Overlord First Half Chapter 55: Invaders Part 3

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Invaders Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet



 The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. In the centre was a large mausoleum. Surrounding it were eight ten-metre tall armoured warrior sculptures. At the feet of those warriors that seemed to be able to move at any moment. Hekkeran was hiding there and focusing on monitoring one of the corners of the mausoleum.

 After a while, he noticed the figures of five people running while hiding their bodies from the mausoleum. He confirmed that there was nothing strange with their running, and did not see anything in the surroundings. Since there were no problems, he breathed a sigh of relief as those figures reached him.


 As Heavy Masher approached, Hekkeran’s surroundings suddenly silenced, this was as they had entered the range of the spell <Silence>.

 Greenham, who was at the front, ran towards Hekkeran whose body was peeking out from the statue’s feet. And since <Silence> was erased, sound returned to the surroundings.


“Oh, Greenham. You’re late.”

“My bad. It seems we are the last.”


 At Hekkeran’s words, Greenham made an apologetic gesture.


“Well, you seem fine, so there’s no problem. We’re not there yet, but how shall we proceed inside the mausoleum?”


 Hekkeran bent his body as if leading Greenham and started walking. Since they were the first to arrive, a certain level of investigation had been done.


“How was your side?”


 Greenham spoke from behind. There was an obvious excitement. Basically it was the same as Hekkeran’s situation.

  Hekkeran smiled, and recalled the mountain of treasure in his possession. He then turned around and showed the same excitement as Greenham.


“There was quite a bit. How exciting.”

“You too. It was a good choice coming here.”

“Agreed. How many mountains of treasure are there. I have to thank the great one that was buried here.”

“If we found this much, there might not be much inside.”

“No, I believe that there is much more inside.”

“Ho ho. Then how much do you think we can find this time, wanna bet?”

“It’ll be great. On top of finding more treasure, I’ll getting more from you. Great.”


 The two spoke in low voices, however, they showed wide grins to each other.


 Stealing treasures from someone’s grave. Naturally this was a crime, but while adventurers would mind, Workers had neither a horn nor claw of guilt. If they did, then they would not be a Worker.


“….What is that?”


 At the foot of one of the giant statues, something like a stone monument was placed. Since it was dark, it could not be seen clearly, but one could make out faint symbols engraved on it.


“That is?”



 Hekkeran strained his eyes, and grasped what Greenham was asking about. It was the same thing he himself had questions about.

 Hekkeran, without slowing down, informed Greenham of the results of the inspection as they headed towards the entrance of the mausoleum. Originally, they wondered if it was fine to easily give away information that they even had to use magic to gather, but this time they had a large team—Comrades to work with. There was the chance of hiding information leading to a non-profitable situation. And the contents of the symbols was something even Hekkeran and Eruya’s teams were unable to grasp. The hope that Greenham might know appeared in his head.


“That stone monument thing has symbols written on it.”

“What does it say?”

“An unknown language, and Arche had to use magic to understand it. It was [Taros Ver 2.10].”

“….What is that? Words that relate to this tomb?”


 Everyone in Heavy Masher could hear Hekkeran’s voice. However, since no one said anything, the chance of no one knowing anything was high. Erasing his faint hope with a Well, this is how it is, Hekkeran replied to Greenham’s question.


“This is Arche’s speculation. The numbers might have some meaning. It might be a riddle inside the tomb….Well, it would be best to keep it in mind.”

“True. I shall do that.”


 Leaving the front of the stature, they climbed ten flights of stairs, made from a white stone, and the entrance to the masoleum spread out before them. A chilly atmosphere flowed out from inside.


“It smells of death.”

“Ah. True.”


 Hekkeran agreed with Greenham’s whisper. The smell of tombs was mixed with a frost. It was a smell that workers often met. It was also similar to the smell of undead.


 Inside was a large hall. On the left and right were countless stone platforms, and beyond that were stairs heading down. The door in front was currently wide open.


“This way.”


 Hekkeran lead Greenham’s group down the stairs.

 Right after the stairs was a large hall. It was made as if to trap intruders, and in the middle of it were Hekkeran’s comrades [Foresight], and [Tenbu]. However, one team was missing.


“Now, what to do? It seems they are not coming….”

“The rendezvous time is past….”


 The team that was to inspect the log house did not arrive. That was proof that something happened. At least there was someone in the log house.

 If they were to take safety measures, then retreating would be best. There was still enough time given to them. There was no need to forcefully advance.

 However, one thought stole their attention.


 That was the sparkling of the treasure they obtained on their way here. That countless shimmers could not leave their heads.


 They did not think that a battle had occurred at the log house. They were only having tea and talking with humans. They were simply late.

 And so, Hekkeran agreed with his baseless thoughts.


“Even if we wait, nothing will come about, so let us enter and split up. However, if we find stairs, were are not to descend today. How about it?”

“No problem.”

“Same here.”

“I have investigated a bit inside, and as we open the door, there will be a cross-shaped intersection twenty metres in. Shall we split up and investigate?”

“No problem.”


“Then shall we go?”


 Hekkeran’s suggestion was immediately accepted. This was as everyone had the same thoughts, and were taken in by the same greed. And so they took their first step. The first step into the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

 The first step into despair.






 Let us rewind time just a bit.

 The group of workers led by Parupatra, [Iron Wall] was moving along the outer walls of Nazarick, heading towards the log cabin. As the group approached the cabin, they noticed other than its size, the design of the cabin was rather normal.

 Now that they were standing in front of the building, they could finally appreciate its size. It would rather troublesome to transport so much timber just to construct it. The craftsmanship was detailed. As there was no light filtering out of the building, the group was unsure how many occupants there were.  

 The front gate and the back gate had the same design. However, both gates were wide open, raising the question as to its intended purpose.


 Palpatra withdraw a magical item from his back, the Chameleon Mask, a mask that allowed him to disguise his face. After putting it on, his looks changed.

 Although he wanted to act friendly, he had no intentions of revealing his face to those people from the Kingdom. Moreover, once the others teams started a ruckus, he did  not want to be the sole scapegoat.


“I’m going.”


 Waving towards his teammates, Palpatra started his approach towards the cabin. All this while, he did not drop his level of alertness, but sniffing for traps along the way would raise suspicion.

 He managed to arrive safely at the front of the cabin. Not using a lot of strength, he knocked on the door several times clearly before speaking.


“Excuse me. We are lost, is anyone here?”


 His spoke in a mild friendly tone that he had worked hard to create.

 He waited a while, still there was no answer. He decided to try and shout one more time. As he prepared to knock, the door swung open.


“Welcome, guests’s”


 Palpatra and his group dropped their mouths wide open.

  This was as, at the open doorway, was standing a beautiful woman in maid clothes.

 There were various types of beauty, but the words that suited her was a beauty like the sun. She had healthy brown skin, and a bright expression that constantly changed. She would be in her twenties.

 If he had met her in the estate of a great noble then there would be nothing strange, but he expected either a brawny or melancholic man to come out so he was surprised.

  However, the woman in front of him, her clothes and appearance, did not match the log house within the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.


“What is the matter’s”

“N, no, I did not expect to meet such a beauty….”

“Wow. You are good at praising’s”


 Palpatra’s caution slightly dropped due to the laughing woman.


“Now now, please come in.”

“Well pardon me.”

“All your comrades as well’s”


 Should someone been inside, he had the role of stalling the inhabitants to prevent them from finding out about the investigation of the other teams. Palpatra had no qualms about entering.

 However, everyone could not enter. It was natural. Only Palpatra had a magic item that could change his face. He could not let her memorise the face of his comrades.


 It would be simple to kill her though….

  It was a dangerous thought, but it cruelly flashed for an instant in his head, but Palpatra immediately dismissed it. This was as the client had asked to not make a commotion.

 Well, if it comes down to it then I have no choice but to kill her.


“No, they are quite boorish people. I will not be here for long, and so it will be fine if only I am present.”

“Is that so’s”

“Eeh. And I would like to monopolise a beauty such as yourself.”

“….You have a good mouth’s”

“No no it is the truth.”


 They both laughed.


“Then, please’s”


 The room was a log house as expected. However, the ceiling and the room was made quite large, and it betrayed the expectation that there would be many rooms inside. Since it was quite large, it felt as if he had become a dwarf—Or perhaps it was due to him trying to shrink away from the restless feeling he had.


“Now please take a seat’s”

“Ah, my apologies for imposing.”


 Palpatra sat down on the chair that was pointed to. Since he was wearing full plate mail, he had quite the weight, causing the chair to squeak under the stress. The maid sat in front of Palpatra.


“Do you want anything to drink?”

“Ah, no thank you.”


 While one might think that there was nothing to worry about, he rejected due to the chance of something being inside. This was something of a bad habit caused by doing dangerous jobs as a worker.


“Now, I did not expect to meet such a beauty as yourself in such a place.”

“Well, I am currently alone, but not always you know’s?”

“Is that so?….You do seem to be wearing maid’s clothes, may I please be able to meet your master?”

“….My master’s.”


 Seeing the maid suddenly cut herself off, Palpatra wondered if he had done something bad. He should be doing nothing suspicious so far.


“….I believe it to be impossible. My master is a busy person after all.”


 The maid’s sudden change of tone caused Palpatra’s sense of caution to strengthen. However, he had came here with minimal information. If he had to stop here, then it could not be helped.


“….Is that so. Then is your master a noble of the Kingdom? It seems he is in charge of this place.”

“A noble? No he is not.”


 The maid’s eyes narrowed slowly. Palpatra felt chills for an instant. The one sitting in front of him was a simple maid. Her arms were thin, so was her neck. They were weak to the point that Palpatra could easily steal her life should he choose to attack.

 However, why. Palpatra felt that there was a giant beast sitting in front of him.


“….Then what is he doing?”

“He is the ruler of this tomb.”



 Palpatra froze as he could not immediately understand the meaning of what was said.


“Yes. The ruler. The ruler of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama. That is the name of my master.”


 The woman’s laughing figure was extremely beautiful. However, below that—That layer of skin had thorns underneath.

 The maid smiled at the dumbfounded Palpatra.


“….I have said that he is busy, but I believe that he is busy wondering how the current intruders are faring.”


 The sound of a falling chair was heard. This was as Palpatra suddenly stood up.

 Palpatra then ran to the door. He then opened it vigorously.


 His comrades raised voices of surprise at the figure of Palpatra stumbling out of the door.


“This is bad! It’s a trap!” Someone was about to cut in, but Palpatra shouted. “Immediately send a message. Tell them to retreat.”


 Palpatra shouted while moving away from the log house. His eyes faced the door and he intended to immediately react should the maid leave.


“….It’s impossible. It’s being blocked.”


 Palpatra’s eyes widened from his comrade magic caster’s words, and he immediately fell into deep thought.


 He had only one thought.

 To throw them to their deaths, or try to do the minimum.


 The other teams would have entered the centre of the mausoleum by now. Should they head towards their lodging away from the gate, or should they pass by the large tomb. If they cut through, then it should be fine to put in some effort at the mausoleum in their path.


 He had no intention on risking their lives for the other teams, but the minimum should at least be done.

 Workers were not like adventurers and would become shields for or support others. There were cases where Nobles would become patrons for dirty jobs, but they could not fully trust them even for work.

 What workers trusted the most, were other rival workers. They did steal each other’s jobs, and sometimes killed each other. However, repaying debts of gratitude was something workers placed great importance on. So, workers who repaid their debts with revenge were hated, and it could not be helped if they were killed in their sleep.


 Palpatra glared at the log house. It was possible to tie that woman up and get her to spit out information. However, the time it would take to do so was extremely wasteful.


“Head to the mausoleum! Run!”


 Thinking for a bit, Palpatra came to a conclusion and ran to the main gate. The other members followed behind him. They were probably thinking a lot of things, but immediately obeying the leader’s orders was the hallmark of a good team.



 Running across the tomb, they raced up the steps of the large mausoleum in the centre.

 After checking no one was around, he peeked out from the open door. He did not feel any presences from the dim steps that lead underground.


“Retreat! We’ve be found out!”


 He shouted in a loud voice.

 Palpatra voice echoed, and became a strange sound. Palpatra cleared his ears, but there was no reply.


“Palpatra! There are several woman coming from behind?”


 His comrade at the entrance shouted to them.

 The earlier maid appeared in Palpatra’s head. He felt fear like he was facing a giant beast. However, he had the confidence to run away.


“A battle will occur. Cast protective magic. Then let’s go.”


 He did what needed to be done.

 Palpatra slowly readied his weapons.



 Palpatra and company descended the mausoleum steps, where there were women wearing maid clothes. They numbered four.

 All were extremely beautiful, causing the strange atmosphere to thicken.


“We meet again’s”

“……..Commencing Disposal.”

“Stop. Shizu. Our orders from Ainz-sama are to capture several alive. Although he added if possible at the end.”


“….Meat Dango.”

“….Entoma, you as well.”

“We cannot eat these ready and delicious meat dango. Lupu is the same right?”

“I am fine with deep fried potato’s. I like meat’s, but the same as En-chan is….”

“……..Mixing liquids.” (I assume blending them together)

“No, that is bad’s. I thought that it would taste the same as milk since the colour was the same, give me back my expectations’s. Well, since I touched it I beared with it and finished all though’s?”

“……..Actually that had very high calories. About 15 meals worth.”



 Hitting her gauntlets together, one of the maids rang out her inner thoughts.


“—Shall we stop there? We have not greeted our guests yet.”



 The voices of three people beautifully harmonised. The maid wearing gauntlets, probably their representative, was satisfied with the other three and faced Palpatra.


“….Now, welcome. I (Boku)….My apologies….I (Watashi) am the representative of the maids working directly under the Land Steward Sebas, who works for Ainz-sama, Yuri Alpha. I believe this will be a short meeting, but my introductions.”


 The woman—Yuri smiled kindly. It was a smile that would entrance you, and make you fall in love. He was raptured by her for an instant, but he immediately focused himself and steadied his eyes.


“Ainz-sama has said the following. [I shall give you who have not dirtied Nazarick a chance to return alive. If you can leave here, we shall not attack you any further.]”


 The brand of the strong.

 A tone of a superior looking down on the,.

 The superiority that filled every crevice of the words.

 This made Palpatra and the rest extremely unhappy. To the point that they wanted to let them undergo a painful experience.. However, the appearances and their insides all screamed at the workers that the maids were strong. So, Palpatra and the rest only glared.


“Everyone’s opponents will be—”


 Yuri hit her gauntlets together. A shaking followed the high pitched clanging sound.


“—Nazarick Older Guards, come out.”


 The ground slowly cracked, and the figures of eight skeletons appeared.

 Skeletons themselves were not much of an enemy. Palpatra’s group could take on several at a time. Even if several hundred attacked, they would not feel fear and destroy them.

 From that thought, the eight skeletons that appeared from the ground, would not be considered enemies.


 However, the skeletons in front of them were different.

 Palpatra’s comrades all gulped, and unconsciously took one step back.


 They were equipped in a sturdy breastplate that some country would use, a kite shield that had a pattern on it, and various other types of weapons in the other hand. Their back was holding a composite longbow.

  The weapons and shield they held, and the armour they wore. All had the glimmer of magic.


“They all have magic items….”

“Impossible. Really.”

“So we cannot underestimate them.”


  His comrades whispered.

 There was no way skeletons equipped with magic items would definitely not be normal skeletons. Especially since magic weapons with special effects would be expensive.

 Even Palpatra’s group had barely one per person. And eight of them. This was something ordinary wealth could not accomplish. Or did the master of the tomb create them.


“I believe this much is enough for your numbers. Please feel relieved that we shall not personally move. If you can defeat these undead and leave, it shall be your victory.”

“It is an honour having such undead as our opponents. However—”


 Palpatra thought.

 Not matter how many, it would not be easy to make countless numbers of such undead. From this much, and the announcement that they would not be attacked if they left, there was only one answer.


“—Is this is strongest Nazarick has to offer. Even if this amount is enough to stop us?”


 Palpatra’s question caused Yuri’s eyes to swim slightly.


 Bull’s eye.

 Looking at Yuri, Palpatra decided so.


 Telling invaders that they would not be attacked if they left was extremely weird. However, it would be understandable if they had no way to attack should the skeletons be broken. Since they were also attacking the teams inside, they should barely have enough. It was unclear how many seemingly strong maids there were, but since the head maid was here, and only this many was brought, there should not be many in total.

 Four maids, and eight skeletons with magic equipment. It was about there.


 Assembling your military power at the exit. It was an extremely smart move. It was one of the necessities.


“On top of defeating all of these skeletons, we can destroy them right?”


 For the teams behind them, they should defeat what was probably Nazarick’s strongest forces, the Nazarick Older Guards. It was such a thought.

 Even if the other teams came out, it would be up to fate if they could defeat the current foes in their tired state. Then it would be best if the non-exhausted Palpatra group destroyed them.

 Of course, it was the first time they had met such undead as the Nazarick Older Guards, so it was unclear how strong they were. However, they should not be that strong as to be absolutely undefeatable.

 And these numbers.

 If they were too strong then eight would be unneeded. If there were more, would it be possible for Nazarick to have the financial capacity to equip them all with magic items?


“—How foolish.”


 If this was all, no, at least even more than half, then this was understandable.


“Everyone, do you think this is all?”

“Well, it is difficult to think that there are more undead with such equipment.”

“Well, it would not be weird for more to be inside Nazarick.”

“Shall we defeat them and open a path?”


 Yuri was surprised by Palpatra and the rest since they had made their resolutions. That response was probably not expected.


“Well, there is that method of breaking through. We shall cheer you on, so please do your best.”






 Yuri and the other maids was expressing looks of pity as they repeatedly cheered them on.

 They could not help themselves but to feel unease as the situation headed towards an unexpected direction. How could this have happened… those were their thoughts.


“No, this isn’t right’s.”

“…….I never thought that something like this could occur.”

“Cocytus-sama was shocked as well.”

“If things proceed as it as….We won’t get the chance to display some positive results.”


 Yuri and the others were looking at the fight as a warhammer was swung downwards.


“Oh no, this is bad. The warrior is gonna die’s.”


 As Lupusregina uttered those words, the warriors receive a crushing blow towards his chest and fell. The sound of metal being dented and something heavy falling was heard. In this midst of the fierce fight, it was still clearly audible.


“Cleric-san, if you do not use your healing magic, the warrior will die.”

“……..No point. Their battle formation has already crumbled.”


 Towards Yuri who looked worried, Shizu could only shake her head as she answered.

 The two Nazarick Old Guarders that was held back by the warrior earlier were free. One headed towards the cleric while the other was going towards the rear guard, who was facing two himself, but now another one just joined the fight. The cleric had no time to cast his magic. He expanded all his efforts to fend off attacks coming from three different directions.


“The thief does not have sufficient attacking power. Doesn’t he have anything up his sleeve?”


 The thief who was covering the arcane magic caster had to deal with another enemy joining in the fight, increasing the number of his opponents to two. Equipped with hardened armor, preventing any easy targeting of its critical points, the Nazarick Old Guarder was facing off with the thief who was only armed with light weaponry. As such the thief lacked any ability to turn his situation around and had to rely on his nimble movements to dodge all the incoming attacks. However, a big difference existed between a human who could grow tired and an undead who could not grow tire during a fight.


“He looks as if he is going to cry.”

“Should I wave to him’s?”

“Wouldn’t that be fine?”



 Lupusregina smiled mischievously as she waved towards Palpatra.


“……..Direct hit.”

“Isn’t this because of Lupu’s distraction?”

“Muuu, are you trying to blame me’s?”

“…….Hang in there.”

“Well, I want them to give it their all.”


 Towards Yuri’s opinion, all the maids nodded in agreement.


 Since the beginning of the fight with Parupatra’s Workers, it was a massacre for the Nazarick Old Guarders. The Workers could only put up a futile resistance. Yuri and the others who were watching from the sides felt they were pitiful.

 Before the fight started, where did that confidence came from? The maids initially laughed at their bravado. But the fight was too one sided to the point that the maids started cheering the Workers on.


“Ah, what can I say after the fight reach such a stage’s?”

“….Does the Spellcaster have any trump cards?”

“Wasn’t he trying to chant a summoning magic?”


“Ah, if that was their trump card, it would be very weak. But using the summons as a meatshield is not a bad move.”

“True’s. If we loosen up on the attack, they may have a chance to reform their formation’s.”

“But, using flight magic was a stinky move.

“I don’t know whether he is gonna run away or cast his magic from the air…”

“….He would be the ideal target for ranged attackers.”


 The Arcane magic caster received a fatal blow and fell to the ground. If his remaining ally was free, he could at least be treated with healing magic or a healing potion before going back into the fray. The actual situation did not allow such a luxury.

 In the end, the thief could only do his best to stop the magic caster from being dealt the final blow.


“Still why would they thought that the amount of guards would be just this?”


 Somehow, Yuri was able to figure out their line of thinking.

 Although the following example was not appropriate for the situation but it was the best to describe it.


 A close friend was telling you that he would be bringing a member of the opposite sex that you were interested in. You happily prepared the refreshments. But when they arrived, the number of guests was actually eight. How would you feel about it?

 Would you think of the additional 5992 members waiting for you or would you be shocked by such a revelation? Could they still think in the presence of beauties that stood at the pinnacle?

 Most likely, they were shocked to the point that their minds became blank.

 No, it might be that their way of reasoning was towards a direction that was beneficial to them. This was not that there were stupid, but was aimed to give them courage and dispel thoughts of despair that befell them. This may be the result of a mental trigger during a human’s fight for survival.


“Regardless, it’s all hopeless’s.”

“Yes, their chances were insignificant.”

“As a measure, let’s stand guard here until the other thieves return.”


 Everyone else was looking at Entoma with a stupefied expression.


“How is it possible that they could return’s?”

“……..Brought it on themselves.”



 A painful wail and the sound of something dropping. The four maids turned towards its source and spoke with a sense of disappointment.


“Ah, the thief is down.”

“Looks like victory was decided’s.”

“So it seems. Probably we should have made them beg for mercy earlier…”

“What was with their level of self-confidence? I thought they had something up their sleeve? Typical.”


 The pungent smell from the thief’s spray of blood drifted towards the maids.


“It looks tasty…”


 The words were uttered without a trace of movement from the facial muscles. Instead a strange sound was emitted from the lower chin.


“Hold that thought.”


 It was Yuri who noticed it.

 They received a direct order from Ainz to recover all the corpses. There was no need to ask for the reason for such an action. Furthermore, it was inappropriate to deliver a partially eaten corpse.


“Fresh meat….”

“We can ask Ainz-sama afterwards, bear with it for now.”

“Wasn’t the experiment designed to test whether we could handle those who seek to escape?”

“It seems so’s.”

“Cocytus-sama originally intended to pursue them to their ends…”

“…A frontal assault…”

“They lacked the capability to discern the strength of their opponents. Now, let’s send those who still had a breath to the interrogation room. As for the deceased… Let’s report to Ainz-sama.”



 In this night,  the Workers of [Iron Wall], led by Palpatra disappeared.

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  1. I wonder if Shizu meant indirect kiss when she’s mentioned “mixing liquids”. It wouldn’t be far behind her character lol 😀 It’s kinda sad she doesn’t have much screentime, her poker-face jokes are the best imho. Also I don’t remember this particular piece of dialogue in LN, so it never occured to me that Entoma eats her prey dissolved (which is only natural I guess?).

    rondevu -> rendezvous?


  2. Well, if I was in their situation, I’d totally watch the infiltrators merrily while munching on popcorn and close off any escape routes and then just wait until they die and laugh like the typical villain(though it was a case of legitimate self-defense here, right?) 😛 Oh, oh, and I would totally force the guys that came to the log cabin to watch all their comrades get massacred in gruesome ways through that mirror 😀 Of course they would also get disposed off after that.

    Well, toying with them like this was great as well. They were unable to bring themselves to think that there might be more powerful beings or more such strong skeletons… They even thought they could easily kill lupusregina… There’s a limit to foolishness, not judging by looks should be a standard thing in a world with swords and magic like this.

     The words were uttered without a trace of movement from the facial muscles. Instead a strange sound was emitted from the lower chin.

    Yup, I don’t want to see what’s underneath that mime mask or the clothes. Please let me imagine her as a beautiful female instead of a big walking, grotesque insect. I’ve developed the ability to ignore things I don’t like even more after reading overlord. Too many beautiful females are actually grotesque monsters that transformed or hides it in some way 😛

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