Overlord First Half Chapter 38: Promotion Test Part 1

Promotion Test Part 1

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet

Editor: Gengareric


 Momon arrived at the outside of the Adventurer’s Guild. It was afternoon now, the streets were getting busy from the people who stopped their work. The crowd was busy with people searching for a place for lunch, many of them entering and exiting the nearby restaurants.  

 Momon was one of the many people walking on the main street. He could not help but express a cold smile, which he hid with his hand. At a place filled with numerous pair of eyes, he could not simply express his sense of glee. Of course, Momon doubted that anyone would pay attention to him, still there may be a pair of hidden eyes somewhere else.  

 As he thought about those people dancing to their schemes, he could not help himself but smile.

 Momon bit his lip, suppressing his urge to smile, as he walked at a leisurely pace, a pace that looked as if he was enjoying the sunshine.


 On the journey towards the inn, there was no suspicious movement. With a single look to the back, there were no followers as well. He shifted to a more relaxed pace.

 If he was ambushed, undoubtedly Momon would fully suffer a blow while walking like this. Still, Momon proceeded forward.


 Taking the role as a magic caster, Momon, could detect the presence of several pursuers and prepare his defenses. On a personal level, he knew that using his terrifying arsenal of magic, would put him in a spot. Hence, he had to rely solely on his physical strength.  He would not fail when it comes to hiding his true job skill. Regretfully, he was not confident that his facade could be maintained at such a busy place.  

 Because of this, all the Shadow Demons on loan had been dispatched.

 There were deployed by Momon to be his sentries, prioritizing his own safety.

 But still, being alert while using a rather foreign job class would still result in a sense of unease. Those were Momon’s thoughts. Hence, he had to be on full alert.


 Passing through the street filled with the afternoon crowd, Momon arrived within the vicinity of the inn that he was staying at. In this area, he could still observe the people going into the inn for their meals and rest. Momon could only frown at the level of noise. As soon as reach the inn, he diverted his course sharply to the side.  

 In front was a small street.

 Walking, turning. Not long after, he arrived at a secluded corner. There, Momon placed his back to the wall. He scanned his surroundings roughly. There were no signs of pursuers nor the people whom Momon met with earlier.

 Momon pouted his lips as if not satisfied about something. At that moment, at the spot where Momon’s back connected to the wall, the shadow suddenly stirred.


[By your presence, Narberal-sama.]


 The Shadow Demon’s rather harsh and cold voice reached Momon’s—Narberal’s ears, as if someone was standing directly behind her.  

 Shadow Demons possessed the special ability to teleport at short distance between shadows. One directly appeared behind Narberal through its ‘Shadow Warp’ ability.

 As implied by its name, Shadow Demon could morph into shadows, it was a monster that excelled in stealth.

 However, the scene of a two dimensional shadow morphing into a three dimensional being, would cause a sense of unease for any observers. Thankfully, there were none.

 Narberal was covering her mouth in a way as if appearing in deep thought. Needless to say, it was to prevent others from reading her lips.


“The surrounding alerts?”

[We’ve checked the area. We did not find those who came to visit.]

“And so what was the meeting like after I left?”

[For the most part, after Narberal-sama left, the meeting ended immediately. As for its contents—-]


 Hearing it, Narberal noded. Anyway she had a job for this Shadow Demon.


“Now go. Follow the Adventurer’s Guildmaster and gain information.”



 The shadow wavered again. Narberal looked at her surroundings, and contacted her master. She activated <Message>.



[Ah, Narberal. Good work.]


 Why was her master’s voice extremely happy?

 Thinking about it, Narberal understood that it was due to herself skillfully leading the other party.


“No, I did nothing.”


 This time, Narberal did absolutely nothing. Before she was called, she simply edited her backstory with the existence of Camila. But it did make her late for the appointed time.


“Everything was as Ainz-sama planned. I have great admiration for the part about the gauntlet.”

[Hmm….Well, as long as the results are fine.]


 While Narberal received the gauntlets, Iluan Graibell, from Ainz, was when Ainz was simply planning to increase her physical capabilities. They became strong because of the gauntlets, and were preparations for lying. One more point was that Narberal’s illusion magic is not perfect, and so the chance of people noticing when they touched was high. This was to avoid such a thing.

 He did not think that they would be things that raised the evaluations of Ainz and Momon.

Gengareric: the above paragraph is a bit confusing, but I am not sure how I should rephrase it.

“However about the fact that this is known as an Artifact.”

[I’m troubled.]


 Ainz seemed to have a pained smile on his face.


[It is as they have no such great Magic Items.]


 Ainz then laughed with his nose. An atmosphere like he was satisfied floated in the air.


[And more importantly, by selling the name of Ainz Ooal Gown, an invitation from the Kingdom should be evaluated pretty highly….Killing two birds with one stone.Yes, yes.]

“As expected of Ainz-sama. Even though I have never did anything, everything proceeded as Ainz-sama planned.”

[No, that is not true, Narberal. If you did not work earlier, it would not have gone well up to this point. Now, the next thing to do is to collect information about the potion crafters.]

“Yes. Will it be fine for the Shadow Demons to work on it?”

[Ah yes. How are the Shadow Demons being utilised currently?]

“Yes. The Mayor, Adventurer Guildmaster, and B-Class adventuring parties are being tailed.”

[Then there are not enough.]


[Then it cannot be helped. Send me the number you need. Preparations require some time, so contact me using <Message>.]


[Now, about the actions after this—-]


 Various orders from Ainz. As expected it was about collecting information. However compared to what was given previously it was extremely detailed. Basically stage one of the plan was over, and meant that the second stage had started.


 The feeling of working towards the plan of her master.

 To Narberal Gamma, it was more enjoyable than anything. No, it was the enjoyment of Nazarick. And among them—-


“—I got a lead from everyone else.”

[Hm? What did you say?]

“No, It was nothing. Ainz-sama.”

[Hmm. I see….]


 Expressing it, Narberal had a small smile at the image of Ainz who was tilting his head.


 Leaving the alley, the first one he met after returning to the inn, was the sullen face of the owner.

 He looked like he had something he wanted to say, but Momon ignored it. If he wanted to say something then he could say it directly. He would not become a target of inspection.

 Climbing the creaking wooden stairs, he pushed open the room door.

 That instant—-




 A woman jumped from the bed. It was Baniara.


“Thank you very much!”


 Baniara ran forward in a panic, and prostrated herself at Momon’s feet.


“The potion you gave me saved my life! Thank you. Thank you very much! I cannot say what exactly happened but—-”

“No, no. It seems quite bad. I heard about it from the Guildmaster.”


 Momon flashed a kind smile, took the hand of the prostrating Baniara, and got her to stand gently. Baniara’s eyes watered, and gripped his hand tightly. But due to his gauntlets, Momon could not feel her hand.

 Then, Baniara’s eyes widened as she noticed something.


“The Guildmaster? Did anything happen?”

“Ah, it was not important. I was called for the potion.”

“My apologies!”


 She once again prostrated herself.


“When I was asked about the event, I told them about the potion Momon-san gave me—- I apologise for the trouble!”

“Ah, please do not mind it.”


 Momon once again took Baniara’s hand, and got her to stand up.


“I see. I thought that I would die. I threw the potion, and it seemed scared. Thank you very much. You saved my life.”


 Baniara wiped away her tears. It was probably related to the fact that she saw he comrades dying in front of her. She was also prepared for herself to die. If one had a narrow escape from death, they would also understand the extent of her emotions.


“Thank you very much. Truly thank you very much.”


 Momon laughed at Baniara who was bobbing her head.

 Having to face the inferior Baniara with such a smile did not clear his anger. However, he had to do it.

 Amongst the orders Momon received from Ainz was to gain a good relationship with Baniara. Momon thought that to control information on Camila, it would be better to kill an eyewitness, and proposed as such. But Ainz’s response was different.

 It would be better to not kill, but instead manipulate her memories to make the false information better. And so he said.

 Of course, those were the aims. Momon could understand it, and had no reason to question his master’s orders.


“Ah, so please do not mind it.”


 Momon again got Baniara to stand. He then reached into his bag.


“You used it right? Please take this.”


 He took out the same Minor Healing Potion. And he placed it in Baniara’s hands.


 Baniara made a strange face as she stared at the potion she received.


“Then, you said you had nothing but two—-”

“Ah, I made more since then.”



 Baniara was not an experienced adventurer. However, she clearly felt the value of the potion on her earlier adventure.

 In addition, she had seen potion workshops, and knew how difficult it was, and was surprised at the words of the unappealing man before her. Especially his light tone that was like he was scooping up water.


“What is wrong?”

“Ah, no, ah, I see.”


 The fact that she completely understood something showed on her face.

 How amazing the man before her was. From the conversation with the owner, she got a light understanding, but she now understood completely.

 There was no way that a man who could offer a 50 gold coin-worth, or more, potion for free was a normal person.


 —The world was different.

 While small, a cold wind blew threw Baniara’s heart.


 Baniara admired heroes. Saving people in fairy tales, defeating dragons, saving towns. That was her happiness when she was younger. Probably due to her then alive mother reading them to her at bedtime. The feeling of bitterness when a monster destroyed her village, if a hero was there they might have been saved.


 However, it was simple admiration. As to why, she had never thought of becoming one.

 For example the warrior known as the strongest in the Kingdom, Gazef Stronoff. He had talent from a young age. And according to rumors, the warrior known as Brain Unglaus as well.

 The existences close to heros, had extreme talent.

 However, Baniara did not have such talent. She accepted it as fact. She did not know if she would succeed as an adventurer. However, she could not become a hero.


 She was a human that could not keep up with them if she tried. An existence that could easily climb the steps that she considered to be giant walls. Such a thing was standing in front of her.


“—A person that can become a hero, Momon-san is one.”


 Momon made a weird face.

 A sense of envy, admiration, and jealousy filled Baniara.


“I’m envious. I do not know, but probably, you are extremely strong.”


 A troubled look appeared on Momon’s face. He did not understand why she was saying those things. Actually, not even Baniara knew why she was saying such things.


“What does it feel like? The feeling of looking at an inferior person. An overwhelming sense of pride? Or sadness?:


 What was she saying. She did not understand, but did not stop. Baniara was swallowed by the black feeling in her heart.


“I’m envious! To those that have it! I want your ability to become a hero!”


 As her emotions reached their peak, tears flowed out of her eyes.

 Watching Baniara, Momon’s eyes turned cold and sharp. And it transmitted a fierce rage to Baniara. To the extent that it was similar to killing intent.

 Baniara’s words were stuck in her throat.

 It was natural. While giving out such kindness, it was natural to be angry when receiving hostility. What scolding would he give. Baniara scrunched her shouldered, and waited, but Momon’s expression changed.


 It was a surprised expression like candy was falling from the sky. Changing to an unsatisfied face, anger once again flared, changed to apathy, and dejection. Making those faces, it ended in a slightly discontent face.

 And Momon’s words were extremely calm.


“Ah, you—No. Umm, you survived right?” (First you was omae, second was anata.)


 Momon faced the puzzled Baniara and continued.


“Umm, you said the ability to become a hero but, I believe that a hero is doing something that people cannot do. In addition as a part of it saving many people might be necessary. Does it require ability?”


 Momon replied in a fluster. Baniara’s eyes unconsciously widened.


“Eh, by surviving and returning, the Guild learned detailed information about the vampire. And so, the Guild could make lots of preparations. While it is unclear if the world will be destroyed or not, they can now lose less lives in the process. Then, while not actually being a hero, is it not a hero-like action?”

“But that was, due to the potion Momon-san gave….”

“Momon….no. I may have gave you the potion, but the one who threw the potion was yourself right? I did not throw it. Am I wrong? You decided and you chose. Is it not? Many people may have said this, but if you allow me to say my own opinion, if you can save one person then you are a hero.”


 He’s comforting me. Baniara thought so. His words were shoddy. However, why. She felt that a part of her heart was warming up, as if his panic was being transmitted.




 Momon raised an eyebrow. It was like he had to say something unbelievable.


“….If you work hard as an individual, you can become strong, I believe that you are amazing….”

“Are you comforting me?”

“….I’m serious.”


 It was like he was reading out from a script. It might have been something that Momon heard from someone in the past.


 Baniara thought.

 She could not become a hero that saved lives. She had no talent. However, at Momon’s words, she thought that she could, just a little, save a life, and become an adventurer that was not a hero.


 Baniara’s tears stopped at one point.


 Ending the conversation, Momon walked to his own bed. Baniara then spoke.


“—Umm, Momon-san. —Thank you very much.”


 Momon made a discontent face, shrugged his shoulders, and faced his bed.

 Is he shy?

 Baniara thought that about Momon who lied on the bed.




 Two days afterwards—


 Mormon was called and entered the door of the Guild.

 The time was early morning. Preparing his equipment, he was ready for a day of work. It was as he was called by the Guild. The space beyond the door was filled with the atmosphere of a marketplace.

 In front of the posted parchments, people talked to their friends. Along the wall, the other party members were talking to others. And some grabbed the parchment faster by a fraction of a second, tore it down and brought it to the counter.

 Momon weaved his way through the bustling crowd.

 Ishpen who was sitting at the counter quickly found Momon. Even though it was only her line of vision moving rapidly, considering that Momon would definitely be coming, it would be correct to wait.

 Momon noticed, and did not go for any of the other counters, and headed straight for Ishpen.

 Momon himself did not want to, but receiving Ishpen’s straight invitation, he could not go anywhere else.


“I am Momon. I was called here.”

“Welcome. The Guildmaster is waiting.”


 The atmosphere changed. It was due to the surprise, but whose was it.

 It was natural. A person with a brass plate hanging from his neck being called to the Guildmaster’s room was impossible. It was so if one thought using common sense. What points in common would the Guildmaster have in common with the lowest class adventurer. They were the top and bottom respectively. Amongst the adventurers here, not one was ever called to the Guildmaster’s room.


 There, Ishpen was the only one that said ‘as expected’, made a face that showed that it was normal and clapped her hands in the confusion. Basically something that one was supposed to do as the Guild’s receptionist.

 Ishpen then laughed.


“—I shall guide you.”

“Ah, I know so it will be fine.”


 At Momon’s strict and refusing words, while still smiling, Ishpen’s expression froze.



“No, I already know so there is no need for you to guide me.”


 What? Breaking her frozen smile, she had an expression that said those words.




“Ah, please wait! It will be troubling if you are walking in the Guild alone.”

“Then I will follow behind you.”



 She thought in a panic, but no suitable words came. Already, Ishpen had a refreshed look on her face. What was it, it was something like a smile that one sent to a strong enemy when they won.


 Momon followed behind Ishpen, and left through the door to the fourth floor behind the counter. As the door closed, the silence where one could hear footsteps though broke, and the hustle and bustle returned.

 However, it was different from those who were earlier looking for jobs.


 Just who was that man Momon, the voices asked.

 They looked at each other, and searched for one with information.


 Many people would think that adventurers would have drunken talks at bars, and receive requests from the owners of the bars. Those were the dropouts, and were often known as hunters.

 However, they were different from actual adventurers.

 When they were at bars, they traded information. Such as the strength of nearby monsters, prices of magic items, and information and rumours of other adventurers. A vigourous information gathering.

 It would be fine to say lazy adventurers had a low return rate.


 If they had knowledge on monsters, they could prepare tactics against it.

 The prices of magic items. If they could find a definite period to buy it, they could strengthen their loadouts.

 And when they knew about other adventurers, they knew who to be cautious against, and who to look out for.


 To adventurers, information was the first step to countering monsters. Taking this made a huge difference in the chance of returning alive.


 Those adventurers looked for information on the anomaly known as Momon, and it was extremely normal for them to look for knowledgeable people. No, it would be unnatural if they did not.


“Maybe a fine?”

“If it was a fine then there would be no way that he would be called to the Guildmaster’s room.”


 Someone from one of the parties spoke out their thoughts, and someone from another rejected it. They raised other ideas, but they were instantly rejected. That continued—


“As expected.”


 The first floor returned to silence, and a whisper of understanding could be heard.

 Their eyes gathered. Just who was the one who spoke.


 There was the party known as the Axe of Cyclone. E Class was the most common rank, but they rivaled the D Ranks above them. In addition, one of their members, Ninya had C Class abilities.

 As everyone’s eyes gather, the members of the Axe of Cyclone made an ‘oops’ face.


“Oi, is he someone Peter knows?”


 An adventurer with friendly relations to the leader of the Axe of Cyclone, Peter Mork spoke.




 They talked, and expressed their desire to escape, but with the surrounding gazes Peter knew that it was impossible. With an accepting expression, he talked about the time they hired him. Of course, not everything. Only the main points.

 However, as fellow adventurers, they felt the strange differences that the man Momon had. The feeling that he did not have much experience. And so—


“The treasure of the Guild or something?”



 Someone whispered, and someone confirmed.

 Yes. Since he had no experience, he should have been trained as a genius somewhere.

 They met people from the Magician’s Guild who had huge egos. From the adventurers that worked together with them, got the same cold feeling from Momon.


“Did he come from the Kingdom’s Magician’s Guild?”

“No what about the Empire’s magic academy?”


 There were guess that he came from the best magic school in the Kingdom, and there were guess that he came from the best magic school in the Empire. But still, half of it was a joke. It was possible, but nothing past the level of a rumour. This time, Momon was nothing more than a Brass plate holder. A rival that they had to watch out for. That was their evaluation of Momon.

 However, the last bomb, blew away all of their thoughts.


“Ah, but that person, was called to a meeting with the Mayor.”


 The bomb that Wina released caused all of the adventurers to explode.

 The room returned to silence, and everyone looked at each other.


“Is he promoting?.”

“Ah. But alone?”

“If so….”


 With such a connection, it might be worth it to take him as a comrade.

 The adventurers looked at each other. About whether or not to investigate the man Momon to the extent that it would not be bad.


“Thank you for coming, Momon-dono.”


 Momon knocked, and was greeted with the smiling face of the Guildmaster. Extreme pleasantness, like their first meeting was a lie. The Guildmaster—Pluton opened his hands lightly, and posed so as to display his welcome. Pluton stood up from the sturdy stable where he was sitting until now, and guided him to the sofa where four people could sit.


“Now, come in.”


 The room was not large, but it was magnificent.

 A carpet decorated the 15 metre long square room, and several scrolls were filling the bookshelf by the wall. The middle of the room was taken up by the sofa and table. Glass was fitted in the window, but thin curtains were put there to block out light.

 The items in the room, rather than extravagant, were instead focused on their practicality.


 Momon sat on the sofa, and Pluton took out a decanter and a porcelian cup.


“Do you want a drink?”


 The liquid inside of the glass decanter had no colour. Was it water, or flavoured water. There was no need to accept it, but it was fine to accept it. In addition, the Guildmaster said it purposefully. Accepting it would be the proper thing to do.


 Thinking about inferior people, meant that he himself was being more well rounded.


 Momon was satisfied by his growth, and nodded his head. Pluton then poured the liquid in the decanter into the cup, and placed it gently in front of Momon so that it would not make a sound.

 While this was how a chief of an organisation should act, this was not the attitude that one should take against someone far below oneself. The reason why Pluton acted this was, was due to him acting for the city and how Momon was evaluated.


 Momon took up the ceramic cup placed in front of him. To Momon who did not took out his gauntlet, Pluton did not utter a single complaint. Of course, in terms of etiquette, the action itself is considered rude. But the item in question, was deemed as god’s Artefact by the Magician’s Guild head, Theo. Considering this, he understood the feelings of an adventure not wanting to take off their prize possession.  


 Momon brought the cup to his lips—

 Perhaps, Momon for the first time arriving in this city, felt surprised, his eyes dilated. The reason for his sense of surprise was simple. They had the ability to induce such a level of coldness.


“It’s cold.”


 To Momon’s muttering that seemed like a question, Pluton’s eyes briefly showed signs of unease. He quickly nodded in understanding.


“Ah, this is a magic item known as a <Decanter of Refrigerate>, and so the drinks are cold.”

“I have seen something larger, but I did not know about a decanter, this is the first.”

“Is that so? I have not seen anything larger….”

“How much is it? This.”

“This is….I believe it is about 150 gold pieces. It might be different though.”


 On his return to Nazarick, he should purchase one. Considering such an idea, Momon placed the cup to his lips, the liquid within contained a faint smell of spice as it glided down his throat.

 As Momon placed the cup on the table, Pluton sat on the sofa in front of Momon.


“The reason why I asked you to come, was as the contents of the promotion test have been decided.”

“I see.”


 Just as expected,  Momon pressed Pluton to continue with the topic earlier with the expression of his eyes.


“This time, the job that Momon-dono will be doing is the patrol the graveyard.”

“A graveyard….”


 Momon’s stay in this city was not long. However, due to nature of his task which was to infiltrate the city and gather information. Most of these matters were familiar with him.


 E-Rantel was a city that played the role as the battlefront during the war with the Empire.

 Hence, a lot of its features were different in comparison to other cities. Firstly, the city was protected by three layers of walls. Many blacksmiths who specialised in weapons forging took up positions here. Apothecaries managed by pharmacists were denser as well. Many of this was closely link with the war effort. Well, even the whore houses were aplenty.


 And there was one more point.

 There was one encased within walls in the outer district.

 There, a large cemetery was established. Taking up to 1/4 of the external wall, almost the entire western wall was used to segregate the cemetery from the rest of the city.


 In this world, allowing the dead to remain in the battlefield was not something permissible. This was because of the existence of the undead. A common sense in this world.

 The undead welcomed the living when they met their end. It was often that such places spawned these unholy monsters. Battlefields and ancient tombs. Although it is a place where the living resided, they were monsters that appeared nearby. Especially for those who died a horrible death, their deaths were not mourned. The chance of them coming back as the undead was high.

 Henceforth, a large burial ground, a place for people to mourn the dead was a necessity. To this, the Empire was in agreement with them. Even in times of war, together they would held a ceremony to mourn those who died because the undead was the common enemy of the living.

 In those wars where countless lives were lost. Burying the dead in a massive grave was unmistakably the best course of action.


 In actual fact, the occupancy of the cemetery reached 100%. There was no more room for fresh body to be buried. But what were their plans if dead bodies turned up? The key to this answer lied within the concept of life and death within a country.


 The human soul required a vessel. Facing a skeletal body that lack its original flesh and blood, nearby countries had the same consensus that such an act is like destroying the old vessel of the soul. The way of thinking was similar to that of the Empire. The only country with a different opinion was just the Slaine Theocracy.

 In others words, they needed to dig up old bodies….or bodies that were turned entirely into bones and proceed to break them into pieces.

 During those moments between digging and crushing up the bodies, occasionally there are those skeletons that moved.

 Hence they hired adventurers, they often acted as the cemetery’s guards during those times. No, it would be more accurate to say that all adventurers residing within E-Rantel did this rather mundane job at least once.


 Momon rejected such a thought about having such an easy task for his promotional test. In contrast to outsiders, Momon was just a low tier adventurer. Many would consider that setting a promotion test with such level of difficulty would be possible for him to handle.  

 In such a case, Momon himself could become the trump card that this city sorely needs. The itineraries for this promotion test was ideal to fulfill their intentions to silence any external criticism.


“I see, understood.”

“But is it fine to be alone? Due to the relationship of this promotion test, I can understand that you do not want adventurers above Novice rank to participate.”

“Eh, I do not mind.”


“More importantly, is the only one participating in the promotion test myself?”

“Ah, yes. Are there any problems?”

“Eh. This will be easier as I cannot control the range of my magic. Then can I hear the details?”


 Pluton looked daunted for an instant. As a warrior who worked with his friends before, it was not a good conversation.


“Then it will begin at 1700 today and ends at 0600 the next day. The loops required are three. The first will end at 2000 today, the second tomorrow at 0100, and the last at 0500. I believe it will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete one round. The places you basically need to be alerted about are basically the grave keeper’s building which you can use.”

“Since you said basically, there will be times that I have to improvise I assume.”

“Of course. I hope that you will act in a manner appropriate as an adventurer.”


 Pluton raised an eyebrow, and looked at Momon like he was examining him.


“If numerous monsters with high difficulty appear, please prioritise information gathering. It would be easier to focus on retreating like this….If it is Momon-san, there‘s no need for such thoughts right?”

“Affirmative, there’s no such need. What sort of monsters would appear?”


 Seeing that Momon’s mood did not shift, Pluton released a single breath of relief. Idle chatter that could reduce Momon’s evaluation of this city was something he intended to avoid. .

 The reason for this was that the only people that had the calibre to stand face to face against that monstrously strong vampire, Camila, was Momon, who was sitting in front of him and his master, Ainz Ooal Gown. Nobody else had such similar capabilities. If both of them resided in neighboring countries, undoubtedly they would have to rush there to seek their assistance.

 As luck would have it, this person Momon arrived in E-Rantel. They could not afford to lose such a talent.  


“Normally….the promotion test would start off with intelligence gathering….Well, it does not matter now. Since it’s Momon-dono.”


 Pluton reminisced of his past as he rearranged his thoughts.


“Mostly, you will encounter zombies and skeletons. After a skirmish, you would meet armed zombie warriors and also skeleton soldiers.”


 Strangely, some soldiers died without their weapons, and when they raise as undead, they were equipped with different types of weapons. The most convincing argument that the weapons were the representation of their will, possibly due to the interference of magic as some surmissed.  


“The others bodies would turn into Ghouls or high-tier Ghouls. On rare occasions, creatures immune to physical attacks, Ghost and Lace, have appeared before.  Parasitic Maggot Mothers would lay their eggs there and produce Giant Deposit Flies. The unholy manifestation Voids will also appear there due to the congregation of death.”

“So it seems.”


 Especially when Momon did not mention any particularly strong opponents that he needed to be wary of. Such a thing would not be problem, no, there was no problem in the first place.   

 Momon with his preparation completed, decided to leave after saying his goodbyes to Pluton.


“Ah yes, the mayor decided to form a friendship bond with you. It would be a casual meeting, you do not have to do anything. How about it?

“No, I have no interest in such matters.”

“….I’ve heard the place has quite a number of beauties there, from the biggest melons to the flattest plains—”

“I do not have any interest.”


 What is he saying all this while? Momon stared at Pluton with a cold gaze.


“….I, I see. This is now the promotion test. What am I saying.”


 Hahaha. Under Pluton’s dry laughter, Momon looked at him coldly as he stood up from his chair.


“If the conversation has ended, I would like to depart now.”

“I’ll be in your care then, Momon-kun.”


 They lightly exchanged handshakes. Momon was still wearing his gauntlet. Then, he left the room.


 As he looked at the departing figure, Pluton’s first plan was a failure, still the thought of  disappointment disappeared instantly.


 With such a casual invitation, yet Momon still rejected it. He has no interest in women is it? Pluton kept this important piece of information in his mind.

 No, well, when it comes to men, the lower part of the body and the brain are two entirely different matter altogether, they would not get till that moment arrives.

 If it’s those women who would fetch tens of pieces of gold, a few of those top class prostitutes.

 Delivering them secretly to Momon was it. Pluton was contemplating such a move as he looked at Momon’s retreating figure. In truth, the plan to retain Momon was agreed to by the mayor.

 Be it money, women or power, no matter what Momon needs, he shall receive it, as long as it is to keep him within this city.


“How about we intoxicate him, and push a few ladies at him.”


 But those are prostitutes, Pluton lamented as he returned to his desk.

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11 thoughts on “Overlord First Half Chapter 38: Promotion Test Part 1

  1. “Ah yes, the mayor decided to form a friendship bond with you. It would be a casual meeting, you do not have to do anything. How about it?
    “No, I have no interest in such matters.”
    “….I’ve heard the place has quite a number of beauties there, from the biggest melons to the flattest plains—”
    “I do not have any interest.”
     What is he saying all this while? Momon stared at Pluton with a cold gaze.

    Well, if he knew Momon is a woman(if doppelgangers have genders in the first place, at least it was decided that she’s a woman by the “supreme beings” when she was created), he would facepalm at his own thoughts.


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