Overlord First Half Chapter 40: Promotion Test Part 3

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Promotion Test Part 3

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


“….To be able to use <Fly>.”

 Towards the sound of Momon slowly descending from the sky, Khajiit maintained his level of alertness. It was a mistake to underestimate someone that could use the same tier of magic as himself. It was not unimaginable that Momon would use the magic <Fly> to escape, especially during the encounter with the Skeletal Dragon. However, Khajiit could not grasp why he did not retreat in the first place.


“Hmph, do you have any chance of victory? Facing off against Skeletal Dragons which have absolute resistance against magic.”

“Well, but there are numerous ways to achieve victory here.”



 That smug face caused Khajiit to develop a sense of fear. He immediately ordered the Skeletal Dragons to attack. The two Skeletal Dragons approached Momon at a surprising speed. The humongous claws, formed from countless pieces of bones, swiped downwards. The moment before the swipe connected, Momon’s magic activated.


<Dimensional Move>




 Momon’s figure disappeared once again.

 Khajiit focused his gaze upon the sky, looking for Momon who disappeared. He assumed that Momon used the magic to achieve the same tactic by moving around the sky. But where did Momon run off to? A sudden sharp pain gave Khajiit his answer.




 Khajiit’s cries of pain resounded around the cemetery. A burning sensation spread through Khajiit’s left shoulder. The pain felt like he was beaten all over the body, seeming to spread with every beat of his heart.

 Khajiit was surprised as he looked towards his left shoulder, he noticed something sharp protruding from it.


“—Gaa, Gaa!”


 The next moment, the sword was slowly withdrawn, causing further excruciating pain. It felt as if the bone was cut deep inside, combined with the pain from earlier, it further increased Khajiit’s discomfort. The viscous blood flowed out from the wound, wetting his black robes.

 Saliva came out from Khajiit’s mouth as he could not bear the pain. He panicly swung his head around, looking towards his back.


 Momon with an inconceivable expression was standing there.


‘Is it that painful?”




 Momon asked him as he played around with the blood stained dagger. In contrast, Khajiit could not even utter a single word due to the excruciating pain.

 Magic casters did not usually head towards the frontlines. Furthermore, Khajiit was used to people serving him. Other than dishing out pain, he had never experienced the sensation himself. Hence, his tolerance towards it was rather low.


 His forehead sweating profusely, he ordered the Skeletal Dragons using his mind. Facing the approaching Skeletal Dragons, Momon swiftly backed away as if he wanted to avoid them by using the mobility of <Fly>.

 Using that momentary gap between the two Skeletal Dragon, Momon slipped away.


 Khajiit retreated behind the Skeletal Dragons. Once he confirmed that he was at a safe spot, his brain began to regain a certain level of calm and he began to grasp the magic used by Momon. That was—


“Teleportation magic.”


 <Dimensional Move> was classified as a Tier-3 magic. Magic casters who practise this magic, usually used it to enlarge the distance between them and their opponents in order to escape.

 However, that was for those magic casters with weak physiques. If they were to use that magic to make a warrior admit his defeat, it would be classified as an attacking magic instead. No a magic that could overcome an opponent’s defences, it would be more effective than a cumbersome attacking magic.

 Khajiit pressed on his shoulders as he glared at Momon.


“I see, your trump card was to kill me by using teleportation!”


 Undeniably, this trump card was rather troublesome, Khajiit thought. If magic was totally useless against Skeletal Dragons, killing the summoner would be the best move, a logical choice of tactics. If he could utilize teleportation easily, Khajiit’s overall chances of stopping it was very low.

 However, Momon gave a casual reply.


“No, no, it’s not like this.”


 Khajiit for a brief moment did not manage to grasp the meaning behind Momon’s words. He began to scowl. As if elaborating his mind, Momon began to move.


“Well, it would be too easy to kill you. This is just a performance.”


 What was he saying? With a carefree attitude, Momon sheathed his sword.

 Suddenly, Khajiit did not know what to say as he remained clueless. It was natural. He was the one pressuring Momon. But he was now on the receiving end. With such an overwhelming advantage, having that ability to swiftly move around yet abandoning it. That was the work of a madman. No, impossible….An idea came to him. Khajit shook his head to abandon that thought. It was impossible.


“….Bastard, are you mad?”

“Do you really think that way? Or is it….that you choose not to admit it?”


 Momon smiled coldly. Under the influence of that smile, although it was brief, Khajiit’s body shuddered.

 It was not due to anger. But, fear itself. He met an enemy that should not be provoked in the first place. That discomforting thought passed through Khajiit’s mind. It was too late now. Khajiit was staring at Momon.

 Momon happily accepted that look. His smile widen. This was the finale.


“It seems that you are absolutely confident about the Skeletal Dragon’s ability to repel all magical attacks. Let me enlighten you, then you can die.”


 The sound of a single clap was heard.

 Momon relaxed both his arms. That moment, between both his hands, was a single white electrical arc. The electric arc looked like a twirling dragon as if it had a life of its own. The surrounded area was illuminated by that bright electrical energy.

 Momon looked as if he was surrounding by a dazzling brilliance.




 Khajiit’s eyes widened. No words came out from his opened mouth. That was a magic that was beyond his understanding. The only thing he could see, within that brilliant white radiance, was  Momon smiling lightly.

 Khajiit managed to regain some of his composure.

 Becaused he looked down on others, he was made a fool. Now he was about to receive his just deserts.

 The Skeletal Dragon’s large body completely blocked off his view, thinking about it, he tried to summon his own pride.


“—Ah! Foolish person! No matter how strong your magic is, you can never defeat the Skeletal Dragon’s magical resistance. Go! Kill him!”


 Khajiit’s sharp command was unable to conceal the fear in his voice. The two Skeletal Dragons on his left and right began to move. As the twin humongous bodies approached, Momon was smiling calmly like a teacher giving his foolish pupil a lesson.


“Absolute resistance against magic? But of course, Skeletal Dragons possessed absolute negation against any magical attacks. But it is only applicable to Tier-6 magic and below.”


 The Skeletal Dragon swiped using its front paws. At the same time, Khajiit did not comprehend the meaning of those words.


“—In other words, it cannot negate any magic above that level, ol’ foolish one.”


<Twin Maximise Magic Chain Dragon Lightning.>


 In each of Momon’s hand, a lightning with the shape of a dragon burst forward, the lightning, thicker than a person’s arm, arced separately against the two Skeletal Dragons.


 Receiving the large lightning magic with its body, the bodies of the white Skeletal Dragons shook.

 The lightning dragons wrapped around the Skeletal Dragon, and burned the corpse that was imbued with false life.

 The outcome was instantaneous.

 Skeletal Dragons which possessed immunity against magic, used their bodies to blocked the magical lightning arc. Their body collapsed into pieces as if they aged by hundreds of years within a single moment.

 Although the Skeletal Dragons were completely disintegrated, the lightning attack did not dissipate. The two separate arcs of dragon lightning raised their heads in search of fresh prey, and flew towards their last target.


 The shocked Khajiit had his entire vision covered by the lightning’s blinding white radiance.  

 There was no time for him to even beg for mercy nor to scream in agony.

 So insignificant. Ah, He could only mumble those last words as his body was completely swallowed by that attack.

 His muscles spasmed, making it look like he was doing a weird dance. In the end, his body keeled over and twitched.

 With his body rapidly burned, the lightning attack disappeared. The smell of flesh burning permeated the air. Khajiit’s body lay on the ground unmoving.

 The smell of burnt meat filled the area, and Khajiit no longer twitched.


 Momon loosened his shoulders. He spoke towards the Khajiit’s body as it lay on the ground. The body was curled up due to muscle contraction.


“Hmm, the burned meat smells good. Or you are using <Fox Sleep> like I did earlier?”


 Momon snorted out a laugh. It was impossible.


“Now, before I bury the body, I need to act like an adventurer and check for treasure.”


 Momon heard a lot of information, and took the appropriate action as the victorious party.

 Basically, when a human was your opponent, the Guild would endorse the belongings if you presented it to them. With the endorsement, you could sell it as you please. However, if you did not go through the Guild, and you stole it poorly, there was a chance that suspicion would fall one’s way. And so most adventurers would go through the Guild.


 Of course, Momon was thinking of going through the Guild. It was to avoid standing out too much. But if there was anything rare he would not mind stealing it, and take it back to Nazarick.

 There was nothing surprising among his belongings, and if sold into this world’s currency, he might be praised by Ainz.

 With a small feeling of excitement, Momon chose to activate magic.

 The first one to investigate was Khajiit, and while it was troublesome a rough search would suffice.


<Detect Magic>


 With the search magic, the surrounding magic items were differentiated.

 In Momon’s vision, the items with magic auras sparkled. The ones with reactions were the robes of six people and Khajiit’s, Khajiit’s staff, and his ring. And the last one was the pearl that left Khajiit’s hand.

 The one with the most magic was the pearl.


 Momon walked to the pearl, and casually picked it up. An unshapely magic item, he did not see much value in the item, but if magic it would be different. After finding its true value, if it was not worth being taken back to Nazarick, it could be sold.

 At that moment—




 A voice rang in Momon’s head. It was a strange one neither male nor female. It was like a non-human was forcefully speaking human words.


 —Obey me.


 Momon’s view shook. It was the feeling of being pulled into the orb. It was a type of spiritual attack.


 —Obey me and spread death.

“Ah annoying.”


 Momon glared at the orb. It was unclear what it was thinking, but this level of spiritual attack could not control Momon. Just by shaking his head slightly, he could clear its effects.


 But an Intelligent Item.


 Momon opened his eyes in shock. He destroyed the notion of breaking the item. An item with intelligence was something Momon did not know about. The expectation of Ainz enjoying it floated in his head.


 —Impossible. Resisting this one’s control. Are thou truly human?


 —No. Thou are not human.


 Momon’s eyebrow twitched.


 —Bring death to the humans together with me. That is the fate of those who hold me. Spread death.


 —Obey. Obey me and spread death.


 The voice repeated ‘Obey’ over and over in his head. Momon narrowed his eyes.

 Momon took in a audible deep breath. As if to send wind into a furnace in her heart.


“—A thing like you has no knowledge to understand, I was a fool to think that showing Ainz-sama a low class item like you would make him happy.”


 A screech could be heard from the orb. The strengthening effect from Iluan Graybell was activating.

 The feeling that made it possible—Anger.

 It was the name of the emotion filling Momon.



“—Listen, idiotic rock. I am Narberal Gamma. I pledge my loyalty to the 41 Supreme Beings. Myself being controlled by a Low Class Magic Item? And to obey it? Listen trash. I am to only offer my loyalty to the Supreme Beings. If you understand shut it. I will not say it twice? Do not do anything to make my feeling of idiocy at thinking that Ainz-sama would be pleased to receive you increase?”




 Momon placed the orb inside the bag he had received from Lizzie.


“Now. If you say the same thing again I will destroy you, so sorry.”




“….What the hell.”


 As if to not let anyone hear, a small voice whispered. He was trying to chase away the scene of the blinding lightning seared into his eyes.


“….I can’t believe it.”


 He did not believe it, but it happened right in front of him.

 He was an adventurer comrade of Gignal Elshai. The same A Class adventurer, a spellcaster thief. Bebei Autumn stifled his surprise, and thought about the thing he had to do next.


 The reason he came here was to test the one called Momon. Calling an A Class adventurer like Bebei to judge the promotion test of a novice was impossible according to common sense. This time, Bebei himself thought that he was being made a fool of. However, hearing about the situation from Gignal, he understood the reason for the request.

 This was not a judging, but was an examination.

 Investigate the mystery known as Momon. Just that.

 Getting near a dangerous and evil magic caster that could employ <Animate Dead>. Momon encountered such a monster.


 He unveiled this person, Momon’s capability. Then, that unbelievable scene happened.

 Blowing away a Skeletal Dragon with a sword.

 Then, he did something unforeseen, using an unknown magic to destroy the Skeletal Dragon which had absolute immunity against magic. This part was the most unbelievable.

 Bebei himself could use certain low-tier magic. Hence, he fully understood the raw power exhibited by Momon’s magic, not seen in 3rd-tier nor 4th-tier magic. It should be a higher-tier magic, 5th-tier, no, possibly 6th-tier. It is possible that it belonged to those legendary higher-tier magic.


“….I really can’t believe it.”


 Once again, he spat out his personal thoughts. Bebei slowly began to move from his hidden spot.

 If he brought this information back, not only the city, but the whole country would be shaken, like an earthquake. But if Momon intended to hide his true capabilities, then it would relate to one bad news they obtained. .


 If he knew that he was being investigated, Bebei would be killed.

 A cold breeze passed through Bebei’s back. Bebei’s opinion of getting his predictions spot on was rather high.


 Immediately retreat.


 Bebei moved his body carefully. It was best not to let Momon notice his presence. The thought of encountering the undead on his way back surfaced in his mind.

 From his hiding spot, he slowly inched forward—


“That was a Tier 7 Magic. From the magic Narberal can use, it is the second from the top….Should I explain about magic?”


 Suddenly, the voice of a third party—A man’s voice caused Bebei’s movements to freeze. It was right behind him. It was not too far a distance, yet not too close either.

 Bebei, who was a thief sensed that he could not allow the owner of that voice to get near to him. He had to retreat at full speed. Bebei bit his lips as he could not move as he intended.

 Seeing his unmoving limbs, his surprise went up by a level.

 A hand was reaching out from darkness. It was not human. It was a monster’s claw. Amongst his jumbled thoughts, he assumed it to be an ambush Momon prepared.


 Keeping quiet. At the same time, his mouth and his limbs were fully immobile.


“Now now. It seems that you are returning, but you cannot go immediately. Please let me have some of your time.”


 The hand that extended from the darkness, clamped down on Bebei’s arms, legs, and mouth. He could not move no matter how hard he struggled. How much strength does it possess? He tried to move his eyes. He could not obtain a shred of intel on the person behind him. His movement was completely inhibited by some type of magic.

 He tried frantically to reach the scroll hidden in his sleeve. Although he might die here, at least, he should deliver the information he gathered so far.

 However, a mocking laugh was made at Bebei’s frantic actions.


“You seem to be taking out something….<Message>? It’s useless. I have used a magic that blocks all divinations and investigative magic in this area. So <Message> will not work. But anyway, you have been seen by Narberal.”


 Was it the truth or was it all lies?

 Doubt surfaced in Bebei’s heart. Under such circumstance, his options were limited. He decided that it was a lie and struggled to reach the scroll. It was only a few centimeters away yet it seemed so far.

 The ears of the struggling Bebei, caught the sound of footsteps belonging to the mysterious individual. The footsteps were slow but getting closer and closer to Bebei.

 At it arrived directly to the back of Bebei, he once again struggled with all his might. Yet, his body remain unmoving.


“There is no need to worry.” A bony hand was calmly placed on his head. “I won’t kill you. I promise that you can go home safely. Now, relax.”






 With his memory modified, seeing the departing Bebei as he returned to the mayor with the information at hand, Ainz dispelled the magic <Perfect Unknowable>. This was a Tier-9 magic, capable of eliminating the traces of scent, body warmth, vibrations, prints and various other stimulus that could trigger the enemy’s detection.


“Well, there should be no problems on Narberal’s side.”


 It seemed like Narberal did not commit any blunders this round. During the finale, the thief, Bebei, would not have been discovered if not for Ainz’s <Detect Life> skill. If it persist, he would have used the skill <Message> to deliver intelligence regarding Narberal—that he could perform the Tier-6 magic <Teleportation>, leaking the information to others.


“….Well, just a possibility.”


 If he was not capable of using that skill. There would not be any other option left. Firstly, the modification to Bebei’s memory would not be detected. At least, they could keep their cards hidden.




 Ainz looked at Bebei’s feet.


“Adventurers cannot be made light of….”


 If he did not look into his memory, even Ainz would not have noticed it. Bebei who had both his arms and feet restrained, was forcefully able to leave a hidden message using the coded words of the Thief language.  

 When facing an overwhelmingly strong opponent, if one did not used any hidden techniques, mostly they would be pursued ceaselessly. This alone was able to reignite Ainz’s cautious behavior.


“Then….” Ainz faced towards the direction in which Narberal departed. “It was suppose to be an easy job of delivering some items to Narberal, why do I have to purposely come here to verify the nature of the task? Well, could it be considering the perils of an enemy territory, this is the result of my absence?”


 He did not want to make the wrong move. The truth was closer to that, possibly, there were no better people more suited than Narberal for this task. Ainz was confidant of this. Other than this, there was\ an alternative, Pandora’s Actor.

 However, what he wished was, that they, Nazarick, would be thought of as the strongest. However, he also wished that the inhabitants of this world would throw away their thoughts of hating them.

 However, that was—


“….Difficult huh.”


 Ainz believed so. This was a difficult problem that troubled the Absolute Ruler Ainz that could not be solved even if he ordered it. As long as this world could not bring defeat to the existences of Nazarick, that fact would never change.

 In other words, Ainz needed to give out orders when he is around.


“Hah. This is annoying. However, this world’s magic that can summon a Skeletal Dragon cannot be underestimated. Even I can only make 12 Low Class Undead per day. I would like a Skeletal Dragon summoning magic.”


 Ainz lightly shrugged his shoulders.


“Now, can you say something? I feel lonely just talking to myself. And if you have any important viewpoints it would be good to share them with me.”

“No, Ainz-sama. I think that this was a perfect action, and so I have nothing to say about it.”


 Behind Ainz, the figure of Shalltear slowly appeared as she removed <Perfect Unknowable>. Only Shalltear was there.


“….So you really cannot find a candidate for Camila here.”

“Yes. As expected, there might be a weird connection with this city.”

“I see….Then shall we retreat to Nazarick.”

“Yes….By the way, would it be fine to not say anything to Narberal?”

“Ah. If she knew that I had come, she would suspect her own abilities.”

“I do not believe so. On the contrary she would probably be moved to tears.”


 I would do the same. Ainz pulled back a bit and replied to Shalltear.


“No no, I would be troubled. Well, let’s return with the information at hand. There are several places that need adjustments. Like before, we’ll use <Message>  and be the puppeteers of the marionette show.”


 Shalltear raised a question after she noticed something.


“If we decided to do that, Ainz-sama. Why do we have to erase the memory of the battle with the Skeletal Dragon?”

“Hmm. If we changed up to there, if there is something we overlooked, it would be dangerous if there was a discrepancy in the magic. And so repelling one Skeletal Dragon is within an acceptable parameter right? The current problem is that 7th Tier Magic was used.”

“True. If it is repelling an undead of that level, it would be simple for adventurers. Well, it would be difficult if they faced a vampire.”


 Hearing Shalltear’s response, Ainz recalled something and placed his bony hand on his face.


“….That’s right. They would have a difficult battle with a vampire. Was it bad? A Skeletal Dragon would be a strong enemy….”

“I honestly do not know. I believe that the adventurers in this town are not weak but….”

“….I agree. An annoyance. Why are they all so weak? Will my common sense not work here….”




“That’s a lie.”


 The Magician’s Guildmaster Tio’s response to Bebei’s report was that sentence.


 He suspected the information from an A Class adventurer, Bebei. It was the same as suspecting Bebei’s actual ability. Theo who uttered something akin to an insult, sat down, Bebei’s fury could not be seen. The one that was in the same team of Bebei, who had underwent so many hardships with him, after hearing Theo’s words, nodded. He could not believe what Bebei had seen.


“I will ask, ask once more. Did Momon-dono, by himself, fight a Skeletal Dragon?”


“And he won?”


“—It’s a lie right?”

“….No, it’s the truth.”


 Theo shook his head to the left and right with a sigh and spoke.


“Skeletal Dragons are monsters that have perfect resistance to magic. The nemesis of Spellcasters? How did Momon-dono defeat it?”

“He hit it with a sword.”


 The room returned to silence.

 What was this guy saying. The feelings that he tried to hide but could not floated upon Theo’s face. Bebei noticed it and said nothing. If he was Theo, he would have the same reaction.


“….No, it is possible.” While moving the subject along, Theo had a pained smile on his face. “The power of that artifact.”

“Oh, I see. That artifact.”


 Following the situation, Gigal could only smile wryly, as if trying to say that such a situation was impossible. But what the two of them were thinking were obvious at a glance.  


“Then, what if there was no Skeletal Dragon?”


 The owner of the room, Pluton opened his mouth.


“….We did not mistake it. We cannot mistake a Skeletal Dragon. Right, Gignal?”


 Due to Bebei’s testimony, a rather painful memory surfaced, Gigal could only close his eyes.


“….During our time at the Katze Plain, we encountered one of that monster, formed from the bony remains from hundreds of people, a body that is contaminated by the essence of death. It is impossible for me to make a mistake on identifying that particular undead! Especially after that undead killed two of my comrades!”


 The room became quiet. If what Bebei had spoken was the truth and he had not made a mistake—


“Skeletal Dragons have a difficulty rating of 48. It is at a level B Class adventurers can do something about. To defeat it alone—” As if he were speaking the impossible, Theo took a deep breath and continued. “He has a strength that rivals A Class. And being able to use Third Tier, and has a sword arm equaling A Class. How, I have have never heard of such a spellcaster! Isn’t he a warrior that can use magic!?”

“—Theo, calm down. No one here has heard of such an adventurer.”


 Theo was asked by Pluton to restrain himself. He used his hand to tidy up his hair, that had turned into a mess due to all the excitement. While glancing sideways at the figure beside him, Pluton told the other remaining three people, what was on his mind.


“It is just as Panasolei-sama has said, we should think of him as someone that cannot be imagined by normal people.”


 The three of them shook their heads. Those who listened to Bebei’s report, who thought that Momon was a normal adventurer would suspect him and think that his head had collapsed. If it was a person that knew even a little about adventurers, this would be natural.


“If someone saw the 13 Heros, they might have the same feeling.”


 After listening to Pluton’s monologue, no one could raise a single word of protest. This was due to the fact that it would not be stretching it to call Momon a hero, that possessed unimaginable strength. Although he might self-proclaim himself as one of the Thirteen Heroes. No one is confident enough to refute it. In opposite, they would have voiced their recognition.


“He is already someone with strength we cannot understand.”


 Bebei was surprised.

 Actually, with the strength of an A Class, Momon’s strength knew no bounds. If even they knew Bebei watched it, they could only think that it was expected.


“Since I met Momon-dono, I felt that my common sense has been slowly destroyed.”


 Everyone agreed with Theo’s evaluation and sighed. And a feeling of exhaustion filled the room.


“But, I cannot stop my words of gratitude. We really have been saved by Momon-dono. If a B Class party met a Skeletal Dragon, they would be massacred.”

“….However, doesn’t it feel that the undead monsters near this city have been getting stronger?”

“Is the source that vampire?”


 Dodging Pluton’s sidelong glance, Bebei did not say a word. He had caught bits and pieces of it from Gignal, however, he did not hear it directly from him. He should not reveal it in such an atmosphere.


“No, I do not think so. The documents of the Magician’s Guild have not recorded undead being pulled towards the existence of a powerful undead. It should be a coincidence.”

“I see.”

“….Now, Momon-dono is now a F Class adventurer.”


 Everyone in the room laughed. It was a smile that said, that was an F Class?


“Isn’t it fine to promote him to A+ already? It is hilarious how that is F.”

“Really. It’s just as Bebei says. However, if he is that strong, how amazing is his teacher?”

“What, Gignal. Does such a person even exist?….Wouldn’t he be able to use the Seventh Tier already.”


 As everyone smiled bitterly, no one objected to overall consensus on Momon. This was due to them being occupied by a sense of powerless which they did not hate.


“Momon-dono will be after this right?”

“Yes. It would not be weird for him to arrive by now.”

“Then we will—”

“Yes, Gignal-dono and Bebei-dono please move to the next room.”


 Receiving their understanding, the two moved to the next room.

 After 30 minutes had past, Momon knocked and entered.


“Good Morning Momon-dono—”




 After the promotion test, the first thing Narberal did when she returned to the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick was to change her clothes into something proper.

 Of course, proper clothes meant her maid clothes.

 Wearing maid clothes. It was not an overstatement to say that as a battle maid, this was the uniform one should wear.

 Exchanging greetings with the other battle maids, Yuri and Lupusregina, Narberal went down to the 9th Floor.


 What greeted Narberal when she came down to her master’s room to report were several individuals. Apart from the owner of the room, it was the first time so many people had came to the room.


 The first on the list were the Guardians Shalltear and Aura, followed by the Chief Librarian, Titus Annaeus Secundus. And a mostly naked female demon with bat wings were assembled in front of Ainz. She was probably Demiurge’s subordinate.

 Behind the sitting Ainz was the head maid Pestonya and two powerless maids. The existences on the ceiling were exempted from the count.

 Narberal instantly looked around the room, understood and was about to lower her head. However, Ainz was faster and stopped her.


“Welcome back, Narberal. I was thinking of hearing your report later. Line up first.”

“Ha, understood.”


 Ainz turned perpendicular to his table, and pointed at the head of the line. Narberal deeply lowered her head, and stood next to Aura.


“Now, Chief Librarian. How was the combination result of the parchment Demiurge got?”

“Yes. The results are that it can hold a first to third tier magic with no problems, but anything highers fails.”

“I see….However, this solves the problem of making low level scrolls.”

“Yes, there are currently no problems, and so I believe it will be the correct decision.”

“You worked hard, Chief Librarian.” Ainz’s gaze moved, and faced the prostrating demon.

“You worked hard as well. Tell Demiurge he did well.”


“Now, about the parchment Demiurge discovered. This is different from what is normally used right? What type of sheep was this taken from?”

“Aberion Tar.”


 Receiving the instant reply from the demon, Ainz’s eyes sparkled, and nodded several times.


“Hmm. I see….Aberion Tar….Does it have any special abilities?”

“It is a simple animal from the tar race. I believe it does not have any special abilities.”

“I see, got it.”


 With an expression as if he understood everything, Ainz ended the topic. But, Ainz himself knew that he could not have known about this species of sheep, Aberion Tar. A question mark remained in his heart.

 It should not be a problem as it would be a little embarrassing for him to reveal his cluelessness in front of his subordinate. Although he might not have known this species of sheep, he considered that since this task was given to Demiurge, there should not be any problem.  

 To not let others notice this, he looked at the surrounding subordinates.


 Ainz is all knowing, that is what was in every one of his subordinate’s thinking. Honestly, please let me go. Ainz was only acting all regal and absolute. His non-existent stomach began to hurt.  

 Ainz personally wanted a subordinate that was not instantly ‘As expected of Ainz-sama’, could notice that he did not know, ask about the object and indirectly teach Ainz. However, there was no such subordinate in Nazarick.

 As the price for their absolute loyalty, a smart mind was almost non-existent. Likely, he had to rely on Demiurge to figure out something….

 Ainz sighed quietly. He then turned towards the female demon.


“For that Tar, you have to be careful when raising it. If they go extinct, it would be hard to obtain another source of scrolls.”

“Understood. I will relay this message to Demiurge-sama.”


 Ainz nodded. He then raised his hand to wave at the succubus to convey his message. The demon once again bowed deeply before leaving the room quietly.  


“Then, next, I shall hear Narberal’s report.”

“I obey.”


 Narberal from where she stood earlier, took the spot that the succubus previously occupied somewhere not far from Ainz’s desk, a place where the person who was sitting could still see an entire kneeling figure. She then began her report.  


 Ainz quietly listened to all the details in Narberal’s promotion examination. The report was detailing what he already knew. However, he did not interrupt Narberal, displaying a clueless demeanor.   

As she reached the end of the report. He raised his voice as he laughed.


“I see. It should not matter. Drinking a glass or two of celebratory wine. If you are equipped with any anti-poison equipment, you won’t be able to get drunk you know.”


“They’re trying to get some information on our end, hoping to forge a connection. You have to be careful of the former. About the latter, we prefer to avoid them if possible. Of course, I do not want to force you if you do not like it.”

“Understood, Ainz-sama. I hoped to be treated well by them.”

“I’ll leave it to you, Narberal. But, remember not to kill those people on a whim? Those people are those that hold power within that city.”

“There’s no problem, Ainz-sama. I am beginning to learn more about human society. Now, I’ more confident than before.”


 Ainz was observing Narberal closely before moving his gaze away and replying mildly.


“….Is it? If you are feeling like it, then let’s proceed with this….”



 Narberal’s was filled with confidence. Her eyes were squinted as if looking at a dazzling Ainz.


“Then, has the report ended?”

“Yes! Ah! There’s one more thing. But there’s nothing impressive about it. Just that it is a curious new artefact obtained when adventuring in the city. I hope you will find it to your satisfaction, Ainz-sama.”



 Narberal took out a leather pouch from her sleeves. Seeing that, Pestonya gave a directive to the maid standing beside her. The maid was carrying a silver tray as she approached Narberal. However, she was motioned to stop by Ainz with a raised hand gesture.  


“I do not mind. Narberal. Bring it over here.”



 Barely able to suppress the bursting happiness in her heart, the blushing Narberal stood up.

 In the proper way, a third party was suppose to retrieve the item before delivering it to Ainz. Like before, although the previous visitor was Demiurge’s underling, she also placed the contents she brought on top of the silver tray, carried by the maid standing behind her. The scrolls were then delivered into Ainz’s hand. However, if he disregarded the steps before, he was hinting to the others nearby about Narberal’s position and the level of trust placed on her.

 In other words, at this moment, Narberal was as if told by Ainz, ‘I trust you, bring it over.’ Several pairs of envious eyes were directed at her. However Narberal did not take notice of it.


 That is because she heard the words, ‘I am your creator. For I am the representative of all the supreme beings. Towards the maid who devoted all her loyalty, Narberal. I shall be generous with my trust. Originally this is not something permissible. But I shall allow this to be delivered to my side, the supreme existence. I shall overlook you for giving me this insignificant object.’


 Just like leaping, Narberal arrived at Ainz’s desk. She carefully placed the sack there.

 She cared not for the contents but the act was a mark of highest respect towards her master.


 Seeing that she returned to her original position, Ainz withdrew a black pearl from it, placing it on his palm before examining the pearl by turning it around. He then activated his magic.


<All Appraisal Magic Item>


“Wow. This is rare.”


 Ainz nodded as if moved.


“Similar to a Level 40 item…… Hmm….Within our own Nazarick, the item level is around Level 80. The levels of those placed within the treasure vault are higher. In contrast, it seems that we do not have any Level 40 items. My collector’s soul is fired up. Furthermore, an Intelligent Item?”


 Ainz spoke quietly to himself. He tilted his head as he did not hear anything. As if convinced about something he nodded several times.


“Narberal, this an amazing gift.”

“Ha! Thank you very much!”

“For this job, I have to give something in return. First, since I received a Level 40 Magic Item, I will give you Iluan Graybell. And more rewards will follow.”

“Thank you very much!”


 Several people faced Narberal with envious gazes. The one with the strongest was Shalltear, and the weakest one was Aura.


“Now, how to make this item speak. Well there are more important things to do, I should first place this in the treasury.”


 At that whisper, Ainz was about to place the pearl on the table—


 —Please wait, the great Lord of Death.


 Ainz stopped his movements. He was surprised at the voice he heard for the first time. However, all of his subordinates looked at Ainz’s hand, and understood who spoke.


“Hmm. An Intelligent Item.”


 Ainz lifted the pearl in his hand, in front of his eyes, examining it closely. But there was no sign of any ability to talk. What is going on? Ainz thought. Or should I start with this?


“I allow you to speak.”

 —My gratitude. The Great Lord of Death.


 The guess was correct. Ainz refocused his attention on the talking pearl. At that moment, the voices of Shalltear and Aura drifted into Ainz’s ear, expressing that the word ‘Supreme’ should be added after ‘Great’. Their quiet voice questioned whether the Pearl overlooked it.


 —Firstly, please let this one express its sincerest respect and worship for the supreme ones deathly aura.

“Well, you are forgiven.”

 —My gratitude. In this world, there’s nothing else stronger than death. To be able to meet such a supreme existence, this one is grateful for all the death in this world.


 Ainz felt that the flattery was excessive, as if a sudden itch appeared at his back, he straightened his back.  


“Other than this, what else do you have to say?”

 —Yes, this one regrets its own blasphemous outburst. Please I beseech the great one to help this one achieve its dreams.

“What is the matter?”

 —Yes, all this while, this one thought that spreading death in this world was the sole purpose for this ones existence. However, after meeting thy, the Supreme King of Death, this one was enlightened.


 —I was born into this world to serve you.


 —O’ Great King of Death, please receive this ones pledge of fealty. For this one hopes to be one of thine loyal subjects. Please grant me a place at your side.  


 If the pearl possessed a head, it would be bowing now. It sounded serious with its request. Ainz placed his left fist by the side of his mouth as he began to think. The pros and cons of accepting him as a subordinate, and whether itself could be trusted.


 The Supreme King of Death finally decided.

 Narberal herself joined in, ignoring the loud chatters of Shalltear and Aura.


“…..Good. Shalltear!”


“I’ll give this to you. The item’s ability to control the undead is suited for you.”


 However, Shalltear only displayed a rather apologetic expression. She asked Ainz.


“……..My apologies. I am truly happy that Ainz-sama is bestowing a magical item to me. But for a Level 40 magical item would be damaged by my [Destruction of Low Level Item] curse due to my ability as a Cursed Caster and Cursed Knight.”

“Hmm….True. I will give this to you, Narberal.”

“Eh? Can I?”

“Small matter, this is something that you obtained. Use it when the occasion calls for it. Just like the iron gauntlet, think of it as I am lending it to you.”


“It matters not?”

 —I have no objection nor rebuttal on this matter. I only hear and obey.

“….What would you like to be called?”

 —The name does not matter, o’ great undead king.

“….If you insist, then I shall call you the Pearl of Death in lieu of the magic you possessed.”


 Ainz lifted the pearl in Narberal’s direction.


“Narberal, take this.”


 The flying orb drew a parabola as it was thrown, as if falling into a predetermined position, Narberal’s hand.


“Then, Narberal, is this all you want to report?”


“Is it, Narberal? You may excuse yourself. For any future intelligence, I will leave it to you.”

“As ordered!”


 Narberal exited the room. After the door closed behind her, she heaved a big sigh as if she was emptying all the air remaining in her lungs. She slumped her back and her limbs appeared lethargic.

 If someone was to put a title on that posture, it would be ‘Freed from Tension’.


 If the one standing at the Pinnacle of Nazarick, the last remaining supreme being, Ainz was to be perceived as someone arrogant. It would be be difficult not to feel nervous, standing in front of a being whom they dedicated their all.

 During that moment, being praised greatly moved Narberal who felt as if she was soaring through the sky.


 With her tension released, Narberal immersed herself in that happy memory of being praised. One of her hands was holding onto a throbbing pearl.


 —Narberal-sama, for not knowing your loyalty towards such a great person, please forgive this one for his previous ranting.


 Narberal was slightly uneased by the pearl, which repeatedly praised Ainz after it regain its self-semblance. However, that unease disappeared as it came.


“Well, if you did not grasp the greatness of Ainz-sama, take a look, left and right in order to understand your surroundings.

 —Truly grateful.


 Narberal was overlooking the pearl on her hand. She was trying to figure out where to put the pearl in terms of hierarchy within Nazarick.  

 Ainz did not say anything on this. Was it ok to place him at a position similar to someone directly created by the 41 Supreme Beings? This was a rather tough question. Now then, who should she ask for guidance.


 —Narberal-sama, as a servant to the great Ainz-sama, please use me. I will be in your care.  

“Understood, then I shall enlighten you about the hierarchy within Nazarick itself.


 As Narberal spoke, she was displaying a rather proud-look.

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