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This post is a status update about what happened during the past few weeks. Firstly, I was in Japan for holiday/ school trip. I brought my computer along, but my teachers confiscated it so my hands were tied. I was there for about two weeks.

I then came back to Singapore, where I got hit by a car the next day. It was a glancing hit but the lights on the car cracked (I think) and I got shards of glass stuck in me with a broken right wrist from the fall. Then I got hospitalised, and surgery to remove the glass. No wifi in hospital and I couldn’t type anyway. I got out 5-6 days ago.

So yeah, that’s what happened to me. To be honest, it was not really that bad since I bought tons of light novels in Japan so I had lots of reading time. I feel guilty about the late chapter though.

That’s it from me. Cheer’s to all of you.



Overlord First Half Chapter 64: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 4

The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 4

Translators: Frostfire10, Skythewood



 The next day.

 Someone had knocked on the door, and Sebas walked towards it. He lifted the cover of the door’s peephole.

 He could see a plump man outside, and Royal Army soldiers waiting for orders behind him on either side.

 The plump man was neatly attired, and he wore well-tailored clothing. He had a weighty badge on his chest which reflected a coppery light. His sweaty red face was also packed with fat and had an oily sheen to it, probably from too many rich meals.

 At the back of the procession was a strange-looking man.

 His pale, sallow skin looked like it had never seen the sun before. His eyes were keen and his scrawny face looked like some predator — a corpse-feeding scavenger, in fact. His dark clothes hung loosely about him, and he must certainly have weapons about his person.

 He radiated a scent of blood and malice, which prickled on Sebas’ sixth sense.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 63: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 3

The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 3

Traslators: Frostfire10, Skythewood

 Around six days later, Sebas opened the main door. He had just returned from the Magician’s Guild after purchasing another scroll and recorded all the requests at the Adventurer’s Guild, a day of information collection.
 He passed through the door and entered the house. Several days ago, Solution would have come to greet him. However— Continue reading “Overlord First Half Chapter 63: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 3”

Overlord First Half Chapter 62: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 2

The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10, Skythewood



 The house Sebas was living in was a large mansion rented from the construction guild. The surrounding mansions were mostly quite expensive, and it was located in a section of the capital with good public safety.

 While the mansion Sebas and Solution lived in was far too large for them, since they were undercover as the family of a great merchant, they could not live in a dilapidated house.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 61: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 1

Final year exams over!

I haven’t gotten back results yet, but I am definitely dead for more than half of them.



The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet, Skythewood




 Re- Estize Kingdom. The capital, Re-Estize.

 There was only one sentence to describe the city that was home to nine million souls. It was an ancient city. That was the most accurate way of describing it. The sentence not only described the city’s long history but also hinted that the daily lives of its citizen was utterly simple or the ancient city was unlively at all, forever unchanging.

 If one wandered through the streets on foot, they would understanding the meaning behind those words.

 Lining the sides of the road were many ancient households. Those houses lacked in both glamour and freshness. However, it depended on how one looked at things.

 There were those that appreciate the long history behind those houses.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 60: Settings


Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


Translator’s Explanation: This is a summary of the characters, items and terminology that the author uses. While it is takes the place of a chapter, I feel that this is also a cheat sheet for the author himself and so some parts are ambiguous. Parts where the author uses brackets and when I use them are distinguished by my “TL:” right after the open bracket. Have fun adding these to the wiki. Also if you have better interpretations of the names, please leave in comments.


Basically an explanation of the characters.

The latter part is the setting.


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Overlord First Half Chapter 59: Invaders Part 7

Hi guys,

My holidays (*cough* mugging session *cough*) has started. Yay (sarcasm). Anyway, it has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that. There are a few things I want to talk about.

Firstly, regarding Skythewood. Under the translators section of these posts, I have put Skythewood as one of the translators. The group does not have a direct hand in this, I just copy batches of text from them. So I put their name here.

Secondly, this chapter, is one that everyone has been waiting for, ever since Book 7 was translated. Have fun. We’re all monsters in the fact that all of us support Ainz in this. Meh.

Lastly, like all of you, I am an anime maniac. So I’m just asking if anyone here plays anime games, like Kancolle, Granblue, School Idol Festival, etc. Just wondering cause in my school, the numbers are 10, 2, and 25, respectively. I think.

Thank you for reading the whole piece. Now, onto the chapter!

Invaders Part 7

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet, Skythewood


 Arche panted heavily.

 Every time the grass swayed from the wind, her whole body would tremble. Like a small animal, she fearfully looked in every direction.

 The surroundings were a forest, and there were many places without light. The spreading canopies of the nearby trees blocked out the light from the sky, and there was almost none on the surface.

 Although this environment would normally be difficult for a human being to navigate, in lieu of illumination, Arche used the <Darkvision> spell, which made her surroundings seem as bright as day.

 However even if she looked around, her surroundings were filled with undergrowth that could fit a man. Behind that was a giant tree with a width one could easily hide behind. Along with the waving branches, there were countless places she needed to pay attention to.

 As an arcane magic caster, if Arche were confronted by a monster which attacked her, she could not get rid of it by herself. Normally, she would have her colleagues to help her, but the ones who would help her, who would provide cover for her, or heal her, were all absent.

 Which meant that all she could do was watch out for signs that an enemy was approaching, keep her distance, and flee. She was on edge because she was keenly aware of this fact, and it sapped her mental strength even more than normal.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 58: Invaders Part 6

I’m not dead yet. Anyway, thank you for your patience in waiting an entire month for this chapter and being loyal servants of Lord Ainz. Anyway my exams are coming in one to two months so this pace will be kept until about August where I can focus on this.

Thanks and Enjoy.

Invaders Part 6

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet, Skythewood.


 At the feet of [Foresight] which had just repelled four ghouls. There was a magic circle. The next moment, they were swallowed by an unavoidable pale white light and the scene around them changed.

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