Overlord First Half Chapter 52: War Part 12

War Part 12

Translators: Skythewood, Frostfire10


“A splendid battle.”


 Ainz happily sent words of praise towards Cocytus who was kneeling before him. This was as he had well achieved the goal of leaving his figure as the incarnation of despair in the lizardmen left in the village.

 Now they could rule them without any problems.


 The fact that there were no Yggdrasil players was another reason leading to Ainz’s good mood.


“Thank you.”

“Now, while we have control of the lizardmen village, we should choose a few and train them as warriors. I have an interest in how strong they can become.”


 They had proven through experiments that existences from Yggdrasil, like Ainz and co. could not become strong—and could not learn any more skills. Basically, to strengthen themselves, they had to improve other factors.

 Then, the next question was how strong the existences of this world could become. This was the natural follow-up question.



 Ainz thought the following.

 The strongest who did not seek to improve and just maintained, would one day be overtaken.

 Even if they had a 100 year lead of military technology, they might be the strongest. However, if they stop there, they would one day fall from that title. They might be strong in the surrounding countries. However, how long could they maintain that fact. Those that did this would be simple fools.



 If there was an existence in this world that could easily surpass what Yggdrasil could call Level 100, then it was necessary to take rapid action.

 There was the pawn called Brain, who had received power from the Yggdrasil existence of Shalltear, the transformation into a vampire. So Brain’s strength increased, but it brought about the question of was this normal in this world.

 Basically, an experiment about the normal existence of this world, not connected to Yggdrasil, was necessary.


“I want to give the lizardmen a gifted education, but should I use Brain?”


 He sent a gaze towards the unmoving figure of Brain in the corner. Cocytus raised his head and sent a question to Ainz who was mumbling happily.


“I will seek your advice when the time comes, Ainz-sama. May I ask how you plan to deal with those lizardmen?”

“Which lizardman?”

“Yes, the two lizardmen named Zaryusu and Shasuryu.”


 The two who fought til the very end. Their corpses should still be in the wetlands. But what of it?


“I see. Collect their corpses, I will use their bodies as material when I create undead with my special ability. I have not used corpses of that level to make Death Knights. This will be a good experiment—”

“—That would be a pity.”



 Cocytus interrupted Ainz, which from the viewpoint of the Guardians was a rude behavior. In response, Ainz gazed upon Cocytus with interest for the first time. He then lightly raised his hand, and returned the Guardians’ furrowed brow back to normal.


“What do you mean? I thought they were weak….Do they have that much value?”


 While Ainz was using the Mirror of Remote Viewing to view the battle, Cocytus was having a stunning victory. To the point that there was nothing of note. Did Ainz let something slip by?


“… They were weak, but I could see their warrior spirit and fearless resolve in the face of the strong. It is a pity to use them as materials.”



 To be frank, Ainz didn’t know what to feel when he heard the term warrior spirit. He came across the term killing intent in novels and mangas, but didn’t think much of it. It was at the level of ‘Oh that exists?’ Similarly, the resonance among warriors was something Ainz didn’t understand.

 This was because Ainz might look like this now, but he was originally just a normal salaryman. If a normal citizen born in Japan understood warrior spirit, that would be dangerous. If it was the spirit of an excellent salaryman, he might comprehend a little.


 He was that Ainz, but he had enough understanding that Cocytus was such an existence.


“I see… it is a waste indeed.”



 Even if you say it is a pity. Such was Ainz’s true feelings. However, it was better to shown that it was fine to take his subordinate’s words into account.

 After thinking about it shortly, Ainz remembered he had excellent subordinates.

 He recalled the subordinates standing around him silently in a manner befitting a servant.


“…Demiurge, what do you think?”

“I think Ainz-sama is the most correct.”

“… …Shalltear, and you?”

“I think the same as Demiurge and await Ainz-sama’s judgement.”

“… … …Aura”

“Yes, I think the same way as everyone too.”


 Their answer was as good as not answering at all, giving Ainz a headache.

 After thinking it through, Ainz came to a conclusion— Maybe from the standpoint of a Guardian, they didn’t think there was any major issue. Which also meant there wouldn’t be major impact no matter what decision he made.


 That was also dependent on the circumstances of the Guardian. There might be problems if their situation changes.

 Simply put, when a small group of people say a hundred million is a small amount of money, there will be the problem of how trustworthy that statement was. This was the difference in the perception of values.


 A waste of breath—

 With no other choice, Ainz had to weigh the pros and cons from his own standpoint.


“…We had decided to rule over the lizardmen, but do they have a suitable representative? Or a group that could represent them?”

“No, but they do have a suitable representative.”

“Oh? Who is it?”

“The white lizardman that Ainz-sama spoke of.”

“Oh, that one! Hmm, that could work…”


 If it was her, she could be of use— Ainz thought. He could use her to spy on things.


“Very good. How long will you need to bring her here?”

“Pardon my impudence, I thought Ainz-sama will ask for her, so I ordered her to wait in a room nearby.”

“No no, well done Cocytus. Wasting time is foolish, your judgement is on point. Alright then, bring her over.”

“Erm, please wait!”

“What is it, Aura?”

“I don’t think a shabby place like this is good enough. Even though we are hosting people who are submitting to us, it is too run down for Ainz-sama’s status. I feel that the meeting should be done in the throne room of Nazarick.”


 Shalltear and Demiurge nodded in agreement.


“….I apologise. I did not think that far, I beg for your forgiveness!”



 I did not even think about that. Ainz thought so, and considered what to do next. Those words from that time. Then—


“— Aura.”


“I told you that this place you built— the place filled with your feelings and emotions, is as good as Nazarick right? I really mean it. Cocytus, bring her in. I will hold the audience here.”

“Ai-, Ainz-sama!”

“Aura, back down.”



 Aura protested with her face red, saying “Why are you stopping me?”


“…Anything Ainz-sama says is the law. Since Ainz-sama said this place is as good as Nazarick— “

“—It must be true.”


 Shalltear continued.


“Aura. I will say this again. As my most trusted subordinates— one of the Guardians, this place you put in so much effort to build is on the same level as Nazarick. It is true even now when construction works are ongoing… Do you understand?”

“…Ainz-sama, thank you very much.”


 Aura deeply lowered her head and the other Guardians did the same.

 Why did Cocytus, Demiurge and Shalltear lower their heads. Ainz was slightly confused, but thinking that there was simply a reason, he ordered Cocytus.


“Well then, usher her in, Cocytus.”





 In a short moment, Cocytus brought a pure white lizardman into the room.

 The lizardman knelt before Ainz and lowered her face to the ground.


“State your name.”

“Yes, Supreme Overlord of Death— Ainz Ooal Gown. I am the representative of the lizardmen, Crusch Lulu.”


 What an incredible title. He was curious as to who came up with this title, but Ainz acted like a calm king and said.


“… Hmmm, well met.”

“Yes. Gown-sama, please accept the oath of fealty from us, the lizardmen.”



 Ainz watched Crusch closely.

 The scales were pretty. They shone brightly under the illumination of the magical light. I wonder how they would feel like if I were to touch them., Ainz was academically curious.


 Crusch’s shoulders shook due to Ainz’s silence. There was no external reason for this, it was an internal one—Fear.

 If Ainz said that he had no interest in them, then all the lizardmen would be killed. So, she had to pay attention with every word. To Crusch who was under that soul grinding pressure, Ainz’s unnatural silence was a fearful experience.

 Yes, even if the person was the one who had killed her loved one.


“….I see. Then accept it. You all, the lizardmen are now under my rule.”


“Now, a few requests.”



 Crusch’s body trembled as she wondered what type of requests they were.


“Firstly I shall train several lizardmen as my soldiers. Choose the best.”

“How many should there be?”

“True….About ten.”

“Understood. They shall be quickly prepared. By when should they be ready?”

“In about two or three days.”

“Yes, there are no problems. I believe you want the best.”

“Yes. After is….I do not have anything in particular.”

“Eh? Is that fine?”


 Crusch who was facing down raised a surprised voice. She expected to be burdened with impossible requests, but for it to be this simple. Of course she was surprised.


“For now. Crusch Lulu. Your lizardmen will be ushering an era of prosperity now. Future generations of lizardmen will be thankful for being my subjects.”

“We dare not, we are already thankful to the Supreme Being for granting us mercy even after we resisted with violence.”



 Ainz got up from the throne slowly. He walked to Crusch’s side, squatted down and place his hand on Crusch’s shoulder.

 Ainz could feel a tremor coming from Crusch’s body.


“I have a special task for you.”

“As Gown-sama’s faithful servant, I will do anything I can…”

“Not as a servant, I want you to do something for me— in exchange for Zaryusu’s resurrection.”


 Crusch vigorously raised her head.

 Her face was painted in shock. With a feeling of pride, Ainz continued his survey of Crusch.


 Crusch tried to hide her emotions, but her movements were hectic. While since lizardmen were much harder to read than humans, at least joy, anger and sadness could be picked up.


“Something like that…”

“I am the one who controls life and death. To me, death is but a state of being.”


 When he heard Crusch’s voice that was tapering off, Ainz answered.


“It is the same for poison and sickness, but I can’t extend the lifespan of mortals.”

“… What do you wish of me, your humble slave?… My body?”


 Ainz was speechless.


“No, that’s a bit…” A reptile was a bit too much. Ainz wanted to back away immediately, but he pushed himself to play his role. “Cough cough! No. It’s simple, I want you to keep a close watch on whether there are ‘lizardmen thinking of rebelling’.”

“There are no such lizardmen.”


 Ainz laughed at Crusch’s confident reply.


“I am not dumb enough to assume that. I am not familiar with how lizardmen think, but using the race of humans as example, betrayal is common. That is why I want an agent on the inside to watch over things.”


 Seeing Crusch return to her emotionless expression, Ainz inwardly panicked as he wondered if the conversation had failed.

 Since Cocytus said that they had that of relationship, she would want to resurrect Zaryusu, but reviving him without payment was suspicious, even more so when there were little merits.

 So, he would turn Crusch into a spy, and make a merit.


“… Before you lies the chance for a miracle. But this chance won’t be here forever. If you don’t grab it immediately, it will be gone forever.”


 Ainz stood up and continued.


“I can return the dead to their original condition. There are some that say that the dead cannot be returned back to normal or they lose their memories. However, from me, I believe that it because they cannot believe the ones that returned. If  I said to those people that I could revive their loved ones, family, friends, and lovers, would they not believe it?”


 Crusch remained expressionless.

 While thinking that he failed, Ainz spoke out his strong emotions. He also wondered if it was better to leave this to Demiurge.


“Basically I want to say this. Do not mistake the important things, Crusch. To you, the important thing is Zaryusu right? Do you not want to make a family with the man you love?”


 With a shiver, Crusch’s expression moved like a cramp.


“I am not going to use irritating rituals. Resurrection spells exist in this world right? That is what I am going to use.”

“That is the legendary…”


 Crusch interrupted thim.

 She recalled how powerful the man was in front of her.


“Crusch. What is the most important thing for you? I want you to consider.”


 Ainz gave Crusch some time to think. There were occasions to not give any time to think to wind her around his finger, but in this case he should give her time.

 Noticing Crusch’s wavering gaze, Ainz decided to give her one final push.

 Next, Ainz had to let Crusch understand this miracle was not a free service. Providing free service will make others suspicious, but they will be more receptive of it with a request for adequate amount of money.


“As I said earlier it is not free. I just need you to watch your fellow lizardmen in the dark. Depending on the circumstances, you might need to make hard choices. To prevent a betrayal, I will cast a special magic on the resurrected Zaryusu. If I think you have betrayed me, I will end him immediately. It must be troubling for you, but the resurrection of Zaryusu is not something you can get in a fair deal, right?”


 Actually, there is no such magic.

 Ainz acted as if he had said everything and stood up slowly. He then opened his arms.

 Ainz looked at the struggling Crusch.


“Oh, right, tell the resurrected Zaryusu this in my place. I revived him because he is of use to me. I promise not to mention your name”


 While wondering if it went well, Ainz did not let it show on his face. Of course, expressions could not be made on a skeleton’s face.


“So, Crusch Lulu. Choose now. This is the last chance for you to get your beloved Zaryusu back. What say you? Yes? Or no? Choose.”


 Ainz reached a hand out to Crusch slowly. At the same time, he said to the Guardians.


“Do not do anything even if she rejects— Alright, ready to answer now? Crusch Lulu?”









 Fatigue permeated through his entire body.

 As if his insides had turned into paste.

 Then he felt abnormally tired. He had never felt this tired even after overexerting himself physically.


 Zaryusu struggled to open his heavy eyelids.


 Blinding light entered his eyes. Although lizardmen eyes would automatically adjust to light intensity, it could not do so instantaneously. Zaryusu blinked his eyes—




 Someone was hugging him tight.




 There should be no way he would ever hear this again, this female’s voice.

 Zaryusu finally adjusted his eyes, and saw the female that was hugging him.

 That was indeed his beloved female, Crusch Lulu.


 Why? What was going on?

 A flood of questions and unease rushed towards Zaryusu. His last memory was— the moment his head had dropped into the wetlands. He had most definitely been killed by Cocytus.

 Then why was he still alive? Unless—


“—Was Crusch killed too?”



 Zaryusu opened his mouth to ask, yet his mouth seemed numb, unable to move properly.

 What gave him his answer was the look of very confused expression on Crusch’s face. Seeing that expression, Zaryusu was a little relieved, knowing that Crusch was not dead. Then why was he still alive?

 A hint was given to him by a voice to his side.


“Well. There is some confusion after resurrection. Reviving in the middle of battle will be difficult.”


 Realizing who was speaking to him, Zaryusu looked with surprise at that direction.


 Standing there was Ainz Ooal Gown. The magic caster with amazing power.

 In his hand was a holy wand which did not fit him and was thirty centimetres in length. It was made of ivory, and the head was cast in gold, and it’s grip was adorned in runes, making it extremely beautiful. Zaryusu guessed that since the great magic caster was holding it, it was holding an amazing magic power.


 And that guess was correct.

 Zaryusu did not know this, but it was the Wand of Resurrection. It was the item that revived Zaryusu. Normally those that cannot use priest type magics cannot activate priest type items, but this type of magic item was a special case.


 Zaryusu moved his gaze, and tried to collect even a little bit of information. The scene from the shadow of Crusch who was hugging him. This was the lizardman village.

 As if they were intending to surround the entire place, all the lizardmen were prostrating. Even more shocking was that they were motionless— that posture was one of worship towards an extremely powerful being.


“What is happening…”


 After witnessing such power, prostrating was only natural. However, the surrounding lizardmen were not just showing respect, but something more.

 Lizardmen did not have gods. Strictly speaking, their objects of faith were their ancestral spirits. The feeling given off right now by the surrounding lizardmen was like that of a reverence towards a god.


“Hm. Step down, lizardmen. Without instructions, nobody is permitted to enter the village.”


 Those words.

 Nobody objected to these words. More than that, it was accepted without a sound being made. The only sounds which were heard were of bodies getting up and the splashes by walking along the wetlands. Leaving them behind, the lizardmen departed from the clearing.

 Their loyalty like they were brainwashed surprised Zaryusu.


“Aura, are all of them gone?”

“Yes, they are.”


 The one who replied was the dark elf girl. Since she was standing behind Ainz, Zaryusu did not notice her.


“I see. Then first, a few words for you, Zaryusu Shasha. Congratulations on your resurrection.”



 Until he registered the meaning of this word, Zaryusu required a little time. Then after he understood it, he also felt a shudder throughout his body.


 Resurrection— which meant that he was alive again.


 Zaryusu’s eyes opened wide, and his mouth agape. However, words did not come out. He only could breathe hard.


“What is it? Do lizardmen have some particular aversion to resurrection? Or have you forgotten how to speak?”

“Glug, glug… cough… y-you can resurrect the dead…?”

“That is true. What, you thought something of this degree couldn’t be done?”

“Did you hold… a big ceremony?”

“Big ceremony? What is that? I have no problems doing it by myself easily.”


 Hearing those words, Zaryusu had nothing to say. It was possible to use resurrection via a large ceremony. Many priests had done it, one of which was part of the 13 Heros, but those that could were only left in legend.

 An existence which could do that by alone.


 Monster? No.

 An incredibly powerful magic caster? No.


 Zaryusu understood this completely.

 Leading a mythical army, commanding demons.

 Which meant, this— the existence in front of him was one who could rival the gods.

 Zaryusu staggered up, and prostrate in front of Ainz. Crusch also frantically knelt down in the same fashion.


“Supreme One.”


 Ainz was a bit surprised, but seemed to immediately understand something and lightly nodded his head and replied.


“I pledge my life to you.”



 Ainz asked Zaryusu with the nuance of asking what he desired.


“Please grant prosperity to the lizardmen.”

“That is only natural, of course I will guarantee the prosperity of all those who come under my dominion.”

“My gratitude.”

“Good. Is your speech still not clear? Rest for a bit and you will get used to it. Rest for now. Afterwards there are various things which will have to be dealt with. The first thing would be the defence of this village that is under my dominion… for the details, discuss it with Demiurge.”


 Ainz left after he finished saying this. However, before that, there was something which Zaryusu had to do, and had to do right now.


“Please wait. What about Zenberu and older brother?”

“Their corpses should be around the area”


 Ainz, who was just about planning to leave with Aura, stopped casually gestured with his jaw in to the outside of the village.


“Can you please revive them?”

“… Hmm… I don’t see any benefit in doing so.”

“Then why me? Zenberu and older brother are very powerful. They will definitely be useful.”


 Ainz closely observed Zaryusu. Then he looked at Crusch.


“I will consider it… preserve the two corpses well. I will consider it later.And if weak people are revived, there is a chance that they will turn to ash. Well, I think it will be fine, but do not forget that. Then as promised choose the ten lizardmen.”


 Ainz’s robe fluttered as he walked away. Aura at his side said ‘That hydra is cute right~’ as they walked away.

 Zaryusu finally broke his kneeling posture, and asked Crusch.


“Ten people?”

“They want to train ten lizardmen as their soldiers, so the first order I received was to choose them.”

“I see….”


 Zaryusu talked as if he understood, however the questions never stopped.

 While having such strong subordinates, why was he turning the extremely inferior lizardmen into his soldiers. And only ten. From the lizardmen this was a thankful thing, but without being able to understand the other party’s intention, he felt a strong sense of unease.

 However, having them not being interested in ruling them was an extremely fortunate thing. Having such a powerful force guarding them, it might surprising lead to the glory of the lizardmen.

 Zaryusu felt the tension leave his body.


“I made it through alive… or rather, I revived…”


 He did not know what kind of rule would await them in the future. However since the lizardmen’s usefulness left an impression, it shouldn’t be too bad.


“Crusch. Among the ten—”

“Eh. Zaryusu will be one.”


 Crusch nodded with the expression of it being as expected.


“Never mind about that. Worry about it later. For now just rest well and clear your fatigue. It will be fine, I can carry you.”

“Ah… thank you.”


 Zaryusu closed his eyes and lied down. Just like in those days where he had overworked his body, he was eager to rest, and fell asleep once his eyes were closed.

 Once again Zaryusu felt the touch of gentle hands stroking his body back and forth as his consciousness slipped back into the darkness.

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  1. War never changes…
    I’m half thankful for this half chapter. You did half well, here half a cookie for you.

    Jokes aside, thank you very much and have a nice Christmas.


    1. Albedo was a necessary existence to make the story flow better and become a bit more hyped up, the WN feels a bit mechanical and wacky, it doesn’t feel natural and immersive… Well, it wouldn’t have mattered even if she was in the WN, because Ainz barely pays attention to anyone in Nazarick and he usually acts alone and just gives a few orders. It’s quite boring. The interactions and characters are undoubtedly portrayed and used way better in the LN. Everything feels a bit shallow here.

      A good must-read though if you loved the LN. Kinda like an alternate universe with some extra trivia that should also be applicable to the LN.


  2.  They had proven through experiments that existences from Yggdrasil, like Ainz and co. could not become strong—and could not learn any more skills. Basically, to strengthen themselves, they had to improve other factors.

    That’s somewhat boring 😛 I think there was a similar setting in the LN. I do hope that they can become stronger later on in other ways than getting more skilled in the use of the characters. Skill is all well and good, but it’d be cool to get even more magical power and mana along with spells 😀 Currently it’s not necessary, but perhaps later it would be.

    “… What do you wish of me, your humble slave?… My body?”
     Ainz was speechless.
    “No, that’s a bit…” A reptile was a bit too much. Ainz wanted to back away immediately, but he pushed himself to play his role. “Cough cough! No. It’s simple, I want you to keep a close watch on whether there are ‘lizardmen thinking of rebelling’.”

    I wonder if I’m weird for thinking that the issue isn’t that she’s a reptile, but rather that she’s used goods that was, in fact, fcked just a few hours prior to the meeting(I’m really not into NTR, especially not if they’ve been that intimate). I’d totally want to taste her otherwise, would be quite an experience 😛


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