Overlord First Half Chapter 56: Invaders Part 4

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Invaders Part 4

Translators: Frostfire10, Henet


 While the teams each chose a route at the crossroads, Eruya Uzruth chose what he thought to be the most direct path to the interior.

 There were multiple stone doors and countless turns, but he was walking the most suitable route. There was nothing and it was extremely boring. There were no traps or monsters.

 Was this path a miss. Thinking that, Eruya clicked his tongue.


“Idiot. Hurry up.”


 Eruya fiercely ordered the elf slave who stopped ten metres in front. The elf slave shivered for a second and slowly walked forward. Since she entered this tomb, she was not allowed to stop and only could walk forward.

 This was of course, an extremely dangerous action.

 She was fortunately continuing without harm, but if she encountered a trap, the chance of losing her life was high.

 Having that elf slave investigate and walk, was something like bringing a canary into a coal mine. It was not like she did not have the ability. Eruya’s team was comprised of Eruya himself and three elf slaves. They were elves with Ranger, Priest and Druid abilities.


 Even with the ranger skill, using the investigation skill like this was an extremely wasteful order.


 However, he had a reason for this.


 He was simply tired of the elf walking in front.

 Those who would hear it would be surprised. This was not due to moral reasons, but a financial one.


 Deals with the slave shops in the Slane Theocracy were not cheap. The price jumped up depending on the elf’s appearance and skills they had. In most cases, female elves had prices that would cause one’s eyes to pop out of their head, and was something that a normal person could never reach.

 Even an elf without skills would have the same price as a magic item with a special effect. Even Eruya could not easily spend such money.

 However [Tenbu]’s rewards were monopolised by Eruya, and so if things went well, he earned quite a bit. That was why he felt that it was fine if one of the ones he was bored of died.


 –-I should get one with a better chest next time.


 Eruya thought as he walked the elf trembling and walking in front.


 -–It will be fun to get her to scream when I squeeze her chest hard.


 Since this request was working with other teams, he was not able to sleep with the elves at all for several days. While sleeping with them would not cause any complaints, it would create some unhappiness. Eruya had at least a grasp of the common sense of workers and knew how that would be non-beneficial.

 So his stored up lust dominated his thoughts.


“Next, should I hope for a woman like that?”


 Who Eruya imagined was someone from [Foresight]. The half elf that was glaring at him unhappily.


 She was an extremely unpleasant woman. There was a woman that could be called a girl who was next to her, but Eruya felt that it could not be helped that she viewed him with unhappy eyes. However, it could not be permitted that an animal that was below humans could look at them with such eyes.


 Just remembering it caused Eruya’s face to show flames of rage. Following it, the two elves walking next to him trembled in fear.

 They feared that anger would be directed at them. This was as Eruya was the type of man to beat them in this dungeon with no qualms whatsoever.

 In addition they felt sad that another existence like them would increase. By increase, it meant that one of them might die.


“I want to hit her unhappy face until she stops resisting….”


 It was an impossible request. Before elf slaves reached their owners, their hearts were completely broken by various methods. There was no way that elf slaves could resist.

 Due to him imagining himself hitting Imina’s face several times, he momentarily did not notice that the elf walking in front had stopped.


“Why, are you stopping? Walk.”

“Hii….I, I can hear a sound.”

“A sound?”


 As the elf mustered the courage and then shrank away, Eruya focused all of his senses on his ears. The surroundings were silent, and he could only hear nothing.


“….I can’t hear it.”


 However, the hearing of elves was much better than humans. Even if Eruya could not hear, the possibility of elves hearing it was high. He asked the two next to him to confirm.


“What about you guys?”

“Y, yes, I can hear something.”

“It is the sound of metal hitting metal.”

“Hou….I see.”


 There was no way metalic sounds could be naturally made.

 Then someone was making it. Basically it might be the first fight he could get into ever since he entered this tomb. As he thought that, he felt excited at the prospects.


“Let’s go to the origin of the sound.”

“Y, yes.”


 He made the elf go in front, towards the sound. Following after her, Eruya could slowly hear it.

 It was truly the sound of metal.

 The sound of something hard smashing fiercely into another hard object. And the sounds of something slicing through something. It was the sound of a fight.


“A different team?”


 Eruya sighed as if his previous sense of enjoyment had water poured over it.


“Well, it’s fine. If they are then I’ll fight and say it was reinforcements.”


 Gradually approaching the desitnation, Eruya felt a sense of discomfort. This was weird for a fight. It was as if—


 Eruya’s doubts were cleared after he turned the corner.

 It was quite a large room. The height to the ceiling was more than six metres. The width was enough such that several tens of people could run around with no problem. Inside were ten lizardmen with sturdy armour. There was one with a large tower shield, with armour that seemed to have blood vessels inscribed on it, and one more person—


 Eruya found something about that man that interested him.


 He was probably a warrior. He had a medium build and did not leave a strong impression.

 On top of his well made clothes, was a chain shirt that reflected a dull light.

 Since his hair was cut roughly, its length was not consistent. So it spread out in all directions. His red eyes were sharp. However, since he was surprised they were rounded slightly.

 His appearance did not make a strong impression. At most it was young and with rare red eyes.

 However, what attracted Eruya was the sword on his waist, and the balance of his body.


 The lizardmen fought the black knight, stopped, and while panting looked at Eruya’s group with a strange expression. The man was watching their fight from a distance.


 The answer to Eruya’s question.

 It was a mock battle. The lizardmen were fighting the black knight, and the man standing a distance away was their instructor. Then it was not strange to mistake this for a battle.


“Invaders….Even up to here?”


 The man suspiciously stared at Eruya’s group and folded his arms. It was a posture as if he had entered a temple. Among this group the strongest would be the black knight and this man.

 Eruya looked away from the lizardmen. The lizardmen were weaker than Eruya, and he did not like any races apart from humans.

 Receiving the man’s dead on gaze, Eruya placed his sword on his shoulder.


“Here? Since no one came out to welcome me, I came all this way in.”

“I did not hear about anyone coming though?” The man thought and then made a deep sigh. “….While this is the first floor, there is no way that you could come here unharmed. You, you were led here. Anyway, my current orders are to train the lizardmen here. Even if you leave now I won’t mind you you know?”

“Please don’t say something so sad. I haven’t fought anyone since I came and it’s boring. It took a while. I’m Eruya Uzruth. You are.”

“Ah, Brain Unglaus.”


 The man’s serene attitude did not contain any feelings of shock at the mention of one of the Empire’s most renowned swordsman, Eruya.

 The response was as if the man had never heard of him. For this, Eruya scowled in anger. Then again, for someone that dwelled in such a place, it would be unsurprising that he had never heard of him. Eruya decided to forgive the man—Brain for his ignorance. But—



 — Eruya felt like he heard of the name before. He tried to pulled the particulars from the shelves of his memory.

 Then, he remembered immediately.

 That tasteless man—Greenham mentioned the name of someone alledgely stronger than him.


 Eruya eavesdropped on that particular conversation, using the magic of his elven slave. He could only seethe in anger after hearing an unfamiliar name that received better praise than he did. He then release his anger on the elven slave that used the magic earlier.


“Ah, I know. You lost to that Gazef.”

“Hmm? ….You know….That was a long time ago.”


 Brained seemed to be gazing somewhere far off, his expression neutral.

 In other words, he realised that he could not win no matter what he did?

 Eruya made such a conclusion after looking at Brain’s expression. A dog that retreated with its tail tucked between its legs, Eruya mocked. In the end, his expression reflected his thoughts.


“You are the clueless one.” 


 As he told Eruya, the emotion that was reflected in Brain’s eye was that of pity.


“I was like you once, a person drowning in his talent. After I experienced the bitter taste of defeat, I pursued strength. I longed for strength, strength that would not lose to anyone. The one goal in front of me was the defeat of Gazef.” At this point, Brain let out a heavy sigh. “Only thing is….people like you and me could only reach the peak of humanity. The pinnacle of power is on a totally different peak. …….True strength was unlike that at all.”.


 Brain shook his head left and right tiredly.


“I cannot even touch my master, Shalltear-sama. Cocytus-sama could only feel shock after looking at the martial-art that  I created, my quick-flash. To him, it was so-slow that he thought I was not serious. I’ve heard that Aura-sama’s fighting strength was more powerful than that of Shalltear-sama. Furthermore, the master of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, was a figure that is revered by all the Floor Guardians. Ainz-sama has the power to freeze an entire lake.”


 The Lizardman who was standing to the back could only make sounds of agreement.


“That is the strength of the truly powerful, a realm where us as humans could not even touch. The ones I mentioned are the embodiment of the pinnacle of power. As for you,…power? The strongest? Laughable. We are just like kids brandishing sticks. Genius? Talent? Those were just human words. In front of Ainz-sama and all the Floor Guardians, we could not even make them pause in their tracks. Ah, just end things here….It’s better to end your life here now. At least you can die with the thoughts that you remain the strongest, die without knowing the true meaning of despair.”

“—Hu, HuHaHa, HaHaHaHaha!”


 Eruya’s laughter exploded. Initially, he thought that Brain with a serious look had something to say. In the end, all he heard was just a joke.


“Hahahaha, huha, huha.” Eruya was out of breath after laughing for so long. He spoke as he recovered his breath. “Don’t make me laugh. You lost because you were talentless. I’m different from you. As proof, I shall defeat the master of this tomb, this Ainz-fella, with this sword.”


 Eruya drew out his sword slowly.

 It was not an ordinary sword. It is a top-grade weapon known as ‘God’s Blade’. Eruya decided to use the reward for this round of request to enchant his blade, even without the effects of magic, the blade was exceptionally sharp, boosting Eruya’s confidence.

 The weapon itself originated from a city to the South. Using this, he could even defeat that Ainz whom Brain mentioned. Eruya strongly believed that.


“Freezing an entirely lake and what not, by common sense it is something impossible. Maybe it was just a small pond.”

“Your words were unnecessary. I can understand why you refuse to believe such a thing. But, Ainz-sama can freeze an entire lake within his sight. It is a fact. All of them possess the power to distort the balance of this world.”

“I would say the level of their strength is like that of the Gods?”


 The voice came from the lizardmen behind Brain. The ones talking were the lizardmen with a large eye-catching arm and one with black scales. In response Eruya angrily retorted.


“Silence, lizards. I have nothing to hear from your brainless fools.”


 As the lizardmen watched silently in shock, Eruya laughed. Lizard trash should not talk to humans. Such a strong feeling from born in him.


“Really, a god….Aren’t they idiots?”

“….The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick is an existence that if they catch a monster that then asked them to destroy a country, they would easily do so. And Ainz-sama is the one who stands at the top of this place. That is why it is not strange for him to be a god. And you who want to defeat him….Are you serious?”

“Of course. If you had my sword talent it would be something I could do.”


 Really, a god—He would laugh even if it was so.

 If he had to face a dragon, he would think that it was very strong, but still—


“There are no gods. Gods.”


 Eruya started laughing. In response, Brain deeply sighed.


“What is with that baseless confidence….A fool….Was I this foolish when I challenged Shalltear-sama….It is like a tasteless mirror….”


 When he was about to continue, and opened his mouth, his crimson eyes suddenly opened wide. It was the surprise of a person being spoken to by his superiors.




 Brain bowed to the air. Eruya laughed at his somewhat ridiculous posture, while the lizardmen straightened their backs in panic.

 Receiving the order from Cocytus’ , Brain finally looked at Eruya with the eyes of someone who recognised his enemy.


“I shall now cut down your arrogance. Or so I have been ordered.”

“I see, feel free to do so if you can. Now, as a handicap everyone can come at once you know?”


 Brain was quite strong. The black knight was about his level. Quite a bit weaker would be the black lizardman with a scimitar made of ice. Then the lizardman with a single large arm.

 It would be difficult, but Eruya had no intention of losing.

 He was the owner of Tenrin (Imperial Cold, not sure what this means), not losing even once.


“….You guys stay behind and watch. Currently, you guys can’t beat him, and Cocytus-sama ordered me to show him how I fight. Death Knight please protect the lizardmen. If anything happens to them, it will be terrible.”


 Ordering the lizardmen, and making a request of the Death Knight, Brain then unsheathed the sword by his waist.

 The moment Eruya saw that sword, he felt as if his soul was about to be drawn in.

 It was beautifully made. The crests on the sword were glistening, and the other parts were a deep black.


 Eruya compared it secretly to his sword, and felt extremely jealous. He felt that it was a much better weapon than what he had.

 How much would it be worth? How strong was the magic—The special abilities it had, and how much were those in cash? About several tens of thousands he thought.


“It’s a good sword. I will take it after I kill you.”

“Feel free to do so if you can….Was it?”


 Eruya clicked his tongue after hearing Brain imitate his earlier words.


“Then, I shall do so!”


 Eruya and Brain dashed out. The blow that contained their body weights caused sparks to scatter.


 One would attack and the other would defend. And then the attacker would defend, and the defender would attack. There was no way such a game-like fighting style would happen in reality.

 Attack and attack and attack. It was a fight for victory.


 The two swords collided.

 As the sound of metal rang, they would read the other’s moves and aims, and then responded to gain an advantage. The sword that followed the blade would run, and then be immediately pulled back and thrust out again and again.

 As a result, chances to deal effective damage were created.


 The fight of Eruya and Brain was such a thing.

 At the same time as the swords hit, they would exchange feints, and move to try to pierce the cracks in the other’s defence. Then the swords would clash again.


 The sounds of clashing swords continued without pause. No since they were so fierce, it was like one long drawn out metallic ringing.


 The advantageous one was Eruya. It was true that Brain made some good movements. However, his moves were one step behind, and he took time to make decisions. Such things were fatal to a fight of this level.

 From the several tens of crossing of swords, Eruya slashed at Brain’s body.

 However, his blows were repelled by the chain shirt and he could not wound Brain. He could only hurt Brain with blunt blows without much damage.

 So Eruya aimed for Brain’s face and hands or where ever skin showed, but the guard there was tough, so he had to focus on his chest and arms.


 Several times.

 When Brain was hit by Eruya’s sword, he retreated with fast steps. While it was a good chance Eruya did not chase after him. This was as he felt the difference in strength between him and Brain.


“This is nothing much!”


 Eruya spoke with vigour.

 It was a short round, but since they crossed swords, he had a firm grasp of the strength of the man named Brain. He was quite strong, but his level was behind quite a few people. He understood it as such.


“You really can do it.”


 Brain honestly praised him. However, despite receiving such praise, Eruya did not feel happy. This was as he was praised by weaklings to the point that he was tired of it. What he preferred was feeling the envy and admiration of the weak instead.


“….Calling you stronger than me….The eyes of that man really are rotting.”


 Eruya laughed at the fact that Greenham, who was not there, lacked eyes.


“….My sword skills have dropped quite a bit. Since I got this body, I suddenly lost it. Compared to last time, about half.”


 Eruya made a strange face. This was as he could not understand the meaning of Brain’s words. The strange words of got this body. However, he was immediately made to understand it.


“So….Shall I fight you with something humans lack?”


 Brain slightly shifted, and then stepped in.




 A violent wind. Such words befitted Brain’s advance. His movements were far superior to earlier. It was a speed like he was freed from the yoke of humanity.

 Eruya then somehow brought his sword up to defend against Brain’s flash-like swing which followed his advance,

 Sword met sword, and a high pitch sound could be heard—The sword was screaming. From the force of the impact, the blade was cut into as sparks flew.




 Eruya gritted his teeth, and matched his timing with Brain’s slash and swung.

 Once again, sparks scattered, accompanied by a ringing metallic sound.


 Once again, Brain retreated with fast footsteps.

 Eruya also did not chase after him. However, the reason for this was completely different from earlier.

 His hand was shivering to the point that he could barely grip his sword. If he got hit once more, it would drop from his hand.

 Eruya was shocked. In front of such an oppressive strength, he could only think that Brain had overcame humanity.

 If the one he were facing had a figure like a giant with huge protruding muscles, he could understand the speed and strength. However, Brain had a medium build. It clearly defied common sense no matter how much he trained.

 Brain made a cynical smile at Eruya’s shocked face.


“I lost my skill, but gained bodily strength. Just so.”

“D, dirty! What did you do!”

“Dirty….I simply fought seriously though?”

“Don’t lie! Does such a body exist! You used magic didn’t you!”


 There would be no problem if magic was used. On the contrary, not using something you had would be the problem. Brain tilted his head in wonder at Eruya’s complete change.


 To Eruya, Brain’s improvement in strength was cheating. All warriors existed to lose to Eruya, but now, Brain had surpassed Eruya. That could not be forgiven.


“You guys! What are you doing! Use magic! There is no way one person has that strength! Someone definitely cast magic on you!”

“….Oi oi. Wasn’t it one on one.” Brain then recalled something.

“Well, power I gained from Shalltear-sama is still power….”

“W, what. So you are cheating! You cheating bastard! Hurry up you slaves and use magic!”


 Panicking at the commands of Eruya—Their master, the elves began to cast magic.

 Raise in strength, temporary increase in the magic in the sword, the hardening of skin, sharpened senses….While countless enhancements were being cast, Brain looked on in silence.

 After the several enhancements were cast on him, Eruya’s face once again burst out in a smile.


“Are you an idiot! You really are overconfident! Even though you have be doing nothing but making pathetic attacks!”


 Enormous power coursed through Eruya’s body.

 Once he had become stronger from magic, he had never experienced defeat until now. No matter how strong the enemy.

 Eruya brought down another slash, a strike faster than previous attack. With this, he was confidant that he could fight against Brain… No, he was more than a match for Brain.


“….Shalltear you said. Your master.”

“Yes. She is the most beautiful person in the world.”

“I see. Then I shall meet her with you head. Then I will rape her.”

“—Fufu Hahahahaha!”


 He exploded into laughter.

 Brain laughed as if it were from the bottom of his heart. Behind him, the lizardmen made smirks and sad smiles.


“W, what is wronggg!!!!”


 Towards Eruya who only laughed at others but was never laughed at, Brains mocking laugh could not be tolerated. Eruya was puzzled by Brain’s laughter after hearing him say that he would violate his master.


“No, it really is….Fuhahahahaha!”

“You piece of shit!”


 Brain’s laughter continued for a while. Eruya stared at him angrily without any intention of attacking. If he attacked now and killed Brain in a single blow, it would not leave any room for regrets. Only by killing Brain after putting him through a gruelling defence would erase Eruya’s sense of unhappiness.

 Not long after, Brain stopped laughing as if he stopped breathing.


“No, you are one really top class jester. Ho, even I was not as pathetic as that?… Still, to my beloved master, the radiant black rose, Shalltear-sama’s insult. I will not allow it.” Brain’s eyes began to glow with a red tinge that was darker than blood. He opened his mouth, revealing sharp canines.

 The change in appearance, a terrifying non-human look.

 Eruya during his adventures, had seen this before.





 Brain replied crisply and returned the sword to its sheath. Ching, a sound was heard.



 Eruya finally understood the source of Brain’s power that transcended humanity. He tried to suppressed the rising sense of doubt.

 Vampires were strong monsters. Eruya could defeat them in a one on one fight. But that was against an undead that had no knowledge of the sword. Against an opponent that had the physical advantages and abilities of a vampire along with martial arts techniques plus magical equipment, what would be the outcome?

 No, he could not lose.

 Eruya shook his head lightly, dispelling the sense of unease.  


“Yes! I can’t lose.”

“—How foolish. Do you think any doubts will disappear if you shout? You truly are like the past me.”


 Brain made a smile like that of beast hungry for blood.


“Don’t look down on meee! Boost!”

“Boost 2!”


 Normally in the event of magic enhancement, only the strongest effects would remain. But martial arts had different effects and could stack. The strengthening by two martial arts raised Eruya’s physical abilities to its limits. The current Eruya now had the strength equivalent to a mini-giant.

 If it were normal martial arts, Brain could identify it.


“A martial art that strengthens the body for a limited time. Then you are ready. Then, I shall meet you with my strongest power.”


 Brain slowly dropped his waist.

 It was the preparation to draw his sword.


 Eruya laughed as he saw that. Of course that was a fight that all warriors who were confident with their swords would seek. The best strategy was to wait for their opponents to enter their range of their sword and hit them with a quick slash.

 But—To Eruya, it was a senseless move.


 Eruya activated his martial art.  




 Along the path where the blade was swung, a razor wind was released.

 It flew at breakneck speed towards Brain, leaving a bright hot trail, slashing into Brain’s chest, as he did not move to avoid—

 The slashing power from the razor wind created by the the martial art, Fang. It had the ability to destroy the flesh of its target. Normally the martial art  did not have such a property. But the current Eruya was unimaginable. Even the sharpness from a weak strike would easily break the chainmail in two.

 But the one who had his eyes widened and was in shock was actually Eruya.




 The chainmail that was thought to be broken in half was unscathed. Although it was possible for the chainmail to entirely block the strike, it should not be able to completely negate the impact from the blow. Yet, Brain’s stance did not change and was still smiling lightly.

 He should have thought of the Vampire’s special ability which was weapon resistance.

 God’s Blade should have been able to pierce Brain but the razor wind that was released by Fang penetrating power was not there. The damage done by wind properties of the attack would be healed within seconds.

 In the end, his Fang was far from causing any fatal wounds.




 It was a move that was his killing attack. Eruya was frustrated that his killer move was not able to finish his opponent in a single blow.


“Sorry. But I have no need to avoid this.”


 Eruya’s fiery raged surged forth in response to Brain’s provoking words. On the opposite spectrum, his own brain was calmly formulating a counter. Even a vampire could not resist the strike from God’s Blade. It would be over if he could plunged the blade through the heart. But Brains was in a defensive stance. It would allow Brain to strike first if Eruya entered his range.

 What should I do?


 Eruya released another Fang.

 He aimed for one thing.

 The attack scored a direct hit on Brains’ eyes. Eruya then dashed towards Brain who was blinded.


 Even vampires with their superhuman level of perception relied on sight the most. If their sight was crippled, it would be hard for them to dodge.


 Even so, who knew?

 The man known as Brain Unglaus developed this martial art in order to win against Gazef Stronoff whom he lost to previously.


 The martial arts was known as [Realm]. After becoming a vampire, with the boost on his physical stats, his martial art strengthened into [God’s Realm].

 It could perceive every single movement within a 6-metre radius. During the activation of the martial art where 1,000 arrows were shot towards the user, it would be possible to deflect any arrows that was about to score a hit and allow him to survive through the situation. The martial art would easily allow him to cleave a  far away grain of wheat in half easily.

 In short, it was the epitome of the sensory realm.




 Brain, who was blinded, was aimed at by Eruya’s with his martial art.

 The martial art increased the speed of the flash beyond the realm of what humans could achieve. Still—




 Brain’s cold words. Before those words reached Eruya’s ears, Brain already activated one of his martial arts.

 That was—


“—God Speed Level 2”


 Twice as fast than Eruya’s martial arts—No, by several times, the blade was unsheathed from the hip. What Eruya saw was a flash of light, as for the Lizardmen, they did not comprehend what happened at all.

 With a speed beyond mere common sense, the slash passed through Eruya’s body twice.


 A flash of white—


 Slightly afterwards, Eruya’s sword hand moved. And the sound of something heavy hitting the floor was caused by his cut off hand. The sword he held broke at the guard due to the impact of the drop.

 No, it was different.

 No, it did not break—It was cut off by Brain’s martial art.


“—Did you see it. This is my fastest sword.” Brain then sadly whispered. “….By the way this is the normal speed of Cocytus-sama when he is not serious.”


 Pasha Pasha, a large amount of liquid dropped on the floor.  Eruya was looking at his missing right hand, that was spilling out blood with every single beat of his heart, with a stunned look.


“Hya, hya, hya….”


 As if finally comprehended his current condition, Eruya let out sounds as if he was convulsing. The pain that was oozing out from the stumps of his hand brought out a sense of utter confusion from Eruya.


“My, my aaaaaarrrrrrmmmm! H, heal, heal me!! Hurry up!”


 Eruya screamed at the Elves with the tone that would shatter a bell. But the Elves did not budge at all, instead their pupils were displaying a look of utmost delight. It was a dark happiness formed from that scene of torture.


“Hah, look at your eyes.”


 Brain grabbed Eruya, who had lost his desire to fight, by his hair and stared straight into him with his crimson eyes.

 He then grabbed Eruya by the neck who was like a puppet with its strings cut, and applied pressure to his throat. After confirming that Eruya lost consciousness within seconds, Brain ordered the Lizardmen to bring out the healing potion that was sitting at a corner of the room.  

 These items were originally intended to heal the Lizardmen, but he should not let Eruya die here as that was part of Cocytus’s order.




 Brain faced the elves who were silently staring at Eruya.

 The elves did not move. However, inside their tired and dirty eyes was the colour of happiness.


“Ah, you guys, you might die after this?”


 Capture the intruders, no matter dead or alive. However, capture them alive if possible. That was the orders he received from Cocytus. The elves were also intruders. Whether they would have hope was known only by god—Ainz.

 The elves said nothing in response to Brain.

 Brain peered into the eyes of the elves, and then spat out a sigh.

 Those were the eyes of those who had accepted. While Brain had worked with bandits, it was something he saw in the captured women after several days.


“Boring eyes.”


 His orders did not specify that he had to kill the elves. And Cocytus should be watching the current scene. Then Brain did not have to do anything about these elves.

 Sheathing the katana, he faced the lizardmen.


“Now, you guys had a long enough rest. Shall we begin the training?”

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      When he was turned he developed that vampiric sense of superiority… till he got schooled! In that same vein, he now has a vampires body, so his strength and innate abilities are superior to a human’s and as such he was falling back on that. He just need to start working on it a gain.


      1. Now that you said it… how did skill system in Yggdrasil working? Were skills increasing by increasing character levels or were they drilled separately with value corrections from classes? I recall it’s mentioned somewhere, but I can’t remember which is the case.


  4. “I cannot even touch my master, Shalltear-sama. Cocytus-sama could only feel shock after looking at the martial-art that I created, my quick-flash. To him, it was so-slow that he thought I was not serious. I’ve heard that Aura-sama’s fighting strength was more powerful than that of Shalltear-sama. Furthermore, the master of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, was a figure that is revered by all the Floor Guardians. Ainz-sama has the power to freeze an entire lake.”

    Hahaha 😀 Seems that Aura was actually stronger than shalltear in the WN 😛

    “What is with that baseless confidence….A fool….Was I this foolish when I challenged Shalltear-sama….It is like a tasteless mirror….”

    Nah, don’t worry. Although you were also a fool with a lot of confidence, yours was not baseless. You were never told about there being stronger beings and god level characters, you had just lived in ignorance of them since they hardly existed at all in the world. You just met a supreme vampire and got your ass handed to you with a few attacks, shattering your entire confidence 😛 This eruya guy is the king of the fools, a fcking vegetable and a naturally stuck up motherfcker with a horrible base personality and superiority complex. Brain was foolish, but never made one hate him, he was just a sword idiot that tried to get to the top, his personality was not bad.

     Towards Eruya who only laughed at others but was never laughed at, Brains mocking laugh could not be tolerated. Eruya was puzzled by Brain’s laughter after hearing him say that he would violate his master.
    “No, it really is….Fuhahahahaha!”
    “You piece of shit!”

    Sorry, I can’t even imagine shalltear being violated. She would probably be the one doing the violating, but from what I understand, she’s a total lesbian with the exception of Ainz(and perhaps her creator?) who she would happily get together with… And really, even if you could weaken her or just be strong enough to push her down, all that is required is that she’d transform to her “true” form and that’d kill any desire and turn any boner flaccid. Unless you have really peculiar interests.

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