Overlord Second Half Chapter 10: The Days Part 3

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The Days Part 3

Translator: Frostfire10


“This is the centre of the Imperial Capital, the city square.”

“Hoo, it looks amazing.”

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 9: Interlude


Translators: Frostfire10


 Clairna made an audible gulp as she stood in front of the large gate.

 She would be working here from now onwards, but due to this mansion being much larger than her previous workplace, she felt tense and worried. And her new master would be far more important than her previous one.

 She took a quick glance at the Imperial Knights stationed at the sides of the gate.

 Their unmoving and stoic figures gave off the impression that even they were rejecting her presence.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 8: The Days Part 2


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The Days Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 Three days had passed since Jircniv had guided him around the mansion.

 And in that time, countless matters had been settled. The placing of furniture, the positioning of his hidden subordinates, the carving of the magical barrier for the main mansion, the acceptance of several maids from Nazarick, and the deployment of the knights that he had borrowed from Ray.

 Basically, within three days, the mansion of the Archduke was ready to be lived in.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 7: The Days Part 1

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Maruyama: These peaceful days will continue for a few chapters


The Days Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 The large mansion that Jircniv introduced to him stood in the middle of the courtyard, with various other buildings located to the sides of it and a small yet beautiful garden placed nearby. In the rear grew various trees and a clean and refreshing wind blew past.

 This was undoubtedly one of the best plots of land in the Empire.

 There were other mansions nearby, but compared to this, they were only fighting for second place.

 The mansion was very well constructed and seemed to be owned by a great noble of past.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 6: Idle Talk

Idle Talk

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 The nightly cold autumn winds blew through the man’s hair.

 Despite being in the midst of a gale that would make many shiver in cold, the man simply stood there, unwavering.

 This imposing figure of his truly suited the man.

 He was the Warrior Captain of the Kingdom, the man called the Strongest Warrior by the surrounding countries: Gazef Stronoff.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 3: Triumphant Return Part 3

Rushed it all in one day. I’m even happy with how I wrote it this time. Enjoy.


PS: Data Book is almost done. Check Reddit for more details. Also apparently Data Book for season 2 and 3 is out in a few hours. The earliest I will get to that is after my university entrance exams around this time next year.

 I wrote this thanks to the inspiration gain by Akiduki Minoru-sama’s works. While it may not be the chapter that everyone may desire, please forgive me for this.

 You have my deepest gratitude.
Triumphant Return Part 3

Translator: Frostfire10
 The Baharuth Empire, the capital Arwintar.
 The palace was located in the centre of the city, and one of the most important and confidential rooms inside was the Emperor’s office.
 Despite it being the middle of the night, there were more people than normal gathered inside. While there were more people than normal, the sheer size of the room gave them more than enough space. And those that were allowed to enter this room were all close confidants of the Emperor and had abilities worthy enough to be noticed by him. In other words, only the best in the Empire were allowed into this room. Not any Tom Dick or Harry could just be let in. And thus the number of people in this room was naturally limited.
 The eyes of everyone present fell on the knight that just entered the room. None of them seemed tired, and they were all, in fact, burning in anticipation.
 Despite being on the receiving end of such maddening stares, the knight showed no signs of discomfort.
 This was as the one who entered was christened one of the Four Knights, the strongest in the Empire, [Fierce Gale], Nimble Arc Dale Anoch. To a man like him who had faced death on the battlefield countless times, stares of this level were nothing.
 However, the expression on his prim face showed some hints of exhaustion, but that could not be helped. After overseeing the battle with the Kingdom, he had to return to the capital immediately after all. While he did ride a magic beast capable of flight, the sheer distance that he had covered today was nothing to scoff at.
 And the reason why this person who had gone to war had not been even given time to wipe down his dirty armour was that he was the source of information that everyone present in this room was waiting for. And knowing this, Nimble had forced his exhausted body to appear here.

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Overlord Second Half Chapter 2: Triumphant Return Part 2

Hi guys, as mentioned, I will be focusing on the Data Book now.

Triumphant Return Part 2

Translator: Frostfire10


 As he slowly walked through the Imperial lines with the Archduke, Ray could feel the fearful gazes of the men chase them. While he was used to experiencing various types of gazes, it was safe to say that this was the first time that he had seen fear at this level. It felt a bit nice.

 The open space soon came into view. The Archduke then spoke to Ray.

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