Overlord First Half Chapter 59: Invaders Part 7

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Invaders Part 7

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet, Skythewood


 Arche panted heavily.

 Every time the grass swayed from the wind, her whole body would tremble. Like a small animal, she fearfully looked in every direction.

 The surroundings were a forest, and there were many places without light. The spreading canopies of the nearby trees blocked out the light from the sky, and there was almost none on the surface.

 Although this environment would normally be difficult for a human being to navigate, in lieu of illumination, Arche used the <Darkvision> spell, which made her surroundings seem as bright as day.

 However even if she looked around, her surroundings were filled with undergrowth that could fit a man. Behind that was a giant tree with a width one could easily hide behind. Along with the waving branches, there were countless places she needed to pay attention to.

 As an arcane magic caster, if Arche were confronted by a monster which attacked her, she could not get rid of it by herself. Normally, she would have her colleagues to help her, but the ones who would help her, who would provide cover for her, or heal her, were all absent.

 Which meant that all she could do was watch out for signs that an enemy was approaching, keep her distance, and flee. She was on edge because she was keenly aware of this fact, and it sapped her mental strength even more than normal.


 Her original plan was to make it to the outside, which meant she would escape by flying. But once she flew above the trees, she saw a gigantic flying creature in the sky which seemed to be searching for something, so she abandoned that plan.

 After she confirmed the presence of the giant bat, she could not find it in herself to try and turn it into a contest of speed. That was because even though <Invisibility> could fool visual senses, it could not deceive the special sensory organs of a bat.


 After confirming her surroundings were safe, Arche once more flew up at a snail’s pace.

 She was proceeding as slowly as possible with <Fly> because she wanted to observe her surroundings. If she went at full speed, she would not be able to react quickly enough even if she were on alert and spotted a threat, and that would mean she would be leaping into the mouth of any monsters which pursued her. In order to avoid this, she deliberately lowered her speed.



 Finally, Arche felt the layer of magic energy surrounding her growing thin. Her flight spell was about to run out.

 She slowly descended to the ground.

 The question now was what should she do. Casting ‘Flight’ again would not be a problem. She could feel that she had enough mana for it. However, ‘Darkvision’ was also a crucial spell, if she meet monsters then she needed <Invisibility>. She also had to reserve enough mana for defensive spells in case of combat.

 The 3rd tier spell ‘Flight’ was one of the highest-ranked spells Arche knew how to use. Which also meant that it was one of the most draining spells she had. If possible, she wanted to avoid using it.

 Since entering the tomb and being teleported here, she had used quite a bit of magic power. She could not use <Fly> multiple times with what she had left.


  However, using magic to directly pass through this forest was a waste. And losing <Fly> would mean losing her sense of direction.


 Since it was a forest, even if she tried to move straight ahead, she would lose her destination. This was as she had to avoid trees and cross fallen logs. In addition of not having an obvious goal, it was extremely difficult to be aware of where she was walking.


 She climbed to the tree tops while the fly magic was still active, and got a grasp of her current location. It was fortunate that there was a large tree next to the coliseum. She oriented herself based on that. However now that her magic was gone, the difficulty skyrocketed. She did not have the time to climb a tree to grasp the situation.


“—Where can I rest.”


 Arche mumbled to herself.

 If she restored her mana through sleep, she could use <Fly> more often, and movement under the sun would be safer. This was particularly true for the forest, where the monsters tended to come up at night.

 It might be better for her to curl up somewhere and wait for day to break, rather than force herself to carry on in the dark forest.


 But Arche had no idea where the safe places were.

 If Imina were here, she would probably know. However, her reliable companions were not with her.


“Imina, Roberdyck.”


 Arche curled up beside a huge tree, and thought of her comrades.




 Even though this much time had passed, the two did not show signs of following her. There was no sign of something happening at the coliseum. There was no sign of the two trying to contact her. She was led to only one answer.


 Their death.


 No, that was something she had known from the beginning. There was no way they could beat the ridiculous entity known as Ainz. Even so, was she a fool for holding on to the faint hope of seeing them again—


 Arche sat on the ground and leaned her back on the great tree.

 Arche closed her eyes. She knew it was dangerous, but she still wanted to close her eyes.

 As the memory of the three of them came to mind, she squeezed her eyelids shut.


 The icy-cool sensation of the wood against her head was very comfortable. It was only after she had rested for awhile that she realized just how tired she had been. Her stress turned into emotional exhaustion, and it rose without stopping.




 She let her head rest against the tree.

 And then she opened her eyes wide.


 <Darkvision> painted the world of night in fresh, bright colors, but she had no explanation for what she saw in her field of vision.

 Someone was watching Arche.

 It was like nothing Arche had ever seen before, and her eyes seemed transfixed on the sight of the beautiful girl.

 She was dressed in a velvet-soft ball gown dyed in the darkest shade of black, a garment that seemed thoroughly unsuited for her present environment. Her skin was as pale as wax. A single hand stroked her long, platinum hair, which seemed about to brush across Arche’s face.

 Though she was a noble daughter, Arche had never seen a girl this beautiful before. If she were to show up at a formal dance, men would flock to her like moths to a flame, purely on the virtue of her beauty.

 Her crimson pupils radiated an irresistible charm that seemed to draw Arche’s soul into them.


 But Arche immediately returned to her senses. There was no way someone like that would be in a place like this. Especially not someone with both feet on the tree trunk, standing parallel to the ground in utter defiance of gravity.


 It was obvious that this was a pursuer sent by Ainz. Still, it was not completely impossible that she might have been a resident in the forest for a long time.


“Are you done playing tag?”


 Her fleeting hopes had been utterly dashed.


“—A pursuer.”


 Arche leapt away to open up a gap, targeting the girl with her staff. The girl seemed disinterested in Arche, and neatly walked down the tree trunk and onto the floor.


“It won’t be fun if you don’t run.”

“—if I defeat you here, I can flee more safely.”


 Even as she said this, Arche smiled bitterly in her heart. There was no way she could beat any pursuer sent by Ainz, a being who existed outside the bounds of common sense.

 Knowing this, the reason why she said so was to gauge the other party’s reaction.


“Then, by all means, although I can only play with you for a while.”


 Her attitude said that she completely understood the difference in power between the two of them. Basically to her, a fight with Arche was in the realm of a game.




 Arche cast her spell and began to flee. There was none of the leisurely, slow flight she had demonstrated on the ground. In one swift movement she was aloft, covering her face with her arms as she broke through the forest canopy and soared into the air.


 Under the night sky, Arche looked around once more. She was on guard for the bat-like monster she had seen earlier. However, it seemed that it was nowhere around. And so, all that was left was to escape.


“Yes, yes, keep it up, keep it up,”


 The beautiful voice called out to Arche, who was desperate to flee. Her heart lurched. Casting desperate glances around, Arche tried to see where it was coming from. It was from in front and above her.

 When had she—the girl from just now was there.




 Bluish-white lightning leapt from her staff’s head and cleaved through the night. This was Arche’s strongest attack spell. Even though it pierced the girl, the smile did not vanish from her face.


 Arche was sure of it. This was a being on par with Ainz, which meant that there was no way Arche could defeat her. The girl cheerfully spoke to Arche, who was eager to flee.




 An enormous pair of wings extended from behind the girl’s back. They were like a bat’s in shape, but far, far larger. An enormous bat flew out from behind her, like it had detached from her body. And of course, no bat with glowing crimson eyes like that could be a mere beast.

 The girl smiled from beside the giant bat, whose wings beat steadily through the air. It was a smile that froze Arche’s body like ice, a smile that did not seem to belong on someone her age at all.


“Well then, do continue to flee—”



 Arche fled.

 She took flight with all her strength.

 She flew into the forest to lose her pursuer, and the branches scratched her body as she fled.

 Since she had discarded her companions to escape, that meant she had to make it out of here no matter what. In her mind, she would do anything to make that happen.


 Just how much had she flew. She casted <Fly> multiple times, and when her magic was about to run out, Arche met despair.


 It was a wall.

 An invisible wall stood in front of her.


 The world went on beyond it, but Arche’s body was blocked by that wall. Arche was now two hundred meters above ground level and the invisible wall had reached this high.


“—This is”


 Arche muttered to herself as despair seeped into her heart. She flew and felt around with her hands. But… wall, wall, wall, still a wall.

 No matter where she flew, her hands told her there was something hard in her way.


“What is this?!”

“A wall, of course.”


 Her muttered words that should not have an answer was replied to. Guessing her identity, Arche made an exhausted face.

 The one who stood there was the one she expected. The earlier girl. And three giant bats that were flying around her.


“Though it seems you’ve gotten the wrong impression. This is the 6th floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. That is to say, you’re underground.”



 Arche pointed at the world. The heavens had a starry night sky, the wind blew, and the ground had a forest spread upon it. Thinking that such things were impossible to have underground, she was hit by the thought that if it was them, it was possible.


“The 41 Supreme Beings. Long ago they ruled this land, and they created us. It is a system that even their creations, us, cannot understand.”

“—They made a world? That is the work of gods….”

“Yes. They are our gods. The existences that Ainz-sama stands at the head of.”


 Arche looked around.

  She already accepted it. As expected, if one was shown this much then they would understand.

 That she would not return alive.


“Now, are you not running?”

“—I can?”

“Of course not. We had no intention of letting you go anyway.”

“—I see.”


 Arche grabbed her staff with both hands, and flew towards the girl. She had no more magic power and so could not use magic. However, she would try her best to escape. It was what she, as the last member of Foresight, had to do.”


“Yes yes, good work.”


 In response to the frenzied Arche, the girl spoke in a casual manner.


“Then, this is the end of your escape. It was a waste that you did not break down and cry in the end.”


 Easily stopping the staff Arche swung, the girl pulled her towards herself. The postures of Arche and the girl crumbled. The two embraced in midair.

 The girl then moved her face to Arche’s neck. Arche tried to break free, but the girl’s body was like glue and she could not separate. With a warm breath on her neck, Arche’s body trembled.


“….Hmm, the smell of sweat.”


 As a worker in the middle of work, Arche was unable to take a bath. This was a natural thing for workers, adventurers and travellers. It was a matter of fact for those who went on journeys, and so if they were told that they were dirty, they would simply laugh as say “So?”.

 However, being told that from a younger and an extremely gorgeous girl, it could not be helped that she felt ashamed.

 The girl moved her face away from Arche’s neck. The moment she saw those crimson eyes, Arche was attacked by a bad feeling. The girl was in heat, and she gaze of the feeling of a man doused in lust.


“When we return shall we first use the bath?”



 Arche was shocked when she was about to respond. She could not move her body. It was like she was sucked in by those crimson eyes. It was then that Arche realised the girl’s true form.


 She was not human—But a vampire.


“….Then.” The girl moved her face close to Arche’s, opened her lips and licked Arche’s cheek. “….Salty.”


 The girl laughed, but Arche’s heart was screaming in fear.

 The girl’s laugh deepened.

 The girl’s lips were like a crack and reached her ears. Her eyes changed from rainbow to crimson.

 It would be suitable to say that while her mouth opened, it made a cracking sound. Her beautiful set of white teeth now formed rows of canines like a shark. Her pink lips glistened, and her clear drool dripped from the corner of her mouth.

 A fear from the bottom of her heart surrounded Arche.


“Ahahhahhaha. Yessss, until your head goes crazy with pleasure, I’ll do a lot for youuuuu. Until you admit it yourselffff, how much time will it takeeeee!”


 In front of the laughing monster that gave off the smell of blood, Arche felt her heart leave her body.

 While the image of her two sisters waiting at home flashed in her head.


“Hmmmm? Ddddiiiddd yyyooouuuu fffaaaiiinnnttt? Tttthhheeennnnn, lllooookkkk ffffooorrrwwwaaarrrdd tttooo wwhheennn yyyooouuu wwaaakkkeee uuuuppp.”








“This is the information Neuronist collected.”


 While in his private chambers, Ainz looked at the documents passed to him by Shalltear. On it was recorded the information by the invaders from three days ago. The name of the requester. The true forms of the invaders. It was a document that held such information.

 Apart from those, Shalltear was handling the items the invaders held, managing it on the 2nd Floor. Dead things that Ainz would use for experiments later were also recorded.

 Scanning through the document, Ainz tilted his head. He had no doubts of Neuronist’s skill, but what he needed was reliable information.


“I see….However, while pain is a good method, all of this was ascertained by torture right. Just how reliable is this information?”




 In response to Shalltear’s surprised reaction, Ainz made a strange sound.


“I believe that this was collected through the magic <Dominate> though?”


 The two looked at each other.

  <Dominate> was a stronger magic than <Charm Person>, and could manipulate a person according to the caster’s will. With this, any information could be easily coughed up.

 What did he not realise it. It was a magic Ainz could use.

 Thinking of an excuse to escape Shalltear’s gaze, Ainz racked his brain.


“No. Shalltear.” In a heartbeat, Ainz came to an answer. “Does this paper have the method of how the information was gained written on it?”

“It is not but….”

“It is so. How was this knowledge gained. And how reliable is it? If that much is not written, misunderstandings can come about.”


 Here, Shalltear made a face as if she had just noticed something.


“My apologies. I did not pay attention to that!”


 It was a forced excuse, and a pretty much one sided conversation, but he managed to get pass it. Filled with a guilty feeling for the apologising Shalltear, Ainz calmly nodded.


“I do not mind but pay attention to this from now on.”

“Yes, understood….By the way, what happened to the priest in the end?”


 Ainz immediately understood that she was speaking of Roberdyck and answered.


“He is being experimented on in the place Aura made.”

“What sort of experiment?”

“Proof of God’s existence….No, it is not a philosophical or religious problem, but to see if such an existence is possible.”


“No, magic exists. It is not strange for there to be a god. Should a god exist due to humans, how would it react to an existence that kills its believers? If the balance of the world it is managing should crumble, what would it do? If it were me I would directly attack.”


 What problems would a god bring? Ainz made a wry smile at Shalltear’s reaction.


“If god exists, then it would be good to investigate how to kill it.”

“I see….If we do not remove it completely it will be troublesome.”


 In the game Yggdrasil, gods were fine to defeat, and he had defeated them before in events. However, is it possible in this world. Ainz was far stronger than humans. Then if existences know as gods did exist, how strong were they compared to him.


“Well, our goal was to change his memory, but he could still use magic. Basically the Four Great Gods do not exist, and I assume that it is a large existence of power. Depending on how the existence is directed, it changes into the various powers of gods.”


 After explaining that much, Ainz once again made a wry smile.


“Well, anymore and it would dangerous and so we stopped. It is dangerous to play with an unknown energy. Well, if I say that then magic might be a problem but….It would be the best for our nerves to understand it is useless to dwell on it. And if gods are the physical expression of the direction of that power, if we can control that direction….We can control gods.”


 Shalltear sent a gaze of respect to Ainz who said that they could control even gods. She was an NPC that recognised her master, the 41 Supreme Beings, were gods. She felt a happiness as if that was being recognised.


“As expected of Ainz-sama.”

“Well, that method will be improbable though.”


 Ainz threw his hands in the air. However, Shalltear was not the least bit disappointed. It did not come to him now but she believed in him. In the not far future, she believed that her master could control even gods.


“Oh yes, I shall ask Demiurge about that. Now, how is that woman doing? I made a promise to not hurt her if possible.”

“That woman….Arche-chan right. I have made it such that she has a tail now.”

“A tail? Did you turn her into a lycanthrope?”


 There were methods that allowed one to change into a lycanthrope, a beast man. Ainz believed it was something along that line and asked Shalltear.


“No, it is ana….”

“It’s fine.”


 Ainz interrupted Shalltear’s words.


“But, Ainz-sama. May I ask something?”



 He had a bad feeling but he had to ask. Listening to a subordinate is the mark of a good master.


“Ainz-sama has ordered me to not harm her. But….Can I steal her virginity?”



 Ainz shouted out the name of a past comrade. Shalltear panicked as her creator’s name was called out. Ainz’s irritation was then retrieved, and he cooled down.


“….Sorry. I got a bit agitated….Oh yes. He passed it down. I’m sorry….Well, I’ll stop.”

“What should I do when she begs me to take it? Or will Ainz-sama take it?”


 He thought of that, or perhaps that it was the fault of the invaders into Nazarick, and lots of other things popped up in his mind. In the end, he believed that it was fine as long as the two agreed.


“….If you did not use magic or force, and she wants you to….It’s fine?”

“Understood. Then when she is as such, I shall take my time to enjoy her.”

“I see….I am happy that you will have fun.”


 Waving his hand, Ainz thought to end the talk. He recalled the leather bag, but Shalltear did not say anything, so he decided that it was not important, and closed his mouth.

 Silence ruled the wide room. The maids that were originally standing behind him had left.

 Shalltear opened her mouth to end the silence.


“….However, what made you think of investigating gods?”

“….It was one of my original goals.” Ainz heaved a sigh of relief at the fact that it was now a serious conversation. “My plan is split into two parts. One is to make the story of the hero Ainz Ooal Gown. And when I do, the next thing is to turn into a god.”


 This was the general situation. If one read human history, the chance of that happening was high.


“However, should gods truly exist in this world, turning into one is difficult. This is why I wanted to confirm what sort of existences were gods. Well, we still do not understand everything about gods though.”


  If gods did exist, the path to become a god was probably nonexistent. However, recognising the existence of gods and spreading the seeds to godhood was the intent of the experiment.

 Ainz felt embarrassed seeing the gaping Shalltear, and spoke quickly as if making an excuse.


“It will be difficult. Surpassing the realm of heros and reaching the rank of god. But the Lizardman Village was a lucky find.”


 Ainz was a god to the lizardmen, or the head of the gods. Basically he turned himself into a god in that small world. And so he gained confidence, and took the experiment one step further.


“I see. Shall I talk of the next one?”


 Ainz hesistated.


“If there is something you cannot say.”

“There is no such thing but….Don’t laugh? I did not say this to anyone.”


 Ainz kept silent, and Shalltear was filled with happiness when Ainz said that he did not say it to anyone.

 Ainz hesitated for a while. In a way it was a dream. It was something a normal person would never think of, the ravings of a madman. Even Ainz never seriously thought of it. However, ruling the Lizardmen village let him believe that it was not impossible.

 That was why he asked Shalltear. He was trying to motivate himself.


“It is like a dream.”


 Ainz made his final excuse. His final goal was impossible, the aims of a madman. It was—



“—World Domination.”



 A silence filled the room again.


“Ainz Ooal Gown ruled the top ten guilds with just 41 people. It is an existence that should become a legend. Taking that step is repaying my past comrades. However, I myself am wishing for it.”


 Ainz cut his words, and stared into space. All the while, Shalltear listened to him without moving a step.


“—My past comrades made it up to here, so I want to do this out of pride. Shalltear—Is there anything better than world domination?”

“There is none, Ainz-sama.”


 Shalltear slowly lowered her head. Her face was red, and filled with happiness.

 Shalltear’s body was embraced by the feeling that suited a subordinate given a royal command.




 After Shalltear left, Ainz who was looking at the information hugged his head.


“However, if this is the approach of the Empire’s side, then is the Kingdom not coming?”


 Ainz thought that his expectations had be wrong. Ignoring the short amount of time that passed, the fact that there was no reaction, was it because they decided that Ainz was not important. However based on the information he collected up to now, Ainz’s ability was absolute. The Kingdom will definitely not think lightly of it but….


“I will be troubled if they move in ways I cannot imagine.”


 He evaluated himself to not be all knowing. There were a lot of holes in the plan, and information could leak.

 On the point that the people of the Kingdom and Empire had a plan, and so the possibility of them going behind his back was high. They could not loosen their guard.


 Ainz slowly leaned back on his chair, and looked at the ceiling. He tried his best to ignore the Eight Edge Assassins that entered his vision. But he thought that he became better at doing it by now.


“I said it to Shalltear.”


 World Domination.

 Ainz did not seriously believe it was possible. There were many things he did not know, and there was the possibility of other Yggdrasil Players existing. With that, it was nothing but a dream, the aims of a madman.

 Just how should he take over the world? It could not be accomplished with pure violence.

 However, the reason why he took over the Lizardman village was for this purpose. Too see if other methods apart from violence were viable.

 In the Lizardman village, Ainz was already recognised as the absolute ruler. Basically there were tribes where strength was everything. It was not as if humans had the highest population, and so he had to rule them. I f the lizardmen had the highest it would be great.


“But we do not know much.”


 If he told the guardians to act to take over the world, everyone apart from Demiurge would start a war. And if Yggdrasil Players exist or if anyone could rival Ainz and the others, this would be an extremely dangerous action.

 And so, it is necessary for a loyal person with wisdom to exist by his side to take action without using this method. And after it was taken over, unifying the government would be impossible given the current state.

 However having Shalltear suck their blood and turn into her servant was not a good method as their loyalty to Ainz was low.


“I want a loyal advisor-type person….”


 He tried to change the memories of the captured adventures—Workers to pledge loyalty to him, but it ended in failure.

 Ainz was not a psychologist and so could not test to what level should it be adjusted. Since he could not save and load, in the end it ended when they successfully had one person’s memories mostly turned into lies.


“Shall I think of other things….”


 Ainz whispered and leaned back on his chair.

 Since none of the invaders could return, they would approach him. It would be fine to act in response to that.


“However….World Domination….Thinking of it seriously is embarrassing….”























“Well then, here are the one hundred gold coins as promised. And this is the contract.”


 After taking a quick peek at the contents of the bag, Arche’s father nodded his head in satisfaction. Without any hesitation, he quickly signed his name on the parchment and then stamped it with their family seal. His fluid actions revealed that this wasn’t the first time that he had done this.


“Now there shouldn’t be any problems, right?”


 Eyeing the parchment that was handed to him, the man nodded. If Hekkeran and Imina were here, they would definitely reveal their displeasure. This man was the same man that had visited them previously at the inn.

 The man glanced at the parchment a few more times while he waited. After verifying that the ink had finished drying, the man carefully rolled up the parchment, and stored it.


“Yes, most certainly.” Pointing towards the bag of coins in front of Arche’s father, the man asked, “By the way, are you not going to check?”

“Heh, I’m fine with it even if it’s one or two coins short.”

“Is that so?”


 Towards the generous yet foolish response made by Arche’s father, the man nodded once more.

 The amount of coins had already been verified before, so there shouldn’t be any problems. But it was definitely not a good sign seeing a family that was nearly at the end of their rope to still be acting this way. No, perhaps their house was fated to end the moment that man became its master.

 However, it was exactly people like these that made the best customers.


“Well then, you’re fine with the usual interest rate and loan term, I presume?”


 It was written on the document but he asked for formality’s sake. He did not want to bring in the knights over some problem. There were those among the nobles, who had high levels of authority, that wanted everything to go their way. Most were eradicated by the Blood Emperor, but there was still a group of troublemakers.

 The man himself was not that clean. Any problems, even when solved would have a fee. And so he asked.


 In response to the question of the details, as expected, the father, without hesitation, and with a naturally pompous behaviour, nodded.

 The man nodded in understanding.


“Now that it is complete, I shall hope that you repay it promptly…By the way, is your daughter still well and healthy?”



 The man suddenly remembered that there were three daughters in the family.


“I’m talking about Arche-san.”

“Ah, Arche huh? Right now she’s out making money.”

“…Is that so?”


 While your daughter is out and about earning money, what are you doing instead?

 As the man thought as such, he hid the disgust in his eyes well. Humans with high levels of authority like nobles were sensitive to other’s faces and atmosphere. Even the worst were better than merchants. Of course it was fine even if it was noticed but the man did not want things to become troublesome. Especially when the other man was very well versed in it.

 He started to pity the girl with this kind of a father.

 The man wasn’t without emotions.

 However, it was more important for him to recover the amount of coins that had been lent previously including the interest on top, and to ensure this cycle of loan and repayment continued. He couldn’t care less about meddling in other family’s businesses.


“Just because she was able to make a bit of money, she started to act arrogantly.”


 The man frowned when he heard the unpleasant mumblings made by Arche’s father. After all, if a troublesome situation was to happen, it might cause a delay in the interest payment. If possible, the man would like the current situation to continue as long as possible. For that, he couldn’t help but ask.


“Did something happen?”

“No, nothing big. It’s just that my foolish daughter seemed to have forgotten about her obligations to her parents for raising her from birth and is starting to become disrespectful.”

“If it’s just that then…”

“Honestly! It’s about time to let her understand her insolence! I need to teach her what being an aristocrat is all about!”


 The man swallowed the rest of what he wanted to say. However, he couldn’t help but let out a final remark.


“It must have been really troublesome.”

“Of course. Such a foolish daughter…”


 The man had purposely omitted who it was that he was talking about and allowed Arche’s father to mistakenly believe that it was said for him, which resulted in more and more muttering.


 One hundred gold coins was an incredible sum. However, at the rate that Arche’s father was spending, he would soon be out of money again. If that happened, he would most likely come back to borrow more. The man had already decided not to lend any more until the money previously lent had been repaid.

 The man glanced around the room.


 What he saw was a room filled with luxurious furniture and decorations. Should the worst happen, he should still be able to recover what was originally lent, even if he had to sell them.

 The man lowered his head in order to hide his thoughts.


“In the end, isn’t it weird for the daughter of the Furt family to be doing that kind of dirty work? The friends that she associates with all seemed to be of common birth too, they probably share the same vulgar character.”

“…Is that so?”


 The man recalled the two person whom he met at the inn and started to open his mouth to retort. Sensing the man’s opinion on this matter, the father quickly stringed up a set of excuse.


“Erm, I am not directing my words at those commoners, but those group of people known as adventurers.”

“Is that so?”

“So it seems, they could be the reason for my daughter being so rebellious. I must teach her a well deserved lesson. As a daughter, it is natural for her to obey her father. It is one decade too early for her to speak her mind.”


 After taking a last look at the displeased father, the man stood up from his chair.


“…I shall be taking my leave now, for my next household appointment. I’ll be leaving it to you to return the borrowed money when the time comes.”




“Onee-sama, when will she return?”

“Do we have to wait a little longer?”


 In the room, there were two little girls. Both of them were sitting on their bed side by side. Their facial features were almost identical.

 Patches of rosy red adorned their white faces, causing anyone to think they had the faces of little angels. Their looks resembled that of their elder sister. One could imagine how beautiful those two will grow up to be in the future.

 The two of them were wearing a pair of identical spotless, pure white dresses. One could hear the sounds patapata as the girls kicked their alabaster legs about.


“Is it true?”

“It is true—”

“Is that right?”

“That’s right.”

“Once Onee-sama comes back, we will be moving out?”



 The two laughed happily. They did not understand what it meant to move away from home nor did they gave the matter further thought. All they knew was their favourite sister will not be going out on trips anymore. That alone was enough to make them happy.

 On many occasions, their sister, Arche had to go out. Although they did not know what exactly was their big sister doing, the two knew that it was something important. Hence, they decided not to behave selfishly, yet they could not suppress their desire to play with their sister.


 That’s right, the two loved Arche the most.

 The most gentle, intelligent, warm sister.


“Onee-sama, she had not returned yet?”

“Not yet?”

“I’m looking forward to it, Kuudelika.”

“Erm, I’m looking forward to it, Ureilika.”

“I want to read together—”

“I want to sleep together—”

“Kuudelika is being mischievous.”

“Ureilika is being mischievous too.”


 Then, the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Their laughter was as charming as a gentle ring of a bell.


“Then, Kuudelika will be together, with Onee-sama.”

“Erm, Ureilika will be together as well, with Onee-sama.”


 The twins smiled happily as they imagined the happy moments that would visit them in their dreams—

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26 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 59: Invaders Part 7

  1. Mere words cannot express how grateful I am that you are continuing to translate this incredible story from the original web novel! Thank you, from the bottom of my dark, twisted heart!

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  2. Oh this it to sad . And I LOVE IT hahaha this is great I need more stores where evil like this win thank you so much for your work .


  3. The next chapter though… does it mention their fates? I kinda already know what will happened but still…

    Also thanks for translating the chapter.


  4. to be honest, I love both the LN as much as I love the WN
    it is still wonderful to read about the “re-take” version of Arche and the twins’ fated fate

    (and bravo to shalltear *lenny* *raising glass*)

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  6. The part I love most about the WN… arche lives. her bing killed in the LN never made sense to me considering how focused ainz was on colleting people with talents. It was like hey here is a person with a talent, lets go out of our way to kill and dismember her. It just didnt fit with ainz overall way of doing things, and since his emotions equalize themselves its hard to blame it on anger as well.


    1. I may be wrong, but to the best of my memory, in the LN, Ainz was not aware of Arche’s family situation nor of her genius for magic and therefore would not have been concerned with anything other than her being one of the ‘lowlife scumbags’ that dared to invade his home. Indeed, in the LN, Ainz, as Momon, asked all of the workers why they were doing that job and they all declared it to be strictly for the money, which to him, made all of the Workers nothing more than burglars and thieves. I personally believe that Ainz asking that question of the workers was his attempt to find a reason to spare one or more of them, but they all gave him the same answer, thus ensuring their complete doom. To me, at least, this made his actions in the LN fit quite nicely into his character and his way of doing things.

      Of course, this is just my own opinion and your viewpoint, while different from mine, is equally valid as an opinion. Each of us has made an evaluation based on our individual interpretations of the story and possible motivations of the author in how he created this scenario.

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      1. That fits with all but arche. ainz was obsessed with finding people with talents because talents didnt exist in yggdrasel. He figured out arche had a talent when she could see his magic lvl. At the very leadt he would have kept her to experiment on like he did the cleric. killing her off just didnt fit ainz’s personality


      2. You have a good point. Ainz is indeed an extreme collector. But at the time that he discovered her talent, she had already invaded his home and even with his emotion suppression, that passive is not all powerful in restraining his anger, as was shown in LN volume 3 when his passive repeatedly flared up but still failed to eliminate his anger over Shalltear’s mind control situation. This gives me enough reason to believe that Ainz was still acting in character. Also, since he is always doing his best to “act” as a proper ruler to his Guardians and servants in Nazarick, it is possible that Ainz may have sacrificed Arche to both validate and satiate the feelings of his own people who obviously had nothing but hate, disgust and disdain for all of the Workers who dared to dirty the Great Tomb of Nazarick with their filthy feet.

        Well, I know that we each have our own beliefs about this and I have found your explanations to be both intriguing and interesting. I understand where you are coming from in your understanding of this tale and I hope that you can understand where I am coming from in my own beliefs about poor Arche. I hope that we can both, in our own individual ways, continue to enjoy this utterly fascinating story that Maruyama Kugane has created.

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      3. Of course. However you misunderstand my point. Ainz was not interetested in collecting talent, or not just that. he considered talents a threat. (like the talent to use any item reguardless of restrictions) In fact he had considered kidnapping people with talents in earlier books to see if it was possible to steal their talents. So he had every reason to keep someone with a talent alive, and in fact even more reason than he had for keeping the cleric alive( who was also a dirty invader) for his “is their a god experiments”. Thats why i said it was out of charcter. Ainz ignored a chance to learn about a possible threat to himself,( people with talents) indulge in his love to experiment, and his urge to collect. im not saying he would have left arche alive, and she definately wouldnt have been unharmed, but killing her outright just didnt seem to fit to me.


      4. But Tri-Art grandpa has the same talent, doesn’t he? They can expirement on him if anything.
        To be honest, I kinda agree that keeping Arche as an experiment sample would be more in-character for Ainz. But between a dead Arche and a sex-slave one, I’d personally prefer former. Because adding her to harem gives to story nothing but fanservice purely for the sake of fanservice. Even though Brain&Arche adventuring party could make a fun spin-off 😀


    2. Why keep Arche, a “lowlife thief and tresspasser” of yet undeveloped talent who has no loyalty towards him when he (in the LN) already acquired the old man of the empire (forgot his name) with the same yet developed inborn talent plus even more along with influence and has declared loyalty? That’s why.


      1. Cause he could experiment freely on her without having to worry about breaking her. Fludder is useful outside of experiments ao breaking him would be bad.


  7. “I want a loyal advisor-type person….”

    And thus albedo was born in the LN.

    “Then, Kuudelika will be together, with Onee-sama.”
    “Erm, Ureilika will be together as well, with Onee-sama.”
     The twins smiled happily as they imagined the happy moments that would visit them in their dreams—

    But their Onee-sama was busy having a butt plug up her ass and gradually submitting to pleasure and couldn’t come home.

    At least that’s better than in the LN where both of the girls died in slavery and Arche was ripped into several pieces and given to different people… Yeah, that was dark. I can understand why, but it was dark nonetheless, not really my cup of tea. I love when it happens to evil or generally disgusting characters, but when it comes to people like her, especially since she has sisters that are innocent and depending on her, it does hit a bit of a sore spot. One of the few parts I wish wasn’t changed in the LN.

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