Overlord First Half Chapter 50: War Part 10

War Part 10

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10


 Ainz’s main base was the fortress that Aura was constructing— the place that Cocytus visited yesterday.

 As there was the goal of making a fort, one was made there, however as time was lacking, there was not much progress. With the room Cocytus was in as the centre, several other rooms were made. If viewed from outside, it had the shape of living quarters but was quite shoddy.

  Faint construction noises could still be heard in the distance.


 As Ainz looked around the room, he moved his gaze to Aura behind him who was looking down.

 To welcome Ainz, the room was decorated with things. He could feel the effort put into this. However, if compared to the 9th Floor of Nazarick, if was course extremely lacking.

 Aura was probably embarrassed about that.

 Well, from Ainz, who was originally a normal person, this was not anything important.


“My apologies Aura, for insisting on using this place. Do not mind the details, I have high praise for what you have accomplished. If this is made by you, then it is as good as Nazarick.”

“… Yes.”


 Aura slightly widened her eyes. She does not feel complemented huh, Ainz thought. Since he could think of no better words, he looked at the surroundings to move on.


 The smell of fresh timber still lingered here.

 Normally, instead of this place that had absolutely no defences, returning to Nazarick was unquestionably safer. Without defensive magic, it was like a house made of paper in a way. But on the flip side, Ainz was using himself as bait to lure in the big fishes.

 There was a large distance between here and the lake, so the ones that could chase them here — if they existed — would be players from YGGDRASIL, or people at that level. This meant that the purpose of building this place was to bait the enemies targeting Nazarick to reveal themselves.

 It was dangerous of course, but Ainz felt the risk was necessary to achieve this goal.


 Ainz’s gaze stopped on one white chair placed in the middle of the room. It was beautiful and white, and was a first class work of art. It’s back was tall, and was quite massive. At this amazing workmanship, the room’s evaluation went up.


“….That is?”


 The chair placed in the room was ‘that’. While he did not need to hear an answer—-


“It’s bit plain, but I have prepared a throne.”


 The one answering confidently was the subordinate following behind him— Demiurge. That’s what I thought, Ainz said to himself in his mind and asked a further question.


“— What bones did you use?”

“Bones from all sorts of beasts. The best parts are from beasts like Griffon and Wyvern.”

“… I see.”



 That was a throne made from countless bones. It wasn’t in the logistics list of goods they brought from Nazarick, so it was something Demiurge made outside. No matter how he looked at it, skulls from humans or demi-humans were definitely used too.

 Sit on that, Ainz hesitated slightly. But his subordinate had put in effort to prepare it, it would be difficult to reject it. Is there any reason he could use that won’t cause complaints—-

 Ainz snapped his fingers after thinking about it.


“… Shalltear. I will give you the punishment for what you had done right now. That’s right… I will punish you with shame.”



 Shalltear who was suddenly named was a bit surprised.


“Kneel with your head bowed over there, and put your hands on the floor.”



 Shalltear walked to the place Ainz pointed at— which was the middle of the room and did as she was told with a baffled face.




 Ainz walked up to Shalltear and sat on her back.


“… Ainz, Ainz-sama!”


 The surprised Shalltear could only made exhale while whispering ‘Hans-sama’. She was shaken and stiff from fear when Ainz sat on her back.


“You are now a chair, understand?”



 Ainz shifted his gaze from Shalltear whose voice was getting shrilled, onto Demiurge.


“— Sorry Demiurge, that’s how it is.”

“I see! This is a chair customized specifically for the Supreme Master! As expected of Ainz-sama. I would never have thought of that!”

“Is, is that so…”


 In the face of the glittering respect shown on Demiurge was expressing, Ainz averted his face, not understanding why he was smiling so brilliantly.

 Shalltear suddenly fidgeted, adjusting herself for Ainz to sit more comfortably. This made Ainz look down at the back of Shalltear’s head with a strange sense of unease.


 Her breathing was ragged.


 It must be heavy for her. Under Ainz was the slim back of Shalltear who looked to be fourteen. A grown man was sitting on the back of this young girl. Realizing how perverted, shameful and cruel that was, Ainz felt he might have gone too far.


 Shalltear was a NPC created by his companion in the past. Even Peroronchino wouldn’t abuse her like this. This action was akin to soiling the memories of his past comrades. It was foolish to think of this as a self-punishment.


“Shalltear, does it hurt?”


 Ainz was planning to say ‘if that is so, let’s end this’. Shalltear looked up with a face blushing with passion, her expression full of pleasure.


“It’s not painful at all! This is like a reward!”


 She breathed out the strange heat that accumulated in her body, and her eyes reflected Ainz’s face. Her glistening tongue licked her lips, and left a seductive luster. Her body squirmed like a snake.

 No matter how he looked at it, flames of lust were burning.





 Ainz slowly stood up. Shalltear had an expression of surprise when that pleasant weight left her.

 The figure of Ainz drawing away drew a painful voice from behind him. Shaking that off, Ainz walked to Aura.


“Aura. Sit on that chair please.”

“Eh? It’s ok? Yes!”


 With a cruel and childish smile, Aura ran. She plopped herself on top of the surprised Shalltear.




 While Aura’s body was small, with her equipment and speed, it was quite the burden. It was to the point that Shalltear had a small groan.

 No more. While having such an atmosphere, Ainz faced the white throne.


“….Demiurge. I shall sit on your chair.”



 Demiurge laughed happily. In comparison, Shalltear had an expression of despair.


“….Shalltear, I said that this was punishment. If you enjoy it, I will be fine.”

“I apologise! So, one more chance!”


 While Aura was on top of her, Shalltear panicky begged. Ainz gazed upon his subordinate, feeling troubled from the bottom of his heart. He then whispered.

 Peroronchino, what a perverted setting this is.


“Give up, Shalltear… Well then, let’s move on to the serious topic. Did we intimidate them?”

“I think it was perfect, Ainz-sama.”

“Exactly, just look at the lizardmen’s faces.”


 At Shalltear’s, who was still sat on by Aura, with great despair, words, Ainz had a small smile. He could not read the changes of the lizardmen’s faces. While they resembled humans more than lizards, their expressions were different from humans. Of course, it could have been that their representatives were skilled in negotiations.


“Is that so. Then the first phase to awe them with might is a success.”


 Ainz exhaled in relief.

 As expected of an Overrank magic while could only be used thrice per day. It was one of the thirty that Ainz knew, <The Creation>. If they were not surprised at all, then he would be lost.


“Demiurge, how long would it take to find out exactly how large the frozen area is?”

“We have already started to do so, but progress is slow as the area is wider than expected. Please grant us more time.”

“I see….I was too quick, forgive me.”

“Of course.”


 Raising a hand to stop Demiurge who was about to knee, Ainz placed his bone hand on his chin and thought. It affected a larger range than expected. Well, the experiment succeeded.


 <The Creation> was an Overrank magic that could change the terrain itself. In YGGDRASIL, it was used to guard against the heat of volcanoes or the cold of freezing lands. Of course, it would be used to give damage like what Ainz did.

 It was possible to show their might without using Overrank magic.

 Unrelated to this deployment, Ainz had always wanted to perform this experiment in determining the area of effect. <The Creation> was a magic that had an amazingly large area of effect, and could cover the entire 8th floor in Ainz’s experiment inside Nazarick. But it wasn’t clear what effect it would have in the world outside.

 In YGGDRASIL the spell effect could cover an ‘Area’, but how big would an ‘Area’ be in this world? Ainz wanted to find out. If it could cover an entire plain, that would be too big.

 Similarly, freezing the entire lake was going overboard. Care should be taken when using Overrank magic.Ainz decided, and etched it in his heart.


“Aura, how is our security net?”

“Yes! We have deployed the undead assigned by Ainz-sama to secure a four kilometer radius area. But there has been no signs of anything special coming in so far.”

“I see… The enemy might be hiding from detection as they draw close, what about the countermeasures against that?”

“There are no problems. With Shalltear’s cooperation, we have sent out undead proficient in reconnaissance.”



 Being praised by Ainz, Aura smiled as she still sat on Shalltear. Her depressed expression was gone without a trace.


 Moving his gaze away from Aura and fixing it in the air, Ainz breathed a small sigh of relief.

 With such vigilance, they would not be hit by surprise attacks, like if they were suddenly hit by Overrank magic

 Of course, even if they were hit by Overrank magic from afar, they would only attack if they could be wiped out from one attack.


 Ainz thought until there, recalled one person who died, and looked in his direction. The receiver of his gaze was Brain who had become a vampire. He entered the room last, and stood in a corner, away from attention.

 None of the Guardians paid attention to Brain. The existence of Brain did not enter any of the Guardians’ eyes—-Aura was weird though.

 Basically, that was what his existence was worth to the Guardians. If he did not do anything rude, he would be left alone.


 Wondering if it was fine to leave Brain like that, stopped thinking about such troublesome things.


“….Well, fine.”


 Most of the information he had was gained. So, the current worth of Brain, was that he might be of help, but not much. The reason why he was brought this time was due to the expectation of knowledge as a resident of this world. If he died, he died. The end.

 More importantly, he did not pledge his existence to Ainz. It was truth that he felt no need to care for Ainz.


 Thinking that, a strange thing became mixed in Ainz’s gaze.


 It was obedience.

 Despite the object of his loyalty, Shalltear being used as a chair, he did not make any special movements.

 What was he thinking.

 Ainz thought about that for a little, and immediately dismissed it. It did not matter.


“Then as part of the objective, should we clean up the lizardmen?”

“No, there is no need.”


 At Demiurge’s question, Ainz waved his hand left to right.

 Ainz did not particularly like harming people or killing them. It simply could not be helped if lives were lost, or were necessary sacrifices.

 Since Ainz had no reason to kill all the lizardmen, he felt that there was no need to do so.


“However….Well, we should kill the strong to make it easier to rule them.”

“Then, Ainz-sama. Should we kill the ones who fought with the Lich and Blood Meat Hulks?”

“….Yes. They seemed to be strong.”


 Ainz recalled the scene in the mirror.


“By the way, there was the white one among them right? A white snake is a good symbol, and white lizardmen seem rare. Let her live and capture her.”

“Understood. Then I shall order Cocytus to do so.”

“Please do. It would be nice if we could recover the dead bodies. The things made with and without bodies. I feel that the same Death Knights made using corpses were stronger. There might be a difference when using the corpses of lizardmen.”

“Understood. I shall make preparations to recover the corpses.”

“Then, my undead will do that.”


 Shalltear, who was still Aura’s chair, proposed herself for the job.


“Hmm. Then I shall leave this to Shalltear. However, the recovery is for last. Stealing the corpses….It might be a nuisance and I apologise.”

“Yes. Then I shall make preparations.”

“Now. That is it.—-Now, shall we take a look at them before we attack.”


 Ainz ordered Brain to bring the mirror hanging on the wall.

 While thinking that it was strange for Brain to be obediently following his order, Ainz understood that it was Shalltear’s orders, and faced the mirror.


 The bird’s eye view of the lizardmen’s village appeared on the mirror of remote viewing, with tiny spots moving around.

 Ainz reached out towards the mirror and gestured, changing the scenery on the mirror.

 The first time of course, was to zoom in.

 The sight of the lizardmen working hard to prepare for war was shown completely.


“Futile efforts.”


 Shalltear, whose back was still being sat on by Aura, made a condescending voice at the scene. Demiurge looked at the lizardmen with kind eyes.


“Let me see, where are they. It’s hard to tell the lizardmen apart”


 Ainz searched for the six lizardmen he had seen in the recording with a frown on his face.

 If there was a large disparity in their appearance, they could be differentiated, but if there was only a small one, they looked the same. Especially when he only saw them for a short time.


“Hmmm— found the armored one. That’s the one that threw rocks, right? Next, the buster sword is here. The difference is too minute… Found the one with the prominent arm”


 After observing that, Ainz kept shifting the image on the mirror.


“… I don’t see the white lizardman and the one holding the scimitar.”

“Ermm… the one called Zaryusu?”

“Ah, right, that’s his name.”


 Ainz recalled the lizardman who had come forth to negotiate at Aura’s prompt.


“Could he be inside the houses?”



 But the mirror of remote viewing wasn’t able to see inside buildings. That was the case, normally.


“Demiurge, Infinity Haversack please.”

“By your will.”


 Demiurge bowed and moved to the table in the corner of the room and picked up the Infinity Haversack. He presented it to Ainz respectfully. Ainz took out one scroll from within.

 He then activated the magic within the scroll.

 An invisible ethereal sensory organ was conjured. The sensory organ can’t penetrate magical barriers, but it can pass through normal walls regardless of their thickness. If it couldn’t get in, it meant that a powerful enemy they had to be wary of was there.

 After linking the sensory organ with the mirror of remote viewing so the Guardians could also see, Ainz started maneuvering the sensory organ that looked like a floating eyeball.


“Let’s take a look inside the house.”


 Ainz chose an old broken house nearby and moved the sensory organ in. Even if the interior was dark, it would show up as bright as day once the organ got in.

 In that room, a white lizardman was being pressed down with its tail lifted up. A black lizardman was riding on top.


 They didn’t understand what was going on in the very beginning.

 The next instant, that changed to confusion as to why they are doing that thing at a time like this.


 Ainz then moved the sensory organ outside silently.




 Feeling troubled, Ainz placed his palm on his face. The Guardians by his side didn’t know what to say and looked at each other.


What an unpleasant bunch. Cocytus will be attacking soon and they still have the nerve to do this?!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“Demiurge is right. Let’s teach them a lesson!”


 Ainz lift a hand to stop the chatter of the Guardians.


“… Forget it, they will be dead soon. If they understand this, then this is natural”


 Ainz nodded to affirm his own opinion.


“You are right!”

“If it’s only this much, we can let them off~”

“Right, right!”

“… All of you be quiet.”


 After all the Guardians shut their mouths, seeing them Ainz sighed.


“….I sort of lost motivation. Well, there is no one to be wary of in the lizardman village, we can think that now. However, do not underestimate them. They might come at us. If anyone is caught in Aura’s security net, all Guardians and myself will move out.”

“Understood. We have arranged with Nazarick, and if their numbers are few we shall attack. If there are more or equal, we shall use our subordinates to buy time while we retreat.”

“Hmm, yes. When we do not know the opponent’s power, I do not want you to be hurt.”


 It was a plan that he had hesitated on, but Ainz’s plan was to use his subordinates and only fight if they could win. His order of ‘should Cocytus fight a person he cannot defeat, escape’, was a part of this. Losing the Guardians was a foolish act.


 If there were Yggdrasil players were there, then they would not keep the promise of washing their hands off the village. If they cannot become allies then they would be destroyed. Even if he had to use the 8th Floor.

 Ainz brushed off the feeling of guilt from breaking the promise.

 If it was for a more important purpose, lies were fine.


“….Now, when it times to watch the show, shall we enjoy the sight of Cocytus battling. Brain. Bring chairs for everyone. It is enjoyable to watch a fight with everyone sitting on chairs.”

“Yes. Understood.”

“….Do you know where the chairs are.”

“I shall ask the ones outside.”

“….True, then please.”


 Brain deeply bowed and left. Nodding his head slightly in acknowledgement, Ainz uninterestedly gazed at the mirror.

 The lizardmen were frantically preparing.

 Ainz smiled. At the scene of useless resistance, one could not be sure whether his thoughts were of sadness or affection.






 Brain made sure to close the door silently. He focused this much for the first time in his life, so as to not attract the attention of the ones inside.

 Closing the door, once the space was isolated, Brain breathed a deep sigh of relief. At the same time, his body lost its tension.




 The reason why he said nothing despite what was being done to the person he gave everything to, Shalltear. It was simple and clear.

 It was fear.

 Should he say that his abilities of a living being were extremely stimulated. This was as Undead mostly had no reaction to negative emotions like fear.


 He understood that the existence that ruled the giant dungeon Nazarick was in no way weak. Even his master Shalltear, was a vampire, a superior existence that he could not even hit. The master of Shalltear could be in no way weak.

 However, there was no one who could not fear when shown that large and wide-ranging magic.


 That was more than a monster.

 No, a monster was an understatement.


 That was an existence that could be called god.

 To Brain, the existence known as Ainz was just that.


 Honestly speaking.

 Brain Unglaus felt relief in his fortune. This was as he had moved from the human camp to the Nazarick camp. At the same time, he felt sad. A sadness that was directed at all of the living beings in this world, the existences that would be exploited.








 Four hours passed in a flash.


 The lizardmen warriors were already gathering in the front gate of the village— in the wetlands where the ice was melting. After the intense battle several days ago, there wasn’t many lizardmen warriors left.

 They numbered 316.

 Lizardmen that were not warriors would not be taking part because Shasuryu said “The enemy is few, having too many people will only get in the way”.

 It seemed reasonable at first, but it didn’t hold water.


 Zaryusu stood far from the lizardmen, watching the gathering lizardmen warriors.


 Everyone had warpaint representing their ancestors on them, their face showed will as tough as steel. They seemed to think they wouldn’t lose.

 The lizardmen around them cheered the warriors on. In that group, expressions of unease could be seen clearly.


 To keep the anxiety in his heart from showing, Zaryusu worked hard to show a poker face in front of the other lizardmen, keeping them away from the truth of this fight being a sacrificial offering to Ainz.


 Yes. They had no chance of winning this fight. The hidden meaning in Shasuryu’s earlier words was ‘We have no chance of winning. So I want to end this with the lowest number of sacrifices’.

 The ones who knew this were only the chiefs.

 It was fact that in this battle, Ainz wanted the lizardmen to definitely face defeat. So the lizardmen had to act out a complete defeat. If they did not, everyone else might be killed. Basically, this was a necessary sacrifice. However, it was fact that if the chiefs were told that they were betraying the warriors, they had no words to refute that.


 They believed that most of the lizardmen assembled would die. Zaryusu could comfort himself in the fact that the sacrifices were small. However, this did not clear the hesitation trapped in his heart.


 Zaryusu averted his eyes from the lizardmen and glared at the enemy territory with sharp eyes.

 The skeletons were in the same position as before, not a step awry. The figures of the fully armoured knights were nowhere to be found. They were probably hidden in the forest somewhere.

 The existence known as Cocytus could not be seen. Neither could the figure of the magic caster, Ainz. However, he knew that they were watching from somewhere.


 The sound of a large creature moving in the wetlands could be heard from behind the anxious Zaryusu—


“— Hey, Zaryusu.”


 — Zenberu greeted nonchalantly as usual.



“Yo.” Zenberu took a look around the surroundings, and asked Zaryusu. “Crusch does not seem to be here, but from your expression I can sort of guess.”


“Then you persuaded her? It seemed impossible though.”


 Zenberu changed the subject in a light hearted manner, but Zaryusu had no means to reply. At most it was a vague one.


“Various things….Yes, various.”



 Zenberu made no further attempt to question Zaryusu who was staring out in the distance, but instead gazed at the lizardmen.


“Our morale seems to be at its peak.”


 Zaryusu also gazed at the warrior class lizardmen.

 The lizardmen had not changed from earlier, and were still waiting for the time, filled with confidence. These lizardmen who did not know what their opponent was.


“Yes it is, it will be great if it keeps at this level in the face of the powerful enemy, Cocytus…”


 Zaryusu’s face changed at Zaryusu’s words.


“….We will be meeting Cocytus soon….What do you think he is like?”

“You mean his appearance….I can’t imagine it.”


 Even when he considered the subordinates of Ainz, he could not picture it. He felt that a giant something would be suitable, but Ainz did not bring anyone large.


“I think he’s a dragon. What about it?”

“….Ah, I see. Possibly.”


 Zaryusu thought that the strongest race, the dragons, was correct.

 Normally having a dragon as a subordinate was in the realm of heroes, the monster known as Ainz could easily do it.

 Even if someone told him that silver-haired girl was a polymorphed dragon, he felt that he would accept it.


“I know right. I have never seen a dragon before. Having him as my last opponent is not bad.”


 Zaryusu was about to reply to Zenberu, he noticed the figure of a lizardman, and changed his words.


“—-It’s brother.”

“Yeah. Oh? It’s time?”


 Shasuryu appeared at the main gate, and all eyes fell on him and the two swamp elementals beside him.

 Crusch was absent because she exhausted all her mana to summon the swamp elementals. After having cast several long time defensive buffs and summoned the swamp elementals, the intense mana toll made her immobile.

 When the two of them left the room, Crusch already told Zaryusu she will lose consciousness from overusing mana, and that this will be the last time they see each other.


 Zaryusu felt slightly lonely, and looked at the village. The target of his gaze was where he thought Crusch was.


“Oi, they’re about finished.”


 Zenberu nudged Zaryusu’s ribs. At that, Zaryusu came back to his senses.

 Welcoming the end of Shasuryu speech, the morale of the surrounding lizardmen was raised to the maximum, and they were filled with vigour.


“—-It’s about time. Warriors, advance!”


 Following Shasuryu and the two swamp elementals, the lizardmen began slowly walking.

 They moved away from the village to avoid collateral damage to it.

 Zaryusu and Zenberu were the rear guard.


 Zaryusu turned back and looked at the village. At the lizardmen on top of the shabby mud wall, believing that they would come back safely.

 Zaryusu made a small sigh. He believed that he would not be coming back.


 And they began walking. To fight with Cocytus.

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