Rest of Chapter 56

Hi Guys. The rest of the chapter is out. Really sorry for the delay and I am really thankful for all of the supportive and understanding comments.




9 thoughts on “Rest of Chapter 56

  1. Just read the rest of that chapter. LOVED IT!!!

    Thank you for finishing this chapter!

    ~Ol’ Pervy goes into extreme selfish and greedy mode.~

    So… Just WHEN can we expect the next 47 chapters to be fully translated and posted? Next week? Hmmm…?

    Umm… Why are you holding your side and laughing so uproariously, Frostfire? Aren’t you taking my question seriously…?


    1. so, 47 chapters remaining? IDK if I should be happy or be sad upon this “dawning” reality…

      either way, thanks for the hardworks as always, loving this WN almost as much as I feel regarding the LN
      *raising glass*


      1. @Mr. Duck: Anybody who knows me would already know that I pulled the number 47 out of my rectal orifice. I was just throwing an outrageous amount of needed translating to try to bring a smile to Frostfire’s face.

        (Please note, I have it on good authority, (A throw of the dice), that the actual number of remaining chapters is actually 4,837. And as usual, we greedy and selfish readers will be extremely patient and generous by giving Mr. Frostfire a WHOLE THREE WEEKS to get them translated and posted! Isn’t that just superbly kind of us?)


      2. I can smell the sarcasm. Yeah but sorry, final years are always tough. While I cannot promise a constant flow of chapters, I can promise that I will see this through till the end. To Mr Duck, Mr Chuck and everyone else who has stuck with me despite all this.
        Thank you.

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      3. Frostfire has agreed to finish this! May he be truly blessed by the gods of translation!

        (By the way… Does this mean that we FAITHFUL readers can call off the assassin who was holding a gun to your head?)


      4. LMFAO

        at least swap the gun with a low-voltage taser, we don’t want to be hasty and reckless (and ruining our chance to read on future chapters) [ nah, LOL, JK though] ^^

        anyway, I appreciate Frost-san & co. who, albeit being busy and having hectic daily life, strive to deliver these WN chapters

        “Till the end and beyond!” *cheers*


      5. Good point, Chris.P.! We don’t want to lose the goose that lays the golden egg!

        Next time we need to “convince” Frostfire to keep up the translations, we need to instruct the assassin to forget the gun and just use a blowtorch and a pair of pliers and get medieval on his ass.

        (And my apologies to Q. Tarantino for ripping off a line from his movie, Pulp Fiction, which, for some reason, seemed strangely appropriate for this ridiculously bad joke that this senile old pervert can’t seem to stop continuing in this comment thread.)


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