Overlord First Half Chapter 54: Invaders Part 2

Intruders Part 2

Translators: Henet, Frostfire10 & Skythewood



 Early morning.

 While the sun still had not rose, there were countless people gathered on the Earl’s land. Warriors, magic casters, priests and theives. Almost everyone were specialists in their own field.

 After the last team, [Foresight] arrived, that number was 18.

 The ones here were the ones gathered by the Earl for work, the Workers in the Empire that had confidence in their strength.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 53: Invaders Part 1

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Invaders Part 1

Translators: Henet, Skythewood, Frostfire10


 Baharuth Empire capital, Arwintar.

 The city was located at the western side of the Empire’s territory. At the center of the city was the Imperial Palace, home to the Blood Emperor, Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix. Spreading out from the Imperial palace were the Imperial Colleges, the Imperial Magic Academy, and various buildings housing the different government administrative departments. Unsurprisingly, it was said that the capital was the heart of the Empire.

 Now, the Imperial Capital, Arwintar was experiencing a buzz of activity and commotion brought about by years of reformation. Among the annals of Imperial history, this was unmistakably the biggest growth spurt. Many new developments were introduced, followed by the heavy influx of materials and talent. In contrast, the dregs of the old Empire were discarded.

 With an atmosphere filled with high expectation towards the future, the citizen that dwelled here looked vibrant.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 51: War Part 11

War Part 11

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10



 The lizardmen traversed the wetlands, forming up between the enemy skeleton army and the village.

 There was no particular formation, the lizardmen simply gathered randomly as they waited for the upcoming battle. The only clear arrangement was that the various tribe chiefs, Zaryusu and the two swamp elementals were standing in front.

 Among the lizardmen, there was the delicate atmosphere of tension in the air.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 50: War Part 10

War Part 10

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10


 Ainz’s main base was the fortress that Aura was constructing— the place that Cocytus visited yesterday.

 As there was the goal of making a fort, one was made there, however as time was lacking, there was not much progress. With the room Cocytus was in as the centre, several other rooms were made. If viewed from outside, it had the shape of living quarters but was quite shoddy.

  Faint construction noises could still be heard in the distance.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 49: War Part 9

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War Part 9

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10



 The words danger perception ability existed.

 It was an ability that allowed the theif-class adventurers to sense danger like reading a book, and it was extremely important.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 48: War Part 8

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War Part 8

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10


 Zaryusu felt his body being lifted out from the darkness. It was not an ill feeling, but was really comfortable.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 45: War Part 5

War Part 5

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10

 It was a house made from wood.

 There were no decorations, the wooden structure was plain to see and the design was as plain as a cabin. But the ceiling was five meters from the floor while the length and breadth were more than fifteen meters either way.

 There were barely any furniture inside.So it was obvious at a glance that this was not a room meant to be lived in. No, but there was one giant mirror laid against the wall.

 In this extremely empty room, normally it would be quite bleak, but these past few days were not so.

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