Overlord Second Half Chapter 28: The Academy Part 8 (Side A)

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A Recap.

 A commoner student of the Imperial Academy of Magic was being silently bullied by the third son of a Great Noble, Rangoburt. And though he only needed five people in his team in order to qualify for the Promotional Examination, everyone was fearful of Rangoburt and refused to join his team. However, the day after he received a strange invitation, the Great Magic Caster Fluder joined his class. And he requested to join Jet’s team. Along with a mysterious beauty, Nabe.


 The moment that the Great Magic Caster (forcefully) joined his team, his world changed.

 Jet ascended into heaven, while Rangoburt dropped into hell.

 Those who knew that he had bullied someone who was now in the same team as Fluder feared retribution and shunned him. However, he was saved by the mysterious transfer student Momon, and they built a strong bond of friendship and formed a team together.


 Learning that his childhood friend Nemel, was invited to a ball at Rangoburt’s residence, Jet was worried, and wanted to be there to check on her. However, as a mere commoner, he did not have the connections necessary to gain an invitation to a noble’s ball (for he was scared of relying on Fluder_. However, one of his new teammates, Ornesty, managed to prepare one for him.

 There, Jet used his special ability. His magic eye that could see through illusions, and he saw, standing next to Rangoburt, was an undead lich (probably). Shockingly, Momon was really an undead! Threatened by Momon, unable to inform anyone of his true identity, Jet began the Examination.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 27: The Academy Part 7

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The Academy Part 7

Translators: Frostfire10, BiaT_09



 Jet, with Nemel alongside him, had his back facing the morning sun and was walking towards the Academy. But although it was morning, it was considered quite late, since it was 8am. Most of the people walking down the streets had already finished a task or two, or at least it seemed to be suggested by their faces of fatigue and fulfilment.

 Certainly, life in the city did not begin any earlier than that in the village.

 But that said, 8am was a time too late for people to begin their day, for it was the time when people were hunkering down for breakfast after finishing up their first tasks. The cafeterias were bustling with people, filled up with those wolfing down their meals.

 And for that reason, the main street was not completely crowded with people. 

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 26: The Academy Part 6

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The Academy Part 6

Translators:  BiaT_09, Frostfire10


 It was like stepping into another world.

 Although he always knew that this world existed, whenever he visited a noble’s residence, this thought always surfaced.

 He could see the bedazzling entrance to that world – the gate to the Roberbad Estate – even from a distance.

 Underneath the bright spotlight of existence, he could see the smiles of dressed-up noble ladies and the fervent discussions of well-built men. Even from where he stood, he could clearly see it in his head.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 24: The Academy Part 4

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 Rangoburt Eck Waria Roberbad returned home.

 As expected of a noble, his house was of a respectable design.

 Standing next to him, Momon raised a murmur of admiration and looked around. It was honestly quite embarrassing. Fortunately, none of the servants were present, and the only one that could see him was himself.

 Normally, he would strongly chide him, but today and today alone, he had no desire to do so. The group that he was leading had risen up against him, and the shock was enough of a reason to ignore this faux pas.

 Another reason was that he did not want to dampen the spirits of his sole group member.

 Rangoburt took a good look at Momon.

 He seemed to be a bit of an oaf, and his eyes lacked the sparkle found in those with sharp minds.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 23: The Academy Part 3

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The Academy Part 3

Translator: Frostfire10, Henet



 Several days had passed since the legendary magic caster had joined their class.

  Even for such an outrageous event like this, the passage of time did its work and allowed them to settle into their new rhythm.

 The fact that Fluder was the most powerful magic caster in the lands seeped into even the smallest conversation and he had displayed his overwhelming prowess during practicals. However, because of his status, he did not act like a tyrant like most students would do in his position.

 He seemed to be a difficult person to handle, but he was a very wise and solemn person.

 And so the current situation was caused by the students eventually learning not to fear him.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 22: The Academy Part 2

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The Academy Part 2

Translator: Frostfire10, Henet


 Inside the stunned and silent classroom, the teacher silently traced out words onto the blackboard.

 There was a palpable tension in the air. 

 Everyone was trying to pay attention to the lesson but found themselves unable to. Instead, all their interest fell upon a single student. No one directly looked towards him, but all of their sharply honed focus was stabbing deep into him.

 He was a man that the students could not accept as a new schoolmate. For he was an older man.

 Fluder Paradyne.

 A legendary figure, the strongest wizard of the Empire who lived for a period of more than two hundred years.

 There was no one in this school that did not know of his many feats.

 His was a name that appeared many times within the history books, and if one had read through books about the history of magic, his name was always on the first page. Such books were first-week reading material, and everyone in this class naturally went through them.

 Anyone standing close to such a figure would naturally feel nervous.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 21: The Academy Part 1

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The Academy Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 The Imperial Academy of Magic.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 20: Evil God Part 3

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Evil God Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10


 Arche Eeb Rile Furt.

 As an adventurer, and eventually a worker, she had walked a fine line between life and death.

 Whenever she killed a monster herself. Whenever one of her colleagues died. She felt it.

 The thought of I might die during this request had often flashed through her mind.

 Especially when they encounter a monster that was not planned for.

 But yet the reason why she had not stopped adventuring, was because there was no better option.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 19: Evil God Part 2



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Evil God Part 2

Translator: Frostfire10


 He was the death of all living creatures, the end of existence, an evil without compare.

 With just a thought, he could make you feel that the gates of hell had opened on the mortal plane. His presence alone made one feel that their spirits and souls would rot away.

 In front of despair incarnate, the man felt the desire to vomit cascade within him.

 However, with an audible gulp, he quashed it. He could not show such a foolish act.

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