in height slowly but surely came towards them. The word bizarre might not be suitable, but the expression was correct.

 Firstly—His right arm was huge. It had an appearance similar to that a fiddler crab. No, his left arm was not thin, it was the same as Zaryusu’s. It was simply that his right arm was huge.

 His left arm’s ring finger and pinky were completely gone.

 His mouth was parted far backwards, perhaps as a result of a cut injury, and his tail was squashed quite flat, not like a lizardman’s but rather more like a crocodile’s.

 Crusch thought that he was stranger than her.


 However, even when compared to these, the most striking feature was— the insignia seared on his chest.

 That lizardman looked at Zaryusu and her—-


 —-And let out a sound that sounded like the crackling of dried branches. It suited the strange lizardman. The sound was probably a laugh.


“Welcome, wielder of Frost Pain.”

“This is the first time we have met. I am the representative of the Green Claw tribe, Zaryu—”


 The lizardman waved his hand indicating that introductions were not necessary.


“Just the name will do.”

“… I am Zaryusu Shasha, and this is Crusch Lulu.”

“That person cannot be… a plant monster? However, since you already bring a hydra here, bringing along a monster to be its food shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.”

“… That is not the case.”


 Towards Crusch who was about to shed her weed costume, the strange looking lizardman once again waved his hand to indicate that it was not necessary.


“Don’t treat my joke for real, how troublesome.”

“— !”


 Feeling uninterested, the strange looking lizardman gave a brief glance at the bundle of weed which was Crusch before once again turning his gaze towards Zaryusu.


“Then, why have you come?”

“Before that, would you please give us your name?”

“Ah. I am the tribe chief of the Dragon Tusk Tribe, Zenberu Gugu..”


 Zenberu revealed his teeth as he smiled. Although it was within expectations, the fact that a traveller was also the tribe chief still came across as startling news. But then on the contrary, this was also the most acceptable answer. It was impossible that such a powerful male lizardman was merely a traveller.

 While Crusch was understanding, Zaryusu continued with a calm voice.


“You may also call me simply as Zaryusu. Then, Zenberu, please let us know if there has been any unnatural monster which has visited your village recently.”

“Un, that Supreme One person.”

“Since the opponent has been here, the matter to discuss becomes much simpler—”


 Zenberu raised his hand, interrupting Zaryusu’s speech.


“I can roughly guess what you plan to say. However, we only believe in strength. Unsheathe your sword.”


 The burly lizardman standing before Zaryusu — the Dragon Tusk tribe chief, Zenberu Gugu — smiled revealing a mouth full of teeth.



“… This method is simple, Dragon Tusk Tribe Chief. It keeps the judgment brief, and wastes no time at all.”





 Selecting the strongest as the tribe chief— for lizardmen this was a natural and ordinary matter. However, for a problem where the subsistence of the tribe was at stake, was such a simple method of determining an answer appropriate?

 Crush thought as such, then realised how coming up with this idea was incredulous.


 Her thoughts were not those of a lizardman. A normal lizardman would not have found Zenberu’s words strange. Actually, the surrounding warriors seemed to understand.

 Then why?

 Did she get attacked by magic. No way. She had confidence that she would no lose in magic among the lizardmen. The confidence made her think that she did not get attacked.


 Thinking it was strange, Crusch looked at Zaryusu.


 Zaryusu and Zenberu.

 The two lined up looked like a child and an adult. Zaryusu was in no way small. It was just Zenberu was too large. And his muscles were not normal. He was completely different from Zaryusu.

 The size of one’s body was in no way the deciding factor. Crusch knew this. But, as she saw their difference, a feeling of unwillingness filled her heart.


 Something she hated?


 It filled her heart, the hand of her consciousness reached from that strange feeling. Why was she feeling unwilling. No, she had a guess.


 Then Crusch laughed quietly.


 —-I am a fool. Falling this simply—- No people who wanted to protect their tribe would also do this.

 Crusch laughed again, and tapped Zaryusu’s shoulder.


“Are you missing anything in your preparations?”

“Nothing. There are no problems at all.”


 Once again Crusch tapped his shoulder.

 His powerfully built shoulders.

 Leaving her hand there, she thought that. When she touched a male, it was to cast magic. Through the clothes, she felt that the time she touched Zaryusu for was longer than all the other males she touched since birth.


“… What is it?”


 Feeling strange from Crusch still not removing her hand, Zaryusu asked.


“—Eh? Ah, that… this is a druid’s blessing.”

“This… will your ancestral spirits still assist me even though I am of a different tribe than Crusch?”

“My tribe’s ancestors are not so narrow-minded. Good luck.”


 Crusch withdrew her hands from Zaryusu’s shoulders, and prayed in her heart for her ancestors’ forgiveness.


 A small distance away from them, Zenberu held a 3 metre long copper halberd. Normal lizardmen would need to hold it using two hands, but he held it with one with that bizarre arm strength.

 Then he casually gave it a wave.

 The lateral sweeping motion generated a gust of powerful wind, such that Crusch, who was a distance away from that sweeping motion, also felt it.


“Will victo… no, is everything alright?”

“About this… I will adapt to the situation as necessary.”


 Crusch originally intended to ask whether it was possible for him to win, but she did not speak out. Zaryusu knew he was facing a battle where defeat was not an option. Then this male lizardman could not possibly lose.

 They had only familiarised over their half-day journey, and had only met since one day ago, but Crusch understood.


“Then, are your preparations complete? Bearer of Frost Pain… ah, Zaryusu.”

“No problem.”



Zaryusu cooly turned to have his back facing Crusch, and walked into the perimeter of the fight zone.

 Crusch exhaled one breath. The reason was that she could not resist gazing back at his figure.


 Crusch’s hand was in contact for a very long time — actually it was not that long — and the warmth left on his shoulder was already slowly disappearing.

 The upcoming battle would be simple, similar to the one used for determining tribe chief. Because it was a one versus one fight, therefore the involvement of third parties by adding magic enhancement was a violation of the rules.

 When the warmth left his heart shaken, and Crusch did not remove her hand, he thought that she applied protection magic. However, there was no sign that she did.

 Then, even when the other side had clearly not used enchantment magic, why did he currently feel so fired up inside?


 Was it because he himself was a male, and wanted to put on a good performance in front of a female?


 While thinking that his opponent would be that strong, he laughed.

 He understood that he was a male. Older brother once said that he was too dense… but this phrase seemed to be untrue now.


 Zaryusu entered into the circle made up of lizardmen and swiftly unsheathed Frost Pain. The sword responded to Zaryusu’s command and gave off frosty white mist.

 The surrounding lizardmen burst into clamour.

 They were those that knew the previous leader of Sharp Edge who was the owner of Frost Pain. And those that knew Frost Pain’s power.

 Seeing the ability which only the true owner of Frost Pain could bring out, Zenberu’s hideous facial expression turned into one of delight, revealing his teeth as he growled deeply, just like a wild beast would.


“I do not wish to kill you you know?”


 With Zaryusu’s words of challenge, the animosity of the surrounding warriors instantly shot up to another level. However—- the instant an extraordinary spray of water splashed, the silent calm returned. Zenberu had used the spearhead to hit the ground.


“Oh….Then lose to me. Then are you….satisfied?

“….Fine. You really do run this tribe.”

“Oh… then let me taste defeat with satisfaction! Hear me well! If I were to die in this battle, he will be your tribe chief! There will be no objections to this!”


 There was no way that he understood. However the surrounding warriors raised no voice of opposition. In fact if Zaryusu killed Zenberu, they would grit their teeth and obey him. One could tell Zenberu’s charisma just from that.


“Even though I am a traveller….?”

“It is no matter. Our tribe believes in the strong. Even if you are a traveller or of a different tribe. So try to kill me. I will be the strongest opponent you ever faced.”

“Indeed… understood. Then, if I were to die by your hands—”


 Zaryusu’s gaze slightly shifted backwards towards Crusch.


“Of course, I will let your woman return home safely.”

“… Not ‘mine’ just yet.”

“Ho, looks like you really do wish to chase that weed monster. Is that female lizardman that good?”

“Extremely so.”


 Zaryusu ignored the Lizardman squatting with her hands covering her face.


“That I really wish to see for myself. If I win, just before I let her go, why don’t I cut her open first.”

“… It seems like I now have a reason for me to absolutely not lose. I will not let a fellow like you see Crusch’s face.

“You really do like her to the point that no medicine can save you.”

“Yes, that is how much I like her.”


 Several female lizardmen spoke to the crouching lizardman, and she then shook her head.




 Zenberu delightedly laughed out loud.


“Then defeat me! If you were to pass away, it would all amount to nothing!”

“That was my intention all along.”


 Zaryusu and Zenberu’s exchange of words concluded at this point and they looked at each other.


“— I’m about to make my move.”

“— Bring it.”


 A short reply. However, none of them moved.

 When the watching lizardmen grew agitated, Zaryusu first began to close the distance. As it was a wetland, there were several spots with water, but he moved so as to not make any sound.

 But Zenberu kept his unmoving figure.


 When Zaryusu reaching a certain distance, the sound of air flashed in front of Zaryusu. It was the sound of Zenberu swinging his spear.


 There was no technique involved; it was just a simple swing. But that was why it was so shocking.

 Zenberu took a stance with his halberd as he prepared to attack Zaryusu again. With just his right hand, Zenberu was able to wield that giant halberd. After each tornado like swinging action, he was able to immediately resume his original stance.


 Zaryusu was lost.


 How should he attack.

 The answer was simple. Attacking after avoiding. The theory was understood. However, the implementation was difficult. Spears had a long range. If he intercepted with that then Frost Pain’s special characteristic will not work




 Zaryusu slowly moved in. The spear swung towards him with its accompanying storm of wind.

 He stepped in again, and received the spear with Frost Pain. An extreme impact ran through Frost Pain and to his hand. Then, Zaryusu’s body floated.

 An adult lizardman, a mass of 110 kilogrammes, was blown away by the strength of a single arm. It was an exceptional arm strength.


— Excitement.


 When the warriors saw their Chief display unrivalled arm power, they roared loudly.

 Zaryusu swayed his tail to regain his balance as he retreated.


 He shook his numb hand as he squinted.

 Zenberu was like a child waving a stick with no skill involved, However, with that body, a simple swing could have such destructive power.

 As it was simple, breaking it was difficult.

 Checking his body, he could not move due to the impact. It was not a good situation.

 Then according to the original plan, he had to jump in. If he missed, at best he would be rendered unable to fight, worst, death.

 However, a three meter distance was far. Until he reached a distance where he could attack, he would give Zenberu plenty of time to attack. Even with the centrifugal force, should he step in to attack a moment late, being closer meant that it was harder to evade. Even if it was not the axe like part that hit him, there would be plenty of damage even with the copper body. With that strength, it would become fatal.


 Zenberu who did not move since the start of the battle suddenly laughed.


“Well? You are not going to use Frost Pain’s ability?”


 He challenged Zaryusu with a smile.

 Zaryusu did not reply.


“I was defeated by the wielder of Frost Pain in the past.”


 Zaryusu remembered, he knew who Zenberu was referring too. That person was the chief of ‘Sharp Edge’, the one who was killed by Zaryusu.

 Zaryusu eased his focus on Zenberu slightly and observed the surrounding.

 Among the hostility he felt around him, the ones with the strongest killing intent should be the survivors from ‘Sharp Edge’.


“The two fingers on my hand are like this because of that fight.”


 Zenberu showed his left hand which was missing two fingers to Zaryusu.


“If you use the power that guy unleashed to defeat me, you might be able to win.”

“Is that so?”


 Zaryusu answered calmly, extremely calmly.

 Indeed, that ability was strong.

 And becauses that ability could only be used thrice a day, he had a great chance of winning if he were to utilize that ability. Zaryusu only defeated the previous owner of Frost Pain because the ability had been used up. If he had used that ability, Zaryusu probably would had died.

 However, was he saying that he knew because those that knew had informed him of Frost Pain’s power?


 Zaryusu raised his evaluation of Zenberu up a level. He was not an opponent he could defeat without going all out.


 Zaryusu prepared himself and jumped.

 He was attacked by the halberd at that extreme speed.


 Zaryusu did not evade, but blocked with Frost Pain. Everyone who saw expected him to be blown back again. However, there were two who thought different.

 One was Crusch,

 She did not think that Zaryusu would attack without any meaning. He was a male that thought things through. Even though only a short time passed since they met, she completely understood this.

 As Frost Pain clashed with the halberd—-




 —-A martial art was activated.

 Zaryusu, who was expected to be blown away, did not move. He was like a fortress.

 Zenberu opened his eyes with shock— no, it was admiration.

 At the same time, Zaryusu charged towards Zenberu— giving him no time to withdraw the halberd to defend. Even if he had that kind of muscle, it would take time to pull the deflected halberd back. That was enough time for Zaryusu to close in.

 The next instance, Frost Pain slashed towards Zenberu’s body—


[Iron Natural Weapon]


 — Blood splashed out.


 A loud cheer erupted and a soft cry could be heard.


 The one who was bleeding and retreating wasn’t Zenberu. It was Zaryusu who was bleeding from the two cuts on his face.


 Contrary to his tactic so far, Zenberu took large strides towards Zaryusu to attack with his weapon, not letting him get away.

 That weapon was— claws.

 Frost Pain and the claws clashed with a crisp metallic ring. After that, the sound of the halberd falling into the water could be heard.


 The claws of lizardmen were harder than humans, but not so tough that they could emit such metallic noise. That’s right, this was the result of hardening the body parts— such as claws and fangs. An ability known as ‘Iron Natural Weapon’.

 If one used the words suitable to describe his affinity with the spear, the repeated chops stepped into his area of expertise.



 Zenberu was not a warrior, but a monk who uses his own body as a weapon by utilizing  special skills.


 The two of them exchanged blows.

 Zenberu attacked with his claws while Zaryusu slashed with Frost Pain. They evaded each other’s attack and lept back, pulling away from each other.


“— Hahah, you are still alive!”


 Zenberu licked the blood and meat on his fingers.

 Similarly, Zaryusu stuck out a tongue that was longer than that of a human’s and licked the fresh blood flowing out of the wound on what humans would consider to be their cheek.

 Zaryusu barely avoided the chop that was aimed at his eye. And the wound was not deep. He could still fight.


“Speaking of which, you seem to be holding back by refusing to use that ability.”


 Zenberu clenched both fists and repeatedly beat his chest.


“My apologies, but I have no intention to use that move.”

“Eh? Then don’t complain after your defeat that you did not use your full strength.”

“After exchanging blows with me, you still think I am the kind of person who would say such a thing?”

“… No, I don’t think so. Sorry, I have said too much. However — if you do not plan not use that move, then it’s my turn now!”


 If one were to use a blade to block an attack by flesh, the attacking party would be the one to be injured, this much was common sense. However, martial arts could turn around common sense.


[Iron Skin]


 Activating a martial art that hardened one’s body to the point of iron, a thick leg kicked Zaryusu with a thud.

 As it hit Frost Pain, a metallic sound reverberated,


 Zaryusu opened his eyes in admiration.

 He waved his magic sword.

 Just how much did his abilities increase by, and how long could he maintain [Iron Skin]. Zaryusu was surprised at the extent of both.


 Zaryusu had learned several martial arts, and mastered several. [Whirlwind] which was an area of effect attack, and [Eyes in the Back] which could notice attacks outside of one’s field of vision.

 He did not have any martial arts that would be effective against such a large enemy. In comparison, Zenberu had one that could increase his own capabilities.

 If it was unfair then it was unfair.


 However Zaryusu remained confident that victory was within his grasp.


 Multiple pressuring attacks.

 Kicking and punching.

 Zenberu relied on his body’s ability with each strike, which was not only fast but also heavy. Facing such an enemy, even Zaryusu had to drop his offence to maintain his defence.

 Continuous attacks were followed by even more continuous attacks.

 If he were to forgo defending against the enemy’s crushing attacks, Zaryusu would no doubt be defeated. The surrounding lizardmen believed that the tribe chief who was launching continuous attacks without stopping had victory in his grasp and were shouting out encouragements.


 However, the two fighting, and one watching, understood exactly who was winning.


 Occasionally Zenberu’s claws reached Zaryusu’s body, and drew blood. From the side, it seemed that Zaryusu was being pushed back, and was in a pinch. However, Zenberu felt that his chances of victory shrunk with every hit, and his panic grew stronger to the point that he could not suppress it.


 The blade of Frost Pain harboured cold frost which stacked frost injuries for every cut it inflicted on enemies. In addition, it had an effect where any enemy coming into contact with the weapon would suffer some frost injuries. In other words, merely by exchanging contact between the blade and flesh, Zenberu was slowly being eroded by the frost.

 With both hands frozen and both legs numb, his movements became more and more slower.

 It was precisely because Zaryusu knew that the item had such an effect that he chose to stick to defence — Rather, that was why he would choose this method as it was able to guarantee causing harm to the opponent. It was because of this that he did not evade Zenberu’s attack..


 This choice was the most certain path to victory.

 It was flawless. For the current Zenberu, it was the greatest enemy.


 Towards Zaryusu who leaped over, Zenberu released a powerful punch.

 If this move were to be blocked, Zenberu’s chances of winning would plummet. As he attacked more, he still did not accept the provocation. He then, without hesitation, chose the safest method of winning.

 It was like a lone warrior challenging an unbreakable fortress.


 He recalled the memory of going by himself to pick a fight with that male lizardman. Since then, he had become much stronger.Still, he could not reach the lizardman who was at the height of his chest. Of course, he could say that he lost due to Frost Pain.

 However, he had to desire to say such a detestable thing.


 This male really did kill him.


 Without stopping his consecutive attacks, a calm part of his brain praised Zaryusu for blocking his attacks.


 Being hit, hit again and again.

 As their cheif’s attacks reached more often, the surrounding lizardmen raised cries of pride.

 Actually, Zenberu’s limbs had become stiff. Zaryusu was still on the defensive, without any hesitation.


 Zaryusu was strong.

 Crusch was confident in this conclusion.

 Almost all of the lizardmen relied on their strong and robust bodies, using brute strength to fight, but Zaryusu… no, even Zenberu as well… relied on technique to fight, and Frost Pain was merely a supporting asset. Hypothetically, if one were to give Frost Pain to an ordinary person to use, would that person be able to deal with Zenberu like this? The answer was probably not. The weapon was indeed powerful, but Zaryusu who was able to beautifully utilise the the weapon’s ability was likewise a first class warrior.

 More than anything, was the head to read the battle and find a way to win.

 Evading the attack that occured when Zenberu threw his spear away, was as Zaryusu read his attack without hesistation. And not activating Frost Pain’s special ability.


 Leaving with the mark of a traveller on his chest, what did he do to come back.


“He really is an outstanding male lizardman.”


 Finally, it was unclear how much time had passed. To the watching lizardmen, it was not long. However, how long did it seem to the fighting two.

 Time passed, between Zaryusu who was covered in blood, and Zenberu who was without a wound.

 The surrounding lizardmen praised Zaryusu’s unending battle spirit.. They had not seen their chief fight up to here before.


 Then, Zenberu dropped his stance.


 As the surrounding lizardmen swallowed wondering what happened, Zenberu raised a large shout.


“It is my loss!”


 The crowd murmured.

 They did not understand. Many lizardmen made such a face. However, one ran into the circle.

 It was Crusch.


“Are you alright?”

“No mortal wounds… It won’t affect any future battles.”

“… Good, I will heal you with spells.”


 Crusch made a rustling sound with her grass attire and revealed her face. Zaryusu felt a soothing warmth over his wounds, different from the searing pain he suffered earlier.

 Zaryusu immersed himself in the magic and turned his head to face Zenberu who fought a deadly duel with him.

 Zenberu was surrounded by his tribesmen as he explained what exactly happened and what Zaryusu’s tactic was.


“That should do.”


 After casting her spell twice, Crusch announced the treatment to be complete. Zaryusu looked down at his own body.

 There was still dried blood on his skin, but the wounds had healed completely. Zaryusu could still feel tightness when he flexed his wounds, but it doesn’t seem like those will rip open.


“— Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”


 Crusch smiled brilliantly, she looked beautiful showing her pearl white teeth. And so Zaryusu spoke his true feelings.


“— How pretty.”



 The two of them fell silent.

 Crusch was silent because she was baffled by how casually this male lizardman said these words. For Crusch who was not used to compliments, it was not good for her heart to hear Zaryusu say them too often.

 On the other hand, Zaryusu didn’t understand why Crusch didn’t respond. Could he had made some mistake— such a feeling of unease flashed across his mind. Actually, he had always felt his life would have nothing to do with female lizardman, so he didn’t knew what kind of reaction to make. Unexpectedly, Zaryusu was also at a loss.

 As the two were troubled and wondering what to do, a voice saved them.


“Hey hey hey, you are too enviable you bastard.”


 The two of them looked towards Zenberu.

 Zenberu was dumbfounded momentarily when the two of them reacted the same way.


“Eh~ white one, can you heal me?”


 Zenberu was unmoved even after seeing Crusch’s albino face. When Crusch recalled her impression after seeing Zenberu’s appearance for the first time, she understood Zenberu’s lack of reaction.


“Alright… But would it be a problem not to let your tribal druid to heal you?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Don’t talk so much, I’m hurting right now, can you hurry up?”

“You are the one who want me to do this.”

“Yes, I am the one forcing you, so please.”


 Crusch sighed and started her treatment.


“Was it fine?”

“Hm?….Ah, they got it. Why I lost.”


 Zaryusu and Zenberu. The gazes of the lizardmen focused on them.

 Zaryusu felt the number of hostile gazes had fallen, and looks with good will had started popping up.


“Okay, I’m done.”


 In contrast to Zenberu, Crusch had to cat magic more times on Zaryusu. It was not apparent, but it was quite deep.


“Oh, your skill is better than the druids from my tribe.”

“Thank you. I will accept the compliment”

“Well, our injuries are mended, let’s go into the main topic for today okay? It is a bit too rush for you?”

“Oh! Let’s hear what you want to say— Although I wanted to tell you that…” Zenberu paused when he reached this point, and then said with a smile: “But let’s have a drink first!”


 Zaryusu and Crusch—-Both of them had no idea of what was said, and made strange faces. Zenberu looked at them and spoke in such a manner so that even a child could understand.


“Troublesome formal matters have to be discussed in a banquet, you understand?”

“I don’t get it…”


 Zaryusu made an astonished face and replied softly. A banquet after a life or death battle, having it immediately after was not disjointed, and was not wild. However, he only celebrated after something amazing was accomplished, and made himself understand this.

 Crusch gazed at Zaryusu, the first male she saw. To avoid her curiosity filled gaze, Zaryusu made a face saying that he gave up and agreed.




 A fire pit almost two meters wide was set up on the ground, the flames almost searing the sky. Its red glow fended the darkness of the night away.

 Near the fire pit was a giant pot more than a meter high and about 80 cm in diameter, the scent of alcohol lingered in the air.

 Dozens of lizardmen took turns to scoop the liquid from within, and the liquid refilled itself.

 However, no matter how many times it refilled, it never seemed to run out.


 Like Zaryusu’s Frost Pain, this was one of the four treasures, ‘Giant Pot of Wine’.

 The taste of the never ending wine was bland and would make anyone who appreciates alcohol frown. But for the lizardmen, this was delicious wine.

 That’s why they kept coming back for more.


 A short distance away from the wine pot was a very quiet place. As for why, it was because of the drunk lizardmen lying motionless here.

 They tumbled, and did not move. No, their chests moved up and down as they breathed, and their tails twitched.

 The lizardmen who had blacked out from the alcohol were all dumped here.


 There, Crusch had removed the clothes that caused her to be called a plant monster, and her tail moved like a completely different animal, and she walked carefully across the ground.

 This was the first time she showed her albino body to a large group of people. It surprised some of the people, but since their chief also looked like a mutant, she mixed in with the others in no time. Well, currently there were eyes that focused on her strangeness, but it was at an unnoticeable level.

 Her heart felt light.

 It was a liberating feeling.

 Crusch carried the food with both hands and walked with brisk steps.


 She came to the place where Zaryusu and Zenberu were sitting cross legged and drinking with each other.

 The two of them used something like a coconut as a cup. Inside was a transparent fluid, but the whiff of alcohol was strong.

 Raw fish was placed right before them to complement the wine. Zenberu greeted Crusch who walked over with a smile.


“Ah, plant monster.”

“… Can’t you change the way you address me?”


 She already took that attire off.

 But this male lizardman insisted on calling her that.

 He was probably planning to tease her like that forever. Crusch who realized this fact decided to stop her futile resistance.


“Have you finished your discussion?”


 Zaryusu and Zenberu glanced at each other and nodded.


“For the most part.”

“So what sort of conversation was it?”


 They wanted to talk man to man, so they asked Crusch to give them some time alone. They already made it so clear, so she had no choice but to leave and collect the food, despite wanting to take part in their dialogue. If they wanted to discuss the upcoming battle, she would be involved too.

 She wanted to know the essence of things while avoiding the awkward details.


“This is a talk between men.”


 Zaryusu comforted Crusch who looked down and spoke.


“It was no different from what I said at your tribe. About having enough food for this tribe.”



 It was a talk that Crusch also had an interest in. She wordlessly emitted a pressure to get him to tell her, but it was not important. Zenberu’s body language seemed to say so.


“Originally our numbers were small. So until we took part in the war, it was fine to not look for food. Well, personally I wanted to join and fight. It was a plan I did not tell the elders.”


 But you did not tell me anything, Crusch thought. Zaryusu made the same expression and nodded at her.


“So what are your plans? Form an alliance and fight together?”

“Ah? Ah, I already said it to Zaryusu but—-Oh, of course we will fight. Even if both of you had not come, we would still fight.”

“You are really a battle maniac.”

“Don’t praise me like that, I will get embarrassed.”


 I’m not. Crusch said so in her mind. Zenberu did not mind, or did not notice, and asked for her help.


“Oh right, plant monster, can you help me convince him? No matter how I beg him, Zaryusu still wouldn’t become our tribe chief.”


 Zaryusu also showed a resigned and fatigued expression.Crusch could tell from that tired look that when Crusch wasn’t around, this question had been repeated countless times.


“Our tribes are different, and I am a tra—-” He was about to say that he was a traveller, but then recalled that Zenberu was the same “Why did you became a traveler?”

“Hah? Ah, I lost to the previous owner of Frost Pain.”


 The two wondered if it was some sort of rule. Zenberu then softly said.


“Huh? Oh, losing to the owner of Frost Pain was a huge blow to me, so it was only natural for me to want to leave and visit different places and become stronger right? So I became a traveler.”


 With an aim completely different from his, Zaryusu’s shoulders dropped. It was the feeling of having lost someone who empathised with him. Crusch gently placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

 Zenberu did not see all that and continued saying happily.


“I thought that there must be powerful guys in that mountain since it is so big, learned a lot from the guy I met in my travels and got that spear. I didn’t want it at first, but since he said that was a momento of our meeting, I had no choice but to accept it.”

“… So that happened, that’s great.”

“Yeah, thanks.”


 — Sarcasm didn’t work.

 Zaryusu drank more alcohol. His throat became hotter, and the heat spread from his throat to the rest of his body. Then he spoke extremely softly. A voice completely different from his usual atmosphere, to the point that no one would have recognised that it was him.


“So, do you think we can win?”


 While watching Zenberu’s face, Zaryusu considered thoroughly and replied.


“… I don’t know.”

“Yeah, I guessed as much.”


 There was no absolute victory in war. And so no one could say that they could absolutely win against an enemy they had no information against.


“But….From what they are aiming for, they will not kill everyone.”

“Ah, what that monster said right.”


 In comparison to Zenberu who did not understand what Zaryusu was saying, Crusch responded immediately. She then faced Zenberu and took the tone of a teacher.


“Do you remember what that monster said?”

“Sorry, I was napping then.”

“… Someone must have heard it right?”

“Hmmp, I forgot because it is a hassle. Anyway, the important is they attack us, we hit them back, right?”


 This guy is hopeless— Crusch gave up explaining with such a face.


“… They said, ‘Resist stubbornly, mortals and show how you can be useful subjects’.”


 A dangerous expression appeared on Zenberu’s face, his features scowled into a sneer.


“How maddening, looking down on us from the very beginning.”

“There is a possibility that they are gathering soldiers to break our resistance, and destroy it with an overwhelming force. But if they are aiming to rule us, then they will not kill everyone.”

“Don’t bullshit me!”


 Zenberu raised a dangerous cry. He did not have such hostility even during his fight with Zaryusu. He was just that furious.


“… But we will crush the arrogance of our foes. We will unite the five tribes and show them the largest force we could assemble. We will strike them down head on, and tell them we are not defenceless weaklings.”

“Hmmp, not bad, that’s a simple way of putting it. I like that.”


 As the two male lizardmen was discussing passionately on how to fight, Crusch poured cold water onto their plans.


“It won’t do us any good to wound their pride too much. We just need to show them our worth, correct?”

“Hey hey, you want us to bow our heads to those annoying people?”

“Zaryusu… I understand the danger in evacuating, but I think keeping our lives is more important than losing our freedom.”


 Crusch said her piece softly.

 Even if they refused it, they did not make fun of the idea of slavery. Those that could were either arrogant, or could not think of the future.

 No one wants to be dominated, but being enslaved has more future than losing their lives. If they have a future, there will be endless possibilities. For example, if they taught the fish farming technique to everyone, they might be able to abandon their current homes and run away.

 If one was to give up on this possibility and order everyone to die, he has no right to be a leader.


“Listen to this.”


 After hearing what Zaryusu said softly, the three of them perk up their ears and listened to the laughter being carried here by the wind.


“We might not be able to have fun like this after being dominated.”

“Maybe we could, right?”

“Maybe. But, they are evaluating us. It seems that we cannot avoid it.”


 Crusch nodded in agreement.

 She understood completely. It was an unavoidable war. However—-


“What I want to say is… please don’t die.”

“— I won’t, not before I hear your answer to that question.”

“— !”


 Crusch and Zaryusu gazed into each other eyes under the cool night sky.

 And made an oath.


 — Completely ignoring the disgruntled Zenberu.

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    While watching Zenberu’s face, Zaryusu considered thoroughly and replied.”

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    Zaryusu drinks and feels stuff…he spoke.. “Question?”
    Zaryusu answers question while watching Zenberu…

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