About Us

Stuff about Frostfire10 (Active),

Frostfire is a magical unicorn that has learnt how to use a keyboard. It enjoys spending its time reading things which look remotely interesting, such as light novels, web novels, and equestrian grooming catalogs. However, it is not fluent in Japanese and so is trying to learn by translating stuff and taking exams. It enjoys drinking tea, speaking in a fake British accent, and wearing a top hat. It also always speaks in third-person.

Enjoyed the nonsense story? Good.

Now, I am Frostfire10, the translator of this blog. I have recently picked up Japanese and am still learning. I speak 3 languages, listed in descending order of skill: English, Japanese and Chinese. Please enjoy my blog.

About Greenfish (Active),

Greenfish looks up from under the water surface (read: blankets on his bed). What’s out there? he wonders. he wants to know, but he can’t be bothered to get out of the water (read: bed) and he can’t survive anyway. For now, sleeping, editing funny translations, and picking up Japanese are what he needs to focus on doing. Maybe one day he’ll figure out what he actually is and why he exists, but it certainly isn’t now.

About Redbaron (Active),

Redbaron is a WWI flying ace who, with a sick twist of fate, now finds himself in uncharted airspace taking up unwanted airtime. He speaks not a word of Japanese, and when captured curses in French and Chinese instead (he is the REDbaron; guess where his loyalties lie); neither is he an expert on manga or anime or web novels, though for anything remotely related to Peanuts comics he would sell his soul. As his goggles are forcibly removed, you realise..he is not even a he. Sound the alarms! WE HAVE A FREAK AMONG US WE

But hold on; allow the captive to state her case. She is, in fact, a defector— curious and ready to plunge into the embrace of a whole new language, culture, and world. What little she can help with editing she will, and hopefully it will land(AHA) her a real place in this (not-dubious-at-all) community. Now just you wait; you have awakened the engineering side in me! :”)

About Henet,

What are the common impressions that people have to say about Henet? His look dead. Is he a walking dead? These are the answers that will come out nine out of ten times.

He usually sits with a glassy gaze that seems to tell outside observer that the body is there but the soul is gone. But unaware to all were several doujinshi and original stories that he is trying to write out in his mind. He hoped that these stories one day will become official canon and animated.
One doujinshi that he is writing out now is based from Overlord. At the same time, he is hoping to improve his writing skills by doing some translation work from the Overlord Webnovels.

About Gengareric,

Gengareric is a dedicated subject of the Supreme One. currently residing in the middle of nowhere Maine Sorcerous Kingdom where he is attempting to master the mysterious language known as Japanese. In the meantime he is gaining experience by aiding in the editing process whenever he can.


11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sweet, i was surprised to see Overlord update in novelupdates, lo and behold, the webnovel version. And, dude, i’ll take a bite, you must be live in shanghai. I thought it was seattle, but nah, it lack one character, shanghai it is then.


      1. This is about volunteering my help in the translation process, namely about helping with the editing work.


  2. My name is vincent. Despite overlord have original novel. I GREATly hope frost translate it until the end. I love how this story works until the end and will not let it dropped. I have great expectation to all admin 🙂


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