Overlord First Half Chapter 39: Promotion Test Part 2

Promotion Test Part 2

Translators: Frostfire10, Guilty.sworD, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


 Gravekeeper’s Building.

 The name was exaggerated, it was a shabby wooden shack-like building. To be described in a word, it was a hut.

 The size of the place was at least 10 square meters. The corner of the room had altars featuring 4 Gods. Another corner had a fireplace with firewood stacked as fuel. Near the entrance were tools for grave digging. If the tools were used—dirt would be visible.

 The wall made up of wood had gaps where in the subtle warmth of air drifted into the room. It would be hard to stay here when it was winter but for now it was still summer so there was no need to worry.

 But insects came in, so it was dissatisfying.

 In the shabby building, in the light of a hung lantern, Momon lied down on the mat on the floor.

 In the surroundings of the lantern, insects were attracted by the light, and amongst them were large flies, causing a small ruckus.

 Momon’s promotion test.

  The contents of the test was to spend a night in the cemetery and patrol as a night watchman. And if an undead shows up at night, the task is to defeat it, Of course if no undead were to appear, the job as a watchman was finished. However, in a place such as a graveyard, there was no way it would have such a good ending.


 The huge cemetery was separated into four parts, north, south, east and west, by partitions. The partitions were imbued with holy magic so if a large mass of undead surfaced, the sections would close-in on them, allowing each individual to easily fend off the undead. Such was the wisdom gained from experience in a past failure.

 Furthermore, there were shelters in each section which can be used as an escape route in times of emergency.

 If one heard about it they would understand, in order to repel undead, a graveyard was considered a given. This was a place where the war dead were buried, a place where death gathered.


 The words were bad, but it was a cursed ground.


 Momon boredly stared at the bugs that surrounded the lantern.

 The task was to patrol three times. First was at 2000, second was tomorrow at 0100, and the third and last at 0500. The patrol time was roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour. It was impossible for one to sleep.


  The time now was probably around 0000. He had already patrolled once, and it ended without problems.


 No honestly, it all ended up to be one sided attacks.


 According to the guarding cleric, the eastern section of the graveyard was being dug up. If he wanted to repel undead then he should focus there. He found four skeletons.

 Four small fry skeletons, there was no need to use magic. Momon casually entered the premise. He swung the still-sheathed sword four times.

 Since then, no undead were found. With that, the first patrol was successfully completed.


 The Guildmaster had said it, that the chance of strong monsters appearing was extremely low. Momon remained lying down and yawned boredly.

 To fulfill this request, he had temporarily borrowed various items from Ainz, but the chance of using them were low.

 —When he thought that, Momon slowly got up. He then walked to the badly supported door and opened it. As the door opened with a screech, the air of the graveyard flowed in.


 Looking through the silent world, Momon looked outside.

 A small smell of death.

 As to what sort of smell it was, would be difficult to explain with words. It was only felt by the ones entering the first to third floors of Nazarick, and it would be fine to call it the air of death.


“There’s something….”


 Momon’s eyes narrowed, and looked through the darkness.

 Even with eyes that could see through the darkness, nothing moved in the graveyard. His ears were the same.

 He could not feel it from there, and could not confirm any moving shadows. However, in the darkness, he felt the presence of a born undead. However, its presence was not strong. It was at the strength such that it was lucky for Momon to notice it.


 Was it around the level of a weak undead, a skeleton or zombie?


 While whispering that, Momon hung his sword at his waist, and prepared to leave earlier that expected.


 Momon patrolled the graveyard for ten minutes. At the eastern section, two torches wavered. And the figures that the light shone on were not few.

 Seeing that, Momon stopped his footsteps, and hid himself in the shadows. He briefly considered lowering his body but decided it would not be sufficient and quickly hid behind one of the tombstones. Momon did not bring any torches with him, and this area did not have any light source. Hence, it was unlikely that he would be noticed here. However, magic could be used to raise a person’s sensitivity towards the presence of life. He could not be careless on this.


 The scene reflected in Momon’s eyes as he peeked out from behind a tombstone was the figures of the people the torchlight shone on.

 First was the two skeletons holding the torches leading. Behind them was another person, and three pairs, making a total of seven.


 The one leading was a man wearing a black robe and walking in an impressive manner.

 His sickly white skin reflected in the torchlight, and seemed to be sparkling.

 Not a single strand of hair could be seen on his head. It was to the point that one would suspect if he had any other hair on his body. His disgusting figure reminded one of a reptile.

 With an arm that seemed to be made of bone and skin, his filthy yellow nails were attached to a hand gripping a black staff. Rather than a human, he looked more like an undead.


 Apart from the leading man, the rest had the same appearance.

 Their bodies were hidden by the black robes. The colours were bad and there were patches of discolouration on them. No matter how one appraised it, they were not good items. Their heads were covered with triangular hoods which blocked their eyes.

 In their hands was a similar staff. The tips had differing patterns inscribed on them.

 Their heights varied, but from their body outlines they were all men.


 Looking at such a scene, Momon was troubled.


 From their appearances alone they were extremely suspicious, and he should probably attack them. They raised the question about what they were doing here this late at night. Even the ones leading and holding the torches were skeletons.

 However if it is a special ceremony that Momon did not know about, it would be bad to fire an area of effect magic at them.

 It has been 15 days since Momon had come to the city. He had collected various information, but he did not know everything about the city.

 If something happened in the city, they might have had to bury the dead for a reason.

 While looking at the slowly walking men, he thought.


 The contents of this request was the repulsion of undead. There should not be a problem as it did not exclude living humans. While coming up with an excuse, he had to improvise.


“If it’s an accidental shot….”


 Momon sighed lightly.

 Of course, such a thing was not possible.

 According to his own feelings, he wanted to kill them and bury the bodies. However, he had received Ainz’s orders and could not fail his mission due to his own emotions.


“Ah, hah, annoying.”


 As Momon made eyes that looked far away, he began slowly walking. As he could not have hostility when he faced them, he should at least get information on why they came here, and get the minimum necessary information.

 It would be fine to kill them in the end.


 Momon followed behind, and walked to a corner of the graveyard. There, they showed no sign of noticing Momon.

 They seemed to reach their destination, and began something at the graveyard. As if something was recently buried, the smell of earth filled the air.

 They made a circle, and whispered something.

 Riding the wind, chant-like whispers reached Momon’s ears. Sometimes high, and sometimes low. Their chorus sounded like they were praying.

 However, it was not a reverent and solemn thing for the dead. In fact, it seemed to be desecrating and did not have such a good feeling, and reminded him of an evil ritual.

 Then would it be fine to attack.


 As expected, Momon did not know.


“I do not like this magic though.”


 Momon chose the magic he would activate, rather than using escape magic. Although he had several spells that he could perform,  he prefered to use flashy attack magic. However, this magic was too simple, just sufficient to achieve the outcome he wants. Compared to an unknown spell, Momon had to maintain a minimal level of alert. For attacking purpose, this is the most suited magic for the occasion.   

 Do not hate humans.

 It was a line that Ainz often used. Momon did not understand it, but he understood enough. As there was not a single fool in Nazarick that would defy the words of the most important existence.

 If Ainz said that white was black, it was black. If one did not recognise it as black, they would be forced to. It was something that one who devoted their loyalty to Ainz should do.


“Then, I should go.”


 Momon whispered softly, and activated his magic.


 Khajiit chanted a curse. Rather than a curse, it should be a prayer.

 A wish to death was contained within, an existence that could shake life.

 The surrounding darkness got thicker. It was the feeling of death getting stronger. In the tepid air, their skin was slowly swallowed by it. The thing that filled the graveyard—Was something that Khajiit was extremely used to.


 Khajiit Nolife.


 It was one of the names of the top brass of Zuranon. He could use up to the third tier, and was skilled at making undead monsters, and had strong authority as one of the ten leading members.

 While paying not a small price, he brought powerful people to walk calmly through the graveyard of the city.

 The people with Khajiit forming a ring, were Khajiit’s disciples that he had raised. They could all use magic better than the average magic caster.


 To Khajiit, this city was extremely amazing. He wanted to give it a gold star.

 But there was a reason why Khajiit was in the strongest graveyard.

 Many undead spawned within the vicinity of the city, due to the difference in location, many undead spawned due to their lingering resentment towards the war. Hence, they built this graveyard to bury the dead. During burial, the temple held numerous holy prayers. But due to the scale of the graveyard, the many souls whose resentment lingered upon this area, causing the negative life force to converge together, no matter how many times the mass prayers had been performed. In the night, the place looked as if it was transformed into a different realm.

 There were no other places that were this suited to birthing undead.

 Although it was a suitable venue for Khajiit, most of the spawned undead consisted of low tier undead. But with his presence, he could store all the negative life force, in order to create a birthing place for high-tier undead.


 This time, they were furthering this goal.

 He had repeated this process multiple times. He went and all of them ended without problems. This time as well.


“—So, what are you doing there?”


 Suddenly, a light voice reached Khajiit and the rest.

 Interrupting their chant, the disciples turned to face the owner of the voice. There in the darkness was a contour. From the shape it was a human man.

 From entering this graveyard multiple times, meeting a third party for the first time made them unsteady. In front of the calm man.



“Do not be flustered.”


 Khajiit replied to the questioning voice by his disciple with a low heavy voice.


“Who are you?”

“Just an adventurer. I was patrolling this graveyard.”


 Khajiit surveyed the surrounding area. Other than the man, there seemed to be nobody else. It was unlikely that he came alone. Then how should he drag out those in hiding?  But why though? What did he see and what was he trying to accomplish here?

 The more he thought, the more he could not fathom the man’s intentions. Khajiit was troubled, and made a signal with his fingers for his disciples to watch the surroundings.


“Just you? Where are the others?”

“It’s just me.”

“Alone? What are you doing alone?”

“That is my line. What are you doing in this place? Khajiit-san?”


 Khajiit looked at the face of the foolish acolyte who simply uttered his name, who upon realising his own mistake raised both his hands gesturing wildly. Khajiit then moved his sight away from the fool, who would be punished upon their return. Realising this, the man dropped his shoulders.


“—Your name?”



 He never heard of this name. Basically, he had gathered all the intel about the high-tier adventurers within this city. Momon’s name did not appear within the list. Who are you exactly? Are you using a false name? Considering that, Khajiit cast away his doubts. No matter what, there is only one solution, which was to kill him.


“Your companions?”

“I said I was alone.”

“….What are you doing here?”

“Patrolling. So what are you doing?”


 How could this man answer simply? Since his replies were too easy, no one would believe it. Khajiit activated <Dark Vision> and <See Through Invisible>. He used his enhanced vision to check his surroundings again. Yet, he could not detect anything.

 Since this man was an idiot, what should be next.

 Khajiit decided to do something about Momon.


“Are you….an idiot?”


 Words straight from the depths of his heart. Momon made a strange face. Without replying, Khajiit made an order.


“Skeleton. Throw a torch to that person.”


 Matching his orders, the two skeletons threw their torches in Momon’s direction. They did not reach him, they brightly lit him up.

 And since they were out of the reach of the light, the far darkness returned to them. Matching it, Khajiit’s coldly composed voice rang.




 Within moments, Khajiits and his men began to chant their magic unhesitantly. They were chanting magic arrow. Khajiit fired three arrows, while his men fired two each, bringing a total of 15 arrows. Directing it towards Momon who was rooted to that spot.

 Hit by the magic arrows, Momon’s body was blown far back. While falling out of reach of the light, he lifelessly fell to the ground—


“Watch the surroundings.”


 Khajiit activated a skill to detect for any signs of life, trying to see if there were many movements within the area. His acolytes formed a circle around him, wary of their surroundings. Within the darkness of their surroundings, there was no activity at all. Khajiit even used his ears to listen to any source of sound. But the cemetery remained quiet.


“….He really is an idiot. Coming alone.”


 Confirming that he was not moving, he made a smile at Momon. His disciples hearing it, laughed in a similar manner.


“Now, if he did not die I will use him as a sacrifice. Investigate.”


 Moving his chin, one of the disciples walked quickly to Momon.

 Momon’s body rolled over like a thrown rag doll. His limbs were lifeless and unmoving. One of the acolytes arrived at the spot where Momon’s body lay, checking the face of the owner.

 Due to the darkness it could not be clearly seen, but he seemed to have coughed out blood, and his eyes turned white. From the side he looked dead.

 Furthermore, the acolyte placed one of his hands around Momon’s throat. A hint of residue warmth could still be detected, but the heartbeat was totally absent. Tens of seconds later, the heartbeat did not return.

 Returning, he looked at Khajiit and nodded.


“….He is dead.”

“So….What was he?”

“As he had said earlier he is probably an adventurer.” The disciple looked at Momon and continued. “Class is….Brass.”

“Brass?” Khajiit laughed. “Hmm. Brass adventurers are idiots.”


 Khajiit laughed from the bottom of his heart.

 The acolytes that he brought over were all users of Tier 2 magic within his organisation. With that level of concentrated magic arrow, even a D-Class adventurer would not have survived. Not to mentioned a brass-level adventurer.


 He did something unworthy of the man.


“What about his belongings?”


 The gaze of his acolyte was directed at the gauntlet. Khajiit shook his head. To a magician, his magic is his weapon. Swords and armor, arm guards are totally useless to them. In essence, if one considers it carefully, a low tier adventurer would not possessed anything that would interest Khajiit and his ilk.


“Idiot. Leave that trash alone. Perform the ceremony. Quickly return.”

“Ha! Master, my apologies.”


 The far disciple picked up the nearby torch, and returned. Momon’s body was swallowed by darkness.


“From the actions of trash, the ritual was interrupted. Put everything to complete the ritual.”


 The voices of acknowledgment from his acolytes broke the quietness of the surrounding. Khajiit raised his skeletal like arms within a torch light, drawing out a powdery substance from a leather pouch. At that moment, a crimson fiery red changed to a dark green.

 From the lights of the torches the skeletons were holding, Khajiit entered the circle and spoke.


“Now, collect it in the Supreme Artefact the Pearl of Death.”


 As Khajiit spook, his other hand that was not holding onto his magical staff was holding onto the magical artefact, with that he reached towards the sky. Numerous shadows swarmed around him, different from those shadows formed by the torch light.

 The graveyard returned to silence.

 The darkness coiled in the surroundings.

 With a myriad colored  flame, a magical illumination permeated the entire area, mixed with the smell of burning beast fat came from the torch, produced a scene that looked as if it came out from a fantasy setting.

 The surrounding disciples were about to enter a trance—


“Basically you are all enemies—”


 —A bothering voice could be heard.

 Khajiit and his disciples turned to look at the direction of the voice. And then they raised voices of surprise.

 In the midst of the thin darkness that the torches somehow reached, Momon who should have died had a calm face.


 Magic Arrow is a tier-one, lowest form of attributeless attack magic. Its advantage was its high accuracy. Once released, it was almost impossible to dodge it. Due to its attributeless property, it cannot be countered by defensive magic. Taking 12 direct hits from that magic, a brass level adventurer could not have survived it.

 However, being able to stay calm in front of them meant that he could use some method to defend against them. But there was only one way to defend. That was to use third tier magic and complete negate any damage.

 But, there was a contradiction.

 There was no way that a brass could use 3rd Tier magic.


 His disciples panicked, and his gaze flew to the one that was panicking the most. It was the man that checked Momon’s death.

 Yes, he confirmed that Momon had died. Then he was not an undead, but had revived.


“Impossible! You should have died earlier!”

“There is no way I would die.”


 Momon spread his arms gently. The shocked acolytes directed their gazes towards their teacher, hoping to receive guidance on how to proceed from here. The action was not wrong as part of underling etiquette. But in a life and death situation, such actions would result in their early demise.  


“Now, since you have attacked, I assume there will be no problem to kill you?”


 From the palms of Momon’s hands, small balls appeared. It was a magic they knew well. It was one their master used. When they noticed this, they immediately casted magic. They understood that if that magic was cast, the chances of them dying were high.

 Some tried to cast defensive magic. Some tried to cast magic arrow. Some tried to cast charm spells. Some tried to cast magic to lose strength. Some were trying to blind him. Some were trying to release arrows of flame. The two skeletons were running, trying to throw their torches at him.

 —However, Momon had begun earlier, not allowing any actions to stop him to be taken.


<Twin Maximise Magic Fireball>


 From Momon’s open palms, two balls of fire twice the normal size burst into life. He released them.


 A fire burned in the range of the spell, and for an instant, the graveyard burned with light. Fire born from magic died in an instant. However, its destructive ability was absolute.

 The six disciples all fell to the ground. The skeletons were destroyed, and their bones turned to ash, and was blown away by the wind.

 Amongst them, was one shadow standing.


“Oh. You endured it. <Energy Immunity Fire> maybe?”


 Asking that, he noticed the burn wounds on Khajiit’s face.

 Then it should be a defensive magic at a level below <Energy Immunity Fire>,  <Energy Protection Fire>. In order to defend himself against this level of fire power, what’s the amount of mana he poured into it?

 Momon was feeling impetuous because he could not finish all of them in a single blow. Well, he comforted himself by thinking that the outcome fell within his margin of error. In truth, it would be rather dull if he annihilated them with a single blow. It rekindled his desire to inflict a painful despair upon them.  


“Not a simple power, an idiot that can use the third tier!”

“….An idiot? By a human….”


 Momon frowned.


“I will not die simply?”

“That is my line! My preparations are complete! Enough death has been collected, by the power of the Supreme Pearl!”


 Khajiit raised the orb in his hand.

 It was a crudely made pearl, emitting a black metallic radiance. The surface of the pearl looked as if it did not undergo any form of polishing to smoothen its surface. Hence, its shape seemed ambiguous. It would be more accurate to describe it as a piece of ancient rock.

 Suddenly, the six disciples burned by the fire slowly stood up. It was not the movements of the living. It was the movements of one controlled by death.

 They shabbily stood between Khajiit and Momon. At that, Momon looked on with a strange face.


“Zombies? That is my opponent?”

“Fuhahahaha. Yes just so. But, that is fine! Attack!”


 Zombies, the lowest rank undead, could not use magic. The ex-disciples attacked with their claws. Momon watched boredly, and cast magic.




 The flames from the second round of fireball engulfed the bodies of the acolytes. As the fire dimmed, their bodies collapsed on the floor. Momon’s face displayed a gloomly expression as he finished them off in a single strike.

 <Animate Dead> could not change multiple bodies to undead multiple times. Then what was he doing.

 Momon looked at Khajiit, who was holding onto that black bulky artefact. He was not bluffing. Likely, that was the ability of that item, to grant the user, the ability to control multiple zombies.

 Was not using the word Supreme not fitting of such an effect.


 The word Supreme was only fit for Ainz and the other 40. Not Momon, but Narberal thought so—


 As if answering Momon’s question, Khajiit’s cheer could be heard.


“Enough! It absorbed enough death!”


 The orb in Khajiit’s hands absorbed the surrounding darkness, and it reflected some like. It was like a beating heart.


 Suddenly, the earth moved.

 —It was something huge trying to move.


 Then the earth cracked.

 —As if something huge was trying to come out.


 From the broken ground, something white slowly came out.

 It was a three meter tall mix of bones. Dragging countless bones, it was a beast with a head and four legs, a dragon. Its tail made of bones lined up together, hit the ground once with a bang.


 It was a monster called a Skeletal Dragon.

 By its level, it was not a strong monster. It was weaker than vampires. However, this Skeletal Dragon, had one thing that made it dangerous to Momon.

 Momon was surprised, and then irritated.




 Khajiit’s broken laugh reverberated through the area.


“Now, a Skeletal Dragon with absolute magic resistance. To spellcasters it is an enemy that cannot be defeated!”


 It was just so.

 A Skeletal Dragon had the abilities of skeletons, and had a resistance to magic. Basically, Momon’s magic would have no effect on it. Then—

 Momon drew his sword with its sheath.

 Tying the sheath and sword together, he made it difficult for them to be seperated.


“—Hit and destroy it.”


 Momon took a step.

 He elegantly dodged the swipe from the Skeletal Dragon’s front leg. His hair danced around from the displacement of air caused by the Skeletal Dragon’s attack.  He rushed towards the chest of the Skeletal Dragon.

 A full swing with all of his muscles.


 The three metre tall Skeletal Dragon flew backwards.

 Slightly later, the sound of the impact shook the area.




 The surprised one was Khajiit.

 Not only was he not a magic caster that could use the third tier, he also had the strength of a warrior to send a Skeletal Dragon flying. He had never seen or heard of such a person. What level of talent would one need to accomplish that.

 Especially that strength.

 Since the Skeletal Dragon was made of bone, it was lighter than it appeared. However, just more than it appeared. Pursuing the study of magic day after day, a magic caster’s muscles was not sufficient to do such a thing.

 While making panicked movements to hide behind the Skeletal Dragon, Khajiit screamed.


“—W, what are you bastard! An A+ Class adventurer! Did you hide your name!”

“No no, just a novice.”

“Don’t lie! No one apart from A+’s cannot do such a thing! There should be none in this town, but did you chase me!”


 While spitting his saliva out, Khajiit glared at Momon with hatred.


“Why are you so irritated. Calm down.”

“B, bastard!”


 Spending two months on a ritual to summon a Skeletal Dragon. And that was losing to an unfathomable man. Khajiit bit his teeth and tightened his lips.

 The Skeletal Dragon slowly stood up with creaking sounds. It’s chest area’s bones were cracked, and the skeleton was about to crumble.


<Ray of Negative Energy>


 The black ray shot out from Khajiit’s hands and hit the dragon. Carrying negative energy, it healed its wounds quickly.


“While it has absolute resistance to magic, it is strange that it can heal with it.”


 Ignoring Momon’s disruption, Khajiit used magic.


<Reinforce Armour>

<Lesser Strength>

<Undead Flame>

<Shield Wall>


 Khajiit continued casting magic to reinforce the Skeletal Dragon.

 The Skeletal Dragon’s body hardened and its false life force increased. A dark flame that could erase the essence of life wrap itself around its body. Lastly, an invisible barrier seemed to enveloped its body.


“Then I as well.”


<Reinforce Armour>

<Shield Wall>

<Protection Energy Negative>


 Momon also used defensive magic.

 The two with complete magic defenses matched their timing and slid into battle.


 Momon swung his sword.

 While he hit the foot of the Skeletal Dragon, his brows wrinkled.

 The earlier strike went well, but the situation was bad. Firstly his weapon.

 The Skeletal Dragon’s body was constituted from bones, hence it could negate any damage  from piercing weapons. The most effective weapon would be a bashing type weapon, which Momon does not possess. So, he had to forcefully rely on his sword. Although, Momon currently had the advantage, but his balance when swinging the sword was not that good, preventing him from dealing any significant damage to the Skeletal Dragon.

 Since his sheath was attacked, when he swung his sword, his sense of balance was thrown off slightly.

 As a warrior he might have been able to keep his balance, but Momon was a spellcaster. He could not do such a thing.


 The Skeletal Dragon’s front claw passed above Momon’s head as he squatted down. The black flame that covered the Skeletal Dragon’s body, entwined itself over Momon’s body after he dodged the Dragon’s attack. Due to the defensive effects of <Protection of Negative Energy>, the black flame dissipated.

 If he could not defend but avoided, he would take some damage.


<Ray of Negative Energy>


 With a ray of magic, Khajiit healed the wounds of the Skeletal Dragon.

 This was the main reason that caused Momon brows to narrow. No matter the amount of damage he dealt, Khajiit who was controlling from the back would heal its wounds. Then, how about a plan to attack Khajiit directly? Momon and Khajiit were standing at a straight line against each other. The Skeletal Dragon in the middle would act as his shield.

 If using a piercing magic like <Lightning>, with the Skeletal Dragon’s absolute resistance against magic, could have easily blocked it. The area of effect magic <Fireball> would be useless based on the defensive magic that Khajiit used earlier.

 Then what about spiritual magic, if he could get past its resistance and get a magic in—


<—Charm Person>

<—Mind of Undeath>


 Momon and Khajiit simultaneously cast magic. Momon used a charm magic. And Khajiit used a spirit canceling magic.

 The result—Khajiit had a winning smile. Momon clicked his tongue.

 He was probably pissed by Khajiit’s smile. A shadow passed by Momon’s face.


 A white figure filled Momon’s vision.

 —Evading was difficult.

 Suddenly, Momon made a decision, with the tip of the sword place on his shoulders, he stood while using the blade as a shield. As the blade touched his shoulders, a numbing force spread out, Momon’s tall figure flew into the air.

 He was blown away by the Skeletal Dragon’s tail attack that was aimed at his face.


“To, ttotto.”


 While maintaining an excellent posture without losing his balance, Momon stepped into the ground to endure it.

 While it was a good chance, the Skeletal Dragon did not attack. It was as it was protecting Khajiit and could not leave him. While watching the Skeletal Dragon, Momon’s hand shook, as if to shake off paralysis.


 This time, a shadow appeared from the back of the Skeletal Dragon—


<—Acid Javelin>



 The green javelin that flew out from Khajiit’s direction directly hit Momon. The javelin had the ability to cause corrosive damage. However, the magic was dispelled centimeters away from touching Momon’s armor. At the same time, Momon’s lightning was blocked by the Skeletal Dragon standing at the front, completely negating it.


 Khajiit and Momon both clicked their tongues.


“Did you cast defense magic.”

“Can you come out and not hide behind it?”

“Why, must I do it?”

“The one that will suffer from a drawn out battle is you though?”



 Momon hit the mark and Khajiit stared sharply at Momon. In contrast, Momon calmly laughed.


“….It can’t be helped.”


 As if he decided something, Khajiit again clutched the weird ball. He then raised it to the sky.


“Then listen! Did you think there would be only one! Watch! The power of the pearl of death!”


 Momon’s body shook. It was the proof that, once again, the ground was shaking.

 The earth once again split, and the figure of a dragon made of countless bones appeared.


“….A second.”


“Hmph, it is a pity that I have to use the result of a half of years worth of labor intensive large scale ceremony. But if I can kill you, and proceed to spread death all over the city. At least I can recoup the used energy.”


 At Momon’s unmoved appearance, Khajiit raised a cry of anger, bafflement and other stuff, and mixed it with a cry of victory.




 With sharp breathes, Momon ran. He ran with a speed that normal people would find absurd. He ignored the look of shock on Khajiit’s face.

 The Skeletal Dragon tried to hit Momon with its front leg when it entered his range.

 Momon bent his body, and aimed a blow at the Skeletal Dragon on the right. However, the Skeletal Dragon on the left was waiting and sent a tail whip close to the ground.

 Momon jumped backwards. Before him, the air trembled as the sound of a giant tail swept through. Suddenly, it changed its movements, and jumped upwards. It was heading towards the retreating Momon.

 Momon evaded left to avoid the hit that could shake the earth, but the Skeletal Dragon stopped and hit him with its foot.




 He stopped the forceful foot with his sword. It was using all of its weight, but Momon normally received it, and was instead pushing back. The attacking Skeletal Dragon took a step back, and a blank space was born in the battlefield.


“….What are you? Defending without martial arts….How did you get such a strong body!”

“I trained normally.”

“Are you taking me for an idiot!”

“You snap easily. You make a great pair with that woman….I’m sort of angry.”


 Momon stared at Khajiit with animosity. Khajiit felt a chill, and took a step back from the gaze.


“Do it! Skeletal Dragon!”


 Once again, the two Skeletal Dragons kept close to Khajiit and attacked Momon.


 Avoiding the attacks of the Skeletal Dragon, and about to step in, but due to the attack from another one, he lost that chance. That battle repeated onwards. While it was possible for that battle to continue until the sun rose, a decisive factor occurred.


<Acid Javelin>


 Momon unconsciously tried to avoid the magic spear that was thrown at his face.

It was quite a blunder. If it hit, it would have no effect. However, he avoided a projectile shot at his face on reflex. This had no direct damage, but as a spellcaster it was a blunder.

 The result of the miss was huge.

 Momon’s vision sharply changed with a slap. It suddenly turned.

 He tasted weightlessness for a second. Then he hit the ground. He received a blow from the Skeletal Dragon’s tail from his left side. Rolling, he could not tell how he was doing.

 He rolled multiple times.

 Momon finally stopped rolling and as he was protected by multiple protection magic, he felt no pain. However, the two Skeletal Dragons in front of him raised their front feet.


 A desperate situation. If thought normally.


“If you beg I might save you?”


 Khajiit held confidence of victory, and waited for Momon’s reply with a sadistic smile.

 Of course, even if he begged, he had no intention of saving the one who wasted six months worth of congregated power. However, after he begged, he wanted to see what expression Momon would have before he died. It could not be helped that Khajiit was excited.


 Momon’s raised top half changed to an expression of fury.





 As Momon was too far away, his voice did not carry. As the graveyard was dead silent, he could faintly hear it.

 Momon glared at Khajiit. It was an extremely unhappy expression. While he should be looking down on him, it felt like he was being looked down upon.

 This time Khajiit could hear. It was—


“The likes of humans should not open their mouths, trash.”



 The likes of humans.

 Khajiit was thrown into confusion by Momon talking as if he was not human, but he decided that he could not take things easily, and gave out orders.


“Destroy, Skeletal Dragon!”


 While two feet moved, Momon laughed in amazement.


“….Anyway….Did you think you could win?”


 The Skeletal Dragon’s bone leg was about to step on the sprawled Momon. But there was a moment’s pause, and Momon activated his magic.




 Momon’s sight instantly shifted.


 Momon had moved 500 metres above the ground.

 Of course, without wings Momon plummeted to the ground. Without air resistance, he would take about ten seconds to hit the ground.

 In the world of darkness where one could not tell up from down, a strong wind blew. If a normal person was there, they would be trapped with fear, but Momon calmly laughed.




 His fall slowed down, and he came to a stop mid air. If he looked down it would be the earlier battle. Khajiit and the two Skeletal Dragons. They were surprised at the fact that Momon disappeared, and they looked wildly at the surroundings.

 Momon looked at the graveyard and its surroundings. He looked for humans other than Khajiit, but he could not confirm. However, there was no such thing as being too careful.


<Detect Life>


 From the magic, he knew all of the life in the vicinity. As a result, he confirmed that there were no large life forms like humans nearby. Then—


“….Should I stop being Momon, and return to being Narberal.”

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13 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 39: Promotion Test Part 2

      1. you sure it isnt lizze or whatever her name was (the elderly potion maker) as the context was in regards to having a short temper?


  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    >However, it was not disrespectful or painful for the dead.
    I think here is a mistake. 敬遠なものや厳かなもの – that would be “reverent and solemn things”, no?


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    BTW, I wanted to, donate something for you, but Paypal said, that you are no official tradesman and send me back my money. :/


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