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Overlord First Half Chapter 95: Massacre Part 1

Massacre Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10

Editors: Ureel



 Exactly one month after the Empire’s proclamation.

 The fields were ripe with the fruits of autumn, and welcomed the shining golden colour. A light breeze blew and the blue skies were clear. The white clouds were few and floated in the sky.

 The months after this would only get colder, but this season was the busiest of the year. If one took in deep breaths, the clear air would enter their lungs. The warm air that was present a few weeks ago was nowhere to be found.

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Question: What should Ainz’s Noble Title Be?

Hi Everyone, sorry this is not a chapter.

I was reading through the wiki when I realised that Frontier Earl (辺境伯) in Japanese is actually a Margrave. Sorry about that.

This then brings up the question of what we should call this 辺境侯. And what we should call his territory. To be honest, Frontier Marquis sounds terrible.

I have been looking at the English and Japanese wikipedia pages for nobles but this term has never been created and only makes sense in Japanese.

I am currently leaning towards calling him a version of (Markmarquis) since semantically Margrave was formed from the German of Margraf or Count/Earl of the March.

If you have any ideas please post in the comments. Give our god a proper name!

All Hail Ainz Ooal Gown!


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Overlord First Half Chapter 94: Negotiations Part 7

Negotiations Part 7

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10



 After the talks were concluded, Ainz gathered the Guardians in his room, along with Sebas.

 Including Ainz, there were six people.

 Since Nazarick had obtained its backing, Ainz had assembled everyone here to confirm the details of the important period that was approaching.

 They needed to affirm their direction.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 93: Negotiations Part 6

Negotiations Part 6

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10
 Jircniv arrived at a hemispherical room. He stood before a pair of vast double doors. Intricate carvings decorated both sides of the doors; a beautiful goddess on the right and a cruel-looking demon on the left. Countless ominous-looking statues were arrayed around them.
 If one had to give it a name, it would probably be “The Gates of Judgement.” Jircniv pondered those doors as he looked over them.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 92: Negotiations Part 5

Negotiations Part 5

Translator: Frostfire10, Skythewood



 The six carraiges and the twenty knights arrived at the centre of the plains where the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick was.

 The knights and servants’ gazes were all on the person standing at the front of the log house, a beauty— Yuri Alpha. Three of the knights, three of the Four Knights got off the carriage. They all carried large shields, wielded halberds and were adorned in strong armour. Also Fluder’s disciples also disembarked.

 As everyone hurried about, the door that was supposed to be opened last was opened.

 Despite the step chair not being readied, the one who appeared was the person who was supposed to appear at the very end, the Emperor, Jircniv. Stopping the ones who were panicking to prepare the step chair with a wave, he jumped off.

 With a kind smile, he walked towards Yuri. Behind Jircniv was Fluder who also jumped off. If even the Emperor jumped off like that, he could not wait for the step chair.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 90: Negotiations Part 3

Hi guys. I’m not dead 😀

Anyways, sorry for the late chapters, exam period for me now. Also, Overlord 13 was GRRREEEAAAAAt.

Also for all the PDF people. Go to chapters and scroll down.

Negotiations Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10

Editor: Greenfish



 More than one kilometre away from the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

 There was a small tent in the middle of the plains. Small, but large enough to fit three humans.

 The entrance to the tent was slightly ajar. A man peered through the gap at Nazarick with a pair of binoculars. His unmoving figure was almost like a doll. If his shoulders were not shifting up and down, it would not be strange for someone to actually think that.

 While taking long but shallow breathes, the man gazed intently at Nazarick. A voice spoke from within the tent.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 89: Negotiations Part 2

Hi guys, sorry for the late chapter. RL, also I hate this chapter. Alot. 

Negotiations Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10



 The surface of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

 What in the past was a poison swamp, had changed to a grassy plain. The wind blew across the plains, causing the grass to dance along. But a white alabaster wall suddenly broke up the scenery as it grew out from the grass.

 If one peeked through the gate, they would see a tomb that had several large statues of warriors scattered around.

 Considering that this was in grassland, it was a very strange scene. One would want to keep away from it for no reason, and it felt extremely discomforting.

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Overlord First Half Chapter 88: Negotiations Part 1

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Negotiations Part 1

Translator: Frostfire10

Editors: Greenfish, Redbaron



 The 9th Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

 This floor was unlike the others, the extravagance of the passageway alone surpassing that of any palace, lending a dreamy air to the surroundings. Such a place was being traversed by two people with unsuitably frantic footsteps.

 Anyone rushing in this place would be gazed upon with disdain and be chided, for this place is the private quarters of the rulers of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, the 41 Supreme Beings. There was no way that such an irrespectful act would be permitted in such an important location. If it were not an NPC but a simple subordinate, they might be sentenced to death.

 But this time, no one stopped the two people.

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