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Second Part of Chapter 29 out.

Hello everyone,

I have returned. Along with partially sunburnt limbs and 99% of my energy used up after 20km of walking. I would like to thank fba for writing the rest of the translations for me, making my life easier. Thanks you fba, and thank you everyone for being so supportive of this translations. Truly, thank you.

I just added the second part to the end of the first part. It is one the same page.




Announcement: Looking for Editors and Translators (Closed)

We currently have enough editors for Overlord. Thank you everyone for that. However, we still are searching for translators.



Old Post:

Hello, I am Frostfire10, the translator of the Overlord Web Novel. We are currently looking for editors and translators.

In order to get your Chapters out faster the site needs more staff such as editors and translators.

The requirements for both posts are quite simple.


  1. Fluency in English
  2. Nothing Else


  1. Fluency in English
  2. Knows a little bit of Japanese
  3. Only a little bit

Thank you

Announcement: Translations Starting

Hello Everybody, I am Frostfire10, the sole translator and editor for this blog. I would like to announce that I have finally finished my exams and thus am going to begin on the translation of the Overlord Web Novel found here:

While I am translating these for my own personal interest, I am not fluent in Japanese and thus this is a learning experience for me. I hope that you will forgive me for any mistakes I make during the translations and feel free to point out any grammar mistakes I make. Continue reading “Announcement: Translations Starting”