Overlord First Half Chapter 60: Settings


Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


Translator’s Explanation: This is a summary of the characters, items and terminology that the author uses. While it is takes the place of a chapter, I feel that this is also a cheat sheet for the author himself and so some parts are ambiguous. Parts where the author uses brackets and when I use them are distinguished by my “TL:” right after the open bracket. Have fun adding these to the wiki. Also if you have better interpretations of the names, please leave in comments.


Basically an explanation of the characters.

The latter part is the setting.




 The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick: The homebase of the infamous Yggdrasil guild Ainz Ooal Gown. It’s impregnability was to the level where a mere 41 people repelled a mass of 1500 people. It has ten floors, but attackers had at most made it only to the eighth.


 Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga) : The Protagonist (Should Be) (TL: Maruyama used “no hazu”)

(Peroronchino, Bukubuku Chagama, Luci★fer, Herohero, Blue Planet, Nishikienrai, Touch Me, Ulbert Alain Odle, Yamaiko, Tabula Smaragdina, Ankoro Mocchi Mochi): Past comrades of Ainz Ooal Gown.


 Sebas Tian: The Land Steward of Nazarick

 Shalltear Bloodfallen: True Vampire, the Guardian of the first to third floors.

 Gargantua: Tactical Seige Golem. The Guardian of the fourth floor. He is not a Guardian but is so.

 Cocytus: Bug-type (Appearance-wise) monster. The Guardian of the fifth floor.

 Aura Debay Fiora: Dark elf, the Guardian of the sixth floor.

 Demiurge: Demon-type monster, Guardian of the seventh floor.

 Pandora’s Actor: The Guardian of the Treasury. Technically not a Guardian.


 Kyouhukou: A mysterious existence. He is not a Guardian but protects an area. He has the ability to infinitely summon his kin, and has a villainous fighting method. However, his level is not high, around level 30.

 Neuronist Painkill: Special Information Officer of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick (Torturer). Favourite food is brain miso (brain paste). The owner of a well-rounded body, she will immediately go to Ainz’s bed if called. Ainz Harem Plan Number One. (TL: HAHAHAHA *vomit*)

 Master Musician? (楽師): SECRET (TL: Capitalised in raw)


 Pestonya Wanko: Head Maid. Dog. Priest with a level second to the Guardians. One of the two leaders of kindness in Nazarick.

 Titus Annaeus Secundus: Head Librarian. Skeleton Mage.


 Yuri Alpha: Dullahan, Monk, Battlemaid (French Roll) 1. An Onee-san character, tomboy.

 Lupusregina Beta: SECRET, Priest, Battlemaid (Braids) 2. Tanned skin and a character who gives into her desires.

 Narberal Gamma: Doppelganger, Magic Caster, working as an adventurer named Momon. Battlemaid (Sidetail) 3.

 CZ21128 (CZ) Delta: Automaton, Gunner, Battlemaid (Ponytail) 4.

 Solution Epsilon: Predatory Slime, Assassin. Battlemaid (Chignon) 5.

 Entoma Vasilissa Zeta: SECRET, Magic Warrior, Battlemaid (Side-up) 6.


 Normal Maids: Homunculi. They have no battle power.



 Pinison Pol Perlia: Dryad (Spirit of Trees) Lives in the sixth floor after she was scouted by Aura in the Great Forest of Tob. She is together with several of her friends.




Baharuth Empire (Imperial Capital Arwintar): Used to be a country that practised feudalism, but since the Blood Emperor rooted out the influential nobles and took their authority, it has become a dictatorship.Behind the scenes of these actions is a plan to maintain and strengthen the direct army of the Emperor (The current knights) in the place of the Blood Emperor’s grandfather.

 Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix: The Blood Emperor. The owner of the highest specks in this world. Charisma MAX.

 Fluder Paradyne: The Chairman Magic Caster of the Empire. Age is 268. He can use quite a high level of magic, and has power at the class of the 13 Heros.


[Lightning] Baziwood Peshmel: The head of the four strongest knights of the Empire ([Heavy Explosion] [Immovable] [Lighting] [Fierce Gale]). By the way, the name Lightning comes from his weapon. He has a mithril full body armour that was lightened, and adamantium weapons.


 The Four Knights all have the basic equipment shown below. Gauntlet of Strength (Increase of muscle strength), Amulet of Health (A bonus to resistance to poisons and illness), Belt of Constitution (Increase to endurance), Ring of Resistance (Bonus to magical resistance), Ring of Protection (Increase to defense), Greaves of Quickness (Increase of movement speed), Mantle of Elemental Protection (Lowering of elemental damage), Shirt of Cure Wounds (Low ranked healing magic that can be used once per day), Helm of Mindguard (Bonus to resistance to spiritual attacks). And they have at least 1000 gold pieces worth of potion.



 Workers are known as people who do dirty work, and the drop outs of adventurers.


 Hekkeran Termite: The warrior team leader who uses two sword style (Nitouryuu).

 Roberdyck Goltron: Priest

 Arche Eeb Rile Furt: A young magic caster. Owner of a special ability.

 Imina: Half-elf thief


 Greenham: The team leader of the worker team [Heavy Masher].

 Palpatora: A warrior known as the [Iron Wall]

 Erya Uzruth: The team leader of the worker team [Tenbu]. A genius of the sword.



Re-Estize Kingdom: A feudal country where the king holds 30% of the country’s territory. The major nobles hold another 30% of the country. While the remaining 40% are held by the lesser nobles. The country is currently split into two factions, the Royal Faction and the Nobility Faction. Both factions are currently locked in a power struggle. Many hold the opinion that the country would have crumbled if not for the annual war against the Empire. Due to this, the current king choose not to abdicate the throne.

 Ranpossa III: The king of Re-Estize Kingdom

  [The Golden] Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself: POLITICS Cheat. Extremely beautiful

 Climb: A soldier under Renner. An extreme hard worker. Virgin.

 Gazef Stronoff: The strongest warrior of the kingdom. Of low birth, but climbed up only by virtue of his sword.


 Tuare: Quite the common character (Bubbly and sweet). She is a bit above 20….Real name is Tsare. The older sister of Ninya, she was taken by a noble when she was 13 for 6 years, the noble then grew bored of her and sold her, causing her to experience hell for four months. Or so it should be.


[Blue Rose] The strongest female adventurer group of the Kingdom. Currently the A+ adventurer party in the Kingdom.

 Lakyus Alvein Fia Aindra: A beautiful priest warrior with blonde drill hair. She has one of the weapons used by the 13 Heros and is wicked.

 Evileye: A mystery magic caster whose face is hidden by a mask. Wicked in a lot of ways. ※Author’s Annotation: Originally in this world’s setting, the name Evileye is weird but I could not come up with anything better, and so I ignored it. There is not much of a meaning to it so please do not pay attention to it.

 Gagaran: A warrior famous for various reasons. She like a wicked bad (TL: What is 出落ち的) (Commenter Kurufinve: 出落ち Apparently is a feeling of shame after a bad joke.)

 Tina: Past Ijaniya. One of triplets. She is wickedly lesbian.

 Tia: Past Ijaniya. One of triplets. She is wickedly shotacon.



 The Eight Fingers. An Underground Organisation

 Zero: Second in Command of the Eight Fingers. He is second, but his battle ability is high to the point that no one can command him, and is the strongest man in the Eight Fingers. He looks like a bald giant with tattoos all over his body.

 The name Zero came about as he believed no one surpassed him, and in fact, in a battle of fists only he would be the strongest in the kingdom. He can fight evenly with Gazef. If it is a monk that we have encountered, Zenberu, Zero can crush him.

 He has a monk-type class called Shamanic Adept, and the tattoos on his body are due to that class’ ability and a Spell Tattoo (Cursed Rune) from a special magic item.

 The spirits of animals live in his tattoos, and he can summon their bodies to strengthen his own as a Shamanic Adept.

 He has the ability to activate three of his tattoos at the same time: The Legs of the Panther, the Back of the Falcon, and the Arms of the Rhinoceros, to create the move [Single Strike Kill] that has an amazing destructive power.

 I plan for his heroic appearance to appear in the Kingdom. Keep your eyes peeled!


 Lubelina: The third in command of the Eight Fingers. The person with the next highest battle strength after Zero.

 She is a person with an androgynous beauty. However she wears men’s clothing. She always has a kind smile on her face, but she is broken inside. She has a fetish for watching the suffering faces of people. For that reason she is in charge of clean up in the brothel, and Lubelina has the highest kill count within the Eight Fingers. By the way she is female, but there is no one that talks about this within the Eight Fingers. There were in the past but ever since Lubelina killed one in a terrible way with a bright smile on her face, those people have since disappeared.

 Lubelina possessed a magical Rapier that was known as [Heart Penetrate]. Since she possesses the Duelist-class, her fighting ability will be fully demonstrated when her opponent is alone. Lubelina received training that enhanced her evasion and striking capabilities, further improving her lethality.

 As a trump card, she can use the 1st Rank of Magic.

 Heart Penetrate is a powerful magic sword that rapidly increases the piercing power and the amount of damage on strike. Most armor can be easily cut through like paper by this sword.

 I plan for her heroic appearance to appear in the Kingdom. Keep your eyes peeled!




Fortress City E-Rantel: A city under the direct control of the monarchy of Ri-Estize. A fortress city that sits at the border of the Empire and the Theocracy and is protected by its walls. This city has never been attacked, but since the war with the Empire occurs nearby, it is use as a supply depot.

 And so there are many mercenaries, and the atmosphere that they are going to war is strong.

 Panasolei Gruze DayRettenmaier: Mayor of E-Rantel.

 Pluton Ainzack: Adventurer’s Guildmaster. Early 40s.

 Theo Rakheshir: Magician’s Guildmaster. Last 30s.


 Gignal Elshy: High Priest of the Earth God. In terms of an adventurer he would be A Class. Late 30s.


 Lizzie Bareare: A magic caster that works in E-Rantel as a pharmacist. An old woman.

 Fei Bareare: Lizzie’s granddaughter. She herself is a pharmacist.

 Bardo Roflure: A great merchant who works in the food industry. Has quite the authority in E-Rantel.


 Baniara: A low ranked adventurer. Fighter


 Ishpen Ronble: A receptionist of the Guild. Views Momon as her rival.

 Wina Harshia: A receptionist of the Guild. A person with normal sensitivity. Her bottom is on the large side (big).


[Axe of Cyclone] E Class Adventurers

  Peter Mork: Warrior.

  Lukrut Volve: Ranger.

  Nina [The Spellcaster]: Wizard.

  Dyne Woodwonder: Druid.



 Zack: A simple bandit. Solution ate him, and found him delicious (?) Literally.

 Brain Unglaus: A man who fought Gazef in the deciding battle in the past. A katana user who has a heavenly talent.



Carne Village

 Enri Emmot: A simple village girl. 16 years old. Older sister.

 Nemu Emmot: A simple village girl. Younger sister.

 Goblin Troop: 19 subordinates loyal to Enri. Comprised of 12 Level 8 Goblins, 2 Level 10 Goblin Archers, 1 Level 10 Goblin Mage, 1 Level 10 Goblin Cleric, 2 Level 10 Goblin Riders and Wolves, and 1 Level 12 Goblin Leader



Lizardman Tribes.

 Zaryusu Shasha: A lizardman traveller. Wields one of the four treasures, Frost Pain.

 Crusch Lulu: Representative chief of the Red Eye tribe, an albino lizardman skilled in druid’s magic

 Zenberu Gugu: Dragon Tusk Tribe Chief, monk. One arm is huge.

 Shasuryu Shasha: Green Claw Tribe Chief. Zaryusu’s older brother.

 Rororo: A four-headed hydra



Argland Council State: A city state that is located Northwest of Re-Estize Kingdom and surrounded by mountains. The city was made by multiple races of demi-humans and currently they live together harmoniously. The management is handled by a few select members from each race to form a council, and the ones to pay attention to are the five permanent dragons of the Council. The adventurers are mostly demi-human. Their relationship with the Slane Theocracy is bad, and both hate each other. Humans are low in number.

 The surrounding marine races like the Sea Lizardmen and Mermen are also part of Argland Council State.

 Tswaindruks Vaishion (Tsua) (Tsaindorukusu Vaishion): [Platinum Dragon Lord]. The strongest dragon amongst the five permanent members of the Council. User of [Wild Magic]

 Svelia Myronshik (Suveriaa Maironshiruku): [Bluesky Dragon Lord], of course he/she will not appear.

 Omnadsense Ikrubluce (Omunaadosensu Ikuruburusu): [Diamond Dragon Lord], of course he/she will not appear.

 Kessenblute Eukrililith (Kessenburuto Yuukuriiririsu): [Obsidian Dragon], of course he/she will not appear.

 Zarajilkalia Naheiunt (Zarajirukaria Naaheiunto): [Wyrm Dragon], of course he/she will not appear.


Roble Kingdom: Located towards the southwest of the Kingdom and west of the Slaine Theocracy. Boys that reach the age where they are allowed to carry weapons would be conscripted by the country. The border of the Holy Kingdom is protected a line of fortification.

 Abelion Hill: A large hill in between Roble Kingdom and the Slane Theocracy. There used to be a kingdom of the small hill people, but it was destroyed by heteromorphs like Goblins, Ogres and Orcs. It is currently a lawless area contested day and night by countless groups of heteromorphs. Others include Dark Dwarves, and in exchange for Goblin, Ogre and Orc slaves, they provide metal arms for the war. The Slane Theocracy has sent forces out several times, but they only ended in temporary success.


 The Great Forest of Eivasha: The forest south of Abelion Hill. SECRET



The Slane Theocracy: A nation centered on the teachings of the Six Great Gods. The neighboring countries do not enjoy a good working relation with them as they are mostly centered on the teachings of Four Major Gods. Amongst the human nations, the theocracy possesses the strongest national power due to its strong military. Their religious ideology was mainly that of humans are the race chosen by god. They conducted military operations within the nations surrounding the theocracy with the intention of the suppression of demi-humans and other races. However, it seems their actions serve a bigger agenda.


 The Six High Priests: SECRET

 Highiest Priest (TL: Let’s call him the pontiff): SECRET

 The Three Department Heads: SECRET

 The Six Princess Mikos: Princess Miko of Water, Princess Miko of Fire, Princess Miko of Wind, Princess Miko of Earth, Princess Miko of Light and Princess Miko of Darkness. All of them are users of Priest-type Rank 5 Magic, but this is a secret.




 The 13 Heroes: A group of mythological heroes. They consisted of people that existed 200 years ago? The members consisted of Necromancer Rigrits Bers Caurau, The Dark Cultist, The Magic Swordsman, The Great Priest, The Holy Magician, The Magic Smith (Dwarf), One of The Royal Family of The High-Elves? , Air Giant Warrior Chief, The Dark Knight, Platinum…… etcetc.

 Demon Gods: Beings that were sealed by the 13 Heroes. Existence that could be known as the Demon Kings? The deities that once served the Six Great God fell and became the Demon Gods?

 Country Destroyer: A Vampire Lord (?) destroyed by the 13 Heroes. She is called as such as she made a country her capital, and filled it with the dead. She can use up to the 5th Rank of Magic.

 Eight Greed Kings: TOP SECRET

 God Dragon: The existence that was the last fight of the 13 Heros. Their battle marked the end of the 13 Hero’s adventurers. It is said that they were defeated. After returning the 13 kept silent, and the truth remains in darkness.













 Below is a weird section of hidden setting. One might enjoy Overlord better if they did not read this? I made this to feel satisfied. The number of magic items that adventurers have, a pricing guide, and others….






 World Item:

 Only one of each can exist at a time and are the best items in Yggdrasil with special abilities.

 Totalling 200 (taken from the developers). The ones recorded on the wiki number 50. This is as attempts to steal will occur and so owners of such items will desperately conceal the fact. Even the information of the 50 was gained by dishonourable means, such as spies, information-type magic, leaks from Players who left guilds. The guild who used such various methods to collect information to make the wiki [Burning Three Eyes] was destroyed by a coalition of top guilds.


 A famous World Item would be the Ouroboros Ring. This is a strengthened version of the Overrank magic [Wish Upon A Star]. Its effect would be to have the Yggdrasil developers and company fulfill one wish.

 The first time this was used was to block off one of the nine world for a month, preventing anyone but those from the guild that used it from entering. This was as a certain DQN Guild had monopolised a vein of rare metals and this was used for the purpose of stealing it.

 After a month of investigation, the vein was found. And since it was mined, rare metals had finally made its way into the market for the first time.

 After a month, a war broke out between the DQN guild who wanted it back and the guild that was using it. The guild that had used it gained the support of other guilds and repelled (killed) most of the members of the DQN guild, and won. And due to this, a small amount of rare metals always found its way into the market.

 On the homepage of 2ch were the frustrated words of the DQN Guildmaster. “It is frustrating that it was stolen, but we had extra so it is not too bad. We were using the extra to make golems. But 72 of them….Can we do it?” The meaning of his words are still unknown. (TL: So it was their fault the golems are half done!!)


 There are others.

[Spear that Kills the Holy (TL: Let’s call this Longinus)]. A dangerous World Item. In exchange for the user’s character data being deleted, it activates its ability. The developers went mad.

[Holy Grail]: Healing?-type.

[Grye Eye (Guraiai)]: Owned by World Searchers.

[Yggdrasil Leaf]: Protection-type

[Gjallarhorn (Gyararuhorun)]: A higher level version the overrank magic <(Written: Summoning of an Avatar of God) Call Avatar>?

[Founder (Faundaa)]: The management went mad.

[A Dove Brings An Olive Branch]: What is this? (TL: nani kore)

[Avarice and Generous]: Owned by Ainz Ooal Gown. Planned for Ainz to use it in the last chapter of the First Half.




 World Champion:

 A class that one needs to clear special conditions to use. The strongest warrior class in Yggdrasil, an official cheat. There are nine World Champions, one for each world (Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nioavellir, Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Helheim and Muspelheim)

 They could defend themselves absolutely with Dimensional Gap, and could deal massive damage with Dimensional Slash. (TL: Points to those who get this meme. Hint: Genji and Spidercrabs) It was a class that also had the feature to be slightly stronger when in their world.

 This class has extremely high fighting ability, against the upper high players they can take on three, the upper middle players, four, upper low, five….And so on. However it is unclear who would win if they are up against someone with a trump card or a World Item.

 By the way, the special condition (TL: may be the only one or one of the many; unclear.) was to win in an official tournament.

 In a battle between the World Champions, the champion of the overall tournament was the Jotunheim Champion, second was Alfheim and third was Helheim, but in the battle between the second and third, the third won. (TL: Logic)

 An opinion formed where there should be a guild of only World Champions, but three refused and so it was at an impasse.


 I’m digressing, I never thought about this but the upper high players should have at least 500 people right?

 The difficulty is high, but it is not an impassable wall. Everyone has the possibility.

 It is a wall one can pass by doing a Full Nerd Mode (TL: A wrong translation but what is フル重度課金)(Commenter Kurufinve: フル重度 isn’t it Full Nerd Mode? When you pay for character leveling with your own life after 60+ hours of EXP grinding…), developing a character with detailed planning (finding the one that suits you amongst the enormous amount of data), recycling, having a heart for the exploration of the unknown, and having good guild members.

 And the warriors need to have a good body in real life.

 Addicts are existences that can do all that. If they are useless then RMT (Real Money Trade)


 Since it is a game where a huge number play, it is impossible for anyone to be unparalleled (absolute strongest). However a World Champion with a World Item that turned into a boss via a curse would be in an unparalleled state. Actually the World Champion Muspelheim who turned into one of the Seven Deadly Sins fought evenly against 30 players, then chased until destruction, then failed. (TL: So much chuuni)

 After this, the Muspelheim festival began, and the character was deleted by the developers. A new tournament began, and the second Muspelheim was the first female (appearance wise) World Champion.



 Dragon Lord:

 Dragon Lords are strong dragons, but they are called that when other Dragons treat them with respect. (Or they just call themselves that), and the names change depending on their development.

 Names when they are growing include Ancient Dragon, Old Dragon, Young Dragon.

 Would it be easy to understand if you think about if as the recognised names of the 5 dragons who are Permanent Members of the Council are nicknames?

 By the way, dragons that are in the last stage of development have a strength that cannot be defeated by the race of humans. As expected of the race who ruled (?) this world in the past.






 The game Yggdrasil has two types of levels, and in total 100 can be gained.

 The two types are the Racial and Class levels.


 Ainz is a Skeleton Mage (Race) 15lv, Lich (Race) 10lv, Demilich (Race) 5lv, Overlord (Race) 10lv, True Necromancer (Class) 10lv, Chosen of Undead (Class) 10lv, etc.

 Shalltear is a Vampire (Race) 10lv, True Vampire (Race) 10lv, Priestess (Class) 10lv, Cursed Caster (Class) 10lv, etc.

 Country Destroyer (TL: I think this is Landfall, but not sure if the translation changed) is a Vampire (Race) 10 Levels, True Vampire….A Vampire Princess which is not in Yggdrasil (Race) ? Levels, Magic Caster ? Levels. So the total levels may be higher.


 Monsters are different.

 Monsters are not counted with Racial and Class levels, instead Monster Levels are used. This is added to Class Levels (If they have).

 In the case of Brain Unglaus.

 He was turned into a vampire by Shalltear. However would a Vampire’s levels (Same as Shalltear) be added to his warrior levels, no. He is a monster with Vampire (Monster ? Levels) added to his warrior ? levels. This is what happened after Shalltear sucked his blood and turned into a monster.

 And so there is a difference when a Dragon Lord reaches Hero class and a human reaches Hero class, the difference in monster level opens a gap between them. (Normal humans do not have a racial level, their first level is their class level.)


 However for a Dragon to reach a Level 1 Warrior Class and a human reaching a Level 1 Warrior Class, in game terms, the experience needed is vastly different. I believe you can roughly understand.





 Skill Points:

 Skill Points increase with the racial and class levels. The growth rate is in this order: Heteromorphs> Demi-humans> Humans.

 For a random skill point, a human (Human Race) would be one, a goblin (Demi-human) would be two, and a Skeleton Mage (Heteromorph) would be three. This is only in the case of comparing their best stats, but it should be fine to think of this as the general case.

 For the first level, a human has no racial level and so it would go to his class. A fighter’s skill point would raise by two. For a first level of human, his skill point would be three (2+1: Class Level and Race), a goblin four (2+2: Racial Level and Race), a Skeleton Mage six (3+3: Racial Level and Race).

 In relation to the raising of racial skill points, a human and Skeleton Mage would have a ratio of 1:3. At Level 100 it would be 100 to 300 (This is a rough estimate). Basically in this way, heteromorphs are strong. However, after taking a new racial class, the rate of skill point increase would favour the one with more, and so the skill points would also increase.

 However Heteromorphs have penalties.

 They cannot have certain classes, cannot enter certain cities, is fine to PK, penalties depending on race, and cannot equip certain equipment. Even if they take only one level, the penalty activates. Jobs that have difficult requirements would have a higher rate of skill point increase. And there is the case of only humans being able to have that class.


 And rather than increasing Racial Class, characters that take various classes would be stronger. This is as skills are better than skill points. There is a theory that if one wants to make a strong character, they should not raise their Racial level. And that is why humans and not heteromorphs are popular in Yggdrasil.

 However, the final Racial Class of the Heteromorphs have very high skill points. Due to the raw high skill points, strong skills will be even stronger. Crazily stronger.



 …..Shall I increase the number of Classes? I feel that it was not enough as I thought it was.





 Ranks of Magic:

 1st Rank of Magic (Adventurers of E, F Class): The basics of being a magic caster, the first steps. However there are many who stay at this rank for life. Popular ones include magic to improve the milk of livestock in villages, magic to make delicious stew, magic to make spices like salt.


 2nd Rank of Magic (Adventurers of C, D Class): The realm where hard working magic casters reach. If a talentless person works hard, this is his limit.


 3rd Rank of Magic (Adventurers of A, B Class) If one can reach here, he is celebrated as a great magic caster. This is the realm where those hardworking of average talent reach the end of their line.


 4th Rank of Magic (Adventurers of A+): The realm where humans with talent work extremely hard can reach. Basically those who live side by side with danger, like adventurers. Top level in a country, five are sufficient.


 5th Rank of Magic (Adventurers of Hero Class): This and further levels are Hero Class. It is the realm where even those with talent cannot reach. At a level of one in a country. It is not strange for bards to sing of them. Famous ones include [Bluesky Dragonlord], [Pontiff of the Slane Theocracy], and she may be dead but [Country Destroyer ].


 6th Rank of Magic (Adventurers of….There are none):At a level where there is only one in the surrounding countries. At a level where one would be engraved in the annals of history, and it would be strange for even those not in the same field to not know of him. Known ones are [Fluder Paradyne] and [The Thirteen Heros]. There are several in the shadows.


 The demon gods seemed to use the 7th Rank.

 10th Rank of Magic? Rumors of it exist….But there is no way someone who can actually use it exists right? No, it seems that the legendary Eight Greed Kings used it but….It is nothing more than a rumor. A children’s story. Above that? Stupid. There is no way that exists right?



 ※There is a way to use the 8th Rank of Magic with a large ritual, but in the centre of it is a human who can use the 5th Rank of Magic and can improve it. It is also necessary for a large number of those who can use the 3rd Rank of Magic. Even with this, it can only be improved up to two ranks, and it is believed that there is some form of device. Normally a country is needed to support this.

 As Fluder does not have a skill to amplify magic, he cannot conduct a large ritual.




 The maximum number of people in  guild in Yggdrasil is 100.

 Amongst them are the high ranked guilds, and there is a top ten ranking based on points. These points include the average level of the members, world exploration points, number of World Items, production points, home base points, shifting of points during PK, unlimited accumulation of points during Guild Wars. According to rumour, the amount of money one spends is also a factor.


  First Place [Trinity]: Aimed to attack the 2ch Alliance (TL: OMG I love this name HAHAHA, *rofl*), it is an alliance of three guilds. Its includes the guilds of first [The Father], second [The Son], and third [The Holy Spirit]. The guild that lead the battle against the 2ch Alliance


 Second Place [World Searchers]: An adventure guild that aims solely for new discoveries. It’s base is very poor, and does not own many World Items, but there is no guild that comes close to rivaling them in world exploration. It is said that it is the guild that best expresses how the company wanted people to enjoy the game.


 Third Place [The 2ch Alliance (Actual name is different)]: A giant guild that, if you included associated guilds, it would have over 1000 people. In its golden age it had 3000. Since it is huge, problems easily occur and it faced hostility from more than half of the top guilds. Its base was destroyed in the past war (Since they had large numbers they could not decide their direction, and they were weak as this was the first time this occurred), and they had the experience of all their World Items being taken. From then on, their numbers dropped, weakening them. However, as expected of them that they maintained the honour of the highest number of members.


 Ninth Place [Ainz Ooal Gown]: The guild with the base of The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick that is known for being impregnable. They left a legend where only 41 members exterminated a task force (The top guilds did not participate at all) of 1500 people (Actual number of Players were less). By the way, all humans that saw the movie of what happened at the Eighth Floor screamed that it was impossible, and the official mail was burst with questions of whether it was an illegal construction.



 Overseas Guild: A pro japanese guild that is made of people who can read or speak Japanese. They mostly just enjoy the game, but ever since the 2ch Alliance stole the World Item they finally got their hands on, they changed.※They are mostly from Korea, China and Taiwan, but not necessarily.


 Seiyuu Guild: A guild comprised solely of seiyuu. Their numbers are low, and so are their abilities, but they have countless vanguard guilds (Though they don’t admit it), and their ability to move people is number one in Yggdrasil.


 Mercenary Magicians Guild: A guild that has 100 Level 100 Magic Casters with over 50 World Disaster players. This destructive power is absurd and it is said that victory favours the side with them on it.

 However, this guild is extremely weak in close quarters, and so the movie of them being divided and decimated by a dream team of six World Champions is still a legend up to now.


 Others like these exist.


 By the way, Guild Weapons are a necessary simple when making a Guild, and it can store a huge amount of data. And so if done badly, it will still be an unparalleled weapon, but if broken, it means the guild is broken. When broken, all members of the guild will have the title [Symbol of Failure] floating over their heads. It does not have any special effects, but it is the proof of shame.

 To remove this Symbol of Failure, the same members must once again remake their guild.

 Of course, there are class that cannot have the Symbol of Failure, and there are also classes that can be nothing except to be the one that breaks the Guild Weapon.

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20 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 60: Settings

  1. I loled at Climb’s and Tia/Tina’s bio 😀 Thank you for not missing this chapter.

    Kyoufuku-kou -> Kyouhukou. You yourself used this in previous chapters. Although I for once would prefer Terror Lord. Why did skythewood left it untranslated?
    Tuare -> Tsuare.
    出落ち Apparently is a feeling of shame after a bad joke. How do you call it in english?
    Ouboros -> Ouroboros
    フル重度 isn’t it Full Nerd Mode? When you pay for character leveling with your own life after 60+ hours of EXP grinding…
    improve magic -> Magic Amplifying?

    Still can’t understand why Brain lost half of his skills.


  2. so one of the twenty which used to be in Ainz Ooal Gown’s belonging (before stolen together with the ore mine)
    …is actually Ourobouros (they used to have three, but now, only two remains)?

    DAYM, dude, DAYYMMM!

    Sausage, O The Impregnable One!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Whooaaa, too much information. Well, it’s interesting to speed read through parts you were somewhat unsure about 😀 I guess it’s a great way to end my bulk read of the WN and start reading the LN again.


  4.   First Place [Trinity]: Aimed to attack the 2ch Alliance (TL: OMG I love this name HAHAHA, *rofl*), it is an alliance of three guilds. Its includes the guilds of first [The Father], second [The Son], and third [The Holy Spirit]. The guild that lead the battle against the 2ch Alliance

    What’s up with these retarded guilds? They’re awesome, I really want to play that game 😛 It would be nice if they mentioned that ainz guild was actually the first on the top list before… I think I remember that being the case. They went down because people stopped playing or something like that.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, that was my bad. I was really sure that I read that their guild was ranked at first place and then slowly went up to ninth when everyone left, but I am embarrassed to say that I was wrong. I wonder where I got that from. Maybe it was wishful thinking or something I got from another novel which overlapped with this 😛

        At least they were pretty much first place if we consider that they only had the bare minimum amount of members (41) required for a high tier guild. They managed to get 11(I think, perhaps 12 with the lost one?) world items and all that other stuff with such a low amount of players(when the second place on world items just have 3) and they got to ninth place with only 41. Their guild base(and guild weapon) is seemingly by far the most impressive/invulnerable one of them all as well. The guild ranking seems to be largely dependent upon what the guild members achieve, so reaching the top 10 with so few members are quite an achievement. I don’t even think they really cared about rankings in the first place, they just played and happened to get on the list, haha.

        Still, yeah, they only got to the 9th place at their peak.


    1. frostfire(the translator) left a note about about the pace of releases on chapter 58. in short, life got busy so it will some time to work thru new chapter.


      1. I can understand that it takes a while, but I’m just asking so I know what to expect. Thanks for the reply!


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