This page will have all the chapters of the Overlord Web Novel. Enjoy

Overlord First Half (Light Novel 1-9):

Prologue Arc:

Chapter 1: Prologue Part 1

Chapter 2: Prologue Part 2

The Undead King Arc:

Chapter 3: Pondering

Chapter 4: The Arena

Chapter 5: Magic

Chapter 6: The Gathering

Chapter 7: Flames of War Part 1

Chapter 8: Flames of War Part 2

Chapter 9: Despair

Chapter 10: Negotiations

Chapter 11: Knowledge

Chapter 12: Departure

Chapter 13: The Warrior Captain of the Kingdom

Chapter 14: Various Countries Part 1

Chapter 15: Various Countries Part 2

The Dark Warrior and Bloody Valkyrie Arc:

Chapter 16: Adventurers

Chapter 17: Rooms

Chapter 18: Categorical Imperatives

Chapter 19: First Request Part 1

Chapter 20: First Request Part 2

Chapter 21: First Request Part 3

Chapter 22: First Request Part 4

Chapter 23: First Request Part 5

Chapter 24: Butler

Chapter 25: Orders

Chapter 26: Carriage

Chapter 27: True Ancestor Part 1

Chapter 28: True Ancestor Part 2

Chapter 29: True Ancestor Part 3

Chapter 30: True Ancestor Part 4

Chapter 31: True Ancestor Part 5

Chapter 32: Preparations Part 1

Chapter 33: Preparations Part 2

Chapter 34: Preparations Part 3

Chapter 35: Preparations Part 4

Chapter 36: Investigation Part 1

Chapter 37: Investigation Part 2

Chapter 38: Promotion Test Part 1

Chapter 39: Promotion Test Part 2

Chapter 40: Promotion Test Part 3

The Lizardmen Heroes Arc:

Chapter 41: War Part 1

Chapter 42: War Part 2

Chapter 43: War Part 3

Chapter 44: War Part 4

Chapter 45: War Part 5

Chapter 46: War Part 6

Chapter 47: War Part 7

Chapter 48: War Part 8

Chapter 49: War Part 9

Chapter 50: War Part 10

Chapter 51: War  Part 11

Chapter 52: War Part 12

Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc:

Chapter 53: Invaders Part 1

Chapter 54: Invaders Part 2

Chapter 55: Invaders Part 3

Chapter 56: Invaders Part 4

Chapter 57: Invaders Part 5

Chapter 58: Invaders Part 6

Chapter 59: Invaders Part 7


28 thoughts on “Chapters

    1. The Web Novel was the original. Something like a draft. The Light Novel is an official published version that has gone through editing and several storyline changes. You can see all the changes at the wikia but this is the main gist.

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  1. thank you so much frostfire10 for translating the WN… i been searching for someone to translate the WN, and then thanks god i found you… haha… keep up the good work… looking forward to the second half… you will never regret translating the WN… we are very grateful… god bless you…


    1. Same with me…

      I’ve been depressed cuz i can’t read it when skythewood stop translating the LN, but luckily i found this site


  2. So this is like a rough draft of the early volumes…. interesting that albedo is missing. I’m not sure I’ll read past the prologue though.
    1. The npcs seem less loyal (from what I gathered about the maid in prologue 2, she hesitated to follow an order)
    2. The lore and back story doesn’t seem as sophisticated and not as many nazarick npcs.
    3. It seems a few powerful nazarick npcs are missing… mare? Albedo and her sisters (one of whom is stronger than her).
    I’ve already read and watched/listened to every overlord official realease, including the “officialish” crossover. I might end up reading this entire Web novel. If you haven’t read the light novel, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading the light novel first.
    I’ll update this post with more comparison/review of the Web novel if I read it


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