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Rest of Chapter 56

Hi Guys. The rest of the chapter is out. Really sorry for the delay and I am really thankful for all of the supportive and understanding comments.




Overlord First Half Chapter 56: Invaders Part 4

Hi everyone,

Frostfire10 here. I am sorry for the extreme 3 week delay on this chapter. I am swept up in schoolwork right now and cannot finish it, which is why it is complete. I am posting what is done so that you guys know that I am not dead and still intend to complete this. I am just in my final year so things are very, very hectic.

Thank you for keeping up with this so far and wish for your forgiveness.

Hi guys! Thanks for the wait! Here is the rest!

Invaders Part 4

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 While the teams each chose a route at the crossroads, Eruya Uzruth chose what he thought to be the most direct path to the interior.

 There were multiple stone doors and countless turns, but he was walking the most suitable route. There was nothing and it was extremely boring. There were no traps or monsters.

 Was this path a miss. Thinking that, Eruya clicked his tongue.

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